The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank O extraordin rio di rio de Anne Frank tem vindo a comover milhares de leitores em todo o mundo sendo um testemunho pungente e humano da persegui o aos judeus durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial No entan

  • Title: The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank
  • Author: Willy Lindwer
  • ISBN: 9780385423601
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • O extraordin rio di rio de Anne Frank tem vindo a comover milhares de leitores em todo o mundo, sendo um testemunho pungente e humano da persegui o aos judeus durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial No entanto, sabe se muito pouco da vida desta jovem ap s a sua captura, a 4 de Agosto de 1944, e posterior envio para os campos de concentra o Como suportou ela a brutalidade do rO extraordin rio di rio de Anne Frank tem vindo a comover milhares de leitores em todo o mundo, sendo um testemunho pungente e humano da persegui o aos judeus durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial No entanto, sabe se muito pouco da vida desta jovem ap s a sua captura, a 4 de Agosto de 1944, e posterior envio para os campos de concentra o Como suportou ela a brutalidade do regime nazi As respostas s o nos dadas, neste livro, pelas mulheres cujas vidas se cruzaram com Anne Frank em Westerbork, Auschwitz e Bergen Belsen.Ao realizar o document rio Os ltimos Sete Meses de Anne Frank, Willy Lindwer ficou impressionado com as entrevistas que realizou a seis mulheres que viveram e partilharam com Anne Frank os dias de horror nos campos de concentra o nazis Lindwer decidiu public las integralmente, dando origem ao livro Os ltimos Sete Meses de Anne Frank.Cada uma das seis entrevistadas tem uma hist ria extraordin ria para contar exemplos de um terror inimagin vel, mas, simultaneamente, hist rias de coragem e compaix o Ao relatarem as suas mem rias, as mulheres sujeitaram se a um enorme stress emocional e psicol gico A vida de Anne Frank terminou pouco antes do seu d cimo sexto anivers rio Estas mulheres tiveram mais sorte Sobreviveram.

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    • Alys Marchand says:

      Those complaining that this book doesn't detail every day in the last seven months of Anne's life need to stop and realize that the only person with her all that time also died. Millions died. That the author of this book found six women who had spent any time with Anne is remarkable. Expecting to know what happened every day is simply not possible. Given the gravity of the Holocaust and the uphill battle of finding anyone who spent any time with her and knew her name at the time is impressive.T [...]

    • Krisanne Stewart says:

      Oh my goodness. I bought this book because I wanted to know the "rest of the story": what happened to Anne Frank after she and her family were discovered. The book has 6 different stories from survivors who crossed the Franks lives at some point. It was a bit of a tough read. These people retell horrific events in almost a flat, mono-tone tone. Almost all of them recount what it felt like to be stripped naked and have all of their body hair shaved. As a mother, this book was almost unbearable be [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      The title "The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank" is a misleading title. I bought this book in the hopes that I would learn what happened to Anne during the 7 months she spent in the concentration camps. Instead, I heard the stories of several women who, at best, had chance encounters with Anne Frank.While the stories these women told were heart-rendering and moving, they were not about Anne Frank. The women described the experiences Anne *might* have had while in captivity. In some cases, the onl [...]

    • Sharon says:

      Being the one person on the planet who actually wants to go to Amsterdam just to see the Anne Frank House, I loved this book. It's full of little known family photos and first person accounts of her last days from the people who were actually there with herin the camps,who survived. It's amazing to be able to picture her so personally, and to have it feel so real and as if it might have happened to *you*'s a great companion to the diary, and I'm sure teachers could use parts of it for a lesson p [...]

    • Mmars says:

      Really liked the approach of this book. Because Anne Frank is the most well-known victim of the Holocaust, Lindwer uses her to broaden his audience. I think that's why many people disliked this book. They loved the Anne Frank story & wanted more. They didn't want to read about the horrors of the Holocaust. Way to go Lindwer! Noone should pass through this life without reading about that one. By assembling the accounts of women who either knew Anne or knew of her in the concentration camp he [...]

    • Rossy says:

      This book was not about Anne Frank's last seven months, but the stories of 6 women about her individual experiences in the concentration camps. Many reviewers say this title was deceptive, and yes, it was, because this women just crossed Anne and her family at one point of another, but I guess the author "used" Anne to illustrate anyone's experience at the time. This events happened to so many people that, in a way, they happened to Anne, to Margo, to her mother, to her father, to any of the wom [...]

