Female Force Bestsellers: Stephenie Meyer

Female Force Bestsellers Stephenie Meyer Creator of the Twilight series and one of the best selling authors of our time Stephenie Meyer is showcased in the pages of Female Force Find out how this humble churchgirl from Arizona gained a fan

  • Title: Female Force Bestsellers: Stephenie Meyer
  • Author: Ryan Burton Adam Gragg Vinnie Tartamella Matt Flyer
  • ISBN: 9781427641847
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Creator of the Twilight series, and one of the best selling authors of our time, Stephenie Meyer is showcased in the pages of Female Force Find out how this humble churchgirl from Arizona gained a fan following of millions by nurturing stories inspired through a vivid dream of romance between a human girl, and a vampire

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    • Sarah says:

      Never in my life did I expect to read a graphic biography of Stephanie Meyer. Though I laughed at first at the ridiculousness of such a presentation, and I thought that this was merely a gimic to sell moreTwilight stuff for avid fans, the biography combined with the graphic illustrations was surprisingly effective.As the authors tell of Meyer's life and professional development, the illustrations depict dreams and inspirations that influenced her stories. Overall, this is a short work told from [...]

    • Ea Solinas says:

      Let's be honest here: Stephenie Meyer has had a pretty boring life. She basically got married, had kids, and wrote a fantasy series about sparkly vampires.So needless to say -- with no scandals, divorces, addictions, adventures or the like -- "Female Force Bestsellers: Stephenie Meyer" is a pretty boring experience. But it's not just boring. It's surreally bad and poorly done, with ghastly art, a breathlessly dramatic style and a horrendously contrived framing device wrapped around a thoroughly [...]

    • Alisha says:

      This was an interested yet quick read.Things that I liked: This book / graphic / comic whichever you want to call it, was a quick read. I liked that this basically told the story of how Stephenie Meyer got her fame, but it also gives a little background into Stephenie's life going all the way back to birth and where she lived. I found it interesting. I thought that this was an interesting format to tell about the becoming of the Twilight Saga phenomenon. It even gave a little history about the F [...]

    • Stefanie says:

      Me: Did you poop?Mom: No.Me: It smells like crap.Mom: Well, it's in your room.Then I saw this on my bed, and it all became clear. My review is actually for zero stars, but I gave it one for making me feel better about myself, half a star because the illustration collage that depicted it as a cultural phenomenon had a drawing of someone getting the tattoo, and another half star for the so-stupid-it-must-have-taken-effort narration style.

    • Micheala Beth George says:

      Pretty interesting way to find out about Stephenie Meyer's life. You get to read along as one of the oldest vampires of all tells you about Stephenie's life. After that, they have some true facts about Forks, Washington (where the Twilight books were set). I enjoyed seeing how the town of Forks has embraced being "Home of the Cullens". :)

    • Chad Davis says:

      Numerous misspellings, for normal words and even the titles of classic literature. Not sure what the graphic designers were thinking either with some of the things they illustrate as I guess like excuses for transitioning the narrative. Not just bullying this because it's Twilight.

    • R. says:

      The gist of it is that Meyer always felt different from the other girls; narrated by a sinister stereotypical vampire caricature: your decadentured Europreening uncle: all monocle, widow's peak, red sash and black cape.

    • Rose Dawson says:

      Komiks o Stephenii Meyerové.O tom jak vznikla Twilight saga,o Forks.Rozhodně skvělá knížka,kterou by si měl každý fanoušek pořídit. ;)

    • Tjoel2 says:

      Read April 2010Forks edition.

    • April says:

      Very funny and also mildly informative

    • Beth says:

      Little hokey but the Forks history was good!

    • Amanda says:

      I don't know what happened but the data for this book has been erased. I can't remember what it was so I can't review it.

    • ♡Julalicious Book Paradise♡ says:

      Rating: 2.5/5It was a nice quick reading. I like the little background on Stephenie and also a bit about Forks and how it came to be.:)

    • Lisa Mandina says:

      Love the page with the tatto because it is so similar to mine!

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