Sangue do Cora o Uma floresta assombrada Um castelo amaldi oado Uma jovem que foge do seu passado e um homem que mais do que parece ser Uma hist ria de amor trai o e reden oWhistling Tor um lugar de segredos uma col

  • Title: Sangue-do-Coração
  • Author: Juliet Marillier Marta Teixeira Pinto
  • ISBN: 9789722521741
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Uma floresta assombrada Um castelo amaldi oado Uma jovem que foge do seu passado e um homem que mais do que parece ser Uma hist ria de amor, trai o e reden oWhistling Tor um lugar de segredos, uma colina arborizada e misteriosa que alberga a fortaleza deteriorada de um chefe tribal cujo nome se pronuncia no distrito em tons de repulsa e de amargura H uma maldUma floresta assombrada Um castelo amaldi oado Uma jovem que foge do seu passado e um homem que mais do que parece ser Uma hist ria de amor, trai o e reden oWhistling Tor um lugar de segredos, uma colina arborizada e misteriosa que alberga a fortaleza deteriorada de um chefe tribal cujo nome se pronuncia no distrito em tons de repulsa e de amargura H uma maldi o que paira sobre a fam lia de Anluan e o seu povo os bosques escondem uma for a perigosa que pronuncia desgra as a cada sussurro.E, no entanto, a fortaleza abandonada um porto seguro para Caitrin, a jovem escriba inquieta que foge dos seus pr prios fantasmas Apesar do temperamento de Anluan e dos misteriosos segredos guardados nos corredores escuros, este lugar h muito temido providencia o ref gio de que ela tanto precisa medida que o tempo passa, Caitrin aprende que h mais por detr s do jovem desfeito e dos estranhos membros do seu lar do que ela pensava Poder ser apenas atrav s do amor e da determina o dela que a maldi o ser desfeita e Anluan e a sua gente libertados

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    • Khanh (the meanie) says:

      It is a well-known fact that I adore Beauty and the Beast retellings, so it's about damn time I reviewed this. It is not only the best retelling I have ever read, it is among my top five favorite books of all time. I can't even tell you how beautiful, fantastic, magical this story is. It truly has everything. It is a long story; don't be afraid of the length. It will fly by as you're immersed in it, and I, for one, wish it were longer. Also, the "Beast" is a long red-haired Irish dude with half [...]

    • Kat Kennedy says:

      Marquis de Sade is a rather famous figure. Mostly for a lot of kinky sex acts because all of his sex fantasies included violence, criminality and blasphemy. That and he really liked buttsecks!Okay, so history remembers Marquis de Sade for the crazy, deviant man that he was. But I think we're all forgetting the real point to the story of Marquis de Sade and that is love. Love that conquors all. Love that supports and love that understands and accepts. After all, the Marquis de Sade had a very lov [...]

    • Tatiana says:

      I think Juliet Marillier's most successful books are the ones that follow traditional fairy tales the closest. Heart's Blood and Daughter of the Forest are the best of hers I've read so far.And as far as fairy tale retelling goes, nobody does it as well as Juliet Marillier does. She has that special ability to take a centuries-old tale and fill it with interesting new characters, historical details, original and always very atmospheric setting - and voila, a great story that doesn't feel like an [...]

    • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

      Actual rating : 3.5 starsTrust me, I wanted to love this book so, so much. But if Heart's Blood casted a spell on me, captivating me, I encountered the same problems I had with Shadowfell, making it hard to entirely connect with the story, especially in the second half. ✔ Fascinating settings : Think about an ominous forest, a mysterious castle, whose inhabitants have been suffering from a curse for years. What not to love? If I wasn't completely won by the writing (I'll come back to that), I [...]

    • Bradley says:

      This is definitely my favorite of Juliet Marillier's books, but to be fair, it's only my second. That being said, it wasn't a love at first sight, much like the main character in this Beauty and the Beast retelling. It grew on me, much as the Beast grew on Belle.The later half was quite exciting and full of magic and trying to break the curse and there was plenty of ghosts and ghouls and armies and all the awesome Norman invasion historical stuff to keep me involved in the medieval world this dr [...]

    • ♛Tash says:

      Warning: this is a gushy review, so if you don't want to be embarrassed on my behalf, turn away now.The story opens with Caitrin, our beauty in this BatB retelling, running away from her abusive guardian as far as money can take her. She goes as far as Whistling Tor, more on Whistling Tor later. Desperate, Caitrin takes a summer job as scribe to the reclusive lord of Whistling Tor, despite the discouragement of the local folk. She's determinedly positive (irritatingly so at times) to complete he [...]

    • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ says:

      *3.5 stars* I think."Your coming here has changed everything, Caitrin. You have opened my mind to possibilities beyond any I had dreamed of. So I fetched the books. I knew you could translate them, butCaitrin, the idea of any action of mine causing you hurt is's unbearable. You areyou're like a beating heart. A glowing lamp. I've never met anyone like you before."This book was beautifuld the male lead was EVERYTHING I was looking for: Dark. Tortured. Brokeneply and madly in love with the girl wh [...]