    • Zöe Yu says:

      I bought this book in Jerusalem after I met Mrs. Hannah Elisabeth Pick-Goslar known as "Lies Goosens" in Anne Frank´s Tagebuch. She gave us a speech on the last time she saw and spoke to Anne with the barbwire between them. She is a wonderful lady with good spirit, she could speak German, and I showed her my Tagebuch bought in Berlin Anne Frank Centre, she signed my book. I was happy that in my life time I am so lucky to meet her and hear her speech of their stories. This book is basically inte [...]

    • Emily says:

      Excellent book. I never realized (if I knew, I had forgotten) that Anne Frank actually died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen - not the gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birknau and just a few weeks before the liberation of the camps. The book also gives her diary a bit more of a context, as there is some information about her life before and after going into hiding. And I feel that this quote by Rachel van Amerongen-Frankfoorder sums up many, many things about the Holocaust and its aftermath: "The Allies must [...]

    • Evalunasylva says:

      Por mais livros que tenha lido do Holocausto, ainda consigo ficar chocada, horrorizada e de lágrima no olho com alguns testemunhos. Este livro fez-me passar por isso, over and over again Se estão à espera de conhecer mais profundamente a vida da Anne Frank, este livro sinceramente não acho que traga muito conteúdo nesse aspeto, daí não ter achado o título o mais adequado. É sim um livro de relatos de pessoas que se cruzaram com a família Frank durante a deportação, mas algumas delas [...]

    • Zoe says:

      Although this book, as several others point out, includes accounts of those who had at times very fleeting meetings with Anne Frank this is irrelevant to the worth of this book. I even think that Anne Frank is irrelevant to this book to some degree though it is good that having been referenced to Anne Frank it probably saw a larger readership. These womens stories are incredible. Some of them admit they were hard to tell. But there are several moments things from this book that stay with me. Tha [...]

    • Andrew says:

      This is an extremely harrowing read, I was actually quite shocked when I read that it was actually aimed at young readers. It tells the story of six women who knew Anne Frank in the months after she and her family were taken from their hiding place. I have seen a couple of reviews that say the title is misleading, I sort of understand that. At first you assume that the book is going to be a chronological narrative of what happened to Anne in that time. Of course, if such material existed, it wou [...]

    • Maria Carmo says:

      I read this book in less than 24 hours. I just could not stop! It is more than the last seven months of Anne Frank, it is the lives of several women who came across Anne and Margot during their last months. The sheer reality of these women's lives makes one take stock of all that we have and incites us to cherish our freedom of expression and our heritage.One of the details I found so interesting was the fact that some of these women were politically awaken and aware even before Hitler managed t [...]

    • Lee Osborne says:

      Whilst this book is an extremely important first-hand account of the Holocaust, as others have stated it's not what you'd expect from the title - it tells you much about the lives of six brave women, but only a little about Anne Frank. That doesn't detract from the value of the material, but it does make the title misleading. Anne only gets mentioned in passing, and I therefore think the author and publishers have been a little misleading in presenting this as a book about Anne Frank. If you wan [...]

    • Sean Kennedy says:

      A series of interviews from women who crossed paths with Anne Frank in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, there is real pain in the simple way they tell their stories. Anne Frank is often a symbol of the 6+ million who died in concentration camps, but here are six more women with stories to tell. And every one should be heard.

    • Sam says:

      So sad. So impacting. WOW.

    • AnaAlmeida says:

      Um livro com relatos muito fortes, mas que exprimem bem e dão nos uma visão do que foi a segunda guerra mundial. 6 mulheres, 6 relatos, todas conheceram Anne Frank. Emocionei me muito lendo este livro Mas acho que é um livro que todos deviam ler.

    • Analuz Presbítero says:

      Lo leí hace muchos años, y realmente es un libro recomendado para una/un joven que se puede identificar claramente con la edad de Anna. Es un libro realmente cálido porque fue escrito con el simple propósito de ser un diario, el confesionario de una persona común que se enfrenta a preguntas de la vida diaria, de crecer, pero al mismo de enfrentarse a adversidades. Yo ataño el éxito que ha tenido y que para mi tiene es que te identificas con la autora, ves la cotidianidad de la vida pero d [...]

