Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter A Riveting Story About Saving the Balance of Good and Evil in the WorldWinter is coming Souls Night draws near Eostra the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in the grip of terror Torak must leave the Fore

  • Title: Ghost Hunter
  • Author: Michelle Paver Geoff Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780060728427
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Riveting Story About Saving the Balance of Good and Evil in the WorldWinter is coming Souls Night draws near Eostra the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in the grip of terror Torak must leave the Forest and seek her lair in the Mountain of Ghosts, while Renn faces an agonizing decision Wolf, their faithful pack brother, must overcome wrenching grief And in the finalA Riveting Story About Saving the Balance of Good and Evil in the WorldWinter is coming Souls Night draws near Eostra the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in the grip of terror Torak must leave the Forest and seek her lair in the Mountain of Ghosts, while Renn faces an agonizing decision Wolf, their faithful pack brother, must overcome wrenching grief And in the final battle against the forces of darkness, Torak will make the most shattering choice of all ghost hunter, the final book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, draws you for the last time into the shadowy world of the deep past, and brings Torak to the end of his incredible journey.

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    • Cheryl Landmark says:

      The last book in this series and I'm sad to see it end. I've thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Torak, Wolf and Renn, flying through these books in record time because I was so reluctant to put them down until they were finished. This one probably affected me the most, actually bringing me to tears in places. I won't say where for fear of spoiling the plot. This story, and the whole series in fact, really emphasizes the incredible, indestructible power of friendship, loyalty and love. I would [...]

    • LeonaCarstairs says:

      Woww, what an ending! This was a marvelous ending to an amazing series, I'm so satisfied right now. Everything unfolded so well. It's been a joy to experience Renn, Wolf and Torak's adventures. My heart is so full right now. <3 Love, love, love it. My second favorite in the series. I think the feels have killed meI'm so emotionalWHY DID IT HAVE TO END?!?! <3COAD in order of favorites:1. Oath Breaker2. Ghost Hunter3. Outcast4. Wolf Brother5. Soul Eater6. Spirit Walker

    • Martha says:

      Tamaaaaatt Ada rasa menyesal karena gak bisa lagi nonton Torak dkk. Nonton atau baca? Nah, saking hidupnya penggambaran karakter para pelaku serial ini, saking kaya dan rincinya deskripsi setting seluruh seri ini, saya berasa nonton film. Paver dengan lihaynya membawa bau-bauan, suara, visual, rasa, sentuhan, ah kelima indera dieksplor pokoknya. Udah gitu DETIL-nya! Gila keren abis."Serigala segera membuat keputusan. Dengan pangkal paha menegang, ia pun melompat. Tapak kaki depannya terentang me [...]

    • asdewi says:

      Melalui serial ini, Paver membawa kita ke 6000 tahun lalu di masa jaman batu. Kala itu dunia masih berupa satu daratan besar, manusia hidup dalam klan, membuat peralatan dari batu dan tulang serta percaya pada kekuatan dewa dan roh-roh pelindung alam. Satu diantara klan-klan itu adalah klan Serigala. Klan yang terkenal dengan kemisteriusannya namun kini telah punah. Ya1 klan itu telah lenyap kecuali Torak dan ayahnya.Buku pertama (Wolf Brother) dibuka dengan pertarungan Torak dan ayahnya (Fa) me [...]

    • Aqeel says:

      The last sequel to the "Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness" series, indeed one of my favorites. It was an outstanding journey. Starting with "Wolf Brother" to "Ghost Hunter". I'll never stop appreciating "Michelle Paver" for creating such an amazing world. It feels really bad that it ended. Everything was perfectly created, written, and described. You feel like you're in a different world when reading this series.In this book you even get more into Wolf's life full of emotional moments. I really lik [...]

    • Camille says:

      Reading the last page of this book left me with such emotion, especially since the first time I picked up the first book wasquite sometime ago.The final book did not let me down as much as other final books have. It had emotion, quite a bit of certainly chilling parts, and just enough portrayals of the strength of relationships between all the characters, especially Torak, Renn, and Wolf.New characters and old characters meet and intertwine as the story comes to an enthralling close. The ending [...]

    • Phoebe says:

      Sadly, the final volume in this truly great series. Unnatural winter and sickness, sent by Eostra, the scary Eagle Owl Mage, are killing the tribes, and Torak realizes he must venture out and fight Eostra, who seeks Torak, the last Soul Eater, to gain ultimate power. Compelling, creepy, and just plain good storytelling. Recommended for adventure fans, unique for its post-Ice Age, pre-farming time setting. Paver did meticulous research and traveled extensively to write her books.

