Big George: How a Shy Boy Became President Washington

Big George How a Shy Boy Became President Washington A boy from Virginia becomes the first president Before he was the face on the dollar bill George Washington was a shy boy with a hot temper But George had character and adaptability He taught himself

  • Title: Big George: How a Shy Boy Became President Washington
  • Author: Anne F. Rockwell Matt Phelan
  • ISBN: 9780152165833
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy from Virginia becomes the first president Before he was the face on the dollar bill, George Washington was a shy boy with a hot temper But George had character and adaptability He taught himself courage and self control At an early age, and without really realizing it, George Washington gathered the qualities he d need to become one of the greatest leaders AmericaA boy from Virginia becomes the first president Before he was the face on the dollar bill, George Washington was a shy boy with a hot temper But George had character and adaptability He taught himself courage and self control At an early age, and without really realizing it, George Washington gathered the qualities he d need to become one of the greatest leaders America has ever known Anne Rockwell s prose is dignified, Matt Phelan s illustrations are striking, and the details they reveal about George Washington s early days are fascinating, sometimes tragic, and always moving Includes an author s note.

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    • Tanya W says:

      Great children's book biography about George Washington. Great way to discuss the time period. I liked the inherent lessons like:You can have a difficulty or weakness (like shyness) and still accomplish great things.Being strategic and smart can have positive outcomes.You can have what seem to be like significant disadvantages and tragedies in life and still leave your mark and be triumphant.As much as I liked the book, I was not much a fan of the illustrations. George Washington and Ben Frankli [...]

    • Tasha says:

      George Washington was a tall, shy boy who loved to spend time on his own in the woods. He learned from his half brother to be a Virginia gentleman, and loved to read books about ancient Roman heroes like Cincinnatus. George grew into a man who worked on mapping the colony, loved the outdoors and excelled at sports, but he didn’t like to talk. He could never find the right words unless he was angry. Throughout this fascinating picture book, readers discover Washington’s path to greatness and [...]

    • Lisa says:

      A biography of George Washington that is also a picture book is hardly comprehensive, but this book is informative in a way that will entertain young and old readers. The interesting illustrations are very expressive; however, unfortunately most of the expressions are scowls. This picture may even make your children scowl:I have always loved reading biographies, and in the third, fourth, and fifth grade I read everyone in the school library.I plan to read this book to my fourth grade grandchildr [...]

    • Heloyce says:

      A picture book but with some interesting facts about the life of our first President, George Washington. Although he was shy as a boy, he became a distinguished leader of both the military and the nation. As the book states, "he worked hard to become a man who was polite and clever, fair and wise, loyal and true." Traits needed then. Traits needed now.

    • Kelly says:

      I believe this is one of the better written biographies for children that I've read. It was a joy reading it to my own. I would highly recommend classroom teachers reading this in honor of President's Day or during a study of the Revolutionary War. The illustrations are beautiful. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough evidence to support a key part of the title: how a shy boy became President of the U.S. I can see this book as a great lesson on how we can be anything we wish, no matter o [...]

    • Sam Bloom says:

      Very informative look at good old G.W.'s pre-Father of the Country/1st president years. Who knew he had a nasty temper, or that he was such a looker that all the girls around his Virginia home wanted to dance with him at the balls? Not I. An enjoyable biography.

    • Rachel says:

      love this book. follows george washington's life from a shy young boy to a tall, strong young soldier to the great president he became. great for walking through the am rev war highlights and better understanding franklin and george's role in the nation's beginning.

    • Ann says:

      Biography/history/showing a different side than many young readers will know of the first president. I found the cover art slightly scary--it reminded me of Heathcliff or a haunted 19th-century composer, but I liked the inside art.

    • Shelli says:

      This is a fun picture book about the life of George Washington, from life in the colonies to fathering our Nation’s new democracy. Big George is a wonderful book to share with elementary age students when covering Colonial Times, the American Revolution or just for the love of learning.

    • Paige says:

      good information (I hope) on Washington in a format that would not loose children or adults. :)

    • Laura says:

      A solid intro biography. But why are all the people frowning in the illustrations?

    • Kara says:

      Its a solid start to introducing the reader to George Washington, but I would have liked more about the context of the wider world he lived in.

    • Sara says:

      Great picture book about one of our favorite Virginians!

    • Shaneen says:

      I was surprised at how much information could be in a picture book.

