Less of a Stranger

Less of a Stranger First published in the s these classic Nora Roberts romances are available once again taking readers into worlds of love in which dreams really do come true Reissue

  • Title: Less of a Stranger
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373218950
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published in the 1980s, these classic Nora Roberts romances are available once again, taking readers into worlds of love in which dreams really do come true Reissue.

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    • Nadin Adel says:

      Two reasons I didn't like this book:Firstly, the story was really digged a thousands of times in movies, books, cartoons, etc.That filthy rich man that with a single look - that didn't take much of the novel - love that very normal girl and out of a sudden she has a whole big talent. So it's exactly as that their are hundreds of keys in your pocket for happiness, but never tried any! And suddenly she uses all those keys, thanks to the multimillionaire that actually, have done nothing!Really kind [...]

    • Susan says:

      I couldn't get past the first 30 pages of this one. Here's the premise: hero is standing outside of a grocery store and sees heroine. Heroine's friends think he's wonderful. Heroine thinks he's a jerk. He arrogantly assures her that she'll want him; she tells him to buzz off.Hero shows up at heroine's house for business with someone else in the house. She still thinks he's a jerk. He manipulates her into spending time together.Why would any woman put up with this crap? What kind of relationship [...]

    • Thenia says:

      A poor choice for the first book of the yearI kept waiting to get invested in Megan and "Katch"'s story but that never really happened.(view spoiler)[Megan goes from being suspicious and flatly refusing to even go out with him to in love with him in ten seconds flat, while he changed moods as often as shirts and from wanting to sleep with her straight away, to taking her home when she almost throws herself at him, for no discernible reason (hide spoiler)].Just wrong book at the wrong time["br"]& [...]

    • Rie_dominique says:

      Update 2016Sudah 16 tahun and still like it :)-----------------------First read : 2000

    • Halima says:

      Kill me.

    • Naika says:

      According to “Less of a Stranger” by Nora Roberts, love and trust are two of the biggest issues in a relationship. Without these two, a relationship will not work out right. The story was sweet. The characters felt like real people. Less of a stranger takes place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Nora Roberts captures the charm of the people and the place in this book. I was very impressed with the wonderful detail of the beach. Then again, Roberts is extremely descriptive and can form a pict [...]

    • Sarah says:

      This book was okay, but definitely not the best one I've read by NR. It's dated, which didn't really bother me. It had a lot of potential but since back in the days of Silhouette the books tended to be a lot shorter and it shows.The book centers around Katch and Megan. I wasn't really fond of either character. Katch is extremely rich and extremely arrogant. He's a tease and somewhat manipulative and tries to take control of her life. Megan is very mistrusting, which I understood, but then she is [...]

    • Fernanda says:

      De facto está me a custar um pouco não dar mais estrelinhas, mas a historia que NR nos apresenta não tem o conteúdo nem a profundidade de sentimentos, de emoção a que nos habituou nos anos precedentes.Nota-se que a historia já foi escrita há uns bons anos atrás e dai que algumas das cenas não sejam descritas com envolvência, com o carisma, com o deslumbramento que tive ao ler outros romance mais recente da NR.Mas apesar de tudo não deixa de ser uma historia aprazível, de leitura rá [...]

    • Tammy says:

      Megans parents died when she was 5 years old, so she was raised by her grandfather. He owned an amusement park and Megan helped him run it. She likes to dabble in sculpting on the side but doesnt think of selling her pieces. she is content in helping her grandfather run the park.Then she meets a guy at the grocery store who is an egomaniac. He doesnt like the word NO. He pursues Megan even when she tells him she isnt interested. He is even bold enough to tell her that he WILL have her AND her Gr [...]

    • Desi says:

      Leído el 16/01/2012Protagonistas: David "Katch" Katcherton y Megan MillerArgumento:David Katcherton, un hombre atrevido, seguro de sí mismo y arrogante, entró en la vida de Megan Miller y le removió sentimientos que habían permanecido aletargados. Megan no quería tener nada que ver con Katch, y menos después de saber que él quería comprar el negocio de su querido abuelo, pero Katch era un hombre que nunca aceptaba un no por respuesta. Y había fijado sus miras en Megan.Megan no estaba d [...]

