Moonfall Moonfall the picturesque community nestled in the mountains of Southern California is a quaint hamlet of antique stores and craft shops run by the dedicated nuns of St Gertrude s Home for girls As a

  • Title: Moonfall
  • Author: Tamara Thorne
  • ISBN: 9780786016006
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moonfall, the picturesque community nestled in the mountains of Southern California, is a quaint hamlet of antique stores and craft shops run by the dedicated nuns of St Gertrude s Home for girls As autumn fills the air, the townspeople prepare for the festive Halloween Haunt, Moonfall s most popular tourist attraction Even a series of unsolved deaths over the years hasMoonfall, the picturesque community nestled in the mountains of Southern California, is a quaint hamlet of antique stores and craft shops run by the dedicated nuns of St Gertrude s Home for girls As autumn fills the air, the townspeople prepare for the festive Halloween Haunt, Moonfall s most popular tourist attraction Even a series of unsolved deaths over the years hasn t dimmed Moonfall s renown Maybe because anyone who knew anything about them has disappeared.Now, Sara Hawthorne returns to her hometown and enters the hallowed halls of St Gertrude s where, twelve years before, another woman died a horrible death In Sara s old room, distant voices echo in the dark and the tormented cries of children shatter the moon kissed night.But that s just the beginning For Sara Hawthorne is about to uncover St Gertrude s hellish secret a secret she ll carry with her to the grave

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    • El says:

      I recently started working at a Catholic university, which amuses everyone, including myself, because I am in no way religious, let alone Catholic. Not that this should matter to them because I'm still a good kid and all.As the weather turns a little cooler, and I've becoming alive in that way I only seem to do every October, I've been walking around the small (and it's very small) campus and finding nice little corners to sit in to read during my lunch and otherwise hide from everyone. This was [...]

    • Kimberly says:

      Absolute 5 star read!I truly loved this book. This is the first book I have read by this author and I am now a fan. She spun this tale so perfectly, it had the right dose of everything needed to be a movie quality story. Seriously, I cant say enough about how people should get their hands on a copy of this. I am surprised it hasn't been noticed by Hollywood.It had so many unique characteristics to buildings, forests, the people. Its the best Ive read this year. A perfect tale for October with gh [...]

    • Jonathan says:

      I finished Moonfall today, the second book which I have read by Tamara Thorne (the first was Haunted and it was the best haunted house story I ever read). Haunted was so good, I moved on to Moonfall immediately after. It was delightfully a little darker (Haunted had a bit more humor entwined within the pages than Moonfall did). It’s basically a story about an evil convent of nuns and the rituals which they have practiced in the town of Moonfall. Most legitimate nuns “don’t get nun” (whic [...]

    • David Watson says:

      I was first introduced to Tamara through an interview on horrorworld. In the interview, Tamara mentioned that for easter she was planning on painting some mice to look like Easter eggs, so her cats could enjoy the holiday also. I liked her sense of humor and ran out and bought her book Moonfall. Moonfall was written in 1996 and is centered around Sara Hawthorne and John Lawson.Sara Hawthorne has been away from the small town of Moonfall for a long time. She was a student at Saint Gertrude’s sc [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Okay, you know how when some people get overwhelmed and stressed they have little relaxation habits? Well, my habit is to sleep. As soon as I even think of the entire task that needs to be done, I’m halfway through counting sheep. So with the job of packing, moving and unpacking I felt myself start to drift and quickly grabbed Thorne’s book. I can now honestly say the woman cured my narcolepsy, but raised the one simple question I plan to ask should I ever meet her, How does she sleep? Remin [...]

    • Erika says:

      I've never been a fan of horror novels since I scare easily but I do find Tamara Thorne's writing entertaining. It's not frightening so if you're looking for something to spook yourself with then I suggest you look someplace else. However, this book is a real page turner and an overall good read.

    • Kellie says:

      I bought this book because it was on sale and I was in a hurry. I have to say that I enjoyed it. I thought the fact that there was a character in this book with my exact name! That was kind of funlol

    • Craig says:

      Nicely sinister and perfect for the Halloween season. Thorne is a better writer than I had expected.

    • Chester Carstairs says:

      This one is not scary at all but it's really entertaining and a page-turner. One of my favorite books!

    • Dixie says:

      another great read by a favorite author. Read her, you won't regret

    • Randy says:

      While the book started a little slow, I'm really glad I stuck with it! A good horror novel. Religious / satanic tones. I felt like the book told an original story within the classic mindset of the church vs the devil.