    • Evan says:

      Six thousand years ago in the forests of Europe where people live in clans, evil threatens the lands. The last living soul eater, Eostra, the Eagle Owl Mage sends a shadow sickness to the clans. Orphaned teenage boy, Torak, is the one to stop the last and final Soul Eater from killing all life in the forest. Torak is not alone in his journey to the Mountain of Ghosts. His companions are Wolf, a wolf who Torak can speak to using wolf talk, and Renn, a mage in training for magic from the Raven Cla [...]

    • Lala says:

      "Wolf longed to be with them - but they were Not-Breath. He didn't understand how this could be. Darkfur and the cubs were…not. Wolf shut his eyes. He wanted to be not too."I am so sad this series has ended, but a what a wonderful ending Paver gives us. This was an awesome series…I would and will read this again without question. It's a magical, mysterious and exciting world Paver has created and the adventures and characters are lush and colourful and awe inspiring. I truly enjoyed these bo [...]

    • Therese says:

      This book was I think my favorite of this series, which I read straight through. It is a series that I will re-read, maybe more than twice, and was very popular with the readers in the school library. Wolf sees protecting Torack as what he is for, and you can feel that is a life truth that Paver has articulated, that dogs and wolves have that kind of selfless loyalty to protect their pack, that is what they are here to do.

    • Aurora Dimitre says:

      |3.5 Stars|Ladies and gentlemen, I amfinallydone with the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. This is a series I started as a child, read books one and two andmaybethree, started reading Stephen King and thus abandoned everything in the children's library except for Erin Hunter. A few years ago, I bought the entire series off of BookOutlet and man, I am finally done.Let's get this straight--I loved the first two books. I loved them as a kid, and I did really enjoy them as an adult. But man, as this [...]

    • CharlotteThe1337 says:

      I loved this book so much! It's one of the best in the entire series. In it, all of the best characters were revisited- except Bale, but that was gone over in the last book. Even Torak's beloved Fa showed up, if only briefly.I wish the series hadn't ended.Back to the book- I couldn't believe the ending, it was a little too much to take in all at once. In hindsight, however, it's a good ending that encompasses all the possibilities, and sets all rumours to rest.Even the wolf pack got a happy endi [...]

    • Alyssa says:

      "The entire series is 5 stars. A little bit like the last book of Harry Potter at the very end" said Tyler, my 8 year-old son.Update 3/28/13:Wow and wow. I loved this book! I tore through it not being able to handle the anticipation of how this journey ended. At the beginning, there are some of those things that do get repetitive - c'mom Torak, would you stop going off by yourself!! It is getting to be like a bad horror movie! Oddly, I felt like the horror element in this book wasn't as great as [...]

    • Mrs Mallott says:

      Wow. I literally read this book in one day. I couldn't put it down because the story is so gripping but at the same time I didn't want the story to end as this is the last book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series and for me that was really sad - some parts of this story genuinely made me tear up especially because over the course of the series you really get to know and care about the characters involved. It doesn't often happen, but when I'd finished the book I really did not know what [...]

    • Sheila says:

      How I would have loved to have had these books read to me when I was a child, or to follow the 6 books of the series through on my own with as much excitement as I saw in youngsters waiting for the next Harry Potter to come out. Ok SPOILER ere is a Hollywood ending but it is what you want, Paver tells an exceedingly good tale, and I can only reiterate what I said on others McKellan's reading is just brilliant. It is a standard tale of good v evil but I loved her characters, I loved the mythology [...]

    • Helen says:

      I had to rush the end of this series somewhat as I have a hefty booklist to get through for work. Consequently I read the bulk of this story in one sitting on my day off. I wish I always had a chance to do this. Instead of snatching a couple of pages at bedtime, I was able to let the story carry me through, giving me a better appreciation of the pacing and the flow of events.Ghost Hunter brought the series to a satisfying conclusion in the exciting manner to which we have come to expect from Mic [...]

    • Pim says:

      Knížka byla ještě úžasnější, než když jsem ji četla prvně. Škoda jen, že to šestkou končí :( Příběh je to originální, zajímavý a úžasně napsaný! A nevím, jak mi mohla předtím připadat málo romantická je to jedna z nejromantičtějších knížek, co jsem četla - ale takovým tím roztomilým, nevtíravým způsobem - prostě se ze sebe nesnažej v každý kapitole strhat oblečení ale o to je to krásnější a člověk na ty romantické chvilky čeká :) Pě [...]

