Island From one of Britain s best kept secrets the novelist whom the Independent said writes better than almost anyone of her generation comes this brooding tale of the murderous ties that bind a mother an

  • Title: Island
  • Author: Jane Rogers
  • ISBN: 9780618139316
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • From one of Britain s best kept secrets, the novelist whom the Independent said writes better than almost anyone of her generation, comes this brooding tale of the murderous ties that bind a mother and daughter Abandoned at birth and shuttled among foster homes, Nikki Black decides at twenty eight to seek out her birth mother, intent on killing her Nikki s vengeance taFrom one of Britain s best kept secrets, the novelist whom the Independent said writes better than almost anyone of her generation, comes this brooding tale of the murderous ties that bind a mother and daughter Abandoned at birth and shuttled among foster homes, Nikki Black decides at twenty eight to seek out her birth mother, intent on killing her Nikki s vengeance takes her to a remote island off the coast of Scotland, where both the beaches and the inhabitants are full of artifacts from the past that haunt the present Here she discovers a witchlike mother who concocts remedies in her dank kitchen and a stuttering, monstrous brother whose seemingly simple mind is filled with stories of past islanders, crofters, and Vikings Gradually her brother s dangerous love and strange way of seeing the world transform Nikki s life in ways that she and the reader could never expect With her signature blend of psychological intensity and strong moral underpinnings, Jane Rogers skillfully leads us into a primal, almost mythic world where our darkest impulses and most profound fears are played out to shocking consequence Part fairy tale, part murder mystery, ISLAND is, like the madness it depicts, terrifying, logical, and utterly consuming.

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    • Andrew says:

      I don't know- I tried, and I really, really wanted to like it but it didn't happen. I couldn't get into the writing style, I couldn't get into the story. Sorry-

    • Shannon says:

      I had almost zero interest in reading this book. That was until I saw the movie and suddenly my interest was piqued. I am quite glad that I watched the movie first though, otherwise Jane Rogers' lack of the use of commas probably would have driven me insane before I'd even gotten into the story. Jane writes quite mysteriously and the lines between reality and fairy tale do become a little blurred - I spent the greater portion of this novel trying to decide whether Nikki was just crazy/paranoid o [...]

    • Jen Show says:

      I have to say that I honestly only read this book because actor Colin Morgan is performing one of the lead characters in the film adaptation. I feel it is important to note that this colored my reading heavily. I found myself growing quite fond of the character in question (Calum) almost immediately, and I am not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much had I not been filling the character in with the fabulous Mr. Morgan.Overall I really enjoyed the read, and in fact finished the book in one sitt [...]

    • Pamela Huxtable says:

      Profoundly disturbing, Island hooked me from the first pages. Nikki Black is a disaster of a woman, and she knows it. Her twisted personality decides that her troubles all stem from her mother, who abandoned her as an infant. Nikki locates her mother, and travels to the island where she lives in order to kill her.Folk tales of the little people, vikings, and other legends punctuate the despair and cruel nature of Nikki's world. Stylistically, Nikki's voice is one of a kind. Abrupt, sometimes bru [...]

    • Kristin E. says:

      The best thing would be to die. It would be less trouble. I was very calm; all around me the little island, the last island, the island off an island off an island was still. Stillness was most natural. To go on scrabbling and running and grasping after some kind of life was aberration; stillness was lasting.It's an intriguing story about how obsession can swallow you up The narrator Nikki takes us along on her bitter and determined quest to kill her mother for abandoning her as an infant and le [...]

    • KimberlyRose says:

      Phenomenal. Suspenseful. All the characters had depth. The pacing, the slow revelations--riveting. A book I won't soon forget. This one had me Googling like the crazed folklorist I am! The hebrides (an archipelago off the west coast of mainland Scotland) has never fascinated me--not until the power of story set its sights on it! Interspersing folklore stories with present day scenes made them both bang into my mind and heart with more "oomph" than either would have alone. The narrator's voice is [...]

    • milou ✨☕️ (hobbit princess) says:

      The first time I got introduced to this story was when I watched the movie with the brilliant Colin Morgan who portrays an adorable and sublime Calum. You can only fall in love with Calum. I had the urge to hug him through the entire movie and I was curious if that would be the same if I chose to read the book. I can assure you that it is not only Colin. Calum just has the adorable factor and I'm glad that I read this book.I'm not a big fan of Nikki's character and I got annoyed whenever she act [...]

