Sure Fire

Sure Fire The mother of year old twins Rich and Jade dies in a car crash and they are told they must go and live with their estranged father John Chance who they have never met before A bachelor who lives

  • Title: Sure Fire
  • Author: Jack Higgins Justin Richards
  • ISBN: 9780007244638
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • The mother of 15 year old twins Rich and Jade dies in a car crash and they are told they must go and live with their estranged father, John Chance, who they have never met before A bachelor who lives on his own, it soon becomes clear that Rich and Jade are not welcome.

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    • Rich says:

      I came to this book reluctantly. I saw it and thought that it was a copy of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider novels, and it is. But it's better. Much better. The teaming of spy/adventure veteran Jack Higgins with Justin Richards means that Higgins did some of the research and the outline, while Richards did the writing. Richards adds fresh blood to Higgins style, which, in the adult side of things, has been noticably dragging over the last four or five years, if not longer. Richards adds gadgetry t [...]

    • Anay Dalal says:

      Verygood.Full of action and adventure.Very well-written story.Fast-moving story.It starts somewhere and ends elsewhere.I would reccomend this book to those who are 13 or 14 as it contains a bitof violence.The adaptability of Jack Higgins is tested here and he has shown that he is one of the best authors in adventure.A bookwith all the ingredients of an interesting and nail-biting adventure novel.

    • Burt Gesner says:

      Sure Fire by Jack Higgins was an action packed thriller that took place in side by side settings in Ukraine's Krejikistan and London. Fifteen year old twins Jade and Rich have no choice but to grow up fast when their mother died, and there father who they had never met before was now taking care of them. They were moving from New York to London where there father John Chance lived. He was rarely home because his mysterious job that fuels the curiosity of the kid's minds. When their father goes m [...]

    • Terry says:

      Higgins has written successfully for adults, but this foray into YA isn't what I'd hoped for. The problem is Anthony Horowitz and Robert Muchamore have already written completely satisfying action-adventures for teens, and this isn't as good. The opening scene sets a good pace with guns and explosions and a speeding escape, but the following 30 pages grind to a complete halt for the sake of laying out back-story and characters. Who then never develop. But they do talk and listen to cell phones. [...]

    • Nikki says:

      While the pace was good and the writing relatively engaging, I found the plot of this supposed thriller to be entirely too predictable. The lack of physical description except for the key plot point worked light a spotlight, outlining the central plot before the reader even had a chance to realize the plot started. Jade comes off as whiny and almost painfully slow, and her supposed gifts with athleticism and health barely making an appearance while Rich's bookish cleverness saves the day more th [...]

    • Markl25 says:

      Sure fire is a pretty detailed and exciting book to read. It is pretty slow to begin with but gets pretty good throughout the story. It has a lot of cliffhangers which I like because it helps me to keep reading because I dont like to read. I recommend this book to pretty much anyone that likes adventureous books with little cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. At the beginning of the book, the new kids' mom dies of getting hit by a car, which where she was when she got hit comes back to them [...]

    • Dagmar says:

      Vond ik dit actieboek leuk? Lees het snel op leesendroomuwweb/sure-fire

    • Adrian Yao says:

      This book has a lot of twists and really made me wonder what a character was going to do. Jack Higgins described the charactrers really well and I look forward to reading more of his books.

    • Christian Reboulet says:

      In this summary I will tell you what happened in the story. In the beginning the mother of Rich and Jade died in a tragic traffic accident. When they were at the funeral they had seen a tall man in black clothes and he looked at them. He came over to talk to them and then he told them that he was their dad. His name was John Chance . They didn’t believe it at first because they never got to see him.The whole way back he tilted the mirror to watch Jade. After the funeral he took them to his sma [...]

    • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

      Higgins, Jack with Justin Richards Sure Fire, 224 p. Penguin, 2007. Rich and Jade's mother has just died and now they find themselves saddled with a dad whom they had never even heard of. Well, he's never heard of them either, but they must try to live together. Dad is trying to shuffle them off to boarding school, but before he even gets a chance, he is kidnapped; the only reason the kids know is that they followed him when he snuck out of the apartment. Now all three of them are running for th [...]

