Seven Men of Gascony

Seven Men of Gascony Comrades and heroes the seven warriors slog through the swirl and tumult of the Napoleonic Wars fighting for their lives across Europe until they confront their destiny at Waterloo This stirring sa

  • Title: Seven Men of Gascony
  • Author: R.F. Delderfield
  • ISBN: 9780935526974
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Comrades and heroes, the seven warriors slog through the swirl and tumult of the Napoleonic Wars, fighting for their lives across Europe, until they confront their destiny at Waterloo This stirring saga is drawn from true stories left behind by the soldiers of the First Empire, a dramatic tale of triumph and defeat.

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    • 'Aussie Rick' says:

      This has been the first novel that I have read for many years and what a delight it was to read. Although this book was first published in 1949 it still offers anyone interested in the Napoleonic Wars an engrossing story of men at war.The author provides the reader with a great story of seven French Voltiguers (elite skirmishers and/or marksmen) fighting during the campaigns of the Empire under Napoleon from the battle of Aspern to the final showdown at Waterloo. We trudge through cannonades and [...]

    • Chrisl says:

      11/3/17 - Cold and wet outside. weatherThe way Delderfield begins his first novel evokes the start a Shute story a provincial priest asking a maimed man to write a war story. (" others had been discouraged by the veteran's incivility.")Quotes from Prologue "'I don't know why I ever told you anything,' he said. 'It wasn't because you were a priest. Priests were never of much account in the old days. We didn't see one from one campaign to another. I'm not in the habit of talking about the past. [...]

    • Matimate says:

      I was browsing trough and searching for some interesting novel about Napoleonic wars. I stepped upon Seven Men of Gascony and it was the right choice. I was little bit fed up with all Sharpes and English victorious army. It was time to look at the other side. This novel follows seven French voltigeurs (skirmishers) through the later years of the Napoleonic wars and made it from glorious days to utter destruction of the Great Army. The characters are constantly developing trough the book and gre [...]

    • Betsy says:

      A good read about 7 men who fought for Napoleon during the years 1809-1815. The early part of the book introduces the men, and some of the individuals who affect their lives. Frankly, I was not as interested in the early part because of the romantic aspects of the story.On various battlefields, we learn of the fate of these men, their ties to each other, and their endurance during the years when glory slipped away from France. Delderfield includes many of the great names of Napoleonic fame, show [...]

    • Art says:

      I read this book during Reforger 1984 while travelling in a Duece & 1/2 on some of the same roads as the story.The book was in a collection donated by the library for us to read in the Contonment areas before we went out for the Exercise.I was facinated by this book.I found it an interesting look at the French Army Under Napolean.Recommend it to anyone.

    • Nancy Ellis says:

      An amazing view of the final years of the Napoleonic Wars through the eyes of a group of seven French sharpshooters. We follow them from the miserable Portuguese campaign, through their captivity when transported to England, their escape to rejoin the army in time for the disastrous Russian campaign, and then to the very end. I had never read a story of this time written from the French viewpoint, so it was a very interesting change of perspective. Delderfield, of course, was a master!

    • Steve Cox says:

      I read this book ages ago and reread it recently. I was entirely caught up in the life and death struggle of the close-knit unit of French soldiers fighting for Napoleon all over Europe. The characters were very believable and the dramatic events were equalled by the mundane choices and chances that affected the men.I liked the ending where the narrator runs along the rough track to catch his comrades trundling along in the back of the wagon. I could read such books forever.

    • John says:

      This is one of my favorite books ever!!!!! The story of Napoleon's retreat from Russia.

    • Ian Rees says:

      A superb story that ranges across the breadth of the Napoleonic wars with seven principal characters, through victory and defeat. What makes it more interesting is that it is written about French soldiers, so gives a different perspective to the ones we are now used to (ie British riflemen, etc)

    • Retta says:

      I couldn't finish as it was such a harshly realistic view of what it was like to be a foot soldier in Napolean's army during his last campaign that ended at Waterloo.

    • Dwer says:

      Historical novel of soldiers in Napoleonic France

    • Jim says:

      Even though this way, way outside my preferred genre of Sci-Fi. when I was in HS, I enjoyed reading it very much. It is very well written and makes one feel as if you are really in Napoleons army.

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