The Hunter: A Detective Takako Otomichi Mystery

The Hunter A Detective Takako Otomichi Mystery In The Hunter the first English translation of the atmospheric gritty and character driven work of prize winning bestselling Japanese writer Asa Nonami American readers are introduced to Takako Ot

  • Title: The Hunter: A Detective Takako Otomichi Mystery
  • Author: Asa Nonami Juliet Winters Carpenter
  • ISBN: 9784770030252
  • Page: 445
  • Format: None
  • In The Hunter, the first English translation of the atmospheric, gritty and character driven work of prize winning, bestselling Japanese writer Asa Nonami, American readers are introduced to Takako Otomichi, a strong, complex female detective reminiscent of Sara Paretsky s V.I Warshawski and Marcia Muller s Sharon McCone.Takako is a former motorbike patrolwoman turned detIn The Hunter, the first English translation of the atmospheric, gritty and character driven work of prize winning, bestselling Japanese writer Asa Nonami, American readers are introduced to Takako Otomichi, a strong, complex female detective reminiscent of Sara Paretsky s V.I Warshawski and Marcia Muller s Sharon McCone.Takako is a former motorbike patrolwoman turned detective who is partnered with an older, seasoned, misogynist detective in a murder investigation Their search reveals that the victim ran a dating club for men to meet high school girls, and had previously been involved in the nightclub underworld of Roppongi Before long, the case is linked to another death, this time apparently the result of an attack by a large dog As Takako and Takizawa question experts in kennel clubs and police dog training centers, the dog strikes again They soon realize that the animal responsible is actually half dog, half wolf The trail leads to Kasahara, a former police dog handler his deeply troubled daughter and the shocking revelation that Kasahara had owned and trained a wolf dog called Hayate to kill on command But Hayate has escaped and is killing on his own As Takako becomes increasingly fascinated with this highly intelligent, dangerous creature, she must use all her wits and insight to track down and stop Hayate before he strikes again.The Hunter is sophisticated, challenging and evocative noir mystery fiction and is sure to have readers clamoring for books in the Takako Otomichi series.

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    • Okuta Otherside says:

      Rating aslinya 3.5 tapi karena ga ada setengahnya jadi aku bulatkan ke 4 😂 Pertama, aku suka covernya. Keren, dan aku suka karena tulisan kanjinya tetap dipertahankan. Menambah daya tarik desain covernya. Menurutku. Kedua, aku suka gaya penceritaannya. Berasa nonton dorama-dorama polisi. Kalau suka nonton dorama yang bergenre seperti itu pasti bisa dibayangkan gimana jadinya novel ini kalau dijadikan versi dorama. Seru, dan agak-agak reverse harem. Soalnya satu detektif wanita di tengah-tenga [...]

    • Kyuukou Okami says:

      Oke, dimulai dari cover!Harus saya akui, saya sukaaaa banget sama desain covernya, goresannya menggambarkan jalan raya tokyo yang dreary but somehow melancholy. Dan saya suka dengan gagasan kanji ‘Kogoeru Kiba’ dan nama pengarangnya yang tetap dipertahankan. To be honest, kanji-kanji inilah yang mencuri perhatian saya dan membuat saya mengambilnya dari setumpukan buku-buku new arrival di toko buku saat itu.Move on to the story.Secara garis besar, novel ini berkisah tentang seorang polisi ber [...]

    • cindy says:

      A novel that (for me) potraying police works with more genuine gesture, not just the heroic action and the success of cracking the case, but also the long-frustated-draining energy (physicaly and mentally) investigation process and the paper works. I also like the fact that till the end, Det Otimichi and Det. Takizawa, eventhough they were much more respectful to each other, are still not fit to one another *forget friendship, not even buddy* :p Maybe it just a slack for sequels, or maybe this n [...]

