Where the Shadows Lie

Where the Shadows Lie Amid Iceland s wild volcanic landscape rumours swirl of an eight hundred year old manuscript inscribed with a long lost saga about a ring of terrible power A rediscovered saga alone would be worth a

  • Title: Where the Shadows Lie
  • Author: Michael Ridpath
  • ISBN: 9781848873971
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Amid Iceland s wild, volcanic landscape, rumours swirl of an eight hundred year old manuscript inscribed with a long lost saga about a ring of terrible power.A rediscovered saga alone would be worth a fortune, but, if the rumours can be believed, there is something much valuable about this one Something worth killing for Something that will cost Professor Agnar HaraAmid Iceland s wild, volcanic landscape, rumours swirl of an eight hundred year old manuscript inscribed with a long lost saga about a ring of terrible power.A rediscovered saga alone would be worth a fortune, but, if the rumours can be believed, there is something much valuable about this one Something worth killing for Something that will cost Professor Agnar Haraldsson his life.Untangling murder from myth is Iceland born, Boston raised homicide detective Magnus Jonson Seconded to the Icelandic Police Force for his own protection after he runs afoul of a drug cartel back in Boston, Magnus also has his own reasons for returning to the country of his birth for the first time in nearly two decades the unsolved murder of his father.And as Magnus is about to discover, the past casts a long shadow in Iceland.Binding Iceland s landscape and history, secrets and superstitions in a strikingly original plot that will span several volumes, Where the Shadows Lie is the first in a thrilling new series from an established master.

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    • Jeffrey Keeten says:

      ”Some of his colleagues in the Church of Iceland might have a better understanding of God, but the pastor understood the devil, and in a land that lay under constant threat of earthquake, volcano or storm, where trolls and ghosts roamed the countryside, and where dark winters suffocated isolated communities in their cold grip, an understanding of the devil was important.”Gauker’s Saga, you say? I may have borrowed a few things from that.An ancient document, a ring, and a letter from J. R. [...]

    • Mohikanos says:

      Κυκλοφορεί στα ελληνικά από τις εκδόσεις "Μοντέρνοι Καιροί" με τον τίτλο "Σκιές στον πάγο".Λίγο ο πιασάρικος τίτλος, λίγο οι σάγκα και οι μύθοι που αναφέρονται, λίγο το πολύ ενδιαφέρον εξώφυλλο και την πατάς σαν πρωτάρης! Διότι, μολονότι η πρώτη ύλη (δηλαδή το χιονισμένο τοπί [...]

    • Jaksen says:

      I liked this book well enough to keep at it, but it slowed me down. One of those, okay I want to know what's going on so I'll keep going, butyawnMagnus Jonson, a cop from Boston, is sent to Iceland for his own protection. (He's due to testify against a drug gang so he's there as an American 'consultant'.) Okay, I will accept that, but it's obvious this book was not written by a Bostonian. There are too many 'Englishisms' in it. (And we don't write tires as tyres.) So as I'm reading I'm thinking, [...]

    • Kendra says:

      Lord of the Rings fans, read this book! I just finished this adult mystery, set in Iceland, and I really enjoyed all the information about the Icelandic sagas and folklore, as well as the descriptions of life in Iceland. It's amazing to think of such a small country where everyone really sort-of knows everyone else! Yes, I realize this is a work of fiction, but I still felt like I got a sense of life in Iceland. I'm not going to say a whole lot about the plot, except it involves a Boston PD, Mag [...]

    • Kristin says:

      I just thought this book was great. I loved almost everything about it. (I think the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I wasn't thrilled that the murderer was revealed to the reader before the detective.)Though a lot of the elements seem silly when described, they work perfectly in the book. For instance: A Boston PD detective on loan to the Icelandic police. Does it seem like a silly foreign exchange? No. Since Magnus is Icelandic-American and needs a place to hide while he waits [...]

    • John Wiltshire says:

      Hats off to Michael Ridpath for coming up with this idea for a crime novel. He proposes that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings wasn't inspired by Wagner's Ring Cycle, but by the original Icelandic saga that also inspired the composer--but more than that, Tolkien had access to an unpublished saga held by one family sworn to secrecy about its existence because not only does it tell of a terrible ring of power, it confirms that the ring still exists and is hidden somewhere in Iceland. Magnus, a Boston de [...]

