There are currently 11 members of the parish council.

The Register of Interests for the parish councillors below can be found at

Cllr Brian Brooks (Chairman)

Mill Place, Mill Road, Hibaldstow, DN20 9NL
07932 330552

Cllr Elaine Broomhall

9 Rushtons Way, Hibaldstow, DN20 9NZ
01652 652227

Cllr Robert Borrill
Slate House Farm, Hibaldstow, DN20 9NN

Cllr Julie Coulson
Home Hill Farm, South Carr Lane, Hibaldstow, DN20 9BF
07568 550787

Cllr David Charlton
Old Home Farm, Gainsthorpe Road, Kirton, DN21 4JH
01652 640522

Cllr Andrew Elletson

23 Sargents Way, Hibaldstow,  DN20 9FD

Cllr Lisa Pennington
35 East Street, Hibaldstow,  DN20 9EF

Cllr Mark Sacker
Jasmine Garth, 28 Manton Lane, Hibaldstow,  DN20 9DX

07734 884356

Cllr David Stothard

49 Greenfield Drive, Hibaldstow, DN20 9QE
01652 659791

Cllr Andy Talliss

The Cottage, 8 East Street, Hibaldstow, DN20 9EF
01652 657713 (home)