    • Sue Lauzon says:

      I think this was one of Nora Roverts' earlier works and it didn't disappoint me. They rarely do. A really cute romance story that is a quick read. Easily could have been read in an afternoon but seeing as I have ADD when it comes to reading I had other books on the go at the time.

    • Amanda Siegrist says:

      I really wanted to like this novel, but I just couldn't figure out how they loved each other. Katch was rude and controlling, and Megan didn't like him, yet every time he touched her, she forgot all about it. It was just hard to believe.

    • Irene says:

      This book was not one of Nora Roberts best . Too predictable and not very interesting sorry to say .

    • Cláudia Martins says:

      Um livro perfeitamente normal com uma história engraçada Sem muito conteúdo, mas não se pode esperar muito de um livro com tão poucas páginas.

    • Mojca says:

      Megan Miller has been helping her grandfather run his amusement park for years, and she's not about to let David Katcherton, no matter how infuriatingly handsome he is, wiggle into their family and buy their park.But Katch intends to do just that. But beside the park, there's something else he's determine to end up with—Megan.It was short, cute, sweet, and incredibly tame (Megan and Katch never got beyond second base), which was equally strange and refreshing.The heroine was rather annoying wi [...]

    • Maura says:

      Some of these early Nora Roberts books are completely awful. I'm supposed to think that a guy who creeps about and stalks a woman in the grocery store and crosses physical boundaries like touching and kissing without any hint from the woman that it's okay, is romantic? He (the Hero Katch) is arrogant and bent on owning everythingcluding the heroine. He doesn't even know her and he tells himself that he will have her - it's as though he's saving up for a new car or something. And I'm sorry, but h [...]

    • Vanessa says:

      Este livro foi-me oferecido no final do mês passado e, como estava bastante curiosa acerca do mesmo, acabei por me decidir e escolhê-lo para ser lido durante este mês.Este é um livro repleto de romance, atracção, amizade, intriga, amor, tensão e paixão desde o princípio até ao fim, com um enredo ritmado e muito envolvente e com personagens carismáticas, reais e muito cativantes. Como de costume, a escrita da autora mostra-se leve e descontraída e proporciona uma leitura fácil e muit [...]

    • Mollie *scoutrmom* says:

      It is a real treat to take a dusty old paperback off the garage shelf and rediscover a treasure like this.Though published 27 years ago, this book has not aged much. The description of the characters competing at playing Space Invaders was one of the few ways one could date the story without checking the copyright. Another was the heroine's checking her pocket for a dime and looking for a telephone booth.These pecadillos aside, it is a great story. I loved the amusement park and beach setting. T [...]

    • Gramedia Pustaka Utama says:

      Megan tinggal bersama Kakeknya semenjak menjadi yatimpiatu pada usia 5 tahun. Dan baginya taman hiburan Joyland merupakan rumah, dan berat rasanya untuk melepaskannya walaupun dia menyadari tidak banyak yang bisa dihasilkan dari taman hiburan tersebut selama Pop bersikap sinterclaus pada semua orang.Katch tertarik untuk memiliki taman hiburan tersebut, bukan hanya taman hiburan yang membuatnya tertarik, juga terhadap kemampuan seni yang ada dalam diri Megan.Katch secara terusterang menyatakan mi [...]

    • LJ says:

      Less of a Stranger - GRoberts, NoraCocky, confident and colossally arrogant, David Katcherton swept into Megan Miller's life and awakened feelings that had been lying dormant.Megan wanted no part of Katch, especially when she discovered he was after her beloved grandfather's business. But Katch was a man who never took no for an answer. And he'd set his determined sights on Megan.Megan wasn't about to let herself fall for this irritatingly irresistible stranger who'd insinuated himself in her li [...]

