Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties

Fancy Nancy Tea Parties You re invited to a tea party Join in the fun with hostess extraordinaire Fancy Nancy Fancy Nancy shares her favorite tea party tips from what to wear which refreshments to serve and how to make abs

  • Title: Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties
  • Author: Jane O'Connor Robin Preiss Glasser
  • ISBN: 9780061801747
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You re invited to a tea party Join in the fun with hostess extraordinaire Fancy Nancy.Fancy Nancy shares her favorite tea party tips from what to wear, which refreshments to serve, and how to make absolutely everything even paper plates and plastic spoons tr s elegant A perfect gentle and friendly etiquette teaching tool, Tea Parties is a great gift for your little hostYou re invited to a tea party Join in the fun with hostess extraordinaire Fancy Nancy.Fancy Nancy shares her favorite tea party tips from what to wear, which refreshments to serve, and how to make absolutely everything even paper plates and plastic spoons tr s elegant A perfect gentle and friendly etiquette teaching tool, Tea Parties is a great gift for your little hostess With a little imagination, they too can create an exquisite tea party that is perfect for friends and family R.S.V.P oui, oui, oui Recipe cards included From the dazzling New York Times bestselling duo Jane O Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser.

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    • Lisa Vegan says:

      This book is cute but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Fancy Nancy books of stories. It does give some cute ideas for tea parties though, for food & beverages, decorations, games to play, etc. etc. Unfortunately, the last page of the copy of the book I read was torn out and apparently consisted of recipe cards, so I didn’t see those. Nancy is as adorable as usual, and I think this is the first time I remember learning her last name. The tea party for the dolls and its refreshments were t [...]

    • Katherine Austin says:

      1) Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)-Fancy Nancy is an expert at all things fancy, especially tea parties. In this book, Fancy Nancy explains all the things a hostess or guest of a tea party needs to know. She explains the proper attire, etiquette, food, games, and even give helpful tips on how to make things fancy, like your napkins and plates. By the end of the book, you will be an expert on how to throw the best, fanciest, tea party ever.2) Grade level, interest level, lexile (1 pt)-Kin [...]

    • Millie says:

      So, ANGIE!, I got one of these books a while back when you added it to your list. Now we get one or two every time we go to the library. My oldest girl loves them and wants everything to be fancy now. Thanks a lot! I'm guessing you may know how I feel with at least one of your girls? I'm more of a plain type. I would fit right in with the rest of the Clancy Clan.

    • Bookishrealm says:

      This was absolutely adorable! I loved all the information related to the tea parties especially since I didn't know a lot of stuff and Nancy gave some excellent craft ideas!!

    • Kristen says:

      Our daughter is such a mix of interests right now! She loves superheros but she LOVES Fancy Nancy books too. This book was all about different types of tea parties you can have and what you should do at each type.While it was a bit hard to read it as a bedtime book like we were doing, it was still a cute book. I told my daughter that maybe when she is 4 or 5 we can do a tea party with her friends (either for her birthday or just in general) and we can use some of the recipes and decorations from [...]

    • Rachel Collins says:

      Genre: Modern Fantasy/Contemporary Realistic Grade Level: 1-3This is almost a guide rather than a book. There are recipes, settings, and game ideas for planning your own tea party. This isn't exactly a book for a read aloud, but it is unique and fun for little girls. If anyone wanted to plan a tea party, this book covers all the bases. I enjoyed reading the ideas in this story. The illustrations are great, and the book is a good tool to spark a young girls imagination.

    • Lynda says:

      “I like the pink lemonade, I like the recipes especially the pink lemonade and the raspberry swirls.” So many good ideas. -V, age 4

    • Paul says:

      Too fancy for me!

    • Mickayla says:

      Grade Range: 1-3Genre: Contemporary RealisticThis book is not one to read aloud to children, it is more of a book for a child to read leisurely to themselves. When reading aloud it is hard to follow what Nancy is talking about because she jumps around often. But the idea of the story is cute.

    • Leigh Isley says:

      Genre: Realistic FictionFancy Nancy is a eccentric little "fancy" girl who loves everything girly. Fancy Nancy has a series of book and in this certain one she shares with her readers how to put together a tea party of your own. She also shares a step by step recipe, some decoration ideas, and even how to make your own fancy invitation. Girls of all Elementary ages would love this book 7 - 11. Although I was not a particular fan of this series. They were hard to follow, the text jumps around the [...]

    • Allison says:

      Fancy Nancy is an eccentric little girl who loves everything girly. In this book she shares with readers some ways to put together a tea party of your own. She has a step by step recipe, some decoration ideas and what kinds of invitations to make. Any little girl would love this quirky girl. This book is appropriate for ages 4+ This book in particular can be used for the basis of a girls birthday party, the little girl I used to babysit loved these books and her mom ended up throwing her a Fancy [...]

    • babyhippoface says:

      Even though I wasn't the "fancy" type, I'm pretty sure I would have really loved the ideas in this book and would have begged my mom to let me have a tea party. Fancy Nancy gives readers plenty of tips for hosting their own fancy tea parties, from recipes to decorations, napkin folding to etiquette, and more. There are even ideas for doll tea parties included. Though there's no storyline here, little girls who love Fancy Nancy will also love the ideas here, and will be eager to take cues from Na [...]

