Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting Love is a choice you make every day Content in her comfortable marriage of twenty two years Jane Lindsay had never expected to watch her husband Brad pack his belongings and walk out the door of th

  • Title: Lady in Waiting
  • Author: Susan Meissner
  • ISBN: 9780307458834
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love is a choice you make every day Content in her comfortable marriage of twenty two years, Jane Lindsay had never expected to watch her husband, Brad, pack his belongings and walk out the door of their Manhattan home But when it happens, she feels powerless to stop him and the course of events that follow Brad s departure Jane finds an old ring in a box of relics fromLove is a choice you make every day Content in her comfortable marriage of twenty two years, Jane Lindsay had never expected to watch her husband, Brad, pack his belongings and walk out the door of their Manhattan home But when it happens, she feels powerless to stop him and the course of events that follow Brad s departure Jane finds an old ring in a box of relics from a British jumble sale and discovers a Latin inscription in the band along with just one recognizable word Jane Feeling an instant connection to the mysterious ring bearing her namesake, Jane begins a journey to learn about the ring and perhaps about herself.

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    • Elizabeth says:

      My first impressions of this book when I picked it up were: 1. The cover art is beautiful. 2. I want that ring! 3. I've never read anything by Susan Meissner. I'm excited to get to know a new author. 4. It's got that new book smell!!! 5. There's a family tree chart in the front. I love books with charts!My impressions after reading are that you still can't judge a book by it's cover. That said I must confess, I'm an avid reader. I eat books. But this book turned out to be a really slow read for [...]

    • Cassandra says:

      This was my first book by Susan Meissner and I enjoyed it. I was engrossed in the story quickly and couldn't wait to see how the book ended. Would the present day Jane save her marriage and find out who she is? Will Lady Jane Grey find happiness in the one she loves or will her parents arrange a marriage of convenience?Well if I had known a bit more of this time period's history, I could have answered the second question without having read the book. Outside of who Lady Jane Grey marries, the re [...]

    • Lyn says:

      I had never read a Susan Meissner book but that was a mistake. This is a fantastic double story, intertwining the story of Lady Jane Grey and a modern woman in her middle years. The characterizations burst fresh and complex; the history sparkled with the shimmer of authenticity. I loved A Lady in Waiting!

    • Angie says:

      (This book deserves a proper review which I'll do later on)

    • Sarah says:

      I am not even sure what to say about this book. Meissner has great talent but this book let me feeling unsatisfied and confused.The story cut between a modern day story and a contemporary story with nothing really to tie them together. There was the ring, but it really didn't feel like enough to tie the books together.I also expected there to be a Christian message. While God and prayer and mentioned, it is in passing and doesn't seem to effect the story.Overall, I was disappointed in the story [...]

    • Nancy Singel Baker says:

      Historical fiction lovers will find this a compelling story of two Janes, told in century/period appropriate voices, as they wrestle with life's questions.

    • Colleen Turner says:

      I received this book as a first read from .When I began this book I wasn't sure I would enjoy the story being told by two separate women 450 years apart. They are not related and seeminly their only common thread is a ring. This book turned out to be wonderful. It deals with the choices we make and the limitations we, and others, put on those choices.Jane Lindsay is managing an antiques shop in Manhattan and feels her life is fine. Seemingly out of nowhere her husband tells her he needs a break [...]

    • Ariel says:

      I love this Tudor period of history and have read a great many of Philippa Gregory's books that covered that period. This book is much slimmer than her novels and can be read rather quickly. This book concerns the fight to determine who gets to control the throne after King Henry VIII's son and heir dies at the young age of 15.The story begins in modern times when I woman named Jane finds a very old ring in the spine of a prayer book that is bought at an estate sale in England. She makes the dis [...]

    • Laree says:

      A few months ago, I received a copy of Lady in Waiting, by Susan Meissner to review. In all honesty, I finished the book 5 weeks ago, but never got around to writing a review. So now I've read it twice, and you'll get a more detailed experience!Basic plot summary:Jane manages an antiques store. Her husband is living in a different state, and she's lost as to why he left or what to do about it. One day she finds a very old ring in the binding of a Protestant prayer book. The original owner turns [...]

    • Heather says:

      I’m a sucker for historic fiction. Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner does not disappoint. With a clear handle on history, a vivid imagination and loads of emotion, the author brings Jane Grey to life in this unique and heart wrenching story.It’s not enough to know what a historical figure feels or thinks. That’s been done so many times before. Susan Meissner applies a different strategy, exposing this intriguing character through the eyes of Lucy Day, her fictional dressmaker. How Lucy fee [...]

    • Jackie says:

      I didn't actually love this book. I found the story less than compelling. However, I still always look for a book by Ms. Meissner because I so love her writing. It's kind of strange to like the writing, but not the book. After all, the writing is what makes the book. But in this case, I need to separate the plot from the actual pictures the words paint.I wasn't awfully enamored of the story. I was by turns irritated and pained by the actions of the characters. (And I did grow weary of the dress [...]

    • Heather Turiello says:

      Susan Meissner is one of my new favorite authors. Her writing style and voice are very similar to Geraldine Brooks'. This story is told on a dual timeline, today Jane Lindsay's husband has just moved out after 22 years of marriage to "figure things out in their marriage." Jane had no cues that he was unhappy and is blindsided by this move. She is devastated and heartbroken. Jane runs a small antique shop in New York City and has recently acquired a prayer book from the 1500s, which is hiding a s [...]

