Power and Market: Government and the Economy

Power and Market Government and the Economy Binary intervention is when the state interferes directly with a private Man Economy and State with Power and Market Scholar s edition Auburn Ala

  • Title: Power and Market: Government and the Economy
  • Author: Murray N. Rothbard
  • ISBN: 9780836207507
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Binary intervention is when the state interferes directly with a private Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, Scholar s edition Auburn, Ala.

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    • Thomas says:

      Power and Market has its virtues, especially when it takes a similar approach to Man, Economy & State (indeed, a decent amount of the material is repeated from MES due to the fact that they were originally supposed to be one book). In general, though, I found it less convincing than MES, for two reasons: Rothbard is not as consistent with his own economic doctrine when he gets more "ideological," and in the chapter on praxeological critiques of anti-market ethics, he is sometimes as guilty o [...]

    • Arsen Zahray says:

      Probably Rothbard's most important work

    • Tomer Tzadok says:

      This book is a great introduction to Anarcho-Capitalism. Murray promotes liberty while slamming arguments against statism. I wish more people would wake up to the state of their false conditioning and digest his ideas. It completely changes the way you view the world.

    • Philo Phineas Frederiksen says:

      This is my favourite passage:Perhaps the most common and most cogent argument for democracy is not that democratic decisions will always be wise, but that the democratic process provides for peaceful change of government. The majority, so the argument runs, must support any government, regardless of form, if it is to continue existing for long; far better, then, to let the majority exercise this right peacefully and periodically than to force the majority to keep overturning the government throu [...]

    • Alexx says:

      This book is a complete step by step refutation of every argument in favor of statism. Rothbard, the great libertarian thinker took upon him the quest to expand on Mises' magnum opus "human action". The Austrian school of economics was single-handedly led to its ultimate conclusion: that there is no proper role of government in our lives at all.It is truly Rothbard that popularized the idea that all governmental services can be provided for by the private sector, and that a minimal state is simp [...]

    • Clinton says:

      Power and Market describes a dichotomy between two forms of exchange. Power employs the threat of violence and coercion whereas the market embraces voluntary action and free choice. Basically, the book originated from a summarized version of Chapter 12 from Man, Economy, and State. Rothbard illustrates the good intentions of government intervention into a market economy justified by ethical standards but results into unintended consequences of unsound economics. The three types of government int [...]

    • Jandre says:

      Absolute simplistic garbage, it's like when your grandpa sits you down and tell you a story about how it was in the old days. Everything is nice, easy and logical, everything otherwise is complicated and full of ill will. Historical ignorance, economic ignorance, and scientific ignorance abound. If you like to take a ride into a world of fantasy where somehow everything works out if only, if only, the market were unimpeded to do it's magical work, this is the book for you. I think Batman comics [...]

    • Alfonso says:

      Interesante obra «anarcocapitalista» que ayuda a pensar el rol del Estado en las naciones modernas y su relación de violencia por conveniencia con el individuo de la sociedad.

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