Fatal February

Fatal February For half Jewish half Southern Baptist Miami criminal defence attorney Mary Magruder Katz life starts to spin completely out of control when a minor fender bender turns out to be an unlikely shot fro

  • Title: Fatal February
  • Author: Barbara Levenson
  • ISBN: 9781933515526
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For half Jewish, half Southern Baptist Miami criminal defence attorney Mary Magruder Katz, life starts to spin completely out of control when a minor fender bender turns out to be an unlikely shot from Cupid s bow.

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    • Patricia says:

      Mary Magruder Katz is a criminal defense lawyer with a fiancé, a good job, and a dog -- in other words, a nice life in Miami. Things change when she is asked to defend Lillian Yarmouth of the murder of her husband. In a flash, Mary loses both her fiancé and her job and gains a new boyfriend.No graphic sex but she is sexually activeNo violence

    • Amy Lignor says:

      The word ‘allegedly’ is what gets a great deal of people into trouble in this story. In fact, for a woman by the name of Lillian Yarmouth, the press has already made sure that everyone in the greater Miami area has declared her 100% guilty of stabbing her husband with an antique silver letter opener. The problem? She’s not guilty. Mary Magruder Katz is Lillian’s attorney. And when the story first begins, Mary is having one heck of a bad day. All she wanted to do was take her car to the c [...]

    • Wendy Hines says:

      When the prosecutors fail to divulge their findings of a high society murder, criminal defense attorney Mary Katz turns the other cheek. She initiates her own investigation and pity the fool who gets in her way.Mary Magruder Katz is a criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida. During a routine trip to the car wash, her car is rear-ended by handsome Carlos Martin. Sparks fly between Mary and Carlos and it does not take long until they are steaming up the desk in Mary's office. Unfortunately, th [...]

    • Martha says:

      Mary is a feisty defense attorney who works in a prestigious law firm with her fiance of five years. One morning her car is rear-ended coming out of a car wash. She is ready to berate the loud, pushy driver until she gets a full look at the man’s Latin good looks and charming smile. Then things begin to spin out of control.Carlos grabs Mary to serve as his attorney on a real estate transaction with some strange arrangements. When client relations heat up, Mary and Carlos are caught in a compro [...]

    • C.C. Thomas says:

      A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Justice in June by this author and enjoyed that book so much I was anxious to read the first one in the series. Fatal February is the debut novel of Mary Magruder Katz, a wise-cracking legal eagle whose life is turned upside down in the carwash. (I'm not just talking about a fender bender here!)Mary's life is going great: a lawyer in a prestigious law firm, engaged to the partner at the firm with a huge rock--career and professional life just humming along. Then [...]

    • Samantha says:

      Fatal February begins with Mary Magruder getting rear-ended at the car wash. What follows is the beginning to a whole new change in Mary's life as she breaks off her engagement, starts her own practice as a lawyer, and begins a new love affair with Carlos the man who tail-ended her car. Mary is also dealing with a high profile case as she defends Lillian Yarmouth who is accused of killing her husband. Mary has bitten off more than she can chew as she is dealing with proving her client's innocenc [...]

    • Jessica Andersen says:

      I read this book because it was written by my neighbor. She kindly brought me a copy of her latest book in this series, but of course I have to start at the beginning.The book is about Mary Magruder Katz, a criminal defense attorney in Miami. Mary becomes the attorney for a woman accused of killing her husband.The bad about this book:Some of the personal story stuff, especially at the beginning feels forced and rushed. It almost made me not like the main character. However, hang in there, it get [...]

    • Jackie says:

      I had high hopes for this book. I had read a review and thought it sounded like such a good, fun read. At two stars, I may have over-rated it. It IS a light, fun read. However: It is definitely, to my mind, a first book. The writing could be lots better. I was a little annoyed at the "too good to be true" Carlos. Even his mother seems one dimensional. The plot was ok, not great, and I guess I was disappointed in the wrap up. It somehow seemed a little like a cop out.But the biggest thing that bo [...]

    • Scilla says:

      Criminal Defense Lawyer, Mary Katz gets a client recommended by her brother, an estate lawyer. Lillian Yarmouth is accused of murdering her husband. She has just met her new love, Carlos Martin, who rearended her while leaving a carwash, and then hired her to help him with a property transfer. Mary's fiance Frank catches them in the office, and they end their betrothal. Then Frank tries to get her in trouble with the Bar and begins staulking her. We follow the murder case, and the love case toge [...]

    • Judith says:

      4.25 out of 5. A great romance/court-based drama that features a thoughtful lawyer who happens to be a woman and whose life is turned upside down in the month of February. It is not really laced with sex, but the sexual tension is there and thus, it is almost more romantic as a result. This lady goes to the car wash, and in the process of trying to get through the mass of customers, ends up having a string of events occur that changes her life almost 180 degrees. She's smart and sassy, yet she i [...]

    • P.J. Coldren says:

      While I enjoyed reading this, there are some major flaws in it. One hopes that during the final editing process, all the typos and transpositions are taken care of. I doubt that the holes in the plot, the unlikely behavior of the main character, and the periodic lapses into total unbelievability can be rectified at this late date. Still, flaws aside, it was a fun read. Just don't expect greatness.

    • Sherrie says:

      Fatal February is funny, intriguing and easy reading. Ms. Levenson added just the right amount of romance without making it sappy. One thing I liked about this book was the way the legal stuff is written. Ms. Levenson explains each step of the criminal and legal proceedings in a way that is easy to understand and enjoy. And does Mary keep her lover? Does she find out who the real killer is? You'll have to read the book to find out.

    • Susan says:

      This is a nice mystery set in Coral Gables, Florida. I'm familiar with the area since one of my children went to the University of Miami. It was fun to read about places I've been to, and especially nice to do so during winter in the Northeast. The story has a good pace and the characters are interesting. I was ready to give this 4 stars until the ending which I felt was a little rushed and tied things up by implying what happened rather than spelling it out.

    • Normalene says:

      This was fun and quirky and yet the mystery was good. I loved the characters and the setting of florida was just right for this mystery and yet we get enough details so the flavor of the place comes through.The mystery was well done but I figured it out pretty early although that didn't detract from the story. I'll definitely be reading the rest in the series.

    • Jeanne Jenkins says:

      A great read. I had no idea where this murder mystery was going. Lots of twist and turns. The lawyer, Mary Magurder Katz, was wonderful. The only thing that I could say of the ending of the book, is that I sure hope that there will be another one coming soon.

    • Michele says:

      This was such a cute story, I laughed and laughed.

    • Mary says:

      It was okay.

    • Kristen says:

      This is a fast read. Like most murder mysteries, it contains some objectionable material.

    • Lillie says:

      A light, fun read that I would have enjoyed more if the main character was a little less ethically challenged.

    • Patricia says:

      I read and enjoyed Justice in June by Barbara Leavenson so I bought Fatal February. Will be buying her next book for sure.

    • Donna Agnelly says:

      This is a good beach read - fun and quick and not heavy on the details. A nice little respite from the heavier reading.

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