    • Indah Threez Lestari says:

      Karena berdasarkan informasi Penerbit Matahati baru akan menerbitkan buku ini bulan Januari 2011, supaya nggak ngegantung kubaca saja ebook edisi pamungkas ini. Awalnya tentu saja agak kagok membaca Tinggi Takberekor menjadi Tall Tailess, sama seperti waktu baca Harry Potter versi Bloomsbury, karena kadung terbiasa dengan istilah-istilah versi terjemahan.Mudah-mudahan di terjemahan buku 6 tidak ada lagi salah ketik/cetak yang kecil tapi cukup mengganggu seperti Dukun menjadi Sukun *penggemar Suk [...]

    • Maythavee says:

      I can’t believe that this is goodbye. I’m just sad when I finish a book series that I really love. It is just so hard… Ghost Hunter was a fantastic ending to a brilliant series. I will miss everyone so much. The ending was perfect and it was everything I ever wanted. I’m not going to say anything much about the plot since it might ruin the book for you. Thank you Michelle Paver for writing such a wonderful series and for giving me a glimpse of what the Stone Age was like for people and g [...]

    • Dayna Smith says:

      The magnificent finale to The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. As Soul's Night approaches the evil Eagle Owl Mage is attempting to use the spirits of the Unquiet Dead to take over the Forest. She only needs one thing to complete her spell, Torak's spirit. Torak, Wolf, and Renn head for the Mountain of Ghosts to defeat Eostra once and for all. A magnificent series and an ending that makes you beg for more.

    • Amelia Jacobson says:

      My sister really enjoyed this series, and I loved reading it to her. This book was still as good and heartbreaking as I remembered it to be. I always imagine the final battle differently every single time I've read this. It's so odd. . .

    • ijul (yuliyono) says:

      ----aku persembahkan 5 bintang untuk Michelle Paver yang sudah menyajikan kisah zaman kuno yang begitu menawan dan menjeratku untuk setia menikmati serial ini.ending yang menyejukkan ketika Torak dan Renn dan Serigala dan Bulugelap (dan anak mereka) tidak akan pernah terpisahkan.WOW!

    • Raina Lie says:

      SERU! cukup satu kata itu aja :D

    • Daria Pereshina says:

      I love love love love LOVE this series (as some you may already know). All of the books were amazing, and this one was no exception. It definitely held my attention the whole time and I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this series to boys OR girls who like action and adventure and a bit of fantasy. The story is set 6,000 years ago, so it's really unique and unlike anything I've ever read before. There are all kinds of unexpected twists and turns, and it kept me guessing to the end. There [...]

    • Peter says:

      The Ghost Hunter is the final book of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and will ultimately bring Torak's quest to an end. In this final book, Torak, Renn and Wolf meet the most powerful of the Soul Eaters - Eostra. Each will face grief, doubts, hardships and exhaustion in throwing every once of their energy and ability at this final battle. The prize is to turn their lands back from the evil abyss they all face. Will they all survive??The 6 book series written by Michelle Paver should be made [...]

    • Bella says:

      I am reviewing the experience of the series, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. This series has thoroughly engaged me, and its burn was not fast and intense but slow and steady. The chapter illustrations were astoundingly simple yet beautiful. The pictorial representation has been a significant part of the delight I took from these six books. This series will be one of those books that I may purchase and keep for life.If I only look at this book, it wasn't one that I found most enjoyable and compel [...]

    • Gillian says:

      Had to wait ages this year for my local library to finally purchase the last book in the series - but it was worth it. A very satisfying conclusion to Torak and Renn's adventures and their physical, emotional and spiritual journey from childhood to young adulthood. These books really struck a chord, meticulously researched and detailed and so well written, they acted like a kind of time machine - whisking you away from modern life to a much more primitive time and place - that, surprisingly, see [...]

    • Julie Anne says:

      This is the last book of the series. I have to admit I did not like the ending but this book was very good. In this book Torak hunts the last soul eater. The Eagle owl mage. This book has a lot of twists in it and it is very emotional. This book has some words in it that we are not used to but it is nothing like the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. This book is fantasy and I would recremend this book to someone who is not afriad of death and dark curses and spells.

    • Dąbrówka Mocha says:

      Ostatnia część cyklu Kroniki Pradawnego Mroku. Po naprawdę dobrej poprzedniej części od tej oczekiwałam czegoś więcej, niż tylko kontynuacji głównego wątku. Może jeszcze jakiegoś przekazu (poprzednia część to w końcu była opowieść o zemście). Oczywiście cała historia była przyjemna i nawet wciągająca, ale jednak mi czegoś brakowało.

    • Cassie says:

      I really enjoyed this series, especially the books I was able to get on audio. Ghost Hunter was a good conclusion to the series. I was a little nervous at times while listening to it, but I am happy with how it ended.

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