Wolverine: Logan

Wolverine Logan Wolverine travels to a mysterious hill in Japan to come to terms with the ghosts of a long forgotten incident in his past a moment that re forged him in the flames of love death and destruction If h

  • Title: Wolverine: Logan
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan Eduardo Risso
  • ISBN: 9780785134145
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wolverine travels to a mysterious hill in Japan to come to terms with the ghosts of a long forgotten incident in his past, a moment that re forged him in the flames of love, death and destruction.If he s not careful, these ghosts could keep him there forever.Award winning writer Brian K Vaughan Runaways, Y The Last Man teams with artist Eduardo Risso 100 Bullets to briWolverine travels to a mysterious hill in Japan to come to terms with the ghosts of a long forgotten incident in his past, a moment that re forged him in the flames of love, death and destruction.If he s not careful, these ghosts could keep him there forever.Award winning writer Brian K Vaughan Runaways, Y The Last Man teams with artist Eduardo Risso 100 Bullets to bring you a dark and cerebral defining moment of Wolverine s life one that took him from being a mutant and made him into a man.Collecting Logan 1 3.

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    • Sr3yas says:

      Sloppy.After the events of House of M, Logan finds himself in a luxury he never had before. He remembers. everything. He remembers his childhood, Weapon X program and all the stuff that happened to him in last 120 years, give or take.And there are some unfinished businesses In Japan!*Cue flashback*The year is 1945. The war had made Logan a prisoner of War in Japan. But he manages to escape with another POW: An American. Anyways, Logan meets a lovely Japanese lady whose life he kind of saves, fal [...]

    • James DeSantis says:

      Such a shame. If Brian had two more issues this could have been a classic IMO. The story of Logan meeting a racist piece of shit army boy who wants to kill "japs" and then befriends a beautiful Asian lady and then the aftermath of it all is well done but very rushed. You feel like if they built on this, let this story flow for two more issues, give more background to all the characters this could have been amazing. The art is solid throughout and the fights are both bloody and scary. It's entert [...]

    • Nicolo Yu says:

      It is always a delight to behold an Eduardo Risso-illustrated comic book. He always seem to pair up with writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets); so its a double treat to see him collaborate with one of my favorite writers in Brian K. Vaughan (BKV).This was a MarveL Knights-produced miniseries so BKV could play with the continuity and Risso could show all the blood in its scarlet glory. This is an excellently illustrated story, Risso was at the top of his game. So much so, I'd like to think much of [...]

    • Chelsea says:

      This didn't really feel like a story. Maybe because I was distracted by Atsuko's utter pointlessness. Maybe because I don't really have an affection for soldiers going to foreign lands they're attacking and hooking up with the women during war time. Maybe because this didn't really seem to go anywhere. I don't know but this is probably the least enjoyable of the Brian K Vaughn books I've read, thus far. This reads a bit like a watered down version of what a Loed/Sale Wolverine color series would [...]

    • Sam Quixote says:

      The story is set in the present when Logan is Wolverine and in 1945 when Logan was a GI. In 1945 he gets taken prisoner by the Japanese and busts out of jail only to find that his fellow American prisoner is a racist murderer who threatens women. Factor in the fact that they're in Hiroshima and that it's 1945 and you'll get an idea of what happens in the book. It's a very short read, 3 issues with a lot of extras such as Brian Vaughan's outline to the mini-series, script pages, and Eduardo Risso [...]

    • Sooraya Evans says:


    • J.M. says:

      I can appreciate what Brian K. Vaughn (Runaways, Y: The Last Man) tried to accomplish here, but trying to fit this story into three issues took away much of the emotional impact. It is a beautifully visceral accomplishment by Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets), set in WWII Japan -- Hiroshima, to be exact, before the cataclysmic voyage of the Enola Gay -- but overall Wolverine: Logan really lacked energy. I think if Vaughn had been given five or six issues to pull this story off, he could have, but the [...]

    • Pinkerton says:

      English (but not so good) / ItalianoHistory with intense meaning but whose schematic and sequential realization has compromised the performance, despite the undisputed validity of intents and excellent graphics. Good allusions to the orrors of war and to love life in this brief period of our gaijin.To complete the volume the self-contained “Bloodlust” by Alan Davis, nothing special. Indeed how to vote I was undecided between 3 and 4 stars, an half past 3 that this last chapter led me to roun [...]

    • Sean says:

      A short wolverine story, this entry does not focus on the x-Men but rather a personal story involving WWII. A very quick read but a lot of fun. The art is very untraditional but enjoyable.

    • Jedhua says:

      Other Useful Reviews: J.M.'s review, Sam Quixote's reviewBook Info: This collection contains Logan issues #1-3.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>"Into every life, a few bombs must fall failure, misery, heartbreak but even an ordinary Joe can survive an explosion or two. The thing that kills you next is what comes next. Fallout. It's the slow descent of all the unstable crap left behind by your mistakes. Hard to see while it's raining down around you, and by the t [...]

    • Matthew Ledrew says:

      The story of Logan "becoming a man" (meant both literally and figuratively) in Hiroshima Japan just before the bomb was dropped at the end of World War II. A very poignant tale of humanity, war, and the middle ground between. Easily one of the best X-Men related books I've ever read.

