When the Dolls Woke

When the Dolls Woke Long neglected dolls come awake and help their new owner and her elderly aunt find a treasure hidden in their dollhouse years ago

  • Title: When the Dolls Woke
  • Author: Marjorie Filley Stover
  • ISBN: 9780590404198
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Long neglected dolls come awake and help their new owner and her elderly aunt find a treasure hidden in their dollhouse years ago.

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    • Hilary says:

      Following on from Midnight in the dollhouse this story skips forward in time about 100 years to a time when the doll's house is passed on to a descendant of the original owner. A mystery is solved again and treasure is found. A 3.5 star book, my daughter said that this was an okay book, but I think it would appeal more to younger children, under 8 yrs perhaps. We did find it annoying how many times the author used the term 'vapours', we are not really sure what this means other than feelings ? P [...]

    • Myles says:

      Let me tell you a story, it's called, "Lame Melissa Gets a Dollhouse".Actually nevermind, that's the prequel Midnight in the Dollhouse, but that doesn't prevent most of the characters here from fondly recalling how Captain Vance built lame Melissa the dollhouse. Is that what people called her to her face? 19th century life was tough!In this book Gail has just moved to a new part of town and is cut off from her best friend FOREVER because of it. That's right, still in the same town, in Indiana, b [...]

    • Stephanie A. says:

      Wish fulfillment at its finest for any age: a young girl inherits an antique dollhouse passed down through generations, which just may happen to contain a treasure, and definitely contains a family of dolls who can move about when no one is looking and have long memories of the house's history and all its former owners. Along with the treasure mystery, there are nothing short of exquisite descriptions of the dollhouse's magnificent and intricately detailed furnishings. I haven't read this since [...]

    • Shelley says:

      Jennie and I got to talking about books we'd loved as kids and we both remembered this one - although all we could recall was a doll family, one of which was from Martinique. A few google searches later and we had the title. A few days later, I had a copy - thanks ILL! I loved this book SO MUCH - and I still do. Come on, Christmas, history, family trees and lore, dolls and adventure. It's still stuff I love. I was so jealous of this dollhouse and Aunt Abby and how they decorated everything. Not [...]

    • Linda says:

      The dollhouse was built in 1890 by Captain Vance for his lame sister. It's current owner, 90 year-old Abby, decides to give it to her namesake, her great great niece Gail (both were named Abigail). The dolls who live in the dollhouse can think and hear. Abby has no money to move to a retirement home. The doll, Sir Gregory, has a vague memory of Captain Vance long ago telling him to keep a secret until a time when his daughter Abby is in trouble. And Gail is certain that there is a fortune hidden [...]

    • Marama says:

      As a kid, I found this to be a lovely book to read. Intriguing, and I found each of the doll's characters to be very interesting (particularly Martinique).A good children's book.

    • Molly says:

      A young girl receives an antique dollhouse from her great aunt that may hold hidden treasure. The dolls come awake and help her find it.I remember loving this book as kid and so I decided to reread it. I loved my dollhouse as a child and I remember being enchanted by the idea that the dolls would come awake when people weren't looking. I still find the story charming, but now as an adult I can see that there are things that could be considered problematic. There is a disabled person referred to [...]

    • JoAryn says:

      I don't remember quite what age I was when I read this book, but I think I was about ten or so. The fact that my father actually had built a dollhouse for my sister and me back when I was four or five probably helped seal my interest in the story. Even now, nearly 30 years later, I remember the inscription that helped solve the mystery of the dollhouse: "Build stone by stone" our motto dear;Keep faith and seek thy fortune here.Since it's been a while, I can't really speak to how well the story m [...]

    • Bunny says:

      This feels extremely familiar, but I can't say 100% I read this as a child. Midnight in the Dollhouse, the other book by Marjorie Filley Stover, sounds extremely familiar. If I recall correctly, the girl had one leg longer than the other because of her accident. There can't be more than one series involving the plot, right?I do know I read a book about a dollhouse come to life, and it made me want a dollhouse with miniature furniture SO BAD. I've never quite gotten over that.

    • Ashley says:

      I read this book, and the prequel, Midnight in the Dollhouse over and over when I was younger. I hadn't thought about them in years, and I found this one on accident in a used book store and was estatic! Now, I just need the other one But I loved them!Read more about my thoughts, feelings and memories of this book on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.

    • Hannah says:

      I am pretty sure that reading this book as a kid started my obsession with miniatures and dollhouses! I loved reading about the dolls' history and Abigail and Gail's family tree. The description of the antique dollhouse and its details is purely magical! This is one of my favorite childhood books.

    • Micaela says:

      The only thing i did not like about this book was the vodoo they tried to incorporate into the book. Otherwise, the plot, characters, settings, and conflict were both interesting and believable (for being about dolls, of course ;) )

    • Rea K says:

      I read it, adored it. cannot remember if it's in the boxes yet or not. *wrinkles nose* egads. books. shelve thyselves.

    • Alicia says:

      I have a nice memory of reading this out loud to my Mom on a really long car trip. Very sweet story, and motivated me to get a dollhouse (although I never did much with it)!

    • Dina says:

      I love this book and this author!! Very creative story and a fulfilling quick read! I love the hidden treasure aspect of this story! I'm interested in finding more books by this author.

    • Beka says:

      I read this when I was a kid and really enjoyed it. I only remember a little: the dolls in the dollhouse move and there's a mystery involving some lovely rubies.

    • Natalie says:

      This was cute too. I didn't remember it but enjoyed it. I'm saving it for the summer for Sam but I'm sure she'll enjoy it too :-)

    • Amanda Coppedge says:

      A favorite from childhood.

    • Renee' Viness says:

      I recently re-read this story. I enjoyed how the dolls lived and changed as the children and grownups played with them. It was a nice story that kept my attention.

    • Erin Caldwell says:

      I received this book as a gift when I was little and recently re-read it. A great story with a unique premise, although not as well written as other books from this era of my life.

    • Christine Hart says:

      A childhood favourite that I was delighted to track down through Abebooks. So glad that site exists! I highly recommend this story for any kidlit fans who also love dolls.

    • Catherine says:

      This is a cute story for girls about eight or nine years old. I will have to save this for my grand daughters.It has themes of friendship, kindness, honor, and helping others.

    • amy says:

      Just spent half an hour googling random disjointed search strings to find this book after thinking about it upon rereading Dollhouse Murders.Can't wait to revisit this one!

    • Kirsten says:

      Would the dolls tell Gail their secret?

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