Raiders from the Rings

Raiders from the Rings A young adult novel in which the human race is divided into the Spacers and those who still remain on earth There is a constant low level war between the two groups with the Spacers raiding earth for

  • Title: Raiders from the Rings
  • Author: Alan E. Nourse
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardback
  • A young adult novel in which the human race is divided into the Spacers and those who still remain on earth There is a constant low level war between the two groups, with the Spacers raiding earth for supplies and for women The war turns hot in the book and three teenagers, one Spacer and two from Earth, must find a way to bring peace.

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    • Kerry says:

      This book is/was amazing because it introduced me to science fiction at the library at Butler Junior High School back in 1966. I don't remember much about the book other than I remember loving it. Forty-some years later, I am still reading science fiction. Pretty amazing book, don't you think?

    • Mary JL says:

      I have read this book several times, and I personally regard it as the best book Nourse ever wrote.------------------------------------------------------------------------"You can't deny historical facts1" "I can if they're written by liars"A generation ago wars on earth split humanity into the Spacer colonies on Mars and the Asteroid Rigns and Earth . The hatreds for this war are not permitted to cool. Earth will not permit Spacers to trade freely, so the Spacers must raid Earth for thier own c [...]

    • Bob Rust says:

      Raiders from the Rings (1962) where conflict between an oppressive Earth regime and Libertarian Spacers is finally halted by the intervention of superior, peaceful Aliens.

    • Darryl Brashier says:

      This is the book that got me really started on science fiction. I got it in one of those school deals where you could get books cheap through something or other. The book originally caught my attention for the swashbuckling and derring-do that the protagonist Raider did, but there's a lot more to the book. I've gone back and read it as an adult and it turns out to have a layer of complexity that I didn't notice earlier. I had so much fun reading it that I sought out other science fiction author [...]

    • Ian says:

      First read this book way back in HS, in the early 70s. It was a great read then, and now, just re-read, I still enjoyed. Good story, action, a few surprises, way to go. Computer tech of the far future is not that developed!

    • Charles says:

      If you're looking for some good old fashioned space opera then I'd definitely recommend this book. I really enjoyed it and read it in one day. Some elements, particularly the technology, is a bit dated, but it's a good solid story.

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      This is the book that introduced me to Science Fiction

    • Robin Halvorson says:

      Old school Sci-fi -- the first sci-fi book I remember reading.

    • Drew Warner says:

      I picked up Raiders from the Rings when taking a train to D.C. So glad that I did!This is a great piece of speculative science fiction written in the style of a space opera. The technology is a bit dated (written in early sixties so) and the women unfairly shallow characters compared to their male counterparts, but the plot is a strong one complete with misunderstandings and a steady rise in the tension between the two warring factions.Nourse covers a decent range from propaganda and alienation [...]

    • Mark Hanneman says:

      I'm amazed Hollywood hasn't made this story into a movie. It is full of action and entertainment, but also paints a very interesting message about miscommunication, bigotry and basic decency. This SF story made quite an impression on me as a youth and I eventually purchased a used hard bound copy in the early 80s. I was fortunate to locate Dr. Nourse and obtained a personalized autograph prior to his passing. Along with John Christopher's Tripod trilogy, Raiders is a favorite SF story

    • Robert Giambo says:

      This is one the first sci-fi books I every bought. Lost it during the years, but got a copy through Abebooks. Interesting to read it more than 50 years later. Dated but good for its time and for being a part of my lifelong reading of sci-fi.

    • Nicole says:

      The raiders are infertile so must steal women to keep their culture alive. A young man is accidentally allowed on a raiders ship with his stolen sister. The challenge is to see each culture without the propaganda pushing towards a final war that will destroy the raiders.

    • Bob Bruni says:

      Science fiction story for teens.Read this SF novel as a teen. It was a good read then, and a good read now. This Alan Nourse story is packed with action from beginning to end.

    • Mona Karel says:

      one of my earliest memories of SF, and a fabulous introduction to speculative fiction. In many ways this book helped shape the way I looked at fantasy and SF

    • John says:

      1978 grade B-

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