    • Alexa Maring says:

      I read this book out of request by one of my second grade students. She is in love with Fancy Nancy so I had to see what she loved about her. As much as my little second grader loves this book, I was not as consumed with Fancy Nancy. But what I do love is the ability this book has for teaching students about instructional or how to books. For example, Fancy Nancy tells how to make a Strawberry Supreme. As she gives step by step directions, students can either make a book or a poster describing h [...]

    • Andrea says:

      Adorable little book for girls who are into tea parties. Would make a great gift basket with some of the suggest supplies in the book, like cooking and frosting for faux treats. The book even has directions on how to make tea in the sun. As always I love the illustrations in this series. The little girl I was reading it to was either too sleepy to be excited or really had no interest in the bookhahah I liked it though!!

    • Dolly says:

      Leave it to Fancy Nancy to create the ultimate guide to tea parties. With her instruction on etiquette, themes, set up, recipes for the refreshments and her inimitable style, this is sure to entertain young girls. And her recommendations, for the most part, are easy enough for children to copy (with help from parents). We couldn't read this book in one setting, but our girls really liked it.

    • Joella says:

      Where are my three fancy girls? After reading this book I am in serious need of a tea party! I love how it explains all kinds of ways to have a partyextra fancy ways or plain ways with just a little bit of fancy. Plus there are fun drink, games, and decoration suggestions. I think any little girl who loves to dress up will need to have a tea party as soon as she reads this book. Here's hoping my mom will read it to my nieces for me :)

    • Suzanne says:

      My daughter picked this book at the library, and I should have looked at it before we took it home. It isn't a story, it's more of a "guide" to how to create a tea party with some recipes included. It might be fun for an older kid who can actually do this stuff, but wasn't working well for my 4 year old. I tried to make it sound like a story as we went through it just to entertain her a bit, but overall you have to go in knowing it is not a story.

    • Edna says:

      Cute book but be prepared because it's a really, really, cutesy, frilly girly book with illustrations that are perfectly fitted - lots of glitter and lots of cute bodies and facial expressions. Any girly-girl would love to flip through this book; it's fun to read (a bit of adult humor to explain vocabulary) and is an honestly good tea-party suggestion book.

    • Rosanna says:

      There were plenty of simple and fun recipes as well as adorable fancy decoration ideas, even ideas for mini-sized tea parties with dollies.As my 2-year-old is very much into tea parties at the moment, this was a great resource. I would likely consider purchasing. (Our reading of this book was a loan from our local library)

    • Go says:

      I read this to my daughter. It was so cute explaining all the different types of tea parties you could have. It teaches some French words too. I loved how there were recipes for the treats and instructions for decorations. Clever. When my daughter saw the picture of the lollipop bouquet she said "Oh I want one of those!"

    • Kaley Matous says:

      This book is excellent for teaching new and more difficult vocabulary. The book also has some words in French which could be fun to explore with children. The pictures and style are great for younger girls.

    • Mandy says:

      If your daughter (or son) loves tea parties as much as mine you will love this book! It has several easy tea party recipes and ideas, center pieces, decorative ideas, etcd some "fancy" words for kids to learn. Such a cute book!

    • Jennifer says:

      Can I please be 10 and throw tea parties every day? Fabulous book! And I am not ashamed to say that I am implementing some of Nancy's ideas in my own party planning! It is a little wordy for the younger crowd (2/3), however, so sometimes just talk about the stuff and don't read every word.

    • Nancy Jo Lambert says:

      So recently, my daughter has become extremely interested in Fancy Nancy. So, we have been reading some of the Fancy Nancy series. This series is lots of fun and all the heart warming moments are a nice touch to the rather flouncy, fancy moments.

    • Elizabeth S says:

      Not so much a picture book for little kids. But very much a how-to book for children wanting to throw their own tea parties. Small, little, fancy parties for friends, or dolls are covered. Practical, real advise and simple recipes. Well done!

    • Mandy J. Hoffman says:

      This is the perfect book to read in conclusion to the whole Fancy Nancy series. Packed with great tips and snippets of stories all about planning a fancy tea party, this book also boasts some cute invitations to detach and use for your very own tea party!

    • Kathryn Bergeron says:

      Summary: You can do fancy things just like Nancy! Start with a Fancy Tea Party!Review: Fancy Nancy is pretty fancy in this book, and it does teach you how, but it is filled with words, way more than I would give to a child who would like the Fancy Nancy books.

    • Patricia says:

      This Fancy Nancy book is a guide to having tea parties. I liked the balance between recipes and activities. There are a lot of nice ideas presented, which I look forward to trying with my daughter at our next tea party. The illustrations are really nice and very colorful.

    • Jessica says:

      My girls and I use this ALL the time when they feel like throwing a party for themselves. The ideas are simple and creative and shows how to plan and decorate a real party all by themselves. So wonderful!

    • Gwen says:

      Not your bedtime story. This is a very cute book on how to throw a tea partyt just one tea party but a few different types. Includes recipes for snacks and beverages too. Very cute if you have a little girl who likes to have parties like mine do.

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