Danann Frost Falls from Grace

Danann Frost Falls from Grace Danann Frost is thousands of years old yet young for her kind She is a creature of the Light an Angel one of the Seraphim a race of beings that live beyond our world She has been cast out of paradi

  • Title: Danann Frost Falls from Grace
  • Author: Joanne Valiukas
  • ISBN: 9781450510585
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Danann Frost is thousands of years old, yet young for her kind She is a creature of the Light, an Angel, one of the Seraphim a race of beings that live beyond our world She has been cast out of paradise and Fallen from Grace, all for the love of a Dark One a vampire The only problem is, Seth did not want her and told her to go and not come back Danann has made a lifDanann Frost is thousands of years old, yet young for her kind She is a creature of the Light, an Angel, one of the Seraphim a race of beings that live beyond our world She has been cast out of paradise and Fallen from Grace, all for the love of a Dark One a vampire The only problem is, Seth did not want her and told her to go and not come back Danann has made a life for herself amongst the vampires of this world and they protect her fragile nature She and the vampire Asher live on the fringes of the human world love and loyalty cannot separate them but trouble and vengeance are on their way After two hundred years of enduring the crippling punishments of her Fall, Seth walks back into her life but he is bitter and angry and out for revenge Thank God he is after someone elseor is he Can Danann escape the dark intentions of her once beloved for whom she Fell from Grace, or has she put all those that she holds dear in danger Journey with Danann as she takes the path to taking back her Light and ascending to be Angel once Will the Archangel Uriel surrender her Light or will Danann be doomed to walk in darkness forever

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    • Cat Russell(Addicted2Heroines) says:

      Why haven't more people read this book?!? It's madness! This is a FANTASTIC love story!It begins in the 1800's when Seth, a vampire or "Dark One", sees an angel for the very first time. She can't remember her given name when she's not in her plane of existence so he gives her one - Danann. In over 800 years Seth, Prince of the Galways, has never been in love. Being an angel, Danann's never been touched at all. They spend time together and fall in love. Her devotion to Seth causes her to make the [...]

    • jD says:

      Well that was an unexpected pleasure. This is the story of an angel named Danann who happens upon a lonely vampire who thinks she is a goddess. His name is Seth and the setting is Ireland. They fall in love but to be together, she must fall from Grace. She decides to do so in order to be with Seth and through a series of unexpected circumstances and bad decisions, they are separated for 200 years post fall. The setting for the story and the love affair is told in 3rd person removed but switches [...]

    • MISS VAIN says:

      "I believed that and I clung to it as, once again, I Danann Frost Fell From Grace"I absolutely LOVED this book!!! This book was recommended to me several months ago and sadly it just sat on my TBR list until now. This uniquely written book is about Danann Frost an angel whoFalls From Graceafter she falls madly in love with Prince Seth aDark One (Vampire).Once Danann falls, Seth sends her away telling her to never come back, it's heartbreaking to read, but he still loves her but miscommunication [...]

    • Theresa says:

      This book is my new all time favorite. I want everyone to understand that I am not a pushover when it comes to my reviews. VERY rarely will I ever give a book a 5 cup rating. There have only been a few books throughout my life that I would give that rating to, and I am so excited to say that THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THEM!Joanne creates a story that pulls you in from the very first page! The world building is fantastic and Joanne doesn't leave the reader wondering about anything. She covers every aspe [...]

    • Miranda Lynn says:

      I LOVE THIS BOOK! That pretty much sums it up, i'm not posting much for review right now as I will be hosting this book on my blog the week of Feb 7th, I will post my full review after that. But for now take my advice, get this book, it is a MUST read!! I will start out by saying that this is one of the best books I have read in a long time! I LOVE this story and can't wait for more! I am going to do my best to not give away too much because I believe that even in snippets from me you wouldn't g [...]

    • Belinda Stanley says:

      totally in awe of the Authoris book blew my mind and i have never craved more from a book ever in my lifejust brillianti recommend this 100times over and like everyone else who reads it i am desperate for the next installment!

    • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out says:

      Review October 25th/26thIn this sweeping paranormal romance, Joanne Valiukas combines myth and legend to craft the the love story of Danann and Seth. Danann Frost is an angel who falls in love with Seth, a vampire prince. When forced to choose, Danann falls from grace to follow her heart, only for a cruel misunderstanding to separate her from her love. Two hundred years later, Danann and Seth are reunited. Can they forgive each other, or will Danann give up on love and win back her wings?Danann [...]