    • Toni L. says:

      This was an OK book. I had to keep reading to see whatwas going to happen. SO SO

    • Frances Gay says:

      This was a great book with lots of twists.

    • Peter says:

      Sara Hawthorne is returning to her hometown of Moonfall's. Sara was once a student at St. Gertrude's school for girls. Sara returned to St. Gertrude's as a teacher. Sara is returning to school to solve the murder of her roommate. It was said that Jenny had committed suicide but Sara knew that was not true. The school has a nickname of St. Gruesome. Strange things happen at this all girls school run by Nuns. Towns people even say that there are ghosts seen roaming the grounds at night. Moonfall i [...]

    • G.J. says:

      This book felt like one wild ride. I couldn't put it down because the book's pacing never let me take a breath. I loved it. I was really rooting for the good guys and guessing straight until the end on who could be in on the evil conspiracy and would the good guys survive. Even the kids were interesting and in horror books the youngest characters are usually so one-dimensional. Tamara Thorne is THE mistress of horror. If you want thrills, chills and the best nightmares you've ever had this is S [...]

    • Alina says:

      Moonfall was a captivating novel that I couldn't bring myself to put down. Everything from the haunting details of St. Gruesome's to the ominous setting of the town to (view spoiler)[ John and Sara's romance(hide spoiler)] was utterly thrilling. Tamara Thorn manages to tear you up and terrify you in this wonderful magick novel about witches and religion gone wrong. It had me sleeping with the lights on even after I finished. A fantastic mix of humor, developing relationships, fantasy and horror. [...]

    • Kishi says:

      Randomly, I was trying to find a good horror novel to read. Then I saw this book and immediately grabbed it. I can't always rely on other critics for 'advice' on what is good to read.Reading this, it had a nice blend of mystery, horror, thriller, and a few percent of romance which makes my reading experience [of this book] at the edge of my seat.

    • Jerald Vernon Torres says:

      NIce a good read.but it's not thrilling to make my skin crawl The plot are well weaved and edited and all the mysteries and the questions formed in my mind is answeredI like how Tamarathorne played roller coaster ride with her five main characters. bUT THERE is NOt ENOUGH TWIST TO KEEP ME READING although it's really a good story with a great plot.

    • Allyson Abu-hajar says:

      This is a new author for me. I thought the story was engaging but some of the subject matter was a little bit much for me. The story surrounds a school for girls run by nuns, an age old vendetta with a score to settle and an evil that needs to be extinguished by the help of the sheriff, a healer and some friends.

    • Jillian says:

      Absolutely fantastic, truly a 'horror' story. They're so hard to find. In this book she mixes witchcraft, Satanic Ritual, Halloween legend, and a slew of classic horror themes together flawlessly. What you get is a story that really invokes all the things that I love about the Fall season, horror and Halloween.

    • Amanda Chalifoux says:

      it was a good book, but I already knew what was gonna happen before I finished reading it. It was about these nuns in an orphanage and they were putting up a front they were good but they were really evil and doing stuff to people and This guy had to put a stop to it with a little help from a good witch his priest friend and a little girl gotta read it to see for yourself.

    • Andrea says:

      Trashy horror fun? I'm never sure who these books are meant for. Two of the protagonists are virginal small-town teens so it could have been a YA novel, but the super-sexed up S&M rape-y bits at the satanic convent school rule out YA's and - frankly - most full on adults, too. Still, it gets the same 3-stars I gave Gone Girl.

    • Amanda Joubert says:

      My new favorite horror author! I bought this on a whim at a used book store, and it is so engaging that I want to read all of her books now. If you like Stephen King and horror novels, you'll like Thorne.

    • Todd Nelitz says:

      Another Thorne classic. What can be more fun than evil nuns, a witch in the forest and Halloween? Tamara quickly became one of my all time favourite authors. She has a way of creating such wonderful imagery. Laughs mixed with horror. It doesn't get much better than that folks!

    • Rhonda says:

      Ah this was fun. A nice, Halloween read of satanic nuns, living gargoyles & demonic sacrifices. I had a blast reading this. :)

    • Jenny's Book Bag says:

      This is one of her better novels.

    • Hildegart says:

      I picked up this book as a splurge and really enjoyed it. This is the first book I have read by this author and I'll be looking at her other books in the future.

    • Milady Adler says:

      Such a good and scary thriller!

    • Tamera says:

      LOVED IT!

    • D. Rae says:

      I haven't read a Tamara Thorne novel yet that I haven't enjoyed. Great story, very likable characters. I thoroughly recommend it.

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