The Baby's Catalogue

The Baby s Catalogue Mums and Dads breakfasts and bedtimes pets and toys and prams and swings and lots and lots of other fascinating things This charmingly illustrated funny book presents a vast array of baby paraphern

  • Title: The Baby's Catalogue
  • Author: Janet Ahlberg Allan Ahlberg
  • ISBN: 9780316020374
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mums and Dads, breakfasts and bedtimes, pets and toys and prams and swings and lots and lots of other fascinating things This charmingly illustrated, funny book presents a vast array of baby paraphernalia that should be instantly recognizable and absorbing to a young child A book which every child under three should have Parents.

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    • Allison says:

      Diversity of people and things, breastfeeding (!), men changing diapers (!!), naked babies taking baths (!!!), the only thing it's missing is a biracial couple! How this book stays on the shelves is beyond me. I cannot believe it hasn't been banned repeatedly. It is fabulous. I rarely give 5 stars but I was taken completely aback by this book. I found it completely refreshing.

    • Manybooks says:

      While I have indeed found Janet and Allan Ahlberg's The Baby's Catalogue fun and often delightfully smile-inducing (as well as also rather much enlightening with regard to all of the specifically British themes and vocabulary choices), there is just not enough of a featured storyline and plot (well, there really is no plot whatsoever) for me to consider more than a high three star rating (especially since the illustrations, which do seem to make up the bulk of The Baby's Catalogue, whilst bright [...]

    • Caroline says:

      Dusting off my daughter’s favorite book as a toddler, in anticipation of soon visiting my brand new, first grandchild, a little girl who is much loved already. I look forward to sharing many many books with her over the years!

    • Kathryn says:

      A cute collection of the people, things, and events in a baby's day from waking up and seeing Mom and/or Dad, to eating, playing, seeing siblings, taking baths, etc. (I think the illustrations of the food and plates, teacups, etc. is especially riveting!) It's not really a story (though it does progress from morning to night) but more a "catalogue" of these things in a baby's life. The illustrations are enjoyable, if not my favorite style, and I appreciate the diversity shown here, with families [...]

    • Kate says:

      Based on the title alone, I didn't expect to love this book. But I've discovered a children's book that I think an adult can enjoy as much as a child! There are more pictures than words in this book, and we follow five families through their day by one or two words on a page. My favorite part as an adult, however, was the quirky illustrations. This book isn't full of happy smiling babies with perfect families who never make messes. There's one baby crying in the stroller, another trying to escap [...]

    • Ema Ahmed says:

      This is a simple, yet lovely illustrated picture book which has a lot of potential.I can see this being used effectively with EAL learners, as this will allow them to make connection with familiar objects from home with the correct vocabulary. In addition, I can see this being used effectively amongst young learners, as this has potential of promoting discussion of the illustrations.

    • ABC says:

      Really sweet illustrations. Not a lot of text.

    • Luke says:

      A book all about the things I like and use as a baby. It was okay. I picked it up on my first trip to the library.

    • Alison says:

      I just love this book, which I have just bought for my baby niece. It is perfect for sharing with a very young child. It is a collection of themed pictures around a baby's day (a page of pictures of babies, mums and dads, mornings etc, through to baths and bedtimes, back to mums and dads and babies). It shows a variety of families (working mums, stay at home dads), cultural backgrounds and, amazingly, a breastfeeding mother which I had never noticed before!The copy I have bought is a board book, [...]

    • Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker) says:

      An odd little picture book aimed at the baby, toddler set. An illustrated list of things babies know- babies, mums and dads, nappies, mirrors and pets, prams and swings. This book originally published in 1982 is like a time capsule from another, simpler time. Cloth nappies hang on the line. The toys are wholesome, non-electronic ones- rubber ducks, spinning tops, teddy bears. The prams all look like versions that could be in the original Mary Poppins movie. The best page by far for the parent re [...]

    • Donna Davis says:

      The familiar is so dear to us, especially when we are tiny and the whole world--even some things in our own HOMES--is full of the unknown. This book is full of items that are known to most babies. Yours may differ in a few places (for one thing, the writer is British, but it doesn't really get in the way, especially being so devoid of text). When little ones are learning to speak, they are overjoyed by this book because THEY KNOW THE ANSWERS!My sixteen-year-old still isn't ready to part with her [...]