    • Caroline G'wattage says:

      The feature of this story is a fairground.Megan has grown up with her Grandfather, who owns the fairground.She is worried when a stanger, Katch comes along and tries to buy it. Although the fairground is only just making a profit, Megan does not want to see it go.Along with that Katch is determined not only to have the fairground he is determined to have Megan too. She is finding it hard to resist falling for him.This book was full of romance and the setting of the fairground sounded simple but [...]

    • Linda says:

      The story of Megan and Katch. She's a woman who's parents died when she was very young and was raised by her grandfather. He owned and ran an amusement park that both supported them and held them down. The expense of the park kept them from doing much else, and since her grandfather mostly ran the park out of enjoyment, he barely charged enough to keep it in business. In breezes Katch, a very wealthy man, who aparentently has more character than we originally discover. The story was okay. Not on [...]

    • Molly Morris says:

      Nope not going to finish. I read through chapter 3 and was appalled by the main Malle character Katch. He was rude, arrogant and borderline abusive and she went to a deserted beach with him? Nope. Don't think so. I have no desire to read any further. Megan doesn't seem stupid, so she would never go with an arrogant stranger like this. I can't get over how much I disliked the beginning of this book. I wish I could give a zero stars.

    • Shailly says:

      The book WAS very cool it has its own different beauty ups and down a light read but a bit heavy as in in emotions I really like MEGAn. and of course Katch was no exception . he held my breath most of the timed gotta to say Megan's hard work IS VERY ADMIRABLE SHE WORKS SO HARD TO FULFILL HER DUTIES AND TAKE CARE OF HER GRANDPA - pop,. just loved what katch did for megan's dream and the ending was so sweet - happy ending !!!!

    • Joanie says:

      Megan and her grandfather owned an amusement park and she was quite content until Katch, a stranger, came along and was very persistant to get Meg to sell the business to him, He was always used to getting what he wanted-very pushy about everything especially wanting to be with Megan. She was starting to fall in love with him, this stranger.This was a fast and easy read and a very relaxing one too.

    • Kristiana S says:

      Hanya butuh beberapa jam aja, buat nyelesain buku ini. Ga sampe 3 jam kayanya. Termasuk waktu makan siang yg kupake buat baca buku ini. Padahal ke tempat kerja cuma bawa satu buku aja. Jadilah, sisa hari dilalui sambil bengong.Ceritanya agak datar, nyaris ga ada konflik. Kecuali ketidaksetujuan dan ketidakpercayaan Meghan pada niat baik Katch untuk membeli taman hiburan milik Pop, kakek Meghan.Untuk percintaannya, manis tanpa perlu ada adegan2 uhuk2, heheh

    • Sandra Sager says:

      My Kind Of ReadI give this book 5 stars because it has comedy, romance, wit and special bonds with the characters. I would recommend this Nora Roberts book to anyone who likes to get lost in their reading.

    • Tania Martins says:

      Uma tipica história "bonitinha" como ela já nos habituou, achei o romance completamente estapafúrdio ao inicio desde a maneira como se conhecem até ao desenrolar da relação em si mesma, irritou-me um bocado a presunção do protagonista Katch e achei a protagonista muito naive mas gostei do cenário de parque de diversões, foi algo diferente do habitual, nota-se logo que é nos anos 80!

    • Mónica Horta says:

      Mais uma doce história ao estilo de Nora Roberts. Gostei da temática da escultura e do parque de diversões que acabaram por dar um cariz mais sonhador ao romance. Por vezes irritou-me o facto da Megan ser tão intempestiva nas suas reacções, tornando-as infantis e exageradas. Adorei o Pop, sempre querido e preocupado com a sua única neta.

    • Jessica says:

      This book was filled with cliches, both in plot and in writing. The characters were believable, as was their romance. However, her writing style asks the romance to carry the entire novel. There are many other writers out there from the romance genre who have done a better job at letting the plot and characters tell the story, while still maintaining the romantic element.

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