A Bouquet of Babies

A Bouquet of Babies Includes Linda Howard s previously published The Way Home as well as the original tales Maternity Row by Paula Detmer Riggs and Twins on the Doorstep by Stella Bagwell Original

  • Title: A Bouquet of Babies
  • Author: Linda Howard Paula Detmer Riggs Stella Bagwell
  • ISBN: 9780373484058
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Includes Linda Howard s previously published The Way Home, as well as the original tales Maternity Row by Paula Detmer Riggs and Twins on the Doorstep by Stella Bagwell Original.

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    • Jaja Borja-Laure says:

      What book review? Let me tell you about me and Linda Howard. You can always grab a Linda Howard from your neighboorhood bookstore and quench your curious bibliophilic thirst. This book transports me back to my carefree college days. Back then, Linda Howard was one of my favorite romance authors. Poor, silly me would always fantasize about knight in shining armor type of guys. I've read mega tons of romance no-brainers and I truly believe that reading them actually compensated my zero love life t [...]

    • Livia says:

      Three fast-paced novellas that deal with acquiring husbands and babies. Linda Howard, Paula Detmer Riggs and Stella Bagwell penned three Mother's Day type stories that toll the joy of motherhood and romance.

    • Caro says:

      'The Way Home' was pretty good. I liked the understanding and happy ending (sucker for one). I also liked how it showed that we all deal with a past and that's part of life. 'Family by Fate' was pretty good too. I loved the ending, it was really touching. I would read this one again. Someone needed to jump start Max's butt. 'Baby on her Doorstep' was pretty good too. I liked how Joe did realize he really did love his son. Overall, I would definitely read this book again. More as for passing the [...]

    • Morpheus Reads says:

      A Bouquet of Babies - AnthologyThe Way Home by Linda HowardFamily By Fate by Paula Detmer RiggsBaby On Her Doorstep by Stella BagwellBe prepared to suspend your disbelief. These three stories are complete eye rollers. Example: [This is after knowing each other for approximately four days.] "If he took the baby and walked away from her, how could she ever go back to her life as it had been before? He had already taken root in her heart. She could never be happy marrying anyone else." SPARE ME

    • Donna says:

      The Linda Howard novella was all right, but the other two stories were barely tolerable. Both of the male characters in the Riggs and Bagwell novellas completely lacked credibility and came across as whiney and insecure. Saxon in the Howard novella wasn't much better, but his character was actually believable and the romance was strong enough to carry the story.

    • Kristy says:

      3 Short romances for that winter day when it is too cold to do much of anything. I borrowed this book from my grandma. I will definitely read this book again as well as more books by these authors. I love books with multiple stories.

    • Mudpie says:


    • Chatty Missy says:

      Linda's story was good, especially towards the end. But if I had to choose, I'd choose the last story.

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