Sleep, Pale Sister (P.S.)

Sleep Pale Sister P S Before the sweet delight of Chocolat before the heady concoction that is Blackberry Wine and before the tart pleasures of Five Quarters of the Orange bestselling author Joanne Harris wrote Sleep P

  • Title: Sleep, Pale Sister (P.S.)
  • Author: Joanne Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before the sweet delight of Chocolat, before the heady concoction that is Blackberry Wine, and before the tart pleasures of Five Quarters of the Orange, bestselling author Joanne Harris wrote Sleep, Pale Sister a gothic tourde force that recalls the powerfully dark sensibility of her novel Holy Fools.Originally published in 1994 and never before available in the UnitBefore the sweet delight of Chocolat, before the heady concoction that is Blackberry Wine, and before the tart pleasures of Five Quarters of the Orange, bestselling author Joanne Harris wrote Sleep, Pale Sister a gothic tourde force that recalls the powerfully dark sensibility of her novel Holy Fools.Originally published in 1994 and never before available in the United States Sleep, Pale Sister is a hypnotically atmospheric story set in nineteenth century London When puritanical artist Henry Chester sees delicate child beauty Effie, he makes her his favorite model and, before long, his bride But Henry, volatile and repressed, is in love with an ideal Passive, docile, and asexual, the woman he projects onto Effie is far from the woman she really is And when Effie begins to discover the murderous depths of Henry s hypocrisy, her latent passion will rise to the surface.Sleep, Pale Sister combines the ethereal beauty of a Pre Raphaelite painting with a chilling high gothic tale and is a testament to Harris s brimming cornucopia of talents.This P.S edition features an extra 16 pages of insights into the book, including author interviews, recommended reading, and .

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    • Anna says:

      ‘Sleep Pale Sister’ is an early Joanne Harris novel and has a slightly unformed feeling in comparison to, say, Chocolat. It is a ghostly gothic melodrama, chiefly notable to my mind for the variations in character awareness of this. The two male narrators sometimes comment wryly that their lives resemble a gothic novel; at other times they forget it and are filled with such uncontrollable dread that they knock back laudanum until the situation improves. One of the female narrators, meanwhile [...]

    • Megan says:

      This was actually the first of Joanne Harris' books that I've read, which strikes me as odd since I consider myself a fan. But I realized that that "fan" status is based solely on the viewing of the movie Chocolat (Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche) because the story was so wonderful. But that, of course, is absurd, because movies and their books are rarely more than representative of one another.Having said that, I had high hopes that stayed with me through about the first half of this book, at whi [...]

    • Lisa says:

      One of Joanne's first and 'lost' books which entices, shocks and lulls you into it's gripping clutches.Told in the different voices of the main characters we unravel the story of Henry Chester who has dark hidden secrets and his lovely, young wife Effie as they become seduced by dark shadowy characters and drugs into a world of blackmail and intrigue.Madness plays a big part in this novel, whether it has its roots in drugs, temperament, grief, lust or superstition but we definately see a spiral [...]

    • Tocotin says:

      Bought this book because the title sounded intriguing, and there was a promise of some of the story being set in a brothel. The beginning was really good, but then it became more and more predictable, then mystical in a very cheap way, and then simply boring. At one point I started to wonder if and how anything was going to happen, because the story seemed to be so close to the end, and there were still over 100 pages remaining.It tried very hard to be a VERY Gothic novel (the word "Gothic" was [...]

    • Gabriella e Vincenzo says:

      Decisamente surreale, mi ha lasciato in alcune parti senza parole e senza la forza di riuscire a staccare gli occhi dalle pagine,che scorrevano veloci sotto il mio sguardoAd un certo punto non si riusciva più a capire se c'era una separazione tra il reale e il surreale.I personaggi descritti in maniera impeccabileho odiato henry dalle prime pagine in cui è apparso, mentre il modo in cui é stato descritto Mose mi é piaciuto Ricco di sfumature e di "vite"Bella anche l'ambientazione nella Londr [...]

