PartnerShip She was born human reborn as much much Her name was Nancia Perez y de Gras Like the other five young people aboard she was an aristocrat a member of one of the illustrious High Families And like t

  • Title: PartnerShip
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey Margaret Ball
  • ISBN: 9780671721091
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • She was born human reborn as much, much .Her name was Nancia Perez y de Gras Like the other five young people aboard, she was an aristocrat a member of one of the illustrious High Families And, like the others, she was a new graduate, just starting out on her own career.But while the rest were bound for less than glamorous assignments for reasons they preferredShe was born human reborn as much, much .Her name was Nancia Perez y de Gras Like the other five young people aboard, she was an aristocrat a member of one of the illustrious High Families And, like the others, she was a new graduate, just starting out on her own career.But while the rest were bound for less than glamorous assignments for reasons they preferred to conceal on planets in a remote sector of the galaxy, Nancia was already on duty and proud of it as a brain ship for the Courier Service.Born with grave physical disabilities Nancia would never have survived without a complex life support system So her parents had sent her for training as a brain ship, the one vocation that would allow her to excel, and to bring honor to the family name.The shell that housed Nancia s human body was encased in a massive titanium column, with a direct linkage between her mind and her ship s computer Her sense of self extended far beyond what most people considered important, encompassing the full perfection of her gleaming outer hull and the ease with which she could do the mathematical calculations necessary to travel across space via singularities in order to reach distant worlds much faster than regular ships.Yet none of Nancia s training had prepared her for the sheer perversity of ordinary humans Well, perhaps ordinary was an imprecise description of those five young men and women who were passengers on her maiden voyage.Arrogant as only the children of the privileged upper class could be each of them had dishonoured his or her family and was being quietly gotten out of the way But none of them intended to waste the opportunity even stranded in the back waters of the galaxy, they believed they could gain wealth and power And they had no scruples about how they d achieve their goals.Had Nancia been accompanied by a brawn on that fateful trip a specially trained human pilot who could have given her a better perspective things might have been different.But, inexperienced and idealistic as she was, Nancia handled matters in her own way She neglected to inform her passengers that she was sentient and made recordings of the five as they not only stated their illegal schemes, but made a pact that would give the winner untold wealth and power Evidence she could not use against the young aristocrats until, years later, partnered with a brawn she could trust, an older, savvy Nancia Perez y de Gras found a way to bring the criminals to justice.r art by Stephen Hickman

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    • Minh says:

      Technically a reread since I own a paperback copy of this book. Found most of the characters so unlikeable it was actually difficult to finish the book.

    • Kat Adams says:

      The entire Brainship series is a joy–it's interesting to see the world from a point of view both incredibly powerful and incredibly helpless.

    • zjakkelien says:

      Partnership is about Nancia. On her first trip, she transports several young people from high families. Unfortunately, they are all corrupt and she overhears their plans, but is persuaded that she shouldn't have, since she didn't identify herself as a brain ship. Her first brawn happens to be extremely stuck up regarding his morals, so it takes a while before the situation gets rectifiedI liked this book a little less. It was still entertaining, but I was annoyed by the moral brawn, and Nancia h [...]

    • Kris says:

      Even though this was written in 1992, it has the feel of old school, classic Science Fiction. There's a hint of sexism, though not as bad as stuff from the 50's and 60's, and the science still has that "gee-whiz" feeling you get from early SF. It's a quick read, and an entertaining story - though I had things figured out quite early on, as far as what was going on with the bit of mystery and intrigue that drives the plot.Brainships are intersellar craft that are really human cyborgs - a human be [...]

    • Barbara says:

      I gave up on this about a quarter of the way through. Just about everyone, including the ship Nancia, was unlikeable. I know her passengers weren't meant to be pleasant but she was an unbelievably naive, self-righteous snob. From the other reviews, it is clear she grows up in the course of this story, but I have so many things on my "to read" pile I couldn't be bothered spending more time with Nancia.

    • Macjest says:

      I'd really give this a 2.5. This is NOT as good as the other books in the series. As others have pointed out, the characters are completely unlike able, even the main character. The brain is young and annoying. The brawn has a stick up his butt. It was all I could do to keep reading. About three quarters of the way through, things finally started to get interesting. Not on my re-read list.

    • Patricia says:

      Couldn't put it down!

    • Kim says:

      A sequel to brainship, this book follows the life of a brainship whose of a High Family. Unlike the previous series with Helva, Nancia knows and is close with her family. This book orientates around a single plot, in which a group of spoil high family young adults get shunted off to a group of backwater planets, pursuing there ambitious goals without care for the lives they affect. Each of these people are in widely different fields and mostly help each other out with there goals. They are the v [...]

    • Deirdre says:

      This series is an old favourite. The idea of babies who couldn't life getting a place in the world where in fact they were more powerful than most. Nancia is new to service, she comes from a powerful family and she is trying to do the right thing by her training and her family. This is a coming of age story and a lesson to Nancia in her place in the world and her relationship with people. It's an interesting story, delving occasionally into issues like family relationships and honour; how someti [...]

    • Stephanie Keil says:

      Nancia is a brainship. Born severely disabled she is turned into a brainship, a space ship that operates by the brain of a severely disabled individual. On her first voyage, fresh out of school, she transports five people who don't hold the same standards of high moral integrity she does. These five outlaws cause a lot of trouble in the galaxy and it is up to Nancia and her brawn to transport them to another part of the universe to have a trial. A prisoner tries to escape but thanks to Nancia's [...]

