Lives of the Writers: Comedies, Tragedies (and What the Neighbors Thought)

Lives of the Writers Comedies Tragedies and What the Neighbors Thought Shakespeare wrote with a feather quill and ink Emily Dickinson wrote with a fountain pen Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote on a Yiddish typewriter But what did such writers do when they weren t writing What

  • Title: Lives of the Writers: Comedies, Tragedies (and What the Neighbors Thought)
  • Author: Kathleen Krull Kathryn Hewitt
  • ISBN: 9780152480097
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shakespeare wrote with a feather quill and ink Emily Dickinson wrote with a fountain pen Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote on a Yiddish typewriter But what did such writers do when they weren t writing What did Jane Austen eat for breakfast What could make Mark Twain throw his shirts out the window Why would Zora Neale Hurston punch a fellow elevator passenger Lives of thShakespeare wrote with a feather quill and ink Emily Dickinson wrote with a fountain pen Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote on a Yiddish typewriter But what did such writers do when they weren t writing What did Jane Austen eat for breakfast What could make Mark Twain throw his shirts out the window Why would Zora Neale Hurston punch a fellow elevator passenger Lives of the Writers tells all that and .

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    • Heidi-Marie says:

      Interesting book. Not as great as I had hoped. Enough to remind me again that I prefer most authors' writing, and NOT their lives! Definitely some weird, messed up people. Quick facts to keep a younger person's interest, though not much for them to do anything with. I'm not sure what audience this would work for, since I was only interested because I enjoy classic literature and was an English major. This book seems aimed at ages 8-12. Are there children that age who are interested in knowing bi [...]

    • The Reading Countess says:

      Krull does it again. Twenty famous writers' lives are ripe for the picking. Infused with the juiciest of tidbits (enough to keep even the most reluctant middle schooler sit up and take notice), I've personally bookmarked POE, DICKENS and DICKINSON for future use with my students.Highly recommended.

    • Josiphine/Tessa says:

      My favorite of this series for obvious reasons.

    • thereadingowlvina (Elvina Ulrich) says:

      This light-hearted book is a collection of 20 biographies of famous writers, such as Poe, Austen, Dickens, Twain, and many more; which features some personal details about their lives. For example, did you know that Dickens believed that Fridays was his lucky day? This is an interesting book and I always enjoy books with collection of stories/biographies. Sometimes you just feel like reading something simple and fun akin to watching a tv sitcom instead of a movie. There are so much information t [...]

    • Catherine says:

      Short, simple biographies of 20 different writers.

    • Annie says:

      I think this is a good book.

    • Mary Catherine says:

      Short and sweet I recommend this to the curious young Writers of Modern day middle and high school.

    • Katherine says:

      This collective biography features the intimate details of the lives of some of literature’s most important figures – Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare among others. Children’s authors such as E.B. White and Hans Christian Andersen round out the collection, providing children not only with glimpses into the authors behind the books they will read in school, but also into ones they will read at home. The book is organized by chronology, from Murasaki Shikibu in the tenth century [...]

    • Mandolin says:

      The second book in Krull's "Lives of" series covers an assortment of famous writers including de Cervantes, Shakespeare, Austen, Poe, Dickens, Dickinson, Sandburg and others. Rather than focusing on the dry details of their lives, Krull goes for what really interests us about other people: their foibles and quirks and oh-so-human idiosyncrasies. Although she covers the basic facts and dates about the authors in a brief opening summary, Krull primarily focuses on the juicier details of these auth [...]

    • Taya says:

      This book takes a delightful twist on biographies. It is a compilation of short biographies of different famous writers throughout the years. Included in the content are humorous pieces of information not commonly known about these people. Also, each new person is caricatured in a slightly comical, yet still representative way. I just find this book to be extremely original and enjoyable, though I admit my opinion is biased as this topic is very close to my heart. The thought behind the set up o [...]

    • Pontiki says:

      What a great way to get to know more about all these famous writers! The illustrations were the best, and all the bits of trivia were fun. It was also interesting to hear about how many of these such well known people were poor and and only became respected posthumously. I really like the choice of writers, with the first, Murasaki Shikibu, being such an unusual individual, especially in her time. I was amazed at the number of women who never married, again pointing toward their unconventionalit [...]

    • Kelly ... says:

      This is a lovely book for young children giving them a glimpse into the lives of many writers. I was an avid reader from the moment I learned the skill in first grade. I would have loved this book then, and I enjoyed it now. And for adults it gives you enough to know whether you might want to find a biography to learn more

    • Vanessa says:

      Very interesting. A couple of new writers I'm interested in reading based on this book:Miguel De Cervantes, Charles Dickens (only read Great Expectations), Emily Dickinsony to read more than just one or two poems, Mark Twain (started several but never finished), Jack London, Carl Sandburg, E. B. White (read one book, need to read all), Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes.One thing I didn't like was the Index of writers which was expected to be a list of all writers discussed in book. Instead it [...]