    • Monicaa says:

      Il bel fante di cuori e la dama di picchediscorrono sinistri di defunte passioniFra colti richiami a Baudelaire, Shakespere, Tennyson e Rossetti, si consumano le sorti dei personaggi di questa macabra commedia degli orrori.Come non pensare ad Efiie Gray leggendo le triste storia di Effie Chester?Il marito, Henry Chester, emulo di Mr Ruskin, ha una strana predilezione per la fanciullezza e ambisce a diventare un celebre pittore esposto all'Academy e, perchè no, ben inserito nella cerchia preraff [...]

    • Shahrun says:

      Very random series of events staring 4 very different people each with their own agendas. Not sure I really liked this book. It's all rather weird and confusing. Just when I thought things were getting exciting and going some where, it didn't. Almost felt like I was on a drug when reading it.

    • Ana Mardoll says:

      Sleep, Pale Sister / 9780061843181"Sleep, Pale Sister" grabs you from the first page and never lets go. As you are dragged through the lives of a pale victim and her three persecutors, you are shown by turns the motivations and inner thoughts of her tormentors, by the compelling switches between narrative viewpoint. This is one of the hardest tricks to pull off in novels, yet Harris manages to make it look effortless. Each tormentor addresses themselves to us, explains their motives and urges th [...]

    • Free Fall says:

      An elderly artist paints a young girl-child and falls in love with his impression of her, as a sweet creature who can only be totally obedient. A rake sees her, at which time she discovers passion in having her affair with him. Then, she starts developing an alter ego, which leads to tragic consequences.None of the main characters were "nice," in any way. They were all deeply flawed, making me sympathize with them, pity them, and hate them.The story jumps from one point of view to the next, with [...]

    • Peter Chandler says:

      A darkly gothic tale indeed, engaging and provocative in parts if certainly not without its flaws. Those flaws mainly comprising of two and, when the book gets one of those right it seems to go awry with the other. The constant switching of narrators between the four main characters can create a rather dislocating experience and make it difficult to really connect with any of them. Then, particularly with the unnecessarily drawn out ending, when it does linger on any one voice for long enough it [...]

    • Paula says:

      'Sleep, Pale Sister' is one of Joanne Harris's earliest novels and due to popular demand was re~released and when you read it, you will find out why. Sleep, Pale Sister tells the story of Effie and the men in her life who set out to hurt in the cruelest manner possible. Effie finds a way to have her revenge in this dark novel. The chapters are told from the perspective of each separate characters which makes the story more interesting, you find out more about their pasts, the people they are. A [...]

    • Eleanor says:

      A bit too drawn out but very 19th century Gothic!

    • Cynthia Sillitoe says:

      If you like Gothic, you may love this. I don't really like gothic, but expected great things because of Gentlemen and Players. It was good, but not great, at least not for me.

    • Bella Martinez says:

      This was the most spine-tingling, creepy little gothic tale. I'd call it a love storybut not in any way a traditional one. Harris' work is fascinating, alluring, and finds beauty in such things as prostitution and death. What a wonderfully chilling tale.

    • Hannah says:

      Joanne Harris, you never fail to mesmerize me. Just a little before reading this, I read Gentlemen and Players, and it instantly proved to me the beauty and genius of her writing. She has a true talent of capturing ones mind, twisting ones heart, and using her word-play to prove her skill and delicacy. I just realized how annoying and sappy that soundedSimply put, she has made her way into a position as one of my favorite writers, capable of the gothic and the whimsicle, and one of the most tale [...]

    • Annabel Joseph says:

      This book fit squarely into my super-love category. Mysterious, sensual, provocative, magical. On the cover a reviewer calls this book "a hauntingly evocative laudanum-dream of a novel" and I must say I agree completely. I have not read any of Ms. Harris's other books and I hesitate to, because this book seems to be a departure from her other type of workd since I LOVE this book I imagine her other work might not work for me as well. But who knows? I might pick up Blackberry Wine. But I digressI [...]

    • Denise Mullins says:

      “Sleep, Pale Sister” is a campy gothic novel that ultimately suffers in its attempts to comingle too many themes that individually merited more serious development. We are introduced to uptight artist Henry Chester whose young ward Effie is groomed as his model until at 17, she is married to her much older benefactor. While Henry espouses puritanically repressed attitudes of sexuality, ostensibly meant to maintain Effie’s purity, his weekly sojourns to a nearby brothel reveal his hypocrisy [...]