    • Michael says:

      Not as good as the original of the Brain and Brawn series, The Ship Who Sang, or others I have read which feature a partnership of a normal human (a "brawn") with an individual born with severe handicaps who become a cybernetic starship pilot or city manager (the "brain"). The focus of this story on exposing a set of young adults of the upper classes who engage in corrupt schemes in various colony worlds was not as compelling as that of other novels concerned more with development of the brain/b [...]

    • Erika Worley says:

      This was the first of the Brainship novels I read and I absolutely adored everything about it. I love Anne McCaffrey's ability to portray complex, believable characters without over-telling the story. She trusts the reader to remember details from past books rather than explain them all over again, although the story is completely understandable even when you haven't read any of the others. I've read this book two or three times.

    • John Parvin says:

      overall, a book which portraits a lot of the 'high society' snobbery and views of the common folk, even the main character falls into that category, yet it also shows a bit of the good some can do, like when Blaize had rectified a long standing error in getting the natives of the planet he oversees the status they deserve, despite having to resort to black market theft to do sogotta say this was not one of the more enjoyable books to read

    • Dottie Bayne says:

      I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Anne McCaffrey's brainship series. I picked this up at a book sale and am so glad I did. Good characters. I enjoyed seeing Nancia mature from a young, inexperienced person to a mature partner in the team. Lots of action, some moral questions posed and answered, all in the future world of brain-brawn partnerships. Some actions were predictable, but a great book to kick back and enjoy on a rainy afternoon.

    • Fredrick Danysh says:

      The brain of a human who could not survive in a human body is implanted into a courier ship. Working with a human partner, Nancia travels space delivering people to various planets. On her first voyage she overhears plan to set a criminal enterprise. As she develops a sense of ethics and morality, Nancia assumes a quest to eliminate corruption.

    • Kerri says:

      Nantia is boring and to good for her own good. Her passengers are ridiculous snobs. That's pretty much all I can tell you about this book as that's about as far as I got. Don't waste your time with this one. Fortunately the rest of the Brainship series is a lot more exciting and the shellpeople involved have a lot more personality than Nantia did.

    • iamtedae says:

      Well, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Honestly, I put it in the "memorable" category, but I've already forgotten my impression of it, so it really wasn't memorable, but I hated to relegate it to the "forgettable" shelf. I think the characters were a little flimsy and the story a little slow and uneventful, but that could just be how I remember it. My overall reaction? Meh.

    • Alex Satrapa says:

      "The Ship Who Sang" meets "James Bond" and "West Wing". This story deals with Nancia, a brainship from a "High Family" who finds that life is not about black and white. She encounters scheming, betrayal, corruption, and plots to take over the world!Anne McCaffrey's story of Nancia's adventures will keep you guessing, even though you know the good guys have to win.

    • Sandra Strange says:

      Great adventure within a very interesting reality of ships that have been melded with humans. Watch out for the sensuality in some of these books. However, they're still worth reading--well written fantasy adventure with positive characters and decisions, with the ultimate triumph of the noble and good.

    • Mireille says:

      Ce livre est un beau nanar de l'espace, c'est mauvais mais assez divertissant J'y ai trouvé plusieurs phrases un peu navrantes, comme: "On ne pouvait pas dire qu'il montait quatre à quatre, mais il arriva en haut plus vite qu'elle ne s'y attendait." (p.204)La prochaine fois, j'espère choisir une meilleure lecture de science-fiction!

    • Maryann Fläsch says:

      Good but not great. The whole High Family thing got tiresom fast. I know this happens hundreds of years after The Ship Who Sang but the "I know my family because they're rich as hell" aspect was stupid.

    • Nettle says:

      I liked this, one of those books that made me think even when I was away from it. Very much in the same style as the first book, there were some rough parts where I had to put it down and go away to think, but overall I really enjoyed it.

    • Bradley says:

      A wonderful yarn that is like a ray of sunshine compared to a lot of books I have been reading lately. The sci-fi was backseat to the interaction of the fascinating characters. Definitely a lively read.

    • Ramoths Own says:

      I adored this book and loved watching as the young innocent brainship Nancia came into her own. I thought that the nasty "high families brats" were well written and interesting. I loved the way that the whole story pulled together right down to Nancia getting the brawn that she deserved.

    • Theresa says:

      PartnerShip (Brainship, #2)McCaffrey, Annethere has always been a distance between the brains and brawns in the brainship series but this story negates it as it is the love story of a brainship series

    • Katiarai says:

      While not the best of this series, you have to love classic Anne McCaffrey sci-fi. Most of the relationships felt a bit rushed so it was hard to be invested in them, but over all I enjoyed the set up.

    • Dymphie says:

      Nancia. Beetje zwaar leunend op 'high families' en hun invloed, corruptie ed. Aardig, haalt niet het nivo van het eerste deel en in mijn herinnering was het derde deel (waar ik nu aan ga beginnen) ook beter. (herlezen)

    • Angelique Minnaar says:

      I really enjoyed Partnership. Read it in one day, as I couldn't put it down.

    • Kim says:

      see Ship Who Sang

    • Sharon says:

      A brain ship is charged with delivering a group of graduates to their various planetary assignments. Most of the kids have nefarious plans for personal gain, which the ship must then thwart.

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