    • Carla says:

      Básico.Gostei das referências à Saga perdida de Gaukur, ao Anel do poder, aos Elfos e Trolls, a Tolkien e à paisagem islandesa

    • Sara says:

      I was interested in reading this because it took place in Iceland. I'm interested in Iceland, though I've never been there.This is a murder mystery. Who killed the professor? The main cop is an American, although he was born in Iceland. I think I would have liked it better if he had just been Icelandic, but having an American gave us some comparisons. I didn't really like him, though. He didn't grow on me.The story at the end got pretty crazy and a bit unbelievable, but I think that's how books [...]

    • Jon Frum says:

      If one star means "I did not like it," then this book has to get one star from me. I understand that others have enjoyed this book, but let me explain why I didn't even get very far into it. First, the setup is silly. A Boston, USA policeman sent to work in Iceland? The difference between a Poirot and a policeman is that a cop doesn't have to inserted into a murder investigation, like Poirot so often was - it's their business, and murder comes to them.Second, the detective, still a young man, ha [...]

    • T says:

      WOW. I haven't screamed through a book like this in awhile. It was so good that I was able to finish it, cover to cover, in one day. This book has it all -- a conflicted main character, a scintillating whodunnit, an ancient saga whose influence (and torture) is felt by a family for generations, a bleak and ethereal setting, and even some elves and trolls thrown in for good measure. But don't worryis book is 100% mystery/thriller. The elves and trolls are simply an explanation to try and explain [...]

    • Mark says:

      I rated this book OK because the character development was pretty weak and stereotypical. It had an interesting plot device that relates to the Lord of the Rings, and the setting in Iceland added a lot of atmosphere (the descriptions were spare but well-crafted - it's hard to go wrong with such a dramatic place as the Land of Ice and Fire). All that good stuff made it readable but the wooden dialogue, predictable ending, and cardboard characters kept it from reaching true likeability.

    • Brian Blocker says:

      Michael Ridpath’s latest offering, “Where the Shadows Lie” is a tight mix of crime and lore that takes the reader on a journey from crime-ridden streets to the slopes of a mysterious volcano. Fast-paced and well written,Ridpath keeps your attention while exploring 10th century sagas, corrupt policemen, contract killers, fanboys,family secrets, and a magical ring.“Where the Shadows Lie” follows Magnus Jonson, an Icelandic born Boston detective that must flee to his native country to esc [...]

    • Terese says:

      Where the shadows lie is actually a really good book. It is interesting and keeps you on your toes for most of the book. The main character is likable; he has enough common sense to relate to but at the same time he is kind of arrogant which leaves room for error on his part, as well as a personality clash with his new co-workers. I probably found the Icelandic lore that has been spun into the modern plot the most exciting; not that I have ever been to Iceland but they share a lot of mythology w [...]

    • Will says:

      This book takes place in Iceland and this was a very enjoyable read especially since I just went there with my wife.The book is a very quick read and has several twists that keep you guessing almost up to the very end. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings or the Icelandic sagas you will enjoy this book more than most. I will not spoil things beyond those mentions.If you have gone to Iceland, the places in this book will be very familiar and will bring back a lot of great memories, if you ha [...]

    • Anne says:

      This book meandered for a while before it became cohesive enough to become enjoyable. . But I'm a fool for books that take place in Iceland so I stuck with it. It did get better near the end and the Lord of the Rings hook was certainly intriguing. I'll try the next one to see if he settled in with the characters. because Iceland.P.S. I really didn't like the way in which he seemed to equate the music of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple with " devil's music"

    • kostasvamvoukakis says:

      καλό αστυνομικό στην παγωμένη Ισλανδία. δεν έχει κάποια φοβερή πρωτοτυπια αλλά έχει κάνει έναν ωραίο συσχετισμό με τον άρχοντα των δαχτυλιδιών. Αρκετά ενδιαφέρον και ευχάριστο

    • Ken Fredette says:

      Totally was positive about this book. I really like the way Michael handled the ring, It ended like the way you would like, being romantic. Next book please.

    • Liedzeit says:

      An american Police detective is sent to Iceland to investigate the death of some scholar. He leaves girl friend at home. The murder has something to do with a ring that was the inspiration for Tolkien. Very good start, pretty lame ending. (5/10)

    • Susan says:

      I have just finished this and really enjoyed it. This was an easy read and a book that kept me wanting to know more.Magnus is an Icelandic born Boston cop. He has has a couple of attempts on his life as he has 'shopped' a dirty cop and the a drug want him gone.He is sent to Iceland to get him out of the way in a witness protection program. He is not that thrilled to be going back to Iceland as his last welcome from his remaining relatives is far from friendly.On the day he arrives there has been [...]

