Celia's Robot

Celia s Robot Ten year old Celia is messy and disorganized so her father builds her a robot to turn her life around High tech Robot is part nanny part housekeeper and all friend but Celia worries that Dad built

  • Title: Celia's Robot
  • Author: Margaret Chang
  • ISBN: 9780823421817
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten year old Celia is messy and disorganized, so her father builds her a robot to turn her life around High tech Robot is part nanny, part housekeeper, and all friend, but Celia worries that Dad built Robot because he and Mom are too busy to take care of her Then Robot goes missing, and Celia wonders if she s lost her father s love as well.

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    • Doret says:

      10yr old Celia Chow is not very organized. After everything goes completely wrong one school morning, Celia's dad thinks of the perfect birthday gift, a robot. Robot keeps Celia on task. Celia's mom is White and her dad is Chinese. There are moments when Celia wonders what others see when they look at her family. Celia worries her parents fight too much. I really enjoyed this book. Celia was a very well drawn character. I thought it was pretty cool that her hobby was picking locks. The author do [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      What organizationally-challenged child wouldn't love a personal robot to do all the hard stuff, like remembering what homework was due when, picking out what to wear to school, and figuring out how to keep their room clean? Wouldn't it be great to have a robot to help you with your math problems and quiz you on your spelling homework? When Celia's dad, who is an extremely busy and brilliant inventor, gives Celia a prototype personal robot for her birthday, she begins to learn how to manage her l [...]

    • CuriousLibrarian says:

      Celia is a messy, scatterbrained 5th grader with a few other problems: her parents are really busy, they fight a lot, and to top it all off, the neighborhood bully teases her all the time about being half-Chinese! Her father also happens to be a brilliant engineer, and he builds her a top-of-the-line robot prototype to help her with her chores and homework, and to be her companion. But there are rivals who would just love to get their hands on that robotThis is a packed book, but it doesn't feel [...]

    • Teresa Bateman says:

      Celia's dad is Chinese and is a brilliant scientist. Her mom is Caucasian and is a brilliant musician. Celia, herself, has some mechanical aptitude. When her father gives her a prototype robot for her birthday it changes her life. The robot is a rather annoying, nagging sort of ever-present nanny, often providing more specific guidance that her career-absorbed parents. However, it does help Celia get organized. That doesn't mean her life is easy, however. She's dealing with a mean boy in the nei [...]

    • Carrie says:

      When Celia's dad builds her a robot to help her get organized and develop better habits, Celia finds that her robot is a good friend and teaches it new tricks. Robot causes quite a stir in the community and turns Celia's life upside down! Fun realistic fiction, but could have been condensed into a shorter story.

    • Sloane says:

      I didn't finish this book. Same old, same old. Celia's birthday present helps Celia with stuff - yeah, yeah, yeah. We all knew Timothy was going to steal the robot. Didn't like the book. Unh uh - don't read it. I wish you could give half stars because it only deserves a half star.

    • Stacy268 says:

      Read for professional review.

    • Carterkempgmail.Com says:

      Kids may like this one, but I didn't find anything special in it.

    • Oliver says:

      I really like this book. Cealia got a robot for her birthday.

    • Hillvan says:

      740LEnjoyable story.

    • Becky says:

      MT Reader Selector 2010-2011

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