Geography Club

Geography Club A modern classic about a group of teens discovering sexuality and identity perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli Adam Silvera and David Levithan Brent Hartinger s debut novel is a fast paced funny

  • Title: Geography Club
  • Author: Brent Hartinger
  • ISBN: 9780061968396
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • A modern classic about a group of teens discovering sexuality and identity, perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and David Levithan.Brent Hartinger s debut novel is a fast paced, funny, and trenchant portrait of contemporary teenagers who may not learn any actual geography, but who learn plenty about the treacherous social terrain of high school and the evenA modern classic about a group of teens discovering sexuality and identity, perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and David Levithan.Brent Hartinger s debut novel is a fast paced, funny, and trenchant portrait of contemporary teenagers who may not learn any actual geography, but who learn plenty about the treacherous social terrain of high school and the even dangerous landscape of the human heart.Russel Middlebrook is convinced he s the only gay kid at Goodkind High School Then his online gay chat buddy turns out to be none other than Kevin, the popular but closeted star of the school s baseball team.Soon Russel meets other gay students, too There s his best friend Min, who reveals that she is bisexual, and her soccer playing girlfriend Terese Then there s Terese s politically active friend, Ike.But how can a group like this get together at school without drawing attention to themselves We just choose a club that s so boring, nobody in their right mind would ever in a million years join it We could call it Geography Club

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    • Kiki says:

      The thing about Schiphol is that it's almost too easy to navigate. You get off your plane, and your connecting flight is about six steps away. I had a four-hour layover when I arrived there about two weeks ago, en route for Glasgow, and I made an uncomfortable beeline for gate D6, having stumbled off the red-eye furious, sweaty and exhausted. When I got to the desk, the clean, impeccably dressed, beautiful Dutch attendant politely told me I had three and a half hours to wait until check in, so I [...]

    • Wency says:

      It is my second read of this book. I cried harder the second time. We all lived in a world where being different is bad, ridiculed and not welcome. I think it is a bit ironic that people keep telling us to be different, to think different. But here we are getting shit for being different. And that even more suck in high school where they say has the best memories but it is also where anyone can find themselves in a toughest situation. And this book is about getting through that and also about fr [...]

    • Sean Kennedy says:

      Some reviews accuse this book of being preachy, and although I agree in part I think "Geography Club" is one of the best stories in the YA GLBT genre - the kids swear, do horrible things, aren't perfect, and think about sex! Honestly, some books make them so neutered it's hard to take them seriously. It is even realistic in the fact that by the end, some have made the painful decision to stay in the closet rather than out themselves and 'live their lives, be free'. Life isn't like that for every [...]

    • Kai says:

      “Even the ugliest place in the world can be wonderful if you’re there with good friends—just like the most fabulous destination on earth is pretty boring when you’re all alone.”This was an okay read. I've been wanting to read this for a long time but I've tried to keep my expectations low. I've read some great LGBTQ books so far and they set the bar pretty high.So the protagonist, Russel, was plain. He was not especially interesting or smart or brave or talented. There were a few side [...]

    • Lena♥Ribka says:

      Audible I'm glad that I've chosen an audio edition. I don't really know, how an author makes a decision, who will narrate his/her book, but if Brent Hartinger HAD to make this decision by himself - he made the right one. My first Josh Hurley as a narrator, and he is a perfect choice for this sweet, funny and enlightening YA novel about friendship, finding yourself, about first love, and.g out. It was better than watching a movie - I lived inside the story!Very enjoyable 5 hours!

    • Amy says:

      5 STARS!! I don’t read a lot of Young Adult, but something about the description and the book cover intrigued me. It reminded me of some of the TV shows I used to watch in my younger years Freaks and Geeks, My So Called Life, etc. And I was not disappointed, I love love loved this book! Told entirely from Russel Middlebrook’s POV, this story is full of humor, wit and important life lessons. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!!

    • Julio Genao says:

      whatever, i'm still allowed to read YA, get off my back, jeez

    • Emir Ibañez says:

      La típica historia de instituto americano con sus dramas de popularidad mezclado con personajes que no se animan a salir del clóset. No es la gran genialidad ni aporta nada nuevo pero vaya que sirve para entretener bastante y drenar lecturas pesadas.

    • Cory says:

      Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking here. It's filled with two-dimensional characters and very special lessons. But the MC isn't an asshole and it has a decent ending. It's better than most YA, which isn't saying much. I'd recommend this for middle school students, but with all the talk about who's having sex, and who isn't having sex, I don't think they'd care. I wouldn't have cared. And the writing is too juvenile for high schoolers despite the profanity. If you're looking for something to b [...]