    • Linda says:

      A different kind of review: From this book: here's what I learned about President Washington's traits that feel right for being President:He was a learner: When George was eleven his father died, and he went to live at his half-brother Lawrence's place, Mount Vernon. There he spent time reading in Mt. Vernon's large library and was especially drawn to a Roman farmer who put down his plow because he was needed as a leader. George thought it was admirable that this man, Cinncinnatus, gave up what [...]

    • Nancy Kotkin says:

      Picture book biography about George Washington. Starts out with George as a boy and describes how he became the man who was our first American President; this inclusion of his youth will draw in the interest of young readers. Both the art and the illustrations portray a person who is more robust, complex, and fully realized than most biographies about Washington, which tend to focus exclusively on his participation in the American revolution and/or his presidency. That is all in here too, but it [...]

    • Dolly says:

      This is an informative and entertaining biography about George Washington. The narrative is not overly detailed, but is really engaging and we all learned something new about our first President. Even though we live relatively close to Mount Vernon and have learned a lot about Virginia history, we were surprised at the fact that he was so shy, that he had a temper, and that he studied a book of manners because "He understood that good manners could hide his shyness." (p. 4)The pencil and gouache [...]

    • Kori says:

      We are major G.W. fans! And we really enjoy this book, however there are some things in it that bother me greatly, and so in my copy I have modified these things.Be mindful of the de-emphasis of God's protection over Washington on the pages following the crossing of the Delaware, and the hint of feminism on the back page note. On these pages discussing his "luck" during Braddock's defeat and his immunity to smallpox, it seems to be written as an attempt to belittle the providential hand of God i [...]

    • Vivian says:

      Join Anne and Matt have combined creative forces to introduce young children to George Washington in this large picture book format. Don't be surprised if you learn a thing or two yourself! The book inspires a myriad of webbing activities. After reading this account you and your child (or class) could learn about Cincinnatus, a Roman farmer and leader, for instance. Develop a list of skills to acquire. On George's list were penmanship, manners, memorization, riding horseback, fencing, and much m [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      Nice little picture book bio of Washington thatnda stopster the war. It covers his early life and how his parents died and he was raised by his brother, who taught him to be a gentleman farmer/plantation owner, talks about his early career as a surveyor and then in the military during the French and Indian War and how he developed a reputation for being invincible. Stresses the fact that he was a loyalist during the early part of the Revolution, lost more battles than he won, and served as Presi [...]

    • Stacey says:

      According to the title, ‘How a shy boy became President Washington.’ Which is exactly what this book is, the bare bones of George Washington’s life.This book wasn’t anything special, by the time you’ve gotten through high school you’ve read and heard every fact in here a couple of times. So I realized, of course, that the book was accurate in its facts and could be very interesting to someone who is just learning the facts about the first president.

    • Sarahfnm says:

      This was just "OK."I thought that Washington's early life was interesting, but it just seemed missing a lot of information. I have visited his beloved plantation and just can't get the fact out of my mind that he was a slaveholder. Nothing of the sort was mentioned in this biography.The biography made it seem like he was a tall and handsome man, and while it really focused on these facts, it's not something that I associate with President Washington.

    • Rhonda K says:

      This is one of our favorite biographies for young people. It offers a nice blend of fact and some of the more entertaining aspects of Washington's life and personality. It's strong on sense of duty and offers a look at a couple military campaigns too (Braddock's Defeat, Yorktown) as well as Valley Forge. Beautiful artwork! For first graders and up.

    • Bethe says:

      It's been a long while since I had read anything about our first president. Love how the illustrations make George appear to be a real person, not just a hero of our country. I also love how the cover art doesn't depict him in his most recognizable way. Concise and engaging. Be sure to read the author note at the end for Washington's views on slavery which were ahead of the times.

    • Amanda says:

      Thhis is a good biography book on George Washington. It talks about what happened when he was younger and goes throughout his whole life. It gives really good information. However, it tends to get a ltitle long when reading. It is a good children's book to read to children who are in the upper grades in elementary school.

    • Natalie says:

      I like how this book gives readers a glimpse into George Washington's younger years as well as his journey to becoming president. I'll use this book after teaching about the American Revolution with my fifth graders.

    • Karyn says:

      An excellent biography of George Washington. A little long for young children.

    • Wendy says:

      Wonderful picture book telling the life story of George Washington

    • Matthew says:

      This is an excellent book that gives real insight into why Washington was so important to the beginnings of the United States of America. Truly fantastic and highly recommended.

    • Tracie says:

      The author describes how a shy young boy grew to become one of the most powerful figures in American history.

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