    • Amandeep says:

      FANTASTIC BOOK!A really good book however, in my opinion, it needed more action.

    • Angela says:

      This was my first time reading a Jack Higgins book. My dad has read all his books and raves about him, but I didn't think his books would suit me. Well, if this is anything to go by, how wrong I was! I'm going to be reading a lot more by this author

    • Jan says:

      Interesting that Jack Higgins wrote this short series for YA. It was quite a good thriller, a quick easy read. Will read the next in the series.

    • Cole G. says:

      Sure Fire by Jack Higgins and Justin Richards takes place in present day Europe. The protagonist are brother and sister Rich and Jade. Rich and Jade have to stay with their father they never met before after their mother passed away. Their father didn’t tell them where he worked until one night the siblings decided to follow their father to work. Rich and Jade would soon wish they didn’t follow him. I liked the concept of the book, I thought it was well thought out and put together. However [...]

    • Vincent Arnold says:

      Jade and Rich are 15 year old twins and sadly their mom dies in a car crash. When they are at the funeral they find their dad, John Chance. The twins didn't know they had a dad and now it comes to be that they have to go live with him. Jade and Rich secretly find out their dad is a spy and that people are trying to kill their dad and them. This is a very good action packed book, it has many scenes where there is shooting, explosions, and car chases. The reason I liked this book is because the au [...]

    • Dreamergirl says:

      This was such a well written book- you didn't even notice all of the description that Jack Higgins planted into your mind while reading it, all you saw were the vivid pictures of every event and the wonderfully developed main characters. I was hanging on to Higgins's every word from the beginning when the children meet their father- just as everyone says, he is an unbelievably good story teller and has such talent that this book will make you crawl on your knees for more I felt as if I were watc [...]

    • Tyler R says:

      The audience that I would recommend this book to is teenagers. Ages from 13-17. I would recommend this to these ages because it has action and mystery. Also the characters are both 15 years old and how they get through life. The story is named Sure Fire. The story starts out as the two 15 years old Jade and Rich, there are living together with there mother but them do not know where their father. But there is bad thing that happens. There mom dies in a tragic car accident and now they go to thei [...]

    • Ms. Patterson says:

      SURE FIRE is the first book in a series about twins Rich and Jade Chance and their father John Chance. At the start of the story Rich and Jade meet their dad for the first time at their mom's funeral. Chance didn't know anything about the twins until Social Services contacted him about his wife's death and their existence. The "getting to know you" part is awkward for the newly-introduced family. And, then before things can settle down into a regular life, Chance disappears. The twins find out t [...]

    • Robbie says:

      When I remembered that this was the author who wrote The Eagle Has Landed, I was immediately excited that he, Jack Higgins, had decided to venture into young adult literature. I was forced to read "the Eagle has Landed" over Christmas break last year for school, but I loved it. Now that Jack Higgins has perhaps toned down, I think he made quite an effort, with the help of Justin Richards, to make an entertaining young adult action book. Sure Fire follows Jade and Rich, two twins who recently los [...]

    • Niko Harris says:

      This book is called sure fire by jack Higgins and Justin Richards the book has not one any special awards but it's written from a New York times bestselling author and me personally i thought it should have won a award.The mother of 15 year old twins Rich and Jade dies in a car crash and they are told they must go and live with their estranged father, John Chance, who they have never met before. A bachelor who lives on his own, it soon becomes clear that Rich and Jade are not welcome.Rich and Ja [...]

    • A.E. says:

      SURE FIRE follows the adventures of Rich and Jade, twins who lost their mother in a tragic car accident. At the funeral a mysterious man appears who they quickly find to be their father. Forced to stay with him in his tiny apartment the twins start to discover things about him they would never have guessed and are thrown into a world of lies, guns, and explosions.Sure Fire keeps you turning pages, loaded with action, adventure, deception, twists, humor, and lots of gun fights!Rich is the more bo [...]