    • Carmel (Rabid Reads) says:

      I have nothing but the highest praise for this book, it really did blow me away. Every review that I've read was glowing and after finishing it I understand why! The synopsis had me intrigued from the get-go. This is a love story that takes the saying "opposites attract" to a whole new level. What two supernatural beings could be further apart on the good vs evil scale than an angel and a vampire? But that's not the only thing that differentiates them. The two main characters have lead entirely [...]

    • Katrina says:

      First of all I must say I totally enjoyed this romance. Being a true romantic at heart and loving the parnormal books I was left with an ache in my heart, wanting more and wanting to know where this love took Danann and Seth once again. Angel and Vampire not your normal vampire romance. Unique ! In this parnormal romance, Joanne has created a world around Danann a Fallen Angel ** Seths godess** and Seth A vampire prince. Danann falls from grace, to be with her love Seth to be only thrown into a [...]

    • Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: says:

      Soa couple of days ago I read a book called Danann Frost Falls from Grace. Let me tell ya, I absolutely loved it. It starts out in 1800's Ireland with a vampire, Prince Seth, who meets an Angel. When said Angel is on the human plane she cannot remember her name so she asks him to give her one. He decides to name her Danann. They fall in love and she decides that she will not give him up and go back home so she decides to fall from grace. As soon and she does this Seth and his village is under at [...]

    • Sam says:

      A book I could not put down!!! Very well written the work of Joanne is amazing love the way you feel part of the book as you read it. We were guessing all the way through the book, never left hanging and did see a finish with a view to the future. Bring on Danann Frost Embraces the Darkness!!!

    • Salsa says:

      As a reader I usually like to remain safe with my choices I read, I usually like to stick with Authors and genre's that are familiar to me. The only way I will give a book a chance is when I hear so many good things about it. So for Christmas when my sister gave me Danann Frost Falls From Grace, my first thoughts were "what is this, and what am I in for". My sister was very persistent that i read it straight away, and she said I will not be able to put it down, once I start reading it!I left the [...]

    • WildAboutBones says:

      This is the first in the Danann Frost paranormal romance series. Valiukas has created a world within our world which includes shapeshifting vampires, living vampires, angels and archangels (who are both Seraphim), innocent all consuming love and devastating betrayal.The female lead, a lovely young naive angel, mistaken for a Goddess swan lady, is discovered by Seth and named Danann. She later gives herself the last name of Frost.Seth, the male lead, is a very rare born vampire who even though he [...]

    • Nicki Markus says:

      I really wish I could have given this book three stars, but I couldn't quite bring myself to do it. There were things I like about this piece, but there were also a few negatives, so let me start with those and get them out of the way.The book opens in third person narrative, but the point of view shifts back and forth between Seth and Danann in the middle of scenes, which I found distracting. Then, suddenly we are moved into first person narrative as Danann tells her own story. This improved th [...]

    • Michelle Creed says:

      What a journey! Please Joanne Valiukas. us more!! You have left us hanging, you have left poor Danann hanging!!I have to say this was one of the most emotional journeys a book has ever taken me on. Your writing had a way of making me feel like Danann was a part of me. Her character is so relatable and perceptived smart! The descriptions in your writing are so vivid, I feel like I have seen all the places you take us to, even though I have never been there.No questions are unanswered. Too many ti [...]

    • ѦѺ™ says:

      O welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings! - John Milton, ComusDanann Frost is an Angel, a Seraph and belongs to the Light. Seth Riordan is a vampire and heir to the throne of the Ancient Province Kingdom of Connacht, County Galway, Ireland. they meet and fall in love. as a consequence, Danann is banished by the Archangel Uriel. she chooses to Fall From Grace for the sake of her Dark One. the next time they see each other, Seth tells her to go and [...]

    • Susan Roebuck says:

      There can’t be many people who can think up a story about an Angel – a creature of the Light being tutored by Archangel Gabriel no less – and a Dark One (read: Vampire) falling in passionate love. Ms Valiukas must have a fertile imagination, that’s all I can say about this wonderful idea for a plot.She is an artist when it comes to describing and our first sight of Danann, the Angel, is “…the young woman unfurled the most beautiful, feathery white wings.” Seth, the Dark One, is spe [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I liked this book and didn't like this book all at the same time. How is that possible? There is a wonderful story here, but it is buried and in need of pruning. The novel begins with backstory, Danann's fall from grace, which is imperative to the narrative, but it means so much more once it is given the context of the main story, her struggle to regain her Light. Without that context and conflict, it comes off flat. Therefore, it is over eighty pages before I really connected with the characte [...]

