Nosferatu the Vampire

Nosferatu the Vampire None

  • Title: Nosferatu the Vampire
  • Author: Paul Monette
  • ISBN: 9780380441075
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • Grady Hendrix says:

      In 1979, overheated German director, Werner Herzog, decided to remake 1922′s NOSFERATU, collaborating (for the second time) with possibly insane actor Klaus Kinski and 11,000 rats. Realizing that a movie this over-the-top required a novelization full of heaving bosoms, fevered brows and bulging breeches, Avon Books hired Paul Monette, winner of the National Book Award, to write the novelization.Monette's novel is full of overheated prose of the highest order, baked in the oven of hysteria unti [...]

    • Stephen says:

      This is an adaptation of Herzog's 1979 remake of the classic 'Nosferatu'. Novelizations of movies rarely work, but when they do, they can sometimes outshine the films they're intended to publicize. This is one of those. Monette plays with the language in surprising ways, portraying a lush and sensual vampire reality that, frankly, deviates from the screenplay, adding elements of the original silent classic and some new surreal touches, making for a blend of romance, horror and just plain weirdne [...]

    • Marti Martinson says:

      Ah, Monette. I stated that the last book I just read, Taking Care of Mrs. Carrol, was signed by the author at a book signing at the venerable Lambda Rising in DC. When I got to the desk and handed him the book, I winked and said, "I really wish I could have brought my old copy of Nosferatu instead of being forced to buy a new book!" He put his head back and laughed, and recounted the fact he wrote it under contract in a tight time schedule. He got misty about his deceased lover and told me he wa [...]

    • David says:

      A novel based on Werner Herzog's remake of the classic silent movie by Murnau, and a masterpiece in its own right.

    • Brent says:

      Reading this made me scream in my head, "Why not just read the Stoker version?!?". This version lacked the passion, desperation and despondency of the original. It wasn't until at the very end that any shock was produced by the horrific event of which should be a Gothic romance.

    • Avis F. says:

      i thought i was placing a hold on the movie. turned out it was the book. the book was good overall. very vampireyon a side note: the houston public library needs to update their app

    • Carmella says:

      Lushly written, entertaining treat.

    • bluetyson says:


    • Edward Diesel says:

      Well-written horror adaptation.

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