    • Dyah says:

      2.5 stars given! I round it up to 3 stars because I'm being nice and because I love the wolf-dog mentioned in the book.Complete review in Indonesian is in my blog:dyahagustine/2013I'm too lazy to translate it into English right now :P

    • Mike says:

      This is one of those random-chance books. It was sitting out on a library shelf and caught my eye. In the past few weeks I finally read the first Parker novel (also The Hunter) and watched the movie made from it starring Lee Marvin (Point Blank). Then, it was time to tackle The Hunter by Nonami-san.It’s a police mystery/procedural set in Japan. The protagonist is a tough female cop who is a highly rated motorcycle division member. The case that begins the book begets a large investigation whic [...]

    • Rifatus Sariroh says:

      "Pekerjaan kita sudah cukup banyak. Para penjahat itu tidak ada habisnya di luar sana, dan perbuatan kriminal terus bermunculan. Pekerjaan kita adalah mendapatkan penjelasan yang masuk akal dari mereka dan mengumpulkan cukup banyak bukti untuk mendakwa mereka di pengadilan." (Tamotsu Takizawa - The Hunter, hal. 372)The Hunteradalah novel bergenre misteri dancrimekarangan Asa Nonami sensei. Novel ini menceritakan serangkaian kejadian mengerikan yang terjadi di Tokyo: Dimulai dari terbakarnya Teru [...]

    • Beth says:

      At ten minutes to midnight, a man walks into a family restaurant in Tokyo. Masayo, a waitress, escorts him to a table, hands him a menu, and moves to deliver coffee to customers at another table. “…she set a bottle of beer and a glass on a tray and started toward the man’s table. The words “Sorry to keep you waiting” were in the middle of her throat when it happened – flames shot up, right before her eyes….At first, Masayo was too stunned to realize what was happening. The next ins [...]

    • Susan Devy says:

      The Hunter began with an incident happened at a restaurant, a man was burn alive in front of waiter, the plot moved quickly to police investigation conducted by a team which was included Sergeant Tamotsu Takizawa, then came along beautiful and young Takako Otomichi who was the only female member of the motorcycle squad, and Takizawa and Takako became a partner for solving this mysteryTakizawa was unhappy with this situation, gender issue was still a big deal in police department, and Takizawa ha [...]

    • Wayland Smith says:

      What a thoroughly depressing book. Detective Otomichi is a female detective in Tokyo, a city evidently comprised of people who think she shouldn't be a detective. In addition to massive sexism, her own family isn't particularly supportive about her career choice, nor sympathetic about her earlier divorce over her husband's infidelity. She catches a bizarre case in which a man is burned to death by unusual methods. As a major case, the department pushes for a quick wrap up, and shuffles personnel [...]

    • Nikki Dudley says:

      I wanted to love this book so much, which may have been half the problem. Having read Now You're One of Us by the same writer in 2010, I awaited one of the only other translated works by Nonami with great excitement. What I found was a novel that had lots of potential to be exciting and one that demonstrated the inventiveness that The Devil's Whisper also exhibited (reading them both in tandem gave me dreams of chasing others and being chased!), however, it wasn't as well executed. This plot got [...]

    • Primadonna says:

      I have issues with Indonesian translation. Translation is smooth enough, however I cringe a lot reading overused "di mana" and "mistrius" and "histris". And why oh why did the translator have to translate Hayate into Topan? I dig the main character. Takako is realistic. She has issues with her life. Her family. Her workmates. She refuses to give in, and I find myself rooting for her.I can't wait to read the next installments.

    • Janelle says:

      There was an interesting balance of the main character's personal exploration and the mystery she's investigating. The mystery took an unexpected turn, which felt a bit disjointed from the first half of the book. I don't know if this is a result of the translation into English, but there were sections that read a bit dryly, or at least without emotion. Overall, it was a good, quick read.

    • Elfira says:

      I like how the investigation was conducted and how none of super heroic acts took place in the story. Solving crime was portrayed very tiring and I think that's the way it would be. I got bored somewhere after halfway of this book but the chasing chapter woke me up and now I want a wolf dog like Hayate, I would name him Thunder though.

    • fivethousandbooks says:

      A very forgettable thriller. It wasn't until halfway when I realised that I've definitely read this book before maybe a couple of years ago.