    • Katie says:

      Island is a creepy, depressing, cloudy day of a book. A girl is shuffled through foster homes and the social service system, until she is old enough to take care of herself. She was abandoned by her mother for reasons unbeknownst to her, and subsequently hates everyone and everything. She decides to kill her mother, hoping this will bring her the peace she dreams of. The mother is not a witch as the description would have you believe. She's a homeopath. The daughter is hateful: an unsympathetic [...]

    • Karen says:

      Loved this book but I have to say more for the characters and style then the actual story. Unfortunately about 3/4 through I figured out how it would end. But I wouldn't have missed reading it at all and plan to read her other novels. The narrator is truly disturbed but absolutely fascinating. She's the human equivalent of that car wreck you can't look away from. The other character are fairly well developed also. The novel takes place on a remote island off the coast of Scotland and Rogers inte [...]

    • Greg Richards says:

      'Heart-breakingly lyrical . . . It takes you into the heart of a dark wood, where there is no hope at all, and brings you out the other side, ready, if not to live happily ever after, then at least to begin to live.'Review from the Guardian drew me in. This is a dark mythic tale that weaves a magic thread that deeply moved me, with the customary Rogers resonance. As usual I found it hard to put down and her words haunted me long after I'd finished the book. Highly recommended!

    • Tazzie Dee says:

      Welcome to Nikki Black’s world…She was abandoned as a babyLived a troubled lifeAnd she longed to kill the woman who gave birth to herAt 28, Nikki finally manages to track down her mother on a secluded Scottish island but she isn’t prepared for the news that she has a younger brother. A brother who is controlled by their mother, a brother with a scary violent side, and a brother whose head is filled with many stories of past islanders, Crofters, Vikings etc. A brother who will forever chang [...]

    • Naddie M says:

      This was amazing. I really enjoyed feeling like I was trapped in Nikki's skin and understanding her way of thinking.

    • Emrys says:

      I loved this book. The best thing about it is the voice and writing style, so vibrant and striking, so unapologetically itself, so like Nikki. Nikki is so unapologetically the person who she wants to be that she opens the story telling us of her three different names and how they shaped her while she had them. The name given to her by her mother who abandoned her, the name given to her by the first family who tried to raise her, and the one she gave herself as an adult: cold and sharp, Nikki Bla [...]

    • Ann Hale says:

      Difficult book to get into and to follow.

    • Natasha Borton says:

      I began reading this book becasue it is part of my uni reading list. Firsty it is a nightmare to get hold of becasue it is inbetween printing at the moment, so I've had to borrow a copy.Firsty this isn't a book for the faint hearted with frequent "fucking" and excrement to take over the themes, but sometimes it just has to be said bluntly and in this book it is always said bluntly. I enjoyed the plot line and the descriptions throughout are breathtaking. The huge let down for me was the portraya [...]

    • Cat says:

      ****"When I was twenty-eight, I decided to kill my mother." (Rogers 1)And so begins the treacherous story of Nikki.Twenty-eight-year-old Nikki Black, emotionally and psychologically damaged from years of foster homes, is fed up with being scared. She blames her mother for abandoning her at birth and as she grows up, anger and hate boil inside her. In her rage, she sets out for a small island off the coast of Scotland to find her mother, and to kill her. Once there, however, she becomes immersed [...]

    • Cheryl (Bored in Vernal) says:

      I have heard that you can heal yourself by finding the myth or archetype behind your story and releasing the power it contains. This book is about that type of healing. The smart and psychologically injured Nikki is introduced to her brother Calum when she finds her birth mother. He is less than her intellectual equal, and slow of speech, but he has stories to tell her which are a legacy he has been given from his father. Let the reader ponder these simple stories, for they have archetypal wisdo [...]

    • A says:

      Jane Rogers' Island was originally suggested to me by a friend. I'll admit, my interest in it being a movie first got my attention but as I've learned details of the book, I had to read it for myself.Rogers paints a portrait of Nikki Black. At first, I would think most are turned off by the fact that it's told from someone like her's point of view. She's got one thing on her mind: matricide. But the book explains her reasonings and experiences and why she's become the way she's become. If she ha [...]

    • Allie Stark says:

      I knew about this novel because Colin Morgan is in the movie adaptation, I'm not gonna lie. But I read the argument and it attracted me, so I didn't want to missed the story from the original source.I loved it. The story is predictable but it doesn't mean you can't get into it.It's angsty and claustrophobic. Twisted and bitter. But it's fascinating. You feel trapped in the fog that Rogers sets for us, and you only feel a bit of relief on the tales told by Calum. But Nikki always comes back, with [...]