    • Katherine says:

      I just found out that I won a First-Reads copy of this from ! So look for a review of it after I receive it and read it!I just finished this book and couldn't wait to review it. There are two story lines in this book, one contemporary and one about Lady Jane Grey in the 1500s. I have to admit, at first I was a bit confused trying to place all the people in Lady Jane's story, several people with the same or similar names and trying to fit the people and events into what I know about English histo [...]

    • Tracy says:

      Meh. This is the third Susan Meissner book that I've read in a row, and it's probably time to stop. I know it's just chance that I read A Fall of Marigolds first and loved it, then Secrets of a Charmed Life, which I liked a lot, and now this, which just didn't do it for me. One thing I've found is that I don't love the pacing of her books; all three have gone back and forth in time, and I think she spends too much time in one period and not enough in the other, and then ends up rushing to wrap i [...]

    • Emily says:

      I enjoyed both of the story lines in this novel. We follow Jane Lindsay as she struggles through a difficult time in her marriage. During this time as an antiques dealer, she finds a ring hidden in the binding of a 300 year old prayer book. The inscription on the ring has a name: Jane.I liked reading a fictional account of Lady Jane Grey. I wish that we could know more about that remarkable young woman. I already knew her story when I began reading; I'm not sure if it's better to know or not to [...]

    • Susan says:

      The Tudor monarchs have always fascinated me. There is very little "fact in the historical fiction portion of this novel, but then there is not all that much known about Jane Grey's inner thoughts and opinions. Really enjoyed the way the author was able to weave the modern story and the historical fiction together. This technique was used much more effectively than the first book I read by Meissner, "Secrets of a Charmed Life." In this novel, both stories mattered and both Jane's were well drawn [...]

    • Aura says:

      Well I gave it about a third of the book and I do not want to read more. I have about 15 books in my shelf that I am eager to read that have something new and/or exiting to share with me. This book was not horrible but rather dull Also, I feel tricked. I do not care to read Christian fiction. I am finding that this info is sometimes buried in the bio of the author to get a wider audience to try the book. If a book reads like Christian fiction, then the author and publisher should let the reader [...]

    • Mary Bronson says:

      I thought this was a very very good book. I loved how it went back and forth between Jane in 2010, finding the ring and her life, and then going back to Jane Grey's time, but it was from the pov of Jane's dressmaker Lucy. It was a fast pace book and I could not put it down. I can not wait to read more by Susan Meissner.

    • Iyes With Love says:

      I'm currently rereading it again to get back the book's content

    • Robin Brooks says:

      I really enjoyed this book. I liked the way the author entwined the two characters from different time periods. I was very disappointed with a few of the other reader's comments saying that it wasn't "religious". Why does an author have to beat the reader over the head with a Bible? Why can't a book be decent and clean? I thought the book was lovely and I loved the way the author filled in the unknown gaps of Lady Jane Grey. Bravo!

    • Joanne says:

      Like many other Susan Meissner historical novels, this one spanned two time periods with two women having the same first name. One was Lady Jane Grey who lived in the sixteenth century and the other is Jane Lindsay who lives in modern day Manhattan. As each personal story unfolds, the common denominator is a ring that travels through the ages and becomes the catalyst of self discovery and the freedom of choice.

    • Dawn says:

      I enjoyed this book, I like books that go back and forth with different story lines. One story is modern day about a women and her marriage and the other is a historical fiction about Jane Gray the 9 day Queen of England. Alone these stories would not have been that exciting but they worked well together and it was fun to do a little research after reading the book about Jane. All in all a fun little read.

    • Ashley Cooprider says:

      This was not one of Meissner's best books. Although I enjoy historical fiction, I did not much enjoy going back to Lucy/Jane Grey's time period. The thought that Lady Jane would have been so close to her dressmaker was too far fetched. I did enjoy modern day Jane, somewhat, even though she was (or seemed) weak, at least at the beginning of the novel. A little more insight into her soul would have been more meaningful (and realistic) than surmising Lady Jane and Lucy's fictional relationship.

    • Teresa says:

      I couldn't put this book down! I really kept my interest as the story went back and forth between a modern Jane and Lady Jane Grey of the 1500's. This was an incredible book, but only got 4 stars due to the abrupt ending. It felt like my right arm had been cut off when the story ended and I felt there was no closure.

    • AntKathy says:

      I read Lady In Waiting because I enjoy books by Susan Meissner immensely. Lady Jane Grey has always interested me, so her imagined story was a bonus. The everyday Jane was very relatable for a woman of my age and circumstance, which also enriched the story. Definitely a delightful diversion, Lady in Waiting.

    • Karen Carpenter says:

      This was a nice historical christian fiction story that was not "preachy". It offered a well researched account of Lady Jane Grey and an alternative view that she choose to be Queen instead of being forced to do so. If you love the Tudor-Stuart era, this is a worthy read.

    • Koriane says:

      I didn't like the writing as well as other books by this author. She would skip around in characters' thoughts and events of the storyline, making it hard to know the current setting. The story was just okay.

    • Emily says:

      I have always been fascinated with the history of British monarchies, including the nominal queen Lady Jane Grey. This novel interestingly weaves the story of her tragic young life with that of a modern-day couple. An enjoyable read.

    • Sara Smith says:

      3.5 starsThis book jumps between a modern Jane whose husband is taking a break from their marriage and a long ago Jane who was a political pawn. A ring brings their 2 stories together.

    • Carol Wendkos says:

      An interesting read about Lady Jane Grey and the intrigue of the Elizabethan era. Not as good as her other books but still has the usual plot twists.

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