    • Vitor Martins says:

      Esse livro tem quase todos os clichês de high school e isso não me impediu de amar a história.É um leitura super rápida (o audiobook tem umas 6hrs), e muito divertida! O plot tem um climinha gostoso de sessão da tarde, a narrativa é divertida e eu amei os personagens.Esse livro foi publicado em 2003. Há 13 anos não existia a quantidade de YA LGBT que temos hoje, e dentro desse contexto, acho que Geography Club é uma história incrível, apesar de super simples.Russel Middlebrook foium [...]

    • Punk says:

      YA. Russel Middlebrook is convinced he's the only gay kid at his high school, but while hanging out online in a gay teen chat room, he discovers there's someone else out there, and soon gay people are popping out all over the place, though not actually out. This is a solidly mediocre contestant in the queer young adult genre. It's not an overly idealized world where gays and lesbians are accepted without question ( David Levithan, I'm looking at you). These kids have problems and aren't yet comf [...]

    • Eric says:

      Substantially better than Totally Joe. Geography Club follows the life of several teens at a medium/large high school who discover that they're not the only gay kids in school. Rather than tempting fate and public outing they start a gay kids club under the most unappealing club title they could possibly think of: The Geography Club. Obviously one thing leads to another, and some people hook up, lie to their friends, fake being straight, do terrible things to other kids to fit in, and rise and f [...]

    • Jason Sharp says:

      I’d like to start with this book with a confession: I would not have read this book if I had not been assigned to read a book on Gay and Lesbian Fiction. Gay rights are an important subject to me and although I have no problems with books or media on the subject, I also had no real desire to seek it out. This book, along with another gay superhero book I’ve read previously (Hero by Perry Moore) may change all of that. I loved, loved, loved this book and it has become one my favorite books th [...]

    • Dana says:

      It was such a wonderful book! I don't know if it's something really anyone would love, but I think it's likable enough, and I absolutely LOVED it. It was so cute and I could actually feel progression during the story, and I also really liked the writing, so that helped.I'm not saying this book has many insightful moments, but it was so much fun reading it. Also, it's really short, so it's a pretty easy read. I just think that as long you like this kind of stuff (you can look in the genres for yo [...]

    • Nicole (( lost in the book's world )) says:

      This book is very interesting and I really enjoy it so much.I didn't know this book is SERIES!!!!! >,<SAID WHATTT???? I didn't know that this book is into the movie. BUTI like this book best than movie because movie is OK!

    • Kassa says:

      Geography Club is a young adult book that doesn’t feature a gay utopia but instead depicts a realistic high school with students that aren’t especially noble or inspiring. These are the types of teenagers that exist in every high school, struggling to get through the minefield of social acceptance and rejection with the added pressure of being different. There is no preaching about accepting differences but the story ends with a note of hope and the idea that high school may be horrible but [...]

    • Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooRussel Middlebrook is pretty sure that he's gay. After all, he's not attracted to girls, and he spends every day after gym class studiously avoiding the other half-naked guys in the locker room. He's never had an actual experience with another guy, though, so maybe the attraction he feels toward them is something he'll outgrow--or maybe not. While surfing the Internet one night, he finds chat rooms for different towns and cities, where you can talk to other people [...]

    • Evan Lien says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves - This book is actual proof that no matter how badly written a book is, it will be made into a movie if the message is strong enough!16 year old Russell is one of the smart intellectual. Whatever makes him intellectual, we don't know, but he sits with his best friends, Min and Gunnar, everyday at lunch. He is gay, and has really locked himself in the closet. He is so deep in he's probably talking to mr. Tuminus in Narnia for all we know. After school one ni [...]

    • John Egbert says:

      Lookie here! A rantish thing I'd written a while ago on this book reading it /:(I actually don't remember reading the book and have no idea what's going on here, but I'll post it anyway.Why is it that love of musicals and fashion equal a gay man? I didn't have a major probelm with Geography Club until this happened. Well, besides Russel continuing to go out on double dates with Trish, even though he and Kevin had become boyfriends at that point. He confesses that he is gay to a friend, who state [...]

    • Elspeth says:

      I enjoyed this book quite a lot, made me rethink some of high school and what mindset a lot of the kids had.Kind of sad really how stongly we want to be popular then and how little it really matters in the now.Seems like too much work for me now!:)

    • Kealsey says:

      I have never rage-quit a book so fast and so furiously and I don't think I ever will again.Right-why this book is so rage-inducing. My main problem with Brent Hartinger as an author is that his writing always feels like an episode of Zoey 101 or Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide but with more gay. Now, I loved those shows and I think it would actually be cool to have gay characters in them but that doesn't make Brent Hartinger good. The main character shows promise in the first chapter an [...]

    • Victoriano says:

      I chose Hartinger's "The Geography Club" purely as a self-indulgent piece of reading, and I was pleasantly surprised with the content. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversational rhetoric that could only be accurately replicated by someone who lived during the beginnings of the new millennium. There were a lot of references to life in the early 2000s: the fact that they used a chat room to initiate the entire plot was oddly endearing. The novel's age adds to its light, nostalgic charm. Coming from s [...]

