Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood Irresistible fantasy from the New York Times bestselling author As the rebellion grows against High King Jakoven Ward ruler of Hurog realizes he must join with the rebels However Jakoven can cru

  • Title: Dragon Blood
  • Author: Patricia Briggs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Irresistible fantasy from the 1 New York Times bestselling author As the rebellion grows against High King Jakoven, Ward, ruler of Hurog, realizes he must join with the rebels However, Jakoven can crush his enemies with dragon s blood the very blood that courses through Ward s veins.

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    • Rob says:

      Executive Summary: Not nearly as enjoyable as the first book.Audio book: Joe Manganiello once again does a fine job without really adding or subtracting from the story.Full ReviewAfter finishing Dragon Bones I was left with some lingering questions and looking forward to this book. For some reason this story wasn't as much fun. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why. My best guess is the pacing. For such a short book, it felt like the plot meandered too much on unimportant details. The beginn [...]

    • KatieV says:

      Definitely darker than the first book. There are some disturbing elements alluded to, including rape, sexual assault, child abuse, and torture. As is her usual style, Briggs does not go into a lot of detail, but there is no doubt what occurred.The sequel takes place 4 years after the first book. Ward is now 23-24 and seems like a man rather than the teen he was. His peaceful existence rebuilding his keep is disturbed by the evil High King who has decided to take Hurog and cement his power.There [...]

    • Martin says:

      My view on Dragon Blood is that the narrative is more suited for epic fantasy, but appears to have been reduced (like a fine sauce) making it chock-full of history, legacy, prophecy, religion to the degree that I, as a reader, questions if it all really is necessary or if it could have been rewritten to simplify the world in which the story unfolds. As in The Hob’s Bargain there is a lot more meat in the story, than what Ms Briggs puts to use in the story.It’s a good story, although a bit ha [...]

    • Anne says:

      Really, it's more like 3 1/2 stars. I found it a much easier read than Dragon Bones, but that my have been because dragons and dwarfs are not really my thing, so it took me a little while to get into that setting. I haven't read much fantasy like this, so I don't really know how Brigg's story rates compared to other books in this genre, but I thought it was a quick and enjoyable read.

    • ShoSho says:

      Great narration and great story and plot.

    • Allie says:

      I've listened to 3 hours 49 minutes, and have 5 hours 45 minutes to go. It's not bad, although it's not great. I'm not opposed to finishing it one day, but at this point in my life -- I'm just not feeling it.

    • Ren says:

      4 starsAfter I read Dragon Bones (you can read my review here), I decide to continue Ward's journey in Dragon Blood. The book is not standalone, and reader must read first book first to understand the world of Hurog. I devour Dragon Blood, not care that I read this past my bed time and when I reach "The End", it's already 5 a.m. Oh, well, the day was Sunday, so I'm not feeling guilty to not sleep ;).Is Dragon Blood deserved my sleepless night? I very much said, yes.I already state in my review o [...]

    • Kristalia says:

      Final rating: 5/5 starsThis was awesome and worthy sequel of Dragon Bones. I loved it, but i noticed that this one was a lot more darker than the previous book. But it was great conclusion to the series and i love both of the books. Story was as usually, good and interesting but the book was more dedicated to characters like the previous one. But it concluded well. it also happens 4 years after the end of the first book. ____________________________________________Characters: ___________________ [...]

    • Miki says:

      Much, MUCH better than Dragon Bones.less talk and a lot more action, with plausible characters.

    • Pauline says:

      This is the second of a two-book story and it did not disappoint! Patricia Briggs did what I feel was an excellent capability stretch with this story about mages and their relationships with dragons, whom they believe to be extinct. Briggs does powerful character studies and digs deeply into the workings of how people deal with conditions in life they have no control over and how to cope with or surmount them. I heartily recommend this pair of books, Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood if you like dra [...]

    • Vorbis says:

      I never expected to actually find a copy of this to read. I started off with no memories of the story and managed to pick it up once we met Ward again. The whole thing is lovely fantasy. It has politics and dragons and it's in a fairly classical style.Good guys fight bad guys and there's a lot of strategizing and a bit of torture and magic and it all ties off neatly at the end which is nice. I'm sure there's a lot of fallout left to happen, but the important loose ends are tied up from my pov an [...]

    • Jamie Collins says:

      3.5 stars, not quite as good as the first book, but still a good read. When I finished, I was sorry that there wasn't more written about these characters.This one is a little heavy with torture and anguish, and I was not much interested in the Newly Awakened Evil Magic Thing that was introduced; I felt like we already had enough Evil Magic going on for such a short book. The final magical battle was also a bit too abstract for my taste. I was more interested in the physical fighting that accompa [...]

    • Tammie says:

      Dragon Blood is the sequel to Dragon bones. I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was one those rare times when the sequel is even better than the first book. There is more action in this book and some added romance that was just the right amount, not too much, and I liked Tisala, the love interest. She was a very strong capable character. I also loved Oreg in this book. Over all this was a nice fantasy duology. Not my favorite, but I'm glad I read it.

