Популярная музыка из Виттулы

  • Title: Популярная музыка из Виттулы
  • Author: Mikael Niemi Микаэль Ниеми Ruslan Kosynkin
  • ISBN: 9785751603540
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • , 1959 , , , , , , , , 1959 , , , , , , , , , 670 , , , , , .

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    • Tea Jovanović says:

      Dovoljno je pročitati ovaj sjajan prikaz knjige koji je Teofil Pančić napisao te davne 2005.vreme/cms/viewp?id=4Ovo je jedna od "onih" knjiga koje mi najviše znače kao uredniku :)

    • Manny says:

      Matti is a regular teen in 60s Pajala up in the extreme north of Sweden, where they think of themselves as Finns and speak Finnish by preference. These are guys who know how to hold their liquor, laugh at temperatures that go down to forty below zero, handle a gun, an axe or a snowmobile, build a house, butcher a reindeer and treat women the way they really want to be treated. Though it's true, Matti has also discovered rock 'n' roll. Maybe that makes him knapsu (gay), but he doesn't care. A rea [...]

    • Amorfna says:

      Popularna muzika iz Vitule, predstavlja prvi roman Švedskog pisca Mikaela Niemia poznatog do tada po svojim zbirkama poezije kao i pozorišnim komadima.Prvi roman, sjajan roman! Prljav, dirljiv, nostalgičan, duhovit.Radnja prati odrastanje dva dečaka, Mattija i Nile, na samom izolovanom severu Švedske, bogu iza nogu, u maloj zabiti Pajali, u kraljevstvu leda gde vikinzi još uvek predstavljaju prototip idealnog muškarca, gde se sve važne odluke donose u sauni i gde bi se svaka poštena srp [...]

    • Jeremy says:

      This one has it all. Humanity, humour up the wazoo, insight, high emotional stakes, great use of language (it must be amazing in the Swedish but oh well),magic, and morals. Anyone who grew up in an isolated place will relate to this.Spoiler alert, if you already know you're going to read this book, stop now:seriously, why ruin itok here goesthe scene where Niila's abusive father gets his ass kicked, then, while convalescing, finds heaven while walking the landscape in the cracks of the ceiling w [...]

    • Rusalka says:

      I distinctly remember starting this book. I was on a plane home from Japan, finally from our sudden month in the UK. They had just turned the lights out after meals and drinks so that people could sleep. It was about 12am at night Japanese time, so 1am Aussie time. I was already feeling self conscious as my light was on, but Lexx and my brother were on either side of me. Lexx had taken a sleeping tablet and my brother still hadn't got the hang of sleeping on planes. And I was desperately trying [...]

    • Nanou says:

      My friend who studied Swedish gave me this book to read and one evening we were reading it together and laughing like crazy hyenas. That time we lived on campus, three girls in one room, and the third girl desperately tried to study while we two were making such a noise!Бедная Настя. Она нас так и не простила.

    • Mary Overton says:

      On the link of literature to madness -Excerpt from a lecture delivered in the sauna by Dad; he explicates the facts of life for 14 year old Mattie so his son will know how to be a man:"Then [Dad] started going through a list of all the family idiots. I'd already met some of them: one was in the psychiatric hospital in Gallivare, and another in Pitea. In medical jargon it was called schizophrenia, and it seemed to run in the family. It would appear when you reached the age of eighteen or so, and [...]

    • Katherine Furman says:

      Popular Music from Vittula is an ingenious blend of memoir, folklore, magical realism, and talented story telling. Who knew growing up in the Arctic Circle would be so enchanting? (I thought it would be too frigid to do anything but shiver.) But Niemi forms a beautiful landscape where men half a step away from Vikings raise kids who listen to The Beatles. The modern age quite literally steam rolls into an edge of the world village where citizens are treading the waters between the religions and [...]

