The Time Cavern

The Time Cavern The Mystery began a hundred years ago It was never solved Now it s happening again When ten year old Aaron moved from the big city to the country he thought it was a boring sleepy town Then he met Ja

  • Title: The Time Cavern
  • Author: Todd A. Fonseca Fonseca, Todd A.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Mystery began a hundred years ago It was never solved Now it s happening again.When ten year old Aaron moved from the big city to the country, he thought it was a boring sleepy town Then he met Jake, a know it all farm girl who said his house was haunted She claimed an Amish boy disappeared without a trace after hearing the wind call his name Aaron thought she wasThe Mystery began a hundred years ago It was never solved Now it s happening again.When ten year old Aaron moved from the big city to the country, he thought it was a boring sleepy town Then he met Jake, a know it all farm girl who said his house was haunted She claimed an Amish boy disappeared without a trace after hearing the wind call his name Aaron thought she was just trying to scare himuntil the night he heard his own name in the wind Wow What a terrific book especially for young adult readers What could you ask for Mystery, time travel, history all rolled into one heck of a yarn Joseph Perrone Jr, author of As the Twig is Bent THE TIME CAVERN will stimulate and captivate the imagination of young readers, girls and boys alike I urge parents and teachers to add this book to their libraries D B Pacini, author of The Loose End of the Rainbow The Time Cavern showcases masterful storytelling that will immediately be passed forward to one of my nephews I highly recommend picking up a copy for the young explorers that you love Roy L Pickering, author of Patches of Grey

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    • Sandy says:

      Delightful, wholesome, and intelligent reading for young and not-so-young adults. I remain charmed and delighted after finishing Todd Fonseca’s The Time Cavern. As other reviewers point out, this is the story of two youngsters, a brilliant boy who has recently relocated from the city to the country and an adventurous farm girl. Tom Sawyer-style, they embark upon adventures that lead them to very unexpected places. I don’t want to reveal more of the story, though the title reveals that a time [...]

    • Robin says:

      One word comes to mind after reading Todd Fonseca's Time Cavernarming. It is a wholesome fun tale with a lot of heart.While I love YA books, the audience of this book is a bit younger than I'm used to. The main character is 10-years old. I thought this might make the book a bit boring for a 40-something but on the contrary. I was engrossed. This book reminds me of Scooby-Do and the Hardy boys and I love the way Todd weaves the life lessons and science lessons seemlessly in his book without dragg [...]

    • Dee Marie says:

      On the surface, “The Time Cavern,” appears to be an average, YA Sci-Fi adventure tale. The plot initially simplistic: A young boy (Aaron) and his tomboy girlfriend (Jake), discover an ancient mystery of the universe, a time machine. Yet, the story is more than a fiction-adventure for young boys (and girls). It is also a learning tool. For, nestled within the pages of his story, Todd Fonseca subtly weaves an abundance of life-lessons.I was pleasantly surprised to find “The Time Cavern” ov [...]

    • J.R. says:

      Todd A. Fonseca's "The Time Cavern" is a fantastic read for children and adults alike. Todd has a knack for making the characters realistic and likeable, whether they be Aaron's parents or the main characters, 10 year old friends Aaron and Jake. I laughed many times while reading the book at the way Todd skillfully phrased certain things.For the adult, the read takes you back to a time when the world is filled with adventure and mystery, begging to be discovered.For the young reader, both boys a [...]

    • Roy says:

      This book transported me back in time to when I was an avid 10-year old reader, which is both ironic and apt since it features 10-year old time travelers. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself (yet more time traveling) as I pen this review about a most wonderful young adult novel – The Time Cavern by Todd A. Fonseca. I typically do not read much fiction geared towards pre-teens and those in their early teenage years, having left that period of my life decades behind. Prior to The Time Cavern I sup [...]

    • Dennis Batchelder says:

      pleasant, informative, funTodd Fonseca's "The Time Cavern" is a story of how a 10 year old boy named Aaron, freshly transplanted from Minneapolis to the Pennsylvania Amish countryside and his new friend Jake (a know-it-all girl something like Hermione Granger without the wand) stumble across a hidden time machine and find out how it sparked a spooky legend of a young Amish boy disappearing a century before. Fonseca tells the story mostly from Aaron's point of view. His story hits on some YA-frie [...]