    • Jojo says:

      Short and sweet endorsement: I finished this book in a day because I just couldn't put it down for long. Didn't do great for my plans for studying but well worth it!

    • LiteratureIsLife says:

      Read this review (and others) at: literatureislife/2017/01/Note: This review will contain spoilers regarding Dragon Bones, the first half of the duology.Dragon Blood picks up not too far from where Dragon Bones left off, with Ward and his kingdom rebuilding from the aftermath of the battle at Castle Hurog. While this book was still plenty entertaining, it did not quite hold the up to its predecessor. It is still a good book, just not quite as good. We get some lingering questions from the end of [...]

    • Kathy says:

      Setting: fortress at Hurog; High King’s palace and asylum; fortress of Orstonia; Hurog’s temple grounds;Theme: Honor; freedom; love; right over wrongCharacters:Ward, ruler of Hurog: first book he apparently defeated the 5 Kingdom’s enemy by freeing the Hurog dragon (who had been enslaved to the Hurog’s for generations), and by pulling on Hurog’s magic and destroying the fortress; his father abused him, and bound his magic – he was able to draw on Orag/dragon’s magic, and started to [...]

    • Che says:

      The Hurog universe has similarities to GoT - dragon, mages, kingdoms and a selfish and abusive king. The characters though are different, they have humorous lines and sarcasm is heavy. That’s one of the best things about Patricia Briggs’s books, she couples heavy emotion and humour and at times you’ll find yourself sniffling and laughing at the same time.There are 2 strong woman characters here and the stigma of strong women being less desirable, because they are not feminine enough, was d [...]

    • Joy says:

      This is a great series! Joe Manganiello does a great job reading this book. I'm just sad it is only a two book series. I would highly recommend it if you enjoy fantasy adventure books. But if you are not a fan of violence then this may not be a series for you. I would love to see these two books made into movies!

    • Samantha Dawson says:

      Great read.A wonderful ending to a beautifully crafted story of sibling love, kingly rivalry and unforgettable romance. Patricia Briggs will always be my favorite author. She is compelling force of nature with an unsuspected ability to craft emotionally capturing works of art. Thank you for yet another enjoyable adventure.

    • Kathleen says:

      A fun fantasy read. My cover was not as sexy as the one shown here! It's mostly a tale of might and magic, spying and skullduggery; there's romance in there, but it's not the main focus. There ARE dragons, however, and also dwarves. I enjoyed it, despite not having read the first volume! For an impulse checkout at the library, I was not disappointed - even pleasantly surprised!

    • Limecello says:

      Huh - for some reason I thought it took me a long time to read this bookI quite enjoyed it and OMFG Oreg and then the so much going on but the appearing before the people I mean [ you just have to read it ] and WARD!!I also FREAKING CANNOT BELIEVE CANNOT CANNOT believe that's where it ends and WHERE IS MY MORE?!?!B maybe B+

    • Mindy says:

      I definitely enjoyed this follow up to Dragon Bones. Briggs proves again that she can write remarkable fantasy worlds, full of customs, legends, and history that make them believable and immersive. Her multi-faceted characters are real and heroic at once. I wish she had another book or series that I haven't read yet because I can't get enough of her storytelling!

    • NancyHelen says:

      I think I enjoyed this second book more than the first, although it felt a little long. But because I knew the characters and the world, I found myself more immersed in it. What a pity this was just a two book series!

    • Deborah F. Coon says:

      Here there be dragons!What a delightful read! I absolutely could not stop reading this book. The second in the series, it was fantastic. Could there possibly be another on the horizon? One can hope .

    • Mary Hartshorn says:

      I just had to start this book as soon as the first was finished. This book was really hard to put down. You will read this book from cover to cover, it is just that good!! I loved this story and the amazing characters found in it. I highly recommend this book!

    • Keri says:

      4 STARS - I REALLY LIKED ITAUDIOBOOKBelow is my review of book 1, Dragon Bones. That review fits this book as well.Dragon Bones review:This is one of Patricia Briggs first books, if not her very first. It's very simplistically written and it isn't perfect but I found myself really liking the story. I went straight from book 1 to book 2 and was disappointed that there weren't any more from this series. Ms. Briggs writing has improved a lot with her more current Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omeg [...]

    • Jenn says:

      Poor Ward. He really suffered in this book. I wasn't sure he was going to choose the right side in the end or if I even knew what the right side was anymore. Another great book by one of my favorite authors.

    • Anna Wick says:

      I wishThat there would be a third book telling the story of how the five kingdoms continue. But the dwarfs and the dragons it would be an interesting story I'll ask Patricia Briggs on Facebook about it

    • Stasybg says:

      I loved this book. I am now certain that I will read everything Patricia Briggs cares to write!

    • Adriane Alexander says:


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