    • Donna (BLHmistress) says:

      Seth who is a vampire(Dark One) longs to find love and happiness after many years of boredom stumbles across a woman at the Lake (Ireland) and becomes instantly entranced by her little does he know she is an Angel.I loved the forbidden love between the Angel and Vampire- and the consquences for that love. This book grabbed me and I couldn't read it fast enough.What I thought was interesting was the switching from 3rd to 1st person though at first it confused me but after a page or so, I fell com [...]

    • Lauren says:

      I think the plot of this book had great potential but I feel the writing was lacking. I wasn't captivated by the story or the characters. Seth was just over-bearing and Dannan was all over the place, I mean seriously make a decision and stick with it.About 80 percent of the story was Dannan eating, sleeping, showering, or talking about doing these things in more detail than necessary. I just think the writing was missing that pull thats has you unable to put it down.So after struggling through I [...]

    • Leslie says:

      At first I didnt' know what quite to think about this book. The first part read just like a Fairy Tale would.The next part rather confused me on the time lapse. It took me a while to fall into the changing time and grasp the years changing without much background.The further I got into the story the better it got. I hated Seth for everything he put Dannon through all because he was mad. I hated that she had suffered so much, yet he really suffered nothing except a painful feeling in which anger [...]

    • Roxanne says:

      OH Seth and Danann just can't catch a break! These two just keep getting knocked down and their relationship torn apart. I was so frustrated when neither of them would believe the other but at the same time I loved it. Seth tries so hard to win her and would give anything to keep her safe. He was such a wonderful character. Danann was amazing, I actually found myself getting upset with her when she thinks Seth doesn't want her, and happy when he professes his undying love for her. This book was [...]

    • Mim says:

      This book was incredible. I thought Twilight was good but this was so much better. I want the sequel so bad, I can't believe everyone doesn't know about this book. The story is intense and the characters are stuck in my head. I've read this book three times since January and it's always in my head. everyone has to read it. Please.

    • Erin says:

      A different take on a vampire/angel romance. I think this is the only book I've come across where an angel and a vampire actually fall in love.

    • Kelly says:

      This is one of those books where I'm going back and forth on how I feel about it. I thought the story was interesting enough but there was a lot of repetition in what the characters were thinking and doing. A lot. It's okay the first time or two but when you're constantly retreading old ground it really slows down the book. Beyond that, Danann has a few memory lapses which, while they are legitimately explained in the story, they take to narrative backwards in a very jarring manner. The memory l [...]

    • Sarai says:

      THOUGHTS/OPINION:First take a vampire (aka Dark one) throw in a an Angel who does have human modesty and you have the plot give or take. The fact that Seth (aka dark one) thinks that Danann (aka angel) is a goddess (hence the name) and that Danann is really an angel but doesn’t tell Seth makes a pretty good love problem. Also throw in that Danann cannot be with Seth unless she falls from grace which she does (hence the title) Danann gets a rude awakening because falling isn’t anything like s [...]

    • Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

      Here is the good and bad (for me) about this book. If I'm dishing out stars for a storyline then I'm giving this story a 4 stars because I really did enjoy the storyline, the characters and all of that. I was caught up in it, no doubt. Vampires, angels it was a compelling paranormal read.BUT this book was not for me because of the explicit sex throughout and the swearing. I'm a girl who personally likes her books clean. For that I give one star.I hate endings that leave me hanging. This one sure [...]

    • Elita Daniels says:

      I found this book sexy, fascinating, and engaging. The main character was incredibly vulnerable through circumstance, but I enjoyed how she handled it and how the other characters played their part in it all. Joanne Valiukas makes unbelievable characters, believable and very enjoyable. She has urban fantasy writing down to a craft. Angels and vampires work uniquely well in the supernatural atmosphere she created. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next one to follow in th [...]

    • Beverly says:

      My thoughts:I thought this was a fantastic story! This was a new idea for me - angel meets vampire and ends up falling from grace. Joanne creates wonderfully thought out characters and places them in a world that has been built with imagination and focus. The attention to detail can be seen in all aspects of the story, and because of it the story comes alive. This book will draw you in and not let go until the end! What are you willing to sacrifice for love? What is too much? How long is too lon [...]

    • Gayle says:

      Not my type of book at all- the reviews did not mention vampires etc. Have given it to my daughter in law to read, she loves these type of books so will give her review when finished. 20.1.11- she advises she couldn't read it either, couldn't follow the story as it jumped too much from scene to scene & didn't seem to have a theme. Just our opinions- maybe others think it is great but all personal choice.

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