    • Ashley says:

      1. Science Fiction2. A centuries-old mystery was left unsolved, and now ten year old Aaron finds himself in the midst of it! At first, Aaron thought Jake was only pulling his leg about a boy who lived in his house years ago, and who disappeared without a trace after some peculiar phenomenon. It is not long, however, before Aaron begins to think Jake may be telling the truth…3. Critique:a. The strength of this book is the story lineb. This is a gripping and exciting novel that blends not only s [...]

    • Debra says:

      While camping in the backyard of his new home, ten-year-old Aaron Logan thinks he hears someone call his name. As he tries to find the source, he comes across an old barn at the back of the property. In the barn is a trunk containing curious objects. Aaron’s new friend Jake informs him that the farm the Logans now own is haunted by an Amish boy, also named Aaron, who disappeared from this same farm a hundred years ago. Discovery of a map and a page from the missing boy’s diary, launch Aaron [...]

    • John says:

      I realize this book was written more for a young adult audience, but it kept popping up whenever I searched for new time travel e-books for my kindle. So I decided to give it a try. I must admit that I was pleasantly suprised. The story is engaging and entertaining, even for an adult reader, and I found the characters to be interesting and intelligent. I will say that I was a little disappointed that Aaron and Jake never had the opportunity to travel through time. As the story progressed, I kept [...]

    • Jim says:

      Presumably, this is targeted at pre- and early-teens. Also, it appears to be the first in an open-ended series (assuming it sells enough to endure).If it is a series, I'd rate it higher. If not, I'd rate it lower.It spends a lot of time in establishing and setting up. The payoff at the end seems abbreviated, if not a series, or a big teaser for the series.The ending was good, it is complete, and moves quickly. I like books that end this way (complete, yet open) and don't feel sequels are needed, [...]

    • Barbara Brien says:

      What a great, unique book! The writing was polished, the subject matter was engaging, and the learning was interesting and integral to the story line. I should mention that I received a free (signed!) copy of this book from Mr. Fonseca as the result of a Time Travel group giveaway. Also, I debated about classifying the book as children's or young adult; in the end, I used the protagonist's age (10) as the deciding factor.My one issue with the book was that it took so long to get to the titular t [...]

    • Trevor Williams says:

      The time Cavern was awesome. I read it quickly but enjoyed it a lot. I am really looking forward to the sequel. I like stories that have adventure and good characters. I will recommend this book to my friends.

    • Rai says:

      I just loved this storyI know that this is a book recommended for 9-12 year olds, I’m an adult, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this story. Not just from trying to appreciate it from a young person’s perspective, but simply as a reader. The author, Todd Fonseca, has a wonderful gift for storytelling and he obviously put a lot of love into crafting this tale and bringing his characters to life. They seem as real as any characters I’ve ever read. There are many touching moments; the a [...]

    • Eric Knapp says:

      The Time Cavern is a concise, well-written, and endearing story. It's highly suitable for young adult readers: it was mature and clever, yet not overly complex. As an adult, I also enjoyed the book quite a bit -- it reminded me of the Encyclopedia Brown books I used to read when I was a kid, where the hero won the day through intellect and keen observation. The story is one of exploration and friendship, as Aaron and Jake investigate the source of mysterious voices on the wind, and become entang [...]

    • D.B. Pacini says:

      When the heart of a father and the mind of a talented writer join forces to create a story that will hold the interest of an inquisitive son, other young people fortunate enough to read the book will benefit. In many books I have favorite sentences underlined. In THE TIME CAVERN by Todd Fonseca I’ve marked full passages.For example on page 56, the description of how each individual strand of silk on a corncob is pollinated to determine the color of each individual kernel of corn is educational [...]

    • Carole says:

      The Time Cavern,Todd Fonseca.It is a long time since I have read a book written specifically for children. I started this one with caution expecting it to be juvenile and perhaps a bit boring. Not a bit of it! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main story of the adventures of ten-year-old Aaron, and his new friend, a girl called Jake, tested my knowledge of science and astronomy. The putting together of the clues was cleverly done. I loved the idea that the kids went out and did their own research. I [...]