    • Karl Lehtinen says:

      Best Finnish book ever.Well, OK, I haven't read any others.But this is what I imagine my childhood may have been like if my father had never left Finland.Some of the most endearing scenes and stories I have ever read. Too god damned cute to put down. Nothing life-changing in here, but it shouldn't be missed.

    • Bob Newman says:

      growing up as a huckleberry FinnGrowing up anyplace isn't smooth, it isn't describable exactly. If you search your memories later, trying to ask why you did something, you can't, for the life of you, remember why. You just did it. Things happened. You tried to get to China. You mimicked the rock stars when you thought you were alone. You might even have licked cold locks---if you grew up in northern climes--- and got your tongue stuck. You were never the hero of your own legend. Well, folks, thi [...]

    • Lorenzo Berardi says:

      I've got a kind of obsession for Scandinavian literature, having lived for a little while in Norway.And yet I have to say that Swedish literature has more to offer than Norwegian one with such great novelists like Stig Dagerman, Lars Gustafsson and Torgny Lindgren.Mikael Niemi belongs to a new generation of Swedish authors and -as I suppose from his surname, he has finnish roots.-This book is a funny and easy reading which takes place in an exotic northern land, that part of Sweden on the Bothni [...]

    • Gail Francis says:

      The narrator in this self-deprecating Swedish coming-of-age story does a great job at capturing a child's view of things. Author Mikael Niemi keeps the reader guessing at time as to the reliability of the narrator as he winds his way through the story of the friendship of two boys, their families, and eventually their band. The story reminded me of A Christmas Story with its wry depiction of working class families in a snowy climate. The chapter in which two families engage in a drinking contest [...]

    • Maria says:

      говоря откровенно, эту книгу хотела бы написать я. нобелевскую премию за нее мне, конечно, вряд ли дали бы, но какую-нибудь местечковую - вполне возможно, а я не гордая, возьму, что дадут. но, увы, три шведских премии за "популярную музыку из виттулы" ушли микаэлю ниеми, поэтому [...]

    • Julie says:

      This one turned out surprisingly good actually. Even tho I've been complaining about it ever since we started reading it at school, I've never laughed so much, nor as hard, while reading something ever before. I think I might even read it again one day, as long as I find a copy with a better looking cover ;) I also think I need to do some research on the whole Finland-Sweden situation, 'cause I felt like I had to be touched in the head sometimes since nothing made sense. AND I have to warn ya'll [...]

    • Karen says:

      brilliant. i read it in swedish and i just love the language so much. i usually say i hate swedish, but this swedish is soweird it must be dialect or something and there's finnish words mixed in and it's just so wonderfule book is good too. really it is. it left me with a feeling of melancholy but also peace's such a warm and heartfelt narrative, yet brutal and harsh and just so full of life and truths.

    • Fredrik says:

      På nippet til å gi denne 4 stjerner, men må være litt streng. Den tok seg endel opp på slutten. Boken handler altså om et par gutter som vokser opp i nord-Sverige på 60-70-tallet en gang. Stedet de vokser opp på heter Vittulajänkä, som betyr "Fittemyra".Boken er egentlig en samling med morsomme episoder fra oppveksten til disse to. Artig lite innblikk i bygdetrollet også i andre land.

    • Katerina says:

      Суровые будни суровых финско-шведских парней — со зверскими побоями, пьянками до потери сознания, крысиными кишками и мечтами, которые и без эсперанто понятны каждому подростку в мире. Ужасно физиологично, но не бросайте: в конце неожиданно лирично и здорово.

    • Maria says:

      ehkä jopa 3,5/5 tähteä, koska tykkäsin kielestä paljon. ehkä vähän liikaa sellasta skandinaavista junttimeininkiä, mutta siitä huolimatta tää oli parempi kuin odotin.

    • Rudi says:

      Selv om boka av og til blir litt for episodisk, er den såpass full av herlige situasjoner og beskrivelser at den var en fryd å lese. Deler av boka kan jeg relatere til, mens andre matcher godt opp mot fordommene man har mot den tid og samfunn boka er satt til. Den er i samme stil som andre humoristiske oppvekstberetninger, som f.eks. Aukrust sin Alvdal-trilogi, men innimellom observasjonene ligger det også kritiske refleksjoner. Den tar for seg forholdsvis seriøse tema (f.eks. vold i hjemmet [...]