    • Unai says:

      Hay que reconocer que la portada llama la atención, si bien ni portada ni titulo se parecen ni en el blanco del ojo, a los originales. Y es que tras este titulo, tremendamente explicativo, nos encontramos con una un thriller policial situado en Islandia y que tiene que ver con un anillo milenario y de maldad latente, que un tal Isildur que lo llevó a Islandia y que renuncio a deshacerse de él en un volcán cercano a su granja y trata de una saga nórdica oculta hasta ahora que cuenta dicha hi [...]

    • Ellen Keim says:

      An interesting juxtaposition of American big-city (Boston) detective novel and Icelandic murder mystery. The main character is "on loan" to an Icelandic police department in order to give the police tips on how to handle violent crimes, particularly those emanating from the drug trade. Because he was born in Iceland and lived there until he was in his teens, he's a natural choice. But the assignment also comes at a fortuitous time: in the U.S. he has had a couple of attempts made on his life to [...]

    • Christine Blachford says:

      I really enjoyed this book. It got off to a bit of a stilted start, and the mechanics of getting Magnus back to Iceland felt a little contrived, but gradually even that side of the story became fascinating. Once in Iceland, the mystery took over, the intrigue of such an unusual landscape all the time topped with Magnus' inner struggles with his identity.There were some great characters, and the direct nature of the dialogue (an Icelandic trait, apparently) was really refreshing. Straight questio [...]

    • Jeanette says:

      The beginning of this novel was excellent. Full 4 star. And I did enjoy the entire. But on a whole, closer to 3 than 4. Not that the protagonist and his life history and proclivities are not interesting. The Icelandic/ American dichotomies completely intriguing! But somehow it just got a bit wordy and too Lord of the Rings encompassed for me at certain points. I find the entire country of Iceland, the language and the cultural key points have intense similarities to many smallish town or village [...]

    • Laura says:

      Pues sí, casi muero de fangirleo cuando se supo que el anillo era "real".Si alguna vez voy a Islandia (ojalá pueda ir) me pasaré todo el viaje buscando similitudes entre los paisajes de allí y los paisajes de Mordor.El libro ha sido más interesante de lo que pensaba, esperaba más fantasía y para nada, es una historia policíaca que se entrelaza con el mundo de Tolkien pero sin entrar en cosas demasiado fantasiosas. Y eso me ha venido muy bien porque quiero dejar un poco de lado la fantas [...]

    • Jacqueline says:

      I chose this book because it was based in Iceland and I enjoy reading books that can expose you to places or cultures that you know little or nothing about. And while I enjoyed all the info about Iceland and the characters were likable, and I am even a big Lord of the Rings fan, this book just didn't hook me like I hoped it would. I really had to struggle through it, and the mystery didn't seem all that exciting. There is a whole series of books based on the main character, Magnus, so maybe the [...]

    • Diane S ☔ says:

      3.5 While there was much in this book I liked, the characters, the storyline was good, the constant retelling of Icelandic fables and stories served to make me lose the connection to the main case. In the beginning I liked all the references to Lord of the Rings and other Icelandic sagas, but they were told in such depth that it proved to be a distraction. Not your typical Nordic novel as the book starts in Boston and than combines elements of both cultures into the story which was interesting.

    • Andrew says:

      A very different take on a murder mystery. A straight forward police procedural (set in Iceland) which has the Icelandic Sagas and the Lord of the Rings book as a backdrop. Very cleverly done. It dropped off a little in the middle but certainly picked up pace towards the end of the book. Different to so many mystery and suspense books out there. It will be interesting to see how this is taken forward into Book 2 in the series.

    • Naomi Blackburn says:

      Although I have seen this book classified as Nordic Noir, I wouldn't call it that. However, I really enjoyed this story. There were actually 2 really good storylines intertwined with another that played off really well together. If this book is part of a series, it is def. one I would continue on with.

    • Ryan Mishap says:

      Holy Crow this is so filled with cliches and hackneyed crime thriller crap I thought I was reading a parody! I can't believe the blurbs on the back were real! They must have been taken out of context! Like it says on the back: "This is a good story set in a fascinating place and spiced with some sharp observation." But they lopped off the next sentence: "Just kidding! This sucks!"

    • Diana says:

      just couldn't get into and I am a Lord of the Rings fan. It's one saving grace was the Icelandic saga knowledge. The rest was a stilted effort at drama with an effort to draw readership from LTR readership. The Boston cop and mob drama was sorry. One of the very few books I Did not even finish!

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