    • Adrian says:

      The book is narrated by Nikki, a woman who decides that the blame for all the horrid things that have happened in her life can be laid completely at the feet of the birth mother who abandoned her as an infant. She decides the best way to lead a normal life is to kill her mother. Obviously, this is not a stable woman, which is what makes this such a fascinating read. (In fact, with all her talk of “soaring” and “falling” I’d say she’s bipolar, but it’s not really clear if that is th [...]

    • Megan Leanne says:

      As soon as I began to read this book, it was practically impossible for me to put it down. Rogers entices you with her style of writing; making it seem more like thoughts, so you can relate to the character and her experiences more.This character being, Nikki Black. Nikki is an interesting character, leading a tortured life from the moment she was born. Passed from foster home to foster home, Nikki quickly develops a hatred towards the world (and people) around her. One person in particular: her [...]

    • Kat says:

      Stories tell lies. That's what they're good for. Someone's made it up. You start to read and it's full of lies, the ugly duckling turns into a swan, the goodies beat the baddies! Justice prevails! Hooray for lies.To me this book is first and foremost about fiction and reality, the differences between stories and Nikki Black's (the main character's) real life. Her life, given away at birth, unwanted, contrasts drastically with the things she's heard in fairy tales. She goes on in search of her mo [...]

    • Arron says:

      "The lie is a temporary measure. Until the facts come around a bit." Having been first introduced to this work of Ms Rogers during my undergraduate degree - Once I begun reading I could not stop, my eyes alike the protaginist Nikki fell - page after page, down through a plenthora of emotions toward the seemingly fairytale conclusion. Jane Rogers uses a hybrid - a breathtakingly realistic raw premise of one girls quest for revenge intertwined with interpolated tales that give this tale various ly [...]

    • Elisa says:

      This relentlessly tragic novel is about the self-christened Nikki Black. Abandoned the day after she was born, Nikki got the full brunt of an incredibly flawed foster care system. Despite her keen intelligence, Nikki is relentlessly plagued by feelings of abandonment and deep bitterness about her life. So at the age of 28, she tracks down her birth mother to a remote island in Scotland where she intends to kill her. Rogers has written a story where just about every character is a victim of cruel [...]

    • Kimberly says:

      Haunting book that looks at deep the psychological issues of a young woman who grew up in the foster system and never found a true family, or someone to love her. Fear at times of an unknown force imprisons her until she tracks down her birth-mother who lives on a secluded island, with the sole intent of killing her. She finds out she has a slow brother, who ironically teaches her so much about life. At times, I felt empathy for Nikki and at times she infuriated me. Things aren't always what one [...]

    • Ayten Elyakan says:

      I stumbled upon Island in the 75% off section in an independent book shop. Thought it would be an ok read and yes I was judgemental. Started reading and couldn’t put it down. This s not your average read about an abandoned child seeking her family to be reunited. This about a 29 year old woman (Nikki) seeking revenge. All the anger and hostility builds up and she finds her mother on an island. She learns that she has a brother. She plans on killing them both. However after spending time with h [...]

    • Svenja says:

      This is a really beautiful and disturbing book. It is about a women, Nikki who decideds to kill her mother who abandoned her as a child. When she arrives at the small scottish island where her mother lives now, she discovers she has a brother, Calum (who is mentally disabled). The book is a lot about stories, different sides of them maybe and a lonely women who never really loved or was loved.Even though it was a short read (just about 200 pages), it was really thrilling and i read through it ve [...]

    • Meaka Kyel says:

      I have to say that the book is so much better than the movie (as in most cases). I actually had never heard of this story until I looked up the movies that Colin Morgan was in. The movie was good, but I found myself a bit confused at times. That's when I decided to read the book and man, was I happy I did. The storyline was so much clearer, the characters so much more intense. I absolutely love the stories Callum tells Nikki. This book is dark, disturbing, and chilling. Don't read this if you wa [...]

    • Elise says:

      "When I was twenty-eight I decided to kill my mother."I saw the movie before I read the book, the movie itself was a bit weird but interesting enough (although not my favourite storyline) so I was interested enough to read the book. This book was boring as hell. I really couldn't get into it or enjoy the story. How it was written was not very engaging to me.I can't even write a proper review because I have nothing more to say.

    • A.B. says:

      I am one of those brought to this book by Colin Morgan and the movie. I found the movie compelling and engrossing, but the book more so. I finished it in one sitting, sleep be damned. I like it better then the movie as it has an actual ending, but they go well together. I was able to imagine Colin Morgan as Calum which was just perfect. I don't give out 5 stars easily, so that should tell you something. It is a very emotional read but beautifully done.

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