    • Shienny M.S. says:

      Harus nya 4 bintang kalau Hayate gak ditranslate jadi Topan ??? Dan of course kalau Hayate gak mati #cries #abaikan TT___TT

    • Sidik Jati says:

      lumayan seru tapi kurang greget ! seperti itu, cukup sekian

    • Dheril Sofia says:

      Dari segi narasi, terjemahan The Hunter ini ada beberapa terjemahan yang masih kaku dan typo di sana-sini. Diksinya bukan sesuatu yang masuk ke kategori yang benar-benar kusukai. Beberapa detil-detilnya diungkapkan sekaku laporan kriminal/ensiklopedia. Plot-plot awal lebih fokus pada hubungan kerja dua detektif yang saling tidak menyukai ketika mereka harus menangani kasus yang sama. Tidak ada yang menarik perhatianku sampai sosok 'The Hunter' muncul di tengah-tengah kasus pembunuhan yang jangga [...]

    • Sunny Cherry says:

      Ini bagus, gabisa dibilang memuaskan, tapi ini bacaan yang bagus. Cara penyampaian cerita detektif di buku ini beda dari buku2 detektif yang lain: benar-benar dijabarkan proses penyelidikannya dari tahap awal sampai akhir. Alurnya agak lambat, tapi jadi buat kamu bener2 paham gimana sulitnya penyelidikan sebuah kasus, mengenai lelahnya menjadi polisi. Yap, kalau buku2 cerita detektif biasa (seenggaknya yang pernah aku baca) lebih terpaku pada sudut pandang seorang detektif saat memecah kasus, bu [...]

    • Lingling Su says:

      i want to give 3.5star actually, the story is good really, but disappointed with the translation.(i bought the indonesian translation)

    • Desty says:

      Seorang pria memasuki sebuah restoran ketika waktu sudah menunjukkan tengah malam. Dia memesan tempat untuk dua orang. Pelayan yang melayaninya mempersilahkan dirinya duduk di sebuah meja, lalu melayani pengunjung lain. Tiba-tiba saja, api menyulut pria tersebut dari pinggang ke atas. Semua orang terkejut, bahkan pelayan yang berada di dekatnya tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa. Kejadian itu berakhir dengan tewasnya pria itu beserta beberapa orang yang terluka akibat saling berdesakan untuk keluar dar [...]

    • Atria Dewi Sartika says:

      Buku ini membuat saya tertarik karena sebelumnya saya baru saja menamatkan buku “The Tokyo’s Zodiak Murderer” (jika saya tidak salah ingat judul, dan saya lupa nama penulisnya (^_^)v). Apalagi ketika membaca sinopsis saya melihat bahwa novel ini pun ber-genre detektif. Maka ketika sedang berada di Pesta Buku Bandung, buku ini pun berhasil saya beli. (Ah, selalu menyenangkan saat bisa membeli buku yang kita inginkan dengan harga yang lebih murah).Buku ini dibuka dengan kronologi dari sisi s [...]

    • Anindito Alfaritsi says:

      Aku enggak berharap banyak waktu membeli buku ini. Aku sedang cuma ingin baca sesuatu yang enggak jelek, jadi bisa dibilang pengharapanku langsung terpenuhi. Pada akhirnya, kurasa ini bakal jadi buku yang akan aku rekomendasikan bagi mereka-mereka yang suka cerita drama polisi. Sekali lagi, bukan buat para penyuka misteri. Tapi lebih buat mereka yang suka cerita-cerita drama polisi. Misteri di dalamnya tak bisa dibilang menarik. Tapi kasus yang dihadapi memang ajaib dan termasuk enggak biasa. Ce [...]

    • Farah Fitria Sari says:

      Gue suka banget sama buku ini! Mungkin karena alurnya ya, yang bikin gue mikir atau emang gue suka genre yang begini tapi pokoknya ini buku bagus. Walaupun nggak bikin gue nangis, ini buku bagus karena gue ngerti definisi perasaan kecut, asem, acuh tak acuh dua karakter utamanya. Penokohannya bisa dibilang nggak ada perubahan ya, maksudnya dari awal sampe akhir nggak ada event yg ngubah kepribadian karakter di buku (dari jahat terus eh sadar jadi baik misalnya). Mereka berdua tetep kecut pada ak [...]