    • Devon Johnson says:

      in the book sure fire there is 2 twins named rich, and jade at first their mother dies in a car crash and they never knew they had a father until this day, they meet him and his name is chance, Shortly after moving into Chances house , Rich and Jade discover as they predicted that Chance isn’t really ready to look after his children. He announces that he is sending them to separate boarding schools for at least one term. Rich and jade were very upset, Nothing is what it seems, one day they fig [...]

    • Patrick N says:

      This story was pretty good. It was an action packed thriller, but it was almost the same as the book that I read about him the last time. In this story, John Chance is a spy for an oil company called the KOS. The story takes place in England. John Chance supposedly stole a new formula when added to petrol and other fuels, it makes them far more efficient. Airliners can travel further and longer on less fuel. The scientist who created the formula was in a bad accident and all of his notes were bu [...]

    • Evan King says:

      I think the book was well written and some very good moments. The plot of this story was that the mom dies, the father comes and takes them home, he then gets kidnapped and they must find out who kidnapped their father before the kidnapper finds them. The setting of this story takes place in the eastern part of the U.S. and London. The main characters are Rich and Jade who are fifteen year old. I like rich because, even though his mom dies, and his sister is being negative, he pulls through to h [...]

    • Clare Cannon says:

      A fast-paced read for action lovers. After their mother dies in a car accident, Jade and Rich have to go to live with their estranged father, whom they've never met before. Things don't seem quite right at his appartment, the phone has a scrambler attached to it, there's no food in the house, and their father throws all his mail straight into the rubbish. And on top of that, he doesn't seem too keen on having them with him. Then they witness his capture, and realise they have to do something but [...]

    • Ria says:

      Never read this author before and apparently this is one of his novels aimed at the teen audience but wow is this action packed and it doesn't do it justice just to aim it at that age bracket as reading it as an adult I found it fast paced from first page to last.Jade and Rich's mother has died, they are alone and a neighbour is looking after them until the day of the funeral when the father they never knew turned up to take them on.But it seems their new father is hiding a LOT of secrets includ [...]

    • Hudson Gray says:

      Sure Fire by Jack Higgins was an exciting page-turner. I really enjoyed the action and suspense. Sure Fire was one of the best books I've read this year. Rich and Jade are two teenagers who find out their mom has died. They have no idea they have a dad until he shows up at their mom's funeral and takes custody of them. Rich and Jade are not happy with their arrangement, but one day they find out their dad is in fact a spy. When he gets kidnapped, the twins must do everything they can to get him [...]

    • Omg-books-are-my-thing! says:

      When their mother dies, twins Rich and Jade are introduced to their mysterious father, John Chance. When they first move in with their father, Jade is not very accepting. She constantly complains about his lifestyle, his secrets and his housekeeping skills. Rich tries to get her to lighten up, but she just does not like her father. However, she does start to care about him when he is mysteriously kidnapped out of the blue. It turns out that their father is a spy, and they will do anything to get [...]

    • Kyle C says:

      I have recently finished reading Sure Fire by Jack Higgins. This is the first book in his series. This book is about two kids Jade and Rich and jade whose mother just died. There father showed up at the funeral that they have never seem. They go back to live with him and find out that he is a secret agent and that will get them all into a lot of trouble.My reaction to the book is that it was very action packed and never got boring you were always wondering what would happen next. I never really [...]

    • Tracey says:

      sure fire is a good thrilling book with lots of gun fire and explosions were a brother and a sister had just lost their mum and are shiped of to live with their dad whom they never met. The chance twins are introduced into an action life which they hope becomes normal kids with a normal dad not a super spy. Life will turn upside down for the chance twins as thier dad is kidnapped. people who love action thrillers will be surprised as two young teens risk thier lives for the last of their living [...]

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