    • R.M. says:

      Now only if I knew of a tree like the tree in "The Time Cavern." I must admit that I'm attracted to the idea of time travel and Tom Fonseca's "The Time Cavern" portrays a new twist on this mode of make-believe (or is it?) transport. I thought the description of how to get from here to there to be perfectly believable. Using the stars and light years—that only makes sense. How else would one travel in time?The two main characters are likable and I also liked the idea of involving the Amish in t [...]

    • Leslie Susskind says:

      My daughter and I fought over who would read The Time Cavern first. I lost. She loved it, and when it was my turn, I did too.This is a fantastic book. Mr. Fonseca's carefully crafted mystery, characters and setting will capitvate readers of all ages right from the start. They'll enjoy getting to know Aaron and his friend and neighbor, Jake (short for Jacqueline); they'll be scared (in a good way) and intrigued immediately when Aaron camps outside his new home and hears his name in the wind; they [...]

    • Jefferson Smith says:

      Ghosts, time travel, and life on the farm.Aaron is new in town. He's the kid whose family just moved into the haunted old farm house. But as Aaron and his new friend, Jake, dig deeper, there's more to that old ghost story than anyone realized, and it's up to them to set the record straight on a mystery that has puzzled the community for a hundred years.Told in an direct and engaging style, Fonseca manages to convey the quiet urgency of life in the country for adventure-hungry pre-teens, and stir [...]

    • Shirley says:

      Those adults enamored with the old television show "The Twilight Zone"of years past will be delighted to place Todd Fonseca's "The Time Cavern" into a young person's hands.Fonseca combines science with a brilliant imagination to connect with the young as well as the older reader.Well on his way t top seller, Fonseca's work is fresh and imaginative.This book is worthy of your 'keeper'shelf.Kudos to Fonseca and Happy Reading!Sincerely.Shirley Bullock, author of Forever Promised.

    • Luke says:

      The Time Cavern by Todd A. Fonseca is a fun book to read. WARNING! Do not read the back of the book as it spoils the ending! This book was fun to read because it is very light, unlike many books I read. In it you get to learn about Amish people, which is something I never learned or even really heard about before. I can't give much explanation about the story because that would spoil it but I recommend it for ages 7+.

    • William Alger says:

      It was a really good book. It was so interesting; every chapter was exciting and it was hard to stop reading because there were many things that were going on. It wasn't one of those book that started outreally slow. Those kind of books just get me frustrated how slow they are.Anyway, I really recommend this book for future reference. I hope to read the second book soon for more information about this series.

    • Judemurdeaux says:

      What a great read! Todd Fonseca's book would grab the attention of any reader of any age. He quite artfully pits the inquisitive minds of his main characters against the mystery of an ancient machine. The plot is a fresh and exciting telling of the time travel paradox. This is a highly recommended read for anyone.

    • April says:

      Aaron moves to a farm with his family. He meets Jake, a girl. Aaron hears his name called on the wind. He and Jake explore and find a tree that opens into a cavern. They learn about lots of things as they try to find their way further into the cavern. They discover that the cavern allows time travel.

    • CJC says:

      This was a cute book and we will likely read the next one.My 8 year old and I read it together and his comment was 'Mom, kids don't talk like that'. There were times I had to agree. The 'you could learn a lesson here' moments were too obvious sometimes.Overall we liked it and want to see more of Aaron.

    • Stacey says:

      We just finished this for readaloud before bed. I was disappointed with how slowly the plot moved. We were 60% into it before the story was really rolling, and the chapters were a little long. It was well written, and their were great hooks at the end of each chapter. Eli always groaned when I put it down. I think Eli enjoyed it.

    • Benjamin says:

      A well thought out children's book on time travel, built around solving a series of puzzles about how to get the time machine to work, but little left to discuss the consequences of time travel, which looks like it will be left for the sequel.

    • Melissa says:

      Excellent children's fiction book. One could say science fiction because it did involve time travel, but it was so much more than that. The way the author wove together the different aspects of the book was superbly done, and the ending was completely satisfying.

    • Brett Williams says:

      I bought this book for my 13 year old. He is an avid reader. He devoured the book quickly and is now waiting eagerly for the sequel. I love books like this that engage my kid and get them to participate in conversations about literature.

    • Jodie says:

      This is a good book for the younger audience, I read this book to my 9 year old son. The author does a great job in creating suspense and anticipation that the younger readers can identify with. I will be reading the second book in this series to my son as well.

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