Big Guns Out of Uniform

Big Guns Out of Uniform Mysterious and untamable they hold honor strength and courage close to their well guarded hearts But no matter how much their jobs require them to lay aside their personal lives they can t deny th

  • Title: Big Guns Out of Uniform
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon Liz Carlyle Nicole Camden
  • ISBN: 9781416509677
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mysterious and untamable, they hold honor, strength, and courage close to their well guarded hearts But no matter how much their jobs require them to lay aside their personal lives, they can t deny that they have burning needs like any other man In Sherrilyn Kenyon s BAD to the Bone, teacher Marianne Webernec wins the Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes Whisked away toMysterious and untamable, they hold honor, strength, and courage close to their well guarded hearts But no matter how much their jobs require them to lay aside their personal lives, they can t deny that they have burning needs like any other man In Sherrilyn Kenyon s BAD to the Bone, teacher Marianne Webernec wins the Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes Whisked away to a remote tropical island, Marianne s fantasies become real when Bureau of American Defense agent Kyle Foster kidnaps her and uncovers her every desire In Liz Carlyle s Let s Talk About Sex, Dr Delia Sydney dishes out perfectly sound sex advice on the radio but is easily seduced by her bad boy neighbor Just what is it about Nick Woodruff, a smooth talking sergeant, that makes Delia do anything when she s with him Things get even hotter in Nicole Camden s The Nekkid Truth when crime scene photographer Debbie Valley loses the ability to recognize faces and must identify people by their bodies Soon she finds that the wonders of Detective Marshall Scott s body never ceased that he needs her to help catch a killer.

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    • Julianna says:

      Reviewed for THC ReviewsBig Guns Out of Uniform is an anthology of three contemporary borderline erotic novellas featuring heroes in law enforcementD to the BoneBAD to the Bone was a pure fantasy that was very fun and enjoyable to read. I thought that the beginning and ending of the story could have benefited from a bit more clarity and tighter plotting, but the rest of the story really helped to make up for these deficiencies. The premise of a woman living out her romance novel fantasies in rea [...]

    • Charlene says:

      I received this book in a giveaway as a result of requesting it on ; it is the 357-page, 2005 edition.I had already read books by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Liz Carlyle, but Nicole Camden is an author new to me.For some reason, the premise of Kenyon's "Bad to the Bone," a woman winning time on an island to live out a fantasy of her favorite romance book, seems better than the reality of the story. Instead of staying in the fantasy story, she wanders to the other side of the island, where a black ops t [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I won this book through the giveaways.This book contained three separate stories. BAD TO THE BONE by Sherrilyn KenyonI really liked this stories. Very humorous.LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX by Liz CarlyleI liked this story the least out of the three. A sex therapist who blushes every time the guy mentions sex. Really? The female lead just came off as too prudish and naive, and ended up just being overall irritating. THE NEKKID TRUTH by Nicole CamdenThe storyline was enjoyable with an interesting twist i [...]

    • MK says:

      I enjoy all three stories, especially the first one, it makes me want to read the BAD series. Although each stories have no connection with one another, it all portrays a fearsome heroes and likable heroines. I didn't get bored and tried to read it all at one setting. The three authors definitely done a good job with this anthology.

    • Rachel says:

      I really enjoyed stories 1 and 3.Sherrilyns story about living out a fantasy romance novel for vacation is great. I laughed out loud, and we can all relate with Marriane!In Nikki's story The Nekkid Truth Deb gets the best of both worldseveryone loves the southern drawling hero!

    • Fiona says:

      Each of these three stories: BAD to the Bone by Sherrilyn Kenyon,Let's Talk About Sex by Liz Carlyle and The Nekkid Truth by Nicole Camden were all a treat to read. If you like romance, with a bit of fun thrown in, add this one to your pile of to-reads!

    • Stephanie says:

      I only read the Nicole Camden story because I went to college with her. Her story was very original and entertaining.

    • Elo says:

      Funy, sexy and hot as hell!!!jajaja, really great short stories.

    • Sherily says:

      3 romantic short stories.Bad to the Bone - Sherrilyn Kenyon - Another short about a woman winning the romantic getaway contest and meets the man of her dreams on the island. Love the chemistry between these two. Kyle sounds like one hot and skilled man. Lots of Laugh out loud moments. I'm certain I've read this story before, I'm not sure if there is a whole book made from this short story and that is why it is familiar or if I've read this short before in another anthology book. Either way, I wa [...]