    • Agatha Donkar says:

      This one was a little thing, and a little preachy -- I suppose that I should season all my YA reviews with "I am not the target audience", but for this one and for its sequel even more than most of my YA reviews. I enjoyed it -- I found Russel an engaging character and there were parts of this book when I really felt for him, but sometimes the message Hartinger was trying to get across just pounding me in the face instead of gently tapping my shoulder.Not a bad read, but there's better coming ou [...]

    • Elisa Rolle says:

      This is yet another of those Young Adult novels I was a little scared to read; in this case, for how shallow it could sound, it was also the cover that worried me, I had a “bad” feeling. And again I was wrong. Sure, Geography Club is not really about the romance, even if there is a teen romance in it, it’s more about the growth of all the characters, but it’s not a dramatic story, on the contrary, it has even a somewhat light and happy mood, like the reader is able to see that everything [...]

    • Roger Kean says:

      In high schooler Russel, Brent Hartinger has created a Mr. Average. Russel doesn't suck at sport, but neither is he that good, he's not the best looking guy in school, but neither is he a dork, pretty clever but not brainy, his biggest problem is the locker room and all those naked jocks. Russel is not Mr. Average in one way—he's the only gay kid in school. Or is he? He's only ever confessed his inclinations to himself, not even his two best friends Min and Gunnar know. When he discovers to hi [...]

    • Chris-Wait-For-It-Awesome says:

      WHAT A BOOK!!!I must confess I had that book in my driver for A LONG TIME now, but I was never in the mood for a realistic romance. And a debut author (I have had bad experiences with both. *shudder*). But then as I was cruising the net I saw that they had adapted it into a movie. I of course was quick to rent it BUT Having learned my lesson with the Twilight Saga, where I first saw the movies that later destroyed the whole Saga for me, I maturally decided to read the book first.I FINISHED IT IN [...]

    • Michael Price says:

      Geography Club follows the lives of several, gay, closeted teens and their constant struggle to fit in and stand out along side their peers. Russel, the main character always feels out of place, especially in the guy’s locker room. He has a crush on Kevin, the captain of the baseball team, but Kevin and his buddies are constantly making fun of him and Kevin must strive to keep his cover by playing along with the groups gay-oriented insults.Things start to change once Russel discovers that he [...]

    • Maiko-chan says:

      This was actually a pretty good read. Hartinger's story has a lot of depth to it about realistic things people have to go through every day concerning relationships and friendships, high school, dealing with things that at the time are incredibly difficult but in the end being able to come out of them stronger than before, and accepting one's self for who they are.Overall I really liked it and am glad to have read it. But so much of it hit too close to home, not in a good way. Thankfully I can s [...]

    • Menglong Youk says:

      Geography Club is a story of an isolated gay kid who never thought that there were any other gays in his town besides him, but he was wrong. Kevin, whom Russel had no idea that he was secretly gay, was a popular kid in high school. They anonymously chatted and decided to meet up. They both started having crush on each other. As the story develops, there were still many problems for them to face, but they were not strong enough to dare to stand against the truth, instead both of them were hiding. [...]

    • Wade says:

      3.5 But considering it is YA we will go with a 4! (plus I tend to round up)I liked it. It was a good representation of high school life. I think what Russel went through was realistic. I hate how he changed and almost became one of the ones he formally despised. (when making fun of Brian) I also like how thinhs/relationships were different once exposed to the light of day. (or. Mig's relationship) that is so often the case. Things feel good and fun when kept a secret but when the secret is know [...]

    • Cassandra says:

      I've been waiting to read this for a while, mostly so I can watch the movie on Netflix, and I'm glad to say, this book exceeded my expectations.Written in a style similar to The Perks of Being a Wallflower, this book is all about outcasts and the narrator occasionally speaks directly to the reader. Unlike PBW, it's much happier and you spend less time cringing.One of the best parts of this book is by far the realistic portrayal of high school and it's inhabitants. Russel and his friends read lik [...]

    • Dig says:

      Oh, apparently it's a movie. I thought this book was going to be dumb. LOL. As most high school books are but this book was real. Almost too real. It wasn't just about being gay -- which is how it'd started, it was about friendship, and misunderstandings and that kid in school you see getting bullied but you don't do anything b/c you don't wanna be bullied. This was very stereotypical in very stereotypical ways -- the way it portrayed the gay jock kids also hit home. I loved it and I think I've [...]

    • Bill says:

      The best thing about this book for me was the charm and wit of the protagonist, Russell. But, being decades away from the coming out process, there was really nothing new for me. This would be a good book for adolescents struggling with their sexual identity. There are better ones out there. The book is appropriate for inclusion in school libraries.