    • Cait • A Page with a View says:

      4.5 stars. This was like an Irish retelling of Beauty and the Beast, so yes to everything. Obviously I loved the gorgeous setting. Caitrin escapes an absuive relationship and takes refuge in Whistling Tor, an old fortress people say is cursed. There's a reclusive chieftain/lord and a few creepy characters, but she still takes a job there as a scribe. She knows Irish and Latin, so she spends most of her days in the library translating the family history and dealing with a lot of weird events invo [...]

    • new_user says:

      Are you feeling nostalgic about your Beauty & the Beast days? I mean the Disney movie. Then you should totally read Heart's Blood by Juliet Marillier.Her novels are as elegantly picked out as her pseudonym. Marillier's heroes and heroines are always so classy. They never say, "That bastard is a villain! Let's chop him in three!" They always maintain their humanity, and it isn't because they're too innocent to think of crueler alternatives. They're just above that, dude. Her heroes and heroin [...]

    • Keertana says:

      Rating: 4.5 Stars Although Heart's Blood is only my second Juliet Marillier novel, I can already count her amongst my favorite authorsever. Marillier has a distinct style of writing stories about kind, but fierce, female protagonists and tortured romantic interests, creating beautiful love stories all against a backdrop of fantastical imagination. If that isn't a recipe for success, then I don't know what is. Yet, with Heart's Blood, Marillier has surpassed her previous prowess, writing one of t [...]

    • Justine says:

      One of the things I love most about reading a book by Juliet Marillier is that I know going in I'm guaranteed a satisfying experience. Heart's Blood absolutely delivers on that count.This book is in many ways standard Marillier fare: excellent prose; varied and multilayered characters; familiar yet intriguing magic; an exploration of the themes of friendship, family, and loyalty; and, of course, a slow burn romance. But standard for Marillier is also the mark of excellence, and however many time [...]

    • Kaila says:

      4.5/5 stars “Even in that time of utter darkness, somewhere deep inside me the memory of love and goodness had stayed alive.” This was a fantastic book, but I wasn't expecting anything less from this author. Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things Beauty and the Beast related. So, I was beyond excited when I found one of my favourite authors has written a retelling of my favourite gothic tale. This is by far the best Beauty and the Beast retelling as it took this old story and trans [...]

    • Mimi says:

      Closer to 4 stars but I'm rounding up because the writing is so lovely and earthy and dreamy, and the atmosphere is just perfect for this time of year when leaves and weather are starting to turn. Will have to own this one in hardcover. And reread it until winter sets in.

    • Lindsay says:

      Caitrin, a young woman who trained with her father as a scribe, has come to Whistling Tor fleeing kinsman who have abused her. The Tor is a supernatural place peopled by uncanny forces and their strange chieftain Anluan. But Caitrin is far less scared of revenants, gigantic dogs and walking scarecrows than she is of who pursues her, so the Tor becomes a much needed home. Anluan is in need of a scribe for the summer so the arrangement works for both parties, but Caitrin quickly becomes fascinated [...]

    • Kay says:

      This was a lovely book. Juliet Marillier, how do you do it? How do you write about such beautifully scarred individuals learning to find courage, play my heart strings like a harp, and create such a unique, sincere rendition without unnecessary melodrama and violence?This is quite possibly one of the best renditions of Beauty and the Beast I've read or seen (though the Disney version holds a special place in my heart, yes, even with the talking silverware). I think the core element of Beauty and [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      3.5 stars. Despite some pacing problems, Marillier spins a captivating yarn in Heart's Blood, set in Ireland in the 12th Century, when Anglo-Normans invaded. Content includes one sex scene (not graphic, this is YA), dark sorcery, mutilation, battery, murder, etc.Some say this is similar to Beauty and the Beast, but the supposed "Beast" (Lord Anluan) is not all that ugly. Nor is "Beauty" forced to live with him. She arrives voluntarily, seeking a job and safe refuge. The similarity rests in the f [...]

    • Susana says:

      (review in English below)Quatro estrelas benevolentes, porque é a Juliet MarillierÉ uma boa história, contada por mais uma forte protagonista feminina e com mais um interessante co-protagonista masculino, tal como esta autora já nos habituou.Gostei de todos os personagens e do desenvolvimento da narrativa, mas por alguma razão soube-me a pouco, não me senti arrebatada pelos acontecimentos nem pelo romanceAchei que a explicação para todo o mistério que envolve Whistling Tor fez sentido e [...]

    • Simply Sam ツ says:

      I’ve loved Juliet Marillier since reading Daughter of the Forest. She’s one of my bucket list authors that I hope to read, or at least attempt to read, all of her works. She has such an amazing way with weaving a tale, of creating emotions and atmosphere. Her books all feel a little bit like magic. I seriously love her style. So, when I discovered that she had written a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast it immediately went on my TBR list. Unfortunately, I have way too many books on that lis [...]