    • miss says:

      Buku ini dikasih pinjem sama temen kantor yg tiba2 menghampiri dan ngomong "Mbak, suka novel detektif kan? Suka baca Sherlock Holmes kan? Saya punya buku, satu, nanti saya pinjemin." Begitulah awalnya. Tanpa ditanya tanpa diminta, eh dikasih pinjem. Hehe.The Hunter dg judul asli Kogoeru Kiba karya Asa Nonami. Di sampul belakang tertulis bahwa The Hunter memenangkan penghargaan Naoki pada tahun 1996, tepat 20 tahun yg lalu. Tentunya hal ini memberikan standar ekspekstasi tersendiri buat ku.Buku i [...]

    • Vanessa says:

      Saya menyukai bagaimana penulis mendeskripsikan step by step anggota kepolisian menyelidiki sebuah kasus, mulai dari bagaimana judul sebuah kasus ditetapkan sampai kemudian kasus ditutup. Yang menarik selain deskripsi mengenai langkah-langkah yang begitu jelas adalah hubungan kedua mitra kerja Takizawa dan Takako yang mengalir dan melunak seiring waktu, tidak terburu-buru namun berjalan dan terasa alami. Karakter Takako pun terasa begitu pas sebagai seorang polisi wanita di antara para polisi di [...]

    • Bahrulhaq Al-amin says:

      The Hunter bukanlah novel detektif biasa yang hanya fokus dengan serangkaian pengungkapan sebuah misteri atau kasus. Penulis seperti tidak terlalu bernafsu untuk hanya memperdalam rangkaian misteri belaka, akan tetapi ia menyuguhkan The Hunter dengan drama yang berlangsung pada kehidupan tokoh utamanya, Detektif Takako Otomichi, petugas kepolisian perempuan yang bertugas dalam sebuah pekerjaan "milik kaum laki-laki" di tengah himpitan masalah pribadinya.Hingga akhir kisahnya, The Hunter menawark [...]

    • Belle says:

      It is terrible how a father's lust to avenge her daughter had prompted him to train a wolf-dog to attack and kill the people who were part of her daughter's abuse of sex and drugs. The 'run' between Takako and Gale was breathtaking to read: Gale, the wolf-dog who lives up to his name, and Takako, on her motorcycle, tracking him. They ran side by side, the wolf-dog showing respect for Takako who tried to keep up with him. I wished this story ended happily but I guess if wolf dogs recognize only o [...]

    • Michael says:

      This interesting mystery book set in modern day Japan features two of the most original ways to kill people that I've ever read about in a novel: to train a wolf-dog to attack them, and to give them a belt as a gift, the buckle of which contains an incendiary device that causes the person to "spontaneously" combust, burning down an entire building in the process. The main characters, whose gruff, impersonal exteriors cause each other to dislike the other, are not to most interesting people ever, [...]

    • Rasyid Yamin says:

      I read this book several months ago, and it still give me quite an impression. What I like is the characters, that all of them are humans who have their own problems. Takako Otomichi is potrayed as insecure yet tough woman. Takizawa has his own personal problems too. The victims gave a reason for them to be targeted. The antagonists too, have their own reasons to commit their crime.The story itself is good, I mean, who would have thought that a half breed can be trained to be a killer? The story [...]

    • Nunik Kartikarini says:

      Alur cerita di awal berjalan lambat. Namun seiring dengan semakin lancarnya penyelidikan semakin cepat alur berderap. Bahkan muncul kesan Nonami harus memperlambat alur di bagian klimaks untuk menjaga keruntutan cerita.Dari segi thrill, Hunter betul-betul berhasil membuat saya betah membacanya tanpa berhenti dalam sehari. Nonami dengan cerdas menyusupkan petunjuk sedikit demi sedikit untuk menjaga rasa penasaran pembaca. Bahkan hingga kisah berakhir, ia mampu membuat pembaca penasaran tentang ka [...]

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