    • Jasmine Caines says:

      This book is a collection of pictures about a baby’s life. I enjoy the honesty in depiction of a baby’s life, particularly with the images you wouldn’t perhaps stereotypically expect to see such as a baby breastfeeding, a dad changing a nappy and a working mum.This book would be ideal for showing to babies or nursery children or perhaps to children who are expecting or have baby brothers and sisters at home, particularly to describe their needs from their parents. This would certainly be a [...]

    • Dichotomy Girl says:

      I was afraid that at 3 1/2 A. would be a bit past this book, but she actually was quite fascinated with the different families. I really liked how it depicted breast-feeding (even showing the side of the breast in the illustration). And I was reminded how much things have changed, when a few pages later the bath-time pictures showed a fully naked baby boy. (This always makes me sad, even though I understand)

    • Elen Caldecott says:

      This is a great book to read to young babies in order to aquaint them with the whole book experience. There is no plot to follow, just simple words, with lots of pictures. For the adult, you can connect the pictures of the various families into a narrative (if you want). For the baby, there is recognition of the objects they use daily and the joy of sharing a book with someone they love. Thoroughly recommended.

    • Emkoshka says:

      Hmmm, I worked at a kids' show half the day then got home and randomly picked this book up to read! It's a cute look at the lives of some very English babies (see the 'Teas' page!), with pages devoted to Mums and Dads, Brothers and Sisters and Toys, Baths and Bedtimes, etc. Good babykins stuff. My favourite page was simply titled 'Accidents'; classic!

    • Charlotte says:

      The Baby's Catalogue is a wonderful book for adult and baby to read together. Adults can interpret the cartoons and babies can connect pictures to words. The illustrations are funny and include 'daddy's coffee" and "mommy's wine" and a nursing baby. Funny book, a little dated, but over all it has held up well.

    • Kristine Hansen says:

      A bit of a snapshot of another time (which is fine. It's fun to revisit) this book is just a series of pictures about things in the life of a baby. Love the diversity and yay for breastfeeding moms! The accident page was definitely one that's interesting and a little too real. I think parents will appreciate this book more than children will, but that's ok.

    • Angel Serrano says:

      Por medio de dibujos y muy pocas palabras se permite a los bebés y niños pequeños reconocer escenas habituales: bebés, papás y mamás, mañanas, tronas y desayunos, hermanos, hermanas y juguetes, saltos y piruetas, pañales y jugos, compras y cenas, jardines, accidentes, espejos, mascotas, tés y libros, baños y a dormir.

    • Sally says:

      This is an excellent first book with a variety of colourful, familiar pictures, scenarios and first words for baby's. What I really loved about this book though are the images of breastfeeding incorporated into the food and sleep sections! Amazing, most babies are breastfed at some point and yet in the majority of baby books, all there are are images of bottles! Nice to see.

    • Kyrie says:

      I'm giving it four stars for the artwork. There is no plot. It's really a lot of pictures of things babies do and of their parents. It looks rather like an assignment for art class - draw as many examples of a baby carriage as you can imagine.

    • Tanya says:

      Enjoyed most of the illustrations, but not the ones in the accidents section--they bothered my daughter, but she is not a baby and thinks through what is happening and asks why those kids were left unsupervised to get in those situations.

    • Kathy says:

      The Baby's Catalog is comprised of very cute picture in categories, like babies, lunches, toys, and accidents! Lots of cute pictures to interact with toddlers in identifying the things and what is happening.

    • Ellee says:

      Mostly pictures. Very nice alternative to the photo image word books that are so popular right now. The pictures require an adult to interpret them to toddlers. It's a nice book for parents to share with their little ones. :)

    • Sarah Adamson says:

      This is the most fantastic book. I remember having it as a child and my in-laws found a board book version for our daughter. It's full of beautiful pictures illustrating all aspects of a baby and young child's life. Simple, lovely and fun.

    • Sarah says:

      Simple, cute, and sweet.

    • Tammy says:

      I laughed at the illustrations on the accidents pages.

    • Jessica says:

      This is a good book for the 0-2 age range, as the book just lists the items a baby might want to order with pictures. I would have used it when my daughter was younger to teach basic words.

    • Vicky says:

      Pleasant pictures of different scenes in a baby's life. The kids seemed to enjoy looking at the different scenes, but it is not one that I would search out myself.

    • Den says:

      My children loved looking through this and talking about the pictures when younger

    • Heather says:

      Cute illustrations and summary of baby things and activities. It was nice.

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