    • Erotic Horizon says:

      Every now and again I read a book that is simply perfection – Juliet Marillier – HEART’S BLOOD is one of those books for me. Prior to the release I remember seeing the cover and thought this book will knock my socks off and so said, so done.The book starts of with Caitrin a young scribe making her way to parts unknown, running away from a greater evil. With only the bare minimum plus the tools of her trade as comfort, she is dropped off late in the evening in the woods near to what is know [...]

    • Marquise says:

      3.5 stars for this fairly good Beauty and the Beast historical fantasy retelling. I'd like to link to Alienor's review instead of writing mine, because we're surprisingly so in agreement over the positive and negative points of this novel that it feels like I'd just be merely repeating her words.

    • Lata says:

      A sad-happy end to a lovely story about a wonderful young woman, Caitrin and the haunted, lonely cursed place she at first escapes to then makes as her home. Juliet Marillier has written beautifully and sensitively of a variety of characters, and of hope. Hope suffuses this narrative, and that and kindness are Caitrin as she struggles to help the chieftain of Whistling Tor and all the unusual inhabitants.I love the characterizations and the tone and language. Beautiful stuff!

    • K. says:

      I did it. I've broken my fairy tale re-telling cherry. I decided to start with Juliet Marillier's Heart's Blood as it seems highly regardedd I know now why. Heart's Blood contains all the essence of what we know of Beauty and the Beast, but is still an original in its own right. We have Caitrin, a talented scribe on the run from her abusive husband-to-be and his mother. She falls upon Whistling Tor, where the chieftain Anluan, a young man with physical deformities is suffering from many things; [...]

    • Erica (daydreamer) says:

      Ahhh. *deep breath in and out, cue delighted, satisfied smile* The best books are the ones that have me smiling with wonder and rapture when I read the last word on the last page, and I have to go back and read the last few paragraphs or pages. And Heart’s Blood was no exception. When I was finished, the story had me firmly wrapped inside its lyrical, fantastical allure, melting my heart to pure liquid with the endearing nature of the characters and the strength and complete love they showed w [...]

    • Amelmag says:

      There are things I enjoyed about this book. The general idea was intriguing, and under the hands of a deft author could have been powerful. However, Marillier shows none of her old inclination to apply herself to the painstaking creation of subtle characters, eloquent dialogue, or moments heavy with meaning. Where did the magic of Daughter of the Forest go, where each word sung of stories beyond itself, and every silence was heavy with things unsaid?The chemistry between the two main characters [...]

    • Ângela says:

      “With courage and hope, we can conquer our fears and do what we once believed impossible.”This is one of those books which starts slow but suddenly becomes full of unravelled action.Once more, a great heroin, just like all the amazing protagonists that Juliet Marillier has already habituated us. And all the remaining characters (dead or alive)? Also amazing, of course! I also enjoyed the portrayal of the castle and it´s soroundings, a mysterious, shady, full of whispers and magic, merged in [...]

    • Kim says:

      This review won't retell the blurb, I find that awfully boring. I mean generally if your interested in a book you read the blurb first, right? So no need to rehash. However I will tell you my feelings on the book itself. An absolute lovely read. Yes I realize it was based loosely on Beauty & the Beast, but it was very loose.A story of finding love and devotion in the most unlikely of places. The idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that the soul is beautiful is aptly described [...]

    • Casey says:

      I am perhaps a little too excited for the live action Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson & Dan Stevens so don't be surprised if several retellings of this old favorite end up on my to-read list in the very near future.

    • manda says:

      I picked this up completely ignorant of the fact that this was a Beauty and the Beast retelling. See, I try to avoid reviews before reading a book, which is possibly one reason why I never knew this was a fairy tale retelling. Despite all that, I went in to Heart's Blood, and the moment the curse of Whistling Tor was explained, the moment our deformed hero, Anluan, made an appearance, I felt in my heart this drew close to Beauty and the Beast.It's not that the curse was in any way similar to the [...]

    • Célia says:

      Quem vem seguindo as minhas leituras e conhece um pouco os meus gostos sabe que a Juliet Marillier é uma das minhas escritoras preferidas. Há cerca de 7-8 anos comecei por ler A Filha da Floresta e fiquei tão encantada com o livro que não descansei enquanto não li tudo o que a escritora tinha publicado e, depois disso, comecei a comprar e ler tudo o que saía dela com bastante ansiedade. Se há escritor(a) que me fez ler noite dentro, sonhar com as histórias e as personagens dos seus livro [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Sometimes a book comes along just when you need it. Heart’s Blood was like that for me. Between Juliet Marillier’s compelling tale-spinning and an underlying message about love and courage that I really needed to hear, it’s pretty safe to say I was moved deeply by this novel.At its core, Heart’s Blood is a Beauty and the Beast story. Marillier mixes the classic fairy tale with some of the conventions of Gothic romance, sets it all in the medieval-Ireland setting she’s so good at portra [...]

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