Sam None

  • Title: Sam
  • Author: Lonnie Coleman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • Shayne says:

      Sam shook his head. "I realized that I wasn't the only one with my problem, and that my problem wasn't the only problem in the world. Everybody has problems that drive them crazy, and most people never solve them. I asked myself if I really thought my way of life was wrong, or if in thinking so I was merely genuflecting to the ideas of other people. For years I had pretended to myself that I would change. I admitted finally that I was a homosexual, that it wasn't a phase, and it wasn't a disease [...]

    • Steve Bergstrom says:

      Surprising and open for the time that it was written. Lonnie Coleman was best known for his Beulah Land novels but this novel of a gay man ans his friends and lovers is wonderfully frank with realistic if overly dramatic characters. It's available for the kindle but otherwise long out of print.

    • Guerre Thomas says:

      Stereotypic and unrealisticThis drivel was written like a melodramatic broadway play. The main characters are stereotypically oh-so sophistocated and civilized to the point of effete boredom. The secondary characters are caricatures and cartoon, especially the gay/bi ones. I'm assuming the reason this book was supposed to be so groundbreaking 60 years ago was because none of the gay characters killed themselves or ended up incarcerated a mental hospital or jail. Then there's the HEA ending where [...]

    • Cecil says:

      At times funny, and at times sad, this is a great book about gay life in the 50's.

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