Rin!, Volume 01

Rin Volume Katsura a teen archer who suffers from anxiety attacks must learn to regain his confidence in archery stop relying on teammate Sou s hugs to control his anxiety and come to terms with his growing

  • Title: Rin!, Volume 01
  • Author: Satoru Kannagi Yukine Honami
  • ISBN: 9781569709207
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katsura, a teen archer who suffers from anxiety attacks, must learn to regain his confidence in archery, stop relying on teammate Sou s hugs to control his anxiety, and come to terms with his growing romantic feelings for Sou.

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    • MaDoReader says:

      It was Ok, ellos son monos y el dibujo es bonito, pero el rollo del tiro con arco me ha aburrido un poco.

    • Matthew says:

      Well I can't say I really liked it. As a story, it was a somewhat cute concept and I would have enjoyed it in novel form, but I found the order and the pictures completely disorienting and I don't think I can really read Yaoi and enjoy it, just because of the strange format. Or really like comic books. But I got through it.The characters were cute and the romance was sweet and the archery background interesting so I'm not really complaining about the content, although sometimes pages seemed to b [...]

    • Dorcas says:

      Enjoyed the art. Slow story that's not just about the romance, but goes into the philosophy of archery as well. But for a few scenes I would have no problems adding it to the teen collection. As it is, I'll suggest it to the adult collection. It's a good story and there are people looking for more shounen ai/yaoi titles.

    • Unapologetic_Bookaholic says:

      Sou is Katsura's 'comfort' and his older brother's best friend. Whenever Sou is nervous Katsura has been there, to give him a little squeeze.I'm not expert but I really think the drawings and the uncomplicated storyline makes this for very easy reading. I do enjoy reading yaoi in this format as well.

    • Riayl says:

      This series is probably one of my top ten favorite manga series. Sometimes cute, sometimes sweet, sometimes serious. It's got love feels, friend feels, family feels, growing up feels. Lovely art, and lots and lots of archery!! *happy*

    • Alison Kitten says:

      Wow, this book IS so AWESOME!!!!!! I love finding yaois like this!!!!! And Katsura is, like the most adorable thing on the face of this earth!!!!!!!

    • Veronica says:

      I’ve read this series several times and it always sticks out in my mind when I try to think of my favorite mangas. It’s such a gentle romance (even if Sou is a big jerk at times!!!) and the art is so beautiful.

    • Dani(elle) says:

      Good if you want a character driven BL romance but less interesting if you're in it for sex. The series hits all of the tropes normally seen in a sports manga/anime but with two dudes in love.

    • Teetee says:

      Very sweet coming of age story, I have all 3 volumes and its a favorite early collection of mine.

    • Daesy says:

      **Grammar**I loved this manga, the story is simple but interesting and I was never bored.Sou is a sempai in the archery club and is the vice-captain of it, while Katsura's older brother is the captain. They're both good at archery and all the kouhai watch their shooting and want to become like them. Katsura suffers from panic attacks and all the time he and Sou have a special method to free him of the issue, an hug. Sou that is always stoic, hugs Katsura all the time the boy needs it without thi [...]

    • Sophie says:

      I really enjoyed this series. I hesitated reading this for a while because the main character looked a bit young, but since there are no explicit scenes, it wasn't a problem in the end. (I'm very picky about these things.)What was interesting for me was that while I wasn't entirely happy with the pairing in the end, I also wasn't really unhappy - it could have ended either way and I'd have been fine. What I liked best about Rin! was the whole archery stuff - it looked really beautiful.

    • Veronica Purcell says:

      I liked it and I sort of didn't. I suppose because I'm not a big fan of love triangle type of stories. Especially, when the good guy is the one that's usually left out in the cold. That's why I try to write a story where there's someone for everyone without the rebounds.I loved the detailing of a Japanese archery club. This was my highlight from this manga. Out of all the characters, the brother was the one I liked the most.The story it self was light as expected from a light novel. Oh wait, was [...]

    • Jane says:

      This is one of the better yaoi I've read for many reasons. The story focuses a lot on the character development on Katsura and his relationship with his brother and love interest. The romance comes about naturally and there isn't anything nonconsensual about their relationship, which is very different, unfortunately, from a lot of popular yaoi titles. His parents also challenge traditional gender roles, although his mother is mostly absent.

    • Nyie Rombeng says:

      wah!kalau ngomongin olahraga panah,ndk ada habisnya rasa tertarikku akan satu ini.habisnya aku penggila panahan!!!olahraga satu ini emang jarang ada peminatnya.lewat manga ini,aku harap para penyuka olahraga panah akan terhibur total(atau mungkin membosankan? who knows?)x)p s :bagian spesial dari manga ini seputar persahabatan,kebersamaan dan tolong menolong melewati rintangsn yang ada.

    • Sarah says:

      While I enjoyed this story, it was more of a yaoi for beginners. There wasn't much romantic tension between the guys and it was a bit slow going since not much was actually happening. The ending was very sweet however.

    • Lia Jacobson says:

      This was actually my first manga. I thought it was really cute, and I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't find the characters annoying like I do in some other manga, and it was, overall, psychologically interesting and charged with all kinds of good, plot-forwarding tension.

    • Juanita Tejeda says:

      One of my favorites. As far as yaoi books go this one was almost perfect. It pulled me in and moved me. It wasn't rushed or anything and that’s what makes it so good. It will forever have a spot on my book shelf.^_^,

    • Joey Schuman says:


    • Jordan says:

      Oh man, I remember reading this in high school. Ah, nostalgia.

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