    • Magda Pais says:

      Pela primeira vez desde que me propus escrever sobre os livros que leio, estou com engulhos sobre um livro ou sobre o que escrever sobre ele. Ora vamos lá explicar o que se passa e pode ser que me compreendam. Ou que, escrevendo, eu própria me compreenda.O livro chama-se Os últimos sete meses de Anne Frank e traz-nos o testemunho de seis mulheres que sofreram horrores nos campos de concentração nazi. Para que humanidade não esqueça aquele que foi o maior genocídio da história, aceitaram [...]

    • Nick says:

      This book is an important addition to the Diary, and fills in extra details about others whose lives overlapped with Anne's, even if fleetingly, in the months after the Franks' capture.I urge anyone who is even remotely interested in humanity to read this book. It is not just about the treatment of Anne Frank, or of Jews in general. It also describes how humans can become inhuman when they lose compassion.More positively, it tells the story of a country defiant under occupation, and of the coura [...]

    • Kecia says:

      This is a collection of interviews with six women who knew Anne Frank after her arrest. These women are not famous like Anne, but their stories are important too. I've always wanted to visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, but one of the women who knew Anne, wrote in the visitor's book, Anne would not have wanted this. (or something to the effect). Now, I'm not sure I do want to visit there. Perhaps just reading her diary is more than enough.I knew Anne and Margot died at Bergen-Belsen shortl [...]

    • Sally says:

      I bought this two days ago after visiting the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam, because I have always been very interested in tales of the Holocaust and have of course read her diary. As a book on its own it was interesting and harrowing, yet more uplifting than some since of course all of the women telling their stories had survived the concentration camps. However, I thought the title was a bit misleading because it was not about the last seven months of Anne's life at all. It was seven months (so [...]

    • Valerie says:

      I bought this book at the Anne Frank house in amsterdam. When I read the back I thought that I was going to find out about Anne in the camps. Instead I was presented with others stories who shared in the experiences. My heart hurts so badly for each of these ladies. My only though tomboy liking the book was the stories were poorly edited.'they were told in the exact thoughts and phrases the ladies told them.Although it's great to hear them exacty as they remember them, it would of been great for [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      You don't need to be familiar with the Anne Frank story to be drawn into this book. It has first hand accounts of several women who survived the concentration camps, and crossed paths with Anne Frank while there, sometimes in very small ways. They really give the details of the special challenges women faced in the camps, and how they made it through. Their stories are fascinating and inspiring apart from their Anne Frank connection.

    • Amy says:

      This is yet another book that illustrates the strength of the human spirit. It isn't pleasant to read about what these women went through during the holocaust, but we owe it to them to hear their story. If they could survive it and live to tell the storye least we can do is listen, and try to learn something from it. Each woman knew the Frank family and either shared a barracks, a position in line for roll call, or a transport with them.

    • Francisco says:

      *2.5* It wasn't what I was expecting

    • Vera Neves (Sinfonia dos Livros) says:


    • Deborah says:

      Willy Lindwer collected interviews with several women who knew Ann Frank after she was arrested for his documentary. Because of the restrictions on time for the show, he couldn't include everything so he published the entire interviews here. He did a really good job of editing and the stories flow smoothly.I felt like a terrible person after reading the first two interviews. I wondered am I so insensitized by today's TV shows and movies that I'm thinking "this isn't so bad." Maybe it was because [...]

    • Marisa says:

      As a book of firsthand Holocaust accounts, this is a 5 star book. However, as an Anne Frank book, it's about a 4 star. If you're going to read this, it's important to keep in mind that the book ties into the documentary of the same name and features the FULL INTERVIEWS of the people who knew the Frank family during the last months of their lives. I didn't quite understand this when I started it and thought I'd be reading much more detail about Anne's life in those last months than there actually [...]

    • Sarah Gatewood says:

      Finished this book a few days ago. This book concerns Anne Frank, but it is very different in what we usually think of about her. This book has different accounts of women that knew Anne from her time in Nazi captivity as well as friends of hers before the war. We learned their stories and learned how they interacted with Anne and her family. This clarified a little about the last months of the most well known child of The Holocaust. One of the women actually let Otto Frank know about Anne and M [...]

    • Danielle Gomes says:

      Livro triste, esse é o relato de algumas mulheres que sofreram com o nazismo. No título fala de Anne Frank mas essas mulheres apenas encontraram ela, não quer dizer que ficaram com ela nos últimos dias, apenas uma que era amiga mesmo. É triste ler o que essas mulheres sofreram e que isso foi real. A única coisa que me incomodou foi a edição dos relatos ou a tradução pq tinha muita repetição nas histórias e precisava de uma edição melhor.

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