Titans, Young Justice: Graduation Day

Titans Young Justice Graduation Day The Titans and Young Justice team up against a menace from the future who spells disaster for both teams

  • Title: Titans, Young Justice: Graduation Day
  • Author: Judd Winick TrevorScott Marlo Alquiza Alé Garza Lary Stucker
  • ISBN: 9781401201760
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Titans and Young Justice team up against a menace from the future who spells disaster for both teams

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    • Sophia says:

      Such a good and emotional series!! I loved seeing both teams come together and fight! But I hated seeing such great characters lose (the fight and people that they loved). I must admit that my eyes got watery when reading about the tragic things that happen but the last couple of pages give me hope! Overall, I good story line that plays with your emotions and sets the stage for bigger things to come!

    • Patrick says:

      I finally got around to reading this one. It isn't the easiest of title to find for some reason.I knew this led to the Johns run of Teen Titans, but I didn't know it also led to the Outsiders run at the same time.I have a new title to catch up on.

    • Andrea says:

      A good wrap up to the Young Justice series, and an intro to the Geoff Johns' Teen Titans.

    • Feather Mista says:

      Cuando la leí en la compu hace muchos años, después de un largo período de desencuentro con DC, me pareció muy buena, y de haber sabido entonces que existía seguro le ponía cuatro estrellitas. Cerca de 2008/9 finalmente conseguí en papel la edición argentina y Bueno, se dejó leer. Tiene algún que otro agujero argumental muy tonto pero perdonable y la narrativa no fluye demasiado bien, aunque el dibujo en sí es bastante bueno. Cuando lo relea, seguro se gane una reseña más elaborad [...]

    • Marc Jentzsch says:

      I have written and rewritten this review, but every time I am unhappy with it. Suffice to say that this book comes off as crass and pointless, full of gratuitous death, a villain that would be utterly forgettable but for the face he wears, and fails to elicit much excitement for its new character. Then at the end, it crashes and burns as the characters only seem to remember one of their fallen and act like their other nearly-as-storied friend never existed.

    • Kathleen says:

      Who do you have to kill to end two titles and get two brand new superteams to play with? Donna Troy and Omen. Indigo makes a good villain; a completely preventable tragedy always goes over well with fans.

    • Koen says:

      Didn't know what I would have to expect in these issues, but wow, I was kind of surprised, in a good way! The villains in this story were very intriguing. And after this ending I can't hardly wait to read the next chapter, hoping to see more about that new place where D. ended up :)

    • Angela says:

      A nice little team up story. I say little because it seems way too short. Nice twist with the tragedies. But it should have been longer.

    • Variaciones Enrojo says:

      Edición argentina que recopila la saga que hizo de puente entre Young Justice y The Titans con los nuevos Teen Titans.

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