    • Dbgirl says:

      The story was OK but too short, it really needs something more to be a full, proper story. I loved the artwork in this, very rough and beautiful at the same time.

    • Dawood Milights says:

      Didnt appeal a lot to me as other wolverine stories. Very short and packed. Weak villain in my opinion. I think thats why i give it 2 stars, plus a very weak love story in my opinion.

    • Craig says:

      /Continuing the great x-read of 2017/18This volume isn't bad. In fact the writing is fairly well done at points and there's a few interesting moments to make us think about war, racism, the nature of violence and atomic war.But How many stories can you really read about Wolverine boinking some random woman and falling in love with her then watching her get killed and going nuts? It's an overused trope and frankly, it's just a cheap story.Not to mention some really odd plot moments at the end tha [...]

    • Vittorio Rainone says:

      Si inizia con uno strepitoso Risso al servizio di una tipica, onesta e non trascendentale storia by Vaughan. Un bravo Frusin illustra una storia adrenalinica e non spiacevole di Hrwitz, Gishler e Clark scrivono bei testi per un meraviglioso Das Pastoras (l'incontro fra Moebius e Corben). Molto carina la storia fi Grampà, e molto particolari i disegni. Chiude il lotto la coppia Palmiotti / Garres, con un racconto godibile. In totale, un volume che partiva male (l'impressione era che avessero mes [...]

    • Robert Solanovic says:

      Cute, but a little bit too short. BKV said he intended this to be one of the classic Wolverine stories like Claremont and Miller's mini from the early 80s but it's nowhere near as good as that. For die-hard BKV fans only. Eduardo Risso's interesting as usual but I get the feeling he wasn't too inspired by the story at times. If you want to see BKV at his best with a licensed character then try Dr. Strange: The Oath instead.

    • Apa says:

      Tiivis, ihan jees tarina historiasta ja hyvää, dynaamista kuvaa. Vaikka onkin Wolverine ja Japani, ei silti ihan 4* verran iskenyt.

    • Roman Colombo says:

      Really cool story told in just 3 issues, but the art wasn't great. Kind of bland for the most part.

    • Jesi says:

      It was okay. left me hungry for more. Story was a little flat but the artistry is really good. Wish there were more before and after.

    • Daniel says:

      Just a regular ol', pretty okay Sad Wolverine story.

    • Tupac says:

      the story is very engaging, this book hooked me up from beginning, this book is a page turner, I love it.

    • Mike says:

      Really great artwork elevates this above its simple cliché plotting. This book really strains the feasibility of Logan's healing factor for the sake of symbolism.

    • Zach Dionne says:

      Not into superhero stuff but wanted to see what kinda damage Brian K. Vaughan could do in the arena (while the Logan movie is #alltherage). This one's only three issues' worth and pretty dull and unfulfilling. I'm sure an X-Men/Wolverine-head would feel differently. Maybe.

    • Robert says:

      Good wolverine story about references his Japanese connection. Better than the previous film. Not related to the film titled "Logan"

    • Matthew says:

      Wolverine and Brian K Vaughan enough said.

    • Wesley says:

      This book collects issues 1-3 of Wolverine: Logan by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Eduardo Risso. I know Vaughan primarily from his excellent work on Y: The Last Man and I have also read a couple of volumes of Ex Machina. Risso is rapidly becoming one of my favourite artists for work on 100 Bullets, Vampire Boy and currently Spaceman.This is a great book but with one slight qualm. I am a bit uneasy that the background of this book is the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. While there [...]

    • Michael says:

      Wolverine is always a character I want to read. He was made so cool by the 90's cartoon for me. The problem with Wolverine is how do you keep him cool. So many stories are just so so when it comes to him. Good thing Brian K. Vaughan doesn't believe in doing things bad. Vaughan's Wolverine story is short and beautiful. We learn a little more about his past during WW2 in Japan. We see Wolverine fall in love with a Japanese woman and maybe the start of his love for Japanese Culture. To bad for Wolv [...]

    • Dmitry Yakovenko says:

      Очень интересная мини-серия, состоящая всего из трех выпусков. И автор успешно рассказывает историю примерно за 60 страниц, не позволяя читателю охладеть к приключениям Росомахи и начать скучать.Данный том рассказывает о том, как Логан встретил старого врага, с которым его [...]

    • John Wiswell says:

      I'm reading a lot of comics this month to relax and fill in the time as I'm packing, moving and unpacking. Vaughan really impressed me with the bulk of his Y: The Last Man series, though the ending nosedived. When I saw he'd written a story about my childhood hero, I figured it was worth reading. I was wrong. This short (under 100 pages) tale is one of the more insulting “me too” stories I’ve read. This one puts Wolverine at Hiroshima. Yes. He was nuked in World War 2, just didn’t rememb [...]

    • Kelly Lynn Thomas says:

      This trade paperback collects a three-issue mini-series and some bonus content, including BKV's pitch and the full script to the first issue of the series. Total thumbs up on the bonus content. Reading the pitch gave a neat insight into this talented writer's process, and it was interesting to see the difference between the script and the finished product.The actual story was good too. The pace was clipped; things moved quickly and BKV didn't stop to explain anything. I like that. No dilly-dally [...]

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