    • Tawny says:

      This book contains short, candid biographies of 19 famous authors. Favorite lines:1. "First one has to endure terrible adversity," [Hans Christian Andersen] assured his mother, "then you become famous" (29).2. "When you have a garden, you have a future," [Frances Hodgson Burnett] once wrote (65).3. Writing was an escape: "It's such fun just to give way and let your pen go off with you into the uttermost parts of the earth and the mountains of the moon" --Robert Louis Stevenson (67).4. [Langston [...]

    • Jean Marshall says:

      Aimed at 8 to 12 year-olds, this book contains brief biographies of famous authors from a variety of centuries and countries, including William Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, and Murasaki Shikibu. Although the writing is occasionally oddly worded and confusing, the text is appropriate for the age group as well as entertaining and informative. Each biography is also accompanied by a clever illustration of the author.

    • Heather Denkmire says:

      The brevity surprised me. It was like a magazine, little bits and pieces. Snippets. It worked fine as something to listen to while doing dishes, but there was nothing compelling or particularly interesting about it. (That's not true, some of the writers had interesting or odd personality quirks.) I'd recommend this to someone who isn't really in the mood to do much deep thinking. Again, it worked fine.

    • Megan says:

      This wasn't quite as engrossing (to me) as this author's lives of famous musicians book, but still chock full of interesting tidbits. I think the fact that I already knew quite a bit about the subjects somewhat negatively influenced how well I enjoyed it. Nonetheless, it was good stuff, and succinct. I thought the compendium of short bios was a good way to get a decent overview of a particular set of people.

    • Marcia says:

      So many fun little tidbits--so much tragedy--so much talent! I love this series of books, and revisited this one on audio on today's walk. A reminder of how rampant tuberculosis was and how many lives it claimed. Genius and madness run side by side with some of these folks. Jane Austen, the Brontes, Dickens, Poe, Dickinson, Twaine all covered. Many did not gain fame while alive and many died very young. No depth, but fun for those with an interest or to add dimension to an author study.

    • Beth says:

      I borrowed this from the public library so I could read the section about Hans Christian Andersen to my 8th-graders as a supplement to a lesson about fairy tales. I'm thinking about reading a section to them each day so they can learn about different authors, as my students are not exposed to a lot of literature.

    • Michael says:

      A beautiful book with juicy tidbits on twenty literary luminaries - generally 2-3 pages per author. I never would have imagined some of the lives of these well-known authors. I like the style, but just as you get interested in a particular person, the biography is over. So I prefer her longer book-length biographies as in the Giants of Science series.

    • Sher says:

      Like the other books in this series, this one is delightful. It is easy reading, but Krull does not hold out any details of the lives of the writers she discusses. I have read works by most of these authors, but now am eager to read works by those I have not read as well.Once again, the art work by Kathryn Hewitt is beautiful, full of symbolism and humor.

    • Angie says:

      I enjoyed some of the bios more than others (I skipped Mark Twain because I am not a fan).Excellent overview of some of the great classical writers. Although, I was disappointed that the authors showcased were mainly British and American. What about the great German, Czech and Russian writers? At least Hans Christian Anderson was the first one.

    • Linda says:

      Upper elementary or Middle school level. Interesting information on writers -- Shikibu, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Austen, Andersen, Poe, Dickens, Bronte(s), Dickinson, Alcott, Twain, Burnett, Stevenson, London, Sandburg, White, Hurston, Hughes, Singer.

    • Theresa says:

      This is an excellent book for learning background info on various writers such as Mark Twain, Langston Hughes, William Shakespeare, Jack London, Carl Sandburg and many more. You get a little hint of thier lifestyle and childhood. It's a wonderfull book!

    • Rachel says:

      very interesting book with 3-5 page chapters on different writers throughout history. has funny and informative cartoon-like page size pics of each person and tells about what they lived through (connection to history) and gives some of their works. really like this one

    • Jen Jenson says:

      I love this series! Great writing and so engaging! The authors volume was fascination and so disturbing. So heartbreaking for them to have had such horrible lives, most save maybe one had some serially traumatic events and major psychological issues. Nonetheless, fantastic engaging read!

    • Kevin says:

      Ahhhhhhh, i picked this up hoping it would be a quick overview of landmark writers. Instead it was Cliff Notes for idiots. Redundant I know. Who in the world would want to study the greats written by the non-great, and by that i mean the lousy. despicable text in all ways.

    • Heather says:

      Reading level 6.9LOVE THIS BOOK!!! The biographies are great, makes learning about famous writers fun, and it makes you want to read their books!!

    • Colleen says:

      Great book for kids (and adults)!

    • Megan says:

      All audiobooks

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