    • Smith Barney says:

      A nice -safe- vanilla milkshake kind of YA. A bit on the plain-sidebut still palatable.rt of hard to f'up a vanilla milkshake. I didn't catch the opportunity to climb inside any of the characters and so that felt a bit cafeteria-food inspired for mewhen reading.

    • Erin Kehoe says:

      (Solid 4/5 stars)I really enjoyed this book. I read the entire thing in one sitting (not hard as it is only 226 pages) in my bed one night and was basically gushing the entire time. Now don't get me wrong it's not a super-cutesy romance contemporary, there are other aspects covered in this novel that are different from that. But I definitely enjoyed the super-cutesy romance aspects of it. Geography Club follows high school student Russel Middlebrook, a closeted LGBTQIA+ student who identifies as [...]

    • Ellen says:

      The main character of this YA title is a decent, likable fellow, but he's quite humanly flawed; which is perhaps what makes him as appealing as he is. He usually knows the right thing to do, but doesn't always do it. Despite the focus on sexuality and the sex it leads to, bullying at its most cruel, and broken hearts abounding, this novel has an innocence to it. I have to say, though, it helped me to remember how very painful the teenage years can be, for those gay and straight. It's clear also, [...]

    • Maggie Simms says:

      I like reading YA but I usually go for more adult YA type of reading. This book istrue YA.I really enjoyed reading it. There was bullying and homophobia which are things that I usually don't like to read about because they upset me too much. However, there was also a lightness in the reading. Maybe because of the pacing? There were also funny moments. The only thing I wished is that he had not forgiven Gunnar so easily. He was a really crappy friend. He needed to do some groveling for my liking. [...]

    • Gordon says:

      Selten hat mich ein Ende so zufrieden und selig zurückgelassen. <3

    • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ says:

      4.6 StarsIs this a movie? This is totally already a movie, right? God, I just don't read (or listen to) YA as a wholebut when I do, when it's chosen for me as part of a challenge? Damn - I keep wondering why I choose to put these books on the back shelf, out of sight/out of mind.Sure, it's got a bit of an After School Special vibe. And there's absolutely no sex on page (only hinted at fooling around in fade to black scenes). But it still had my interest from the first momentl the way through the [...]

    • Peter says:

      This book is practically a classic by now and is one of the first books that I read that centered on a gay teenager. Fully relatable. Russel has had to hide who he really is as it was the only way to survive. Naturally wanting to be around others that are gay he reaches out to the one other person in a gay chatroom that lives in his town. Little did he know that this would be Kevin Land, all star athlete, immensely cool, and totally drool-worthy. Along with his best friend Min, he and other gay [...]

    • Aurora Lector (reading in twilight) says:

      In a nutshell, guy finds out he's not the only kid who identifies as non-heterosexual and so they create a club so they can hang out. How to get no one else to join? Name it some thing terribly boring. Life, love and learning happen.Geography Club is a book that I should have read sooner rather than later, because now, years after I read The God Box and Out of the Pocket, when queer characters like Jesper Fahey and queer authors like Nina Lacour are on the scene, this book feels shallow and too [...]

    • Lorena Miyuki says:

      Gostei do livro, gostei dos personagens. Achei, em especial, o Gunnar um personagem muito autêntico e que fez a trama se desenrolar com mais clichês que o habitual mas com muita fluidez, sem ficar chato. Min e o pessoal do Clube de Geografia também são um pano de fundo muito bem construído, mas Russel em si me desapontou um pouquinho Apesar de eu saber, no fundo, que toda novela americana tem um personagem como ele, o mocinho que sempre faz o que é para ser feito no final. O livro é peque [...]

    • Will says:

      Quick short read, I started/finished the same day - read a bit at lunch and then just over an hour before bed.I had previously seen the film adaption one night on Netflix when a friend and I were trying to find something to watch. It was campy but fun and had heart; nothing groundbreaking. After recently completing the YA novel Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, the bar was set high. While I enjoyed Geography Club, it certainly had more potential. I would have liked more character development - [...]

    • Ari says:

      This was a cute little book - and I don't mean that with condescension. Quite literally, my copy is cute and little, and as someone who is very tactile-obsessed with books, the compact blue edition I found myself with while I procrastinated at work was delightful.Moving onI've heard this book is going to be adapted to film, which, after reading it, is the most likely decision anyone could make. It is formulaically exactly what Hollywood needs for a summer blockbuster (well, maybe not a blockbust [...]

    • Penumbra says:

      Geography Club is the story of high school student, Russel Middlebrook and his attempts and desire to keep other students from finding out he’s gay, stop feeling alone, and find someone like him he can talk to. This is told in first person.(view spoiler)[This YA story is a fast and easy read. It’s about Russell trying to fit into an acceptable group in high school and not get put into “Outcast Island” as he called it, like Brian Bund. The author did a good job of describing the groups th [...]

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