    • Anne says:

      Hot, hot, HOT! The stories were all good, albeit certain elements that didn't sit well with me. I liked Nicole Camdem's story best: the tension was spot on and the heroine was my type of gal. Just wish there was a bit more action given that they were in the middle of solving a murder case. Nevertheless, I had a very enjoyable read.

    • Amber Daulton says:

      I’ve had this book for a few years and finally got around to reading it. I’m a big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon but I’ve never read anything from Liz Carlyle or Nicole Camden until now. In the first book of the anthology, ‘BAD to the Bone’ by Sherrilyn Kenyon, school teacher Marianne wins the sweepstakes! But it’s not just any sweepstakes. The host is a romance book publisher and the winner can pick any book the publisher owns to reenact at their private island. As she’s living the fant [...]

    • Kathy Davie says:

      This is an anthology of stories about men in uniform and mildly erotic.Series"BAD to the Bone" (B.A.D. Agency, 0.25)The StoriesSherrilyn Kenyon's "BAD to the Bone" uses the Fantasy Island backdrop for this story about a Midwestern schoolteacher winning this month's "live out your fantasy from a book" contest. It's so cute [& homey!] how Kenyon creates an everyday woman who gets to live out her fantasy AND meet the love of her life.This one involves Kyle recuperating on the B.A.D. side of the [...]

    • Netanella says:

      "BAD to the Bone" by Sherrilyn Kenyon - 4 starsAny story that has me laughing out loud in the first few pages deserves serious kudos. This story, about a small-town school teacher who wins a romance-book fantasy week on a private island (sans the midget) and runs into a real life action hero, is sweet, romantic, and funny. And I'm usually not that type of girl, but this one had me laughing out loud, smiling to myself, and discussing the finer points of the minor characters with my 5-week-old son [...]

    • Alex (HEABookNerd) says:

      Review is only for the following stories:BAD to the Bone by Sherrilyn Kenyon --- BAD Agency--What's Going On--Teacher Marianne Webernec wins the "Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes." Whisked away to a remote tropical island, Marianne's fantasies become real when Bureau of American Defense agent Kyle Foster kidnaps her and uncovers her every desire.

    • E. says:

      Sherrilyn Kenyon: BAD to the Bone: Marianne Webernec is a teacher who wins a week living out a fantasy as the heroine of her favorite romance novel. It starts out less than satisfying until she finds someone who lives a real life role and sweeps her off of her feet. Kyle Foster is a BAD agent who is forcibly experiencing a little R & R and bored until he meets the shy teacher who needs her own lessons in asking for what she wants. Nice sparks between the two, ending a little less than satisf [...]

    • K.K. says:

      Sherrilyn Kenyon's "BAD to the Bone" 3.7 stars Liz Carlyle's "Let's Talk About Sex" 4.3 starsNicole Camden's "The Nekkid Truth" 4 starsI actually read this book because of Ms. Sherrilyn Kenyon. I'm her huge HUGE fan I waited ages for her other books so I picked out this to satisfy my need for her books. Her story wasn't so bad, it was good but the others are surprisingly better. I actually like "Let's Talk About Sex" the most between the three stories. these 3 are totally hot by the way. "BAD to [...]

    • July says:

      The first story written by Sherrilyn Kenyon is about Marrianne and Kyle. Marrianne is a teacher who won a contest to be in a fantasy like to romance novels she adores. Kyle just happens to be on recouping on the island where the Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes takes place. The meet and he is so blown away by her he kidnaps to make her every desire happen like her novels read.In the second story by Liz Caryle it is about Delia and Nick. Delia is a radio advice Dr. and Nick is a cop. Nick just happen [...]

    • mlady_rebecca says:

      Tried "The Nekkid Truth" for the whole "can't recognize faces" novelty factor. Interesting concept, but the story didn't hold up to the promise.First person female lead who I clashed with personality wise. I have a hell of a time with first person where we don't complement each other.More erotica than romance, and crude erotica. I skipped the first few sex scenes, but even skipping ahead, I couldn't manage to finish the story.I already decided I'm not crazy about Kenyon's BAD stories (based on a [...]