    • Cathy says:

      Have almost finished this book and it was the first book I read from this author. I found it to be a novel which draws you in completely, submerges you into its dreamlike and sometimes murky depths. It possesses a guiltridden, almost suffocating atmosphere interwoven with nightmarish sequences evoked by laudanum- and chloral hydrate abuse. The main male character reminded me very strongly of my childhood home (the guiltridden, suffocating part) and more especially of my misogynous father - Joann [...]

    • Kaelie says:

      I have read this book several times (I should probably just buy it for all the times I go to the library for it) and every time I notice something different. The first time I read it, I didn't really understand the storyline, because it requires you to pay close attention to details and everyone's history--not too difficult, in the long run.The characters were just so different and interesting that I couldn't help but get sucked in by this book. Effie is so weak physically but she is spiritually [...]

    • Cristine says:

      From what I've read of other reviews, every one dislikes this book. I have the opposite opinion. I love this book. I love the darkness of it and the intregue. There is that taste of the Victorian morbid love of death and disception. I love that time period in the art and the clothing, so this book was right up my alley, literally. True that this book is not like her others which are more full of life, love, and intertwined history with her other books of fiction. This one contains more of a goth [...]

    • Bonnie says:

      I just finished reading two other Joanne Harris books, so I decided to read this one. To be brutally honest, the story was really bizarre and I'm not entirely sure I understand what happened. What's the book about? Well, just take a middle aged artist who's also a pedophile, his slightly creepy, very thin, very young, drug addict wife, a brothel owner, one of its' patrons and a girl that died twenty years ago, add in a little witchcraft and a death scene befitting Romeo and Juliet and there you [...]

    • Lisa Daly says:

      I loved this book. Joanne Harris at her best. As a gothic novel set in 19th Century Britain it is a million miles away from Chocolat and the Lollipop Shoes, yet it reminded me of these books because of the depth of the characters. Each damaged character is caught up in his or her own selfish vision of the future but I wanted to know what happened to each of them and raced through this book in a day. If I have any criticism it is that the ending is a little unsatisfactory, but maybe that is just [...]

    • Valentina Abate says:

      I read this book when I was too young.When I first read it, it disturbed me a little bit, I have to be honest, but the blame is on the librarian that told me that was a cool book for a 9 years old kid.So basically, I didn't like it when I first finished it, but now,being 24 I have to say that's a really good book,the story is pretty intriguing and there is a nice revenge at the end.Liked it now, not before :)

    • Vera Maharani says:

      Well, that was intensely chilling. Everything felt surreal. I don't know if it was in a good or bad way. This is a very different experience from reading Harris' other books. Gone were all the lavish description of taste, replaced by blows of frozen breath. It is a ghost tale, in a way, though not exactly the one that you would tell while passing candlelight during a rainy midnight.

    • Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

      Before Chocolat and Five Quarters of an Orange, Harris published this book in the UK only. It is a recent US publication. It is written in a somewhat gothic style where this older painter falls in love with a girl he paints and marries her, but hates himself and her for not maintaining that image of purity kind of disturbing actually.

    • J Simpson says:

      A very important book from the author of 'Chocolat', that i learned a lot from, in terms of listening to, and actually hearing, women. Absolutely do not want to be one of these controlling Victorian men.

    • Kipahni says:

      A very edgar allen poe read. dark and murky murderous tale with the typical suppressed and guilt ridden characters. perfect for a chilly evening and with a cocktail of brandy and a sidecar of chloral hydrate.

    • Carol says:

      not liking this very muchbut fairly determined to finish it anyway.Update - the story is getting a bit better and I will finish it, but the characters are sort of flat and I don't really care one way or the other what happens to them.

    • Grace says:

      Even though I checked this out, my sister read it first, and couldn't stop raving about it. I found it original and dark, just like Harris' 'Chocolat'.

    • Lizzie says:

      Completely different from her other stuff. Compelling yet left a weird taste in the mouth as I couldnt put it down on the other hand not sure if I enjoyed it either. It was very dark.

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