    • რეზი ჭითანავა says:

      ამის არ სიყვარული შეუძლებელია მგონიბევრჯერ უნდა წავიკითხობევრჯერძალიან ბევრჯერ

    • whaley says:

      Had to read this for school, and it's not really my type of book, but it was okay (kinda)

    • Loreley says:

      კაი იყო <3 დიდი ხანია წიგნზე ასე არ მიცინია :D

    • Amanda Skoog says:

      Would have been 1 star if not for the food descriptions in the wedding chapter, made me hungry

    • Birgitte Bach says:

      God bog med en meget rå humor.

    • dete says:

      Грегер се качи на сцената с тържествено изражение на лицето и застана пред завесата. Никой не му обърна внимание. Учителите изшъткаха на учениците да мълчат. Бърборенето и хихикането продължиха, все едно бяха предварително репетирани. Учителите погледнаха кръвнишки към н [...]

    • Emily (StacksandCats) says:

      Mikael Niemi's Popular Music from Vittula was interesting to say the least. However, I was not fond of it at all, and I tried to be. Unlike Ellen Foster, this book never really grew on me, although part of it could be due to the fact that I am not familiar with the culture, and I have read so few coming-of-age stories that deal with male protagonists. However, there were aspects I found compelling regarding the story, and I greatly enjoyed the importance of music throughout the piece, especially [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Ich weiß nicht genau, wie ich dieses Buch beschreiben soll. Ich wollte es schon lange mal lesen, nachdem meine Eltern, von denen ich es ausgeliehen hatte und eine liebe Freundin mir wärmstens ans Herz gelegt haben. Aufgrund des Titels dachte ich, es gehe hauptsächlich um Popmusik aus Schweden, aber das tat es gar nicht.Es geht um die Kindheit von Matti, den der Leser kennenlernt, als er gerade dabei ist, einen Pass in Nepal zu erklimmen und der dort oben schließlich mit der Zunge an einer ti [...]

    • Siv30 says:

      ניאמי מיקאל – מוזיקה פופולארית מויטולההוצאת ידיעות אחרונות, 270 עמ'מאטי וחברו השתקן נילה גדלים בויטולה, עיירה קטנה בצפון הרחוק של שוודיה. הימים הם ימי סוף שנות ה- 60 ומאטי מתאר את שנות הילדות והבחרות שלו, של נילה ושל חבריו. בין פעילויות שונות הכוללות בעיקר נפיחות, השתנות לשלג, מכ [...]

    • Heidi says:

      En tiedä, olenko koskaan lukenut näin alusta loppuun asti hillittömän hauskaa kirjaa. Kyläläisten touhuille, jutustelulle ja kertojan armoitetulle kielelle ei voinut kuin nauraa ääneen. Hautajaiset, häät, viinanjuontikilpailut, syntymäpäivät –uskomatonta komediaa, ja samalla niin tunnistettavan tuttua! Mäenkyläläisissä on paljon samaa kuin suomalaisissa, jopa meissä eteläisissä. Elämänmenon kuvauksessa oli menneisyyden nostalgiaa, josta ei kuitenkaan kaikkea toivoisi taka [...]

    • Fannyahlnorling says:

      Grejen är att jag faktiskt gillar den här boken. En lätt surrealism blandas med den tornedalska tillvaron och ungdomens år skildras av alkohol och tävling mellan grannbyar. Att föredra framför Knausgårds ungdomsskildring i ettan, och något alldeles i särklass. I bakhuvudet hör jag farmor och farfar uttala de tornedalska orden och byorden och jag kan inte låta bli att finna den norrländska världen annat än vacker trots att dessa unga pojkars tid som tonåringar kantas av kaos och f [...]

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