    • Christel says:

      "Romance" as a genre often sacrifices plot and character development to relationship and sex, and sometimes I can get very annoyed reading some of the popular authors. I feel Sherrilyn Kenyon is better in her paranormal world than her secret agent world. If you can accept the premise of Nicole Camden's "The Nekkid Truth," it's a better story overall. For me, the strongest and most intelligent while still very sexy entry was Liz Carlyle's "Let's Talk About Sex." I bought this book because I have [...]

    • Kristen says:

      I bought this book only because the first story in it is by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I loved her short story in here, wished it was longer. Her story Bad to the bone was very cute. I loved the characters and really do wish it was longer. I'd give it alone a five star rating. Second story by Liz Carlyle's "Let's Talk About Sex," was good it could have been better. It was a little rushed in my opinion. I would give it a three star rating. Third story by Nicole Camden's "The Nekkid Truth" was one of those [...]

    • Unapologetic_Bookaholic says:

      Seriously, you have to know Sherrilyn Kenyon is a great author, period. I don't see how you can't be satisfied if what you are looking for, in this series, is action and great sex. Not just that because I always need more I ask for more. That characters have to seem real enough to care for, or care for each other to some degree, be it they have an intense attractive within mometns of meeting. Just make me feel/believe it and I get carried away. I love reading authors that pull me into thier worl [...]

    • Cindy says:

      Multi-author anthology which has the first BAD story "BAD to the Bone" in Sherrilyn Kenyon's BAD series. A mild-mannered midwestern eacher wins the "Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes." Intended as an orchestrated reliving of her favorite spy romance - she ends up kidnapped by a very bored real-life agent. The other two stories are readable, the last by Camden had a very interesting 'hook' - the heroine lost the ability to recognize people [including herself:] due brain damage and the repercussions of [...]

    • Donna Brown says:

      There are two types of books: books that give you shear enjoyment and, books that evoke an emotion so that you find yourself thinking about the book after it's been read. This book had two quick, enjoyable, hot romances and the last book was a surprise. Nicole Camden took a woman who doesn't have the ability to read faces and allowed you to understand. I applaud these ladies and recommend this book of shorts.2nd time I read this.

    • Lindsay says:

      Part of my quest to read one book from each category in the charity shop bargain r0mance bins, an as yet unexplored area of literature to me#1 - Scot fetish Men in Kilts#2 - Cop fetish Big Guns Out of Uniform

    • Linda says:

      This is a reread for me since I read ALL of Sherrilyn Kenyon books just as soon as they come out. I LOVED "BAD to the Bone" and I don't have anything against Dianna Love (since I buy all of her books too) but this series was better when Sherrilyn was writing them all herself. Also loved both of the other stories in this book. "Let's Talk About Sex" by Liz Carlyle and "The Nekkid Truth" by Nicole Camden. Which was both new Authors for me at the time I first read this book!

    • penelopewanders says:

      Still not wild about anthologies, but this one is not bad. Ironically I think I like the story by the newcomer, Nicole Camden, the best, although I did enjoy Carlyle's story about the Radio Sex Talk specialist Camden's heroine is surprising - after a near fatal accident she has lost the ability to recognize faces - but the story is moving and credible - and hot.

    • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡ says:

      I really like these books by SK & DL. There is definitely a difference between the SK writings & DL additions. There is less sweetness & love. They seem colder. HOWEVER since they are romantic suspences it fits. SK's story was the best. The others wereh

    • Dannielle says:

      This was a re-read as I really wanted to read "The Nekkid Truth". It really sticks out in my mind and I wanted to refresh things. Glad I did. The other stories are pretty decent too. Well worth a re-read.

    • Anzu The Great Destroyer says:

      Just two stars because I only liked one story out of three."BAD to the Bone" - BORING!"Let's Talk About Sex" - Not bad."The Nekkid Truth" - I couldn't even complete this one. Debbie was too vulgar for me to handle and I didn't click AT ALL with the story.

    • Michelle the Romance Witch says:

      i only read the first two stories so my rating is based solely on those. Definitely an awesome set or stories. Another wonderful Kenyon story and Carlyle is definitely going on my list of fav authors i cant wait to find more of her stories in my book treasure trove.

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