Daddy's Bossy Friend

Daddy s Bossy Friend None

  • Title: Daddy's Bossy Friend
  • Author: Charlize Starr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: ebook
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    • ❤️ Paulette says:

      Title: ➳ ❤Daddy's Bossy FriendAuthor: ➳ Charlize Starrღ Carl- Mike & I have been friends since high school, but yet on his daughter’s 18 birthday. I stepped out of line & kiss her.In past I’ve have avoided her as much as possible. See I don’t trust myself around her. Now 2 years later my best friend is begging me to take his daughter out of town cuz her life is at risk♥●• Virginia – think that I’ve had crush on my dad’s best friend ever since I can remember. I [...]

    • Coco.V says:

      💝 FREE on today (1/10/2018)! 💝Blurb:Daddy says I’m in danger. So he’s shipped me off to Alaska. With his best friend. My bodyguard. My protector. But what daddy doesn’t know is that his best friend and I have a past. I saved myself for him. And now I want him to take what belongs to him. He’s bossy, he’s demanding and he’ll teach me. We’re all alone in the woods. No one can find out we’re here. It’ll be our secret. Or we’ll end up dead. But what happens in the woods do [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      Older guy with a young girl. Not much new that I haven't read before. Interesting response from her dad about them.

    • Julianne Macneil says:

      I read this book as part of an arc program. I really enjoyed this older man/ younger woman romance between Carl and Virginia. Virginia was in college and she was the daughter of the president of a local motorcycle club. When Mike learns Virginia is in danger because of his business, he asks Carl, a friend who owns a security company to take Virginia away and protect her until he deals with the threat. Virginia is a virgin and has a huge crush on Carl. A couple of years ago, Carl was drunk and ki [...]

    • Ann Marie says:

      I voluntarily read an arc of this book for a fair and honest review. When his daughter Virginia’s life was being threatened her father turned to his best friend Carl to help keep his daughter safe. Carl hadn’t seen Virginia since the night of her eighteenth birthday when in a drunken moment he kissed her. Now Carl was on a plane with her to Alaska to help her dad keep her safe and away from the threats on her life. Virginia was thrilled to once again be near CarlCarla little less enthusiasti [...]

    • Vivian Chrisman says:

      When a threat from one of her father's enemies forces Virginia into hiding she isn't happy. That is until she finds out her bodyguard is Carl. Virginia has always had a crush on her father's best friend and after a drunken kiss on her 18th birthday her crush grew into more. She hopes that being alone with Carl in Alaska will be her chance to act on her attraction. Two years ago Carl made a mistake, he acted on his attraction to his best friend's daughter. Now he has to keep her safe and his hand [...]

    • Rachel Blomberg says:

      Virginia's father had some enemies that was out to get his daughter. So he asked his best friend 2 protect her while he tried to figure out a way to make the threat go away. Unknowing to him he was asking the one man that had a secret crush on his daughter who was 25 years younger than him and who he kissed on her 18th birthday. Now 2 years later that lust that he had for her is still going on and be knowing to him that she has wanted him to be her first we're just as long if not longer then he [...]

    • Magali says:

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookVirginia is attracted since her 18 by Carl, his father’s best friend, when he kissed her during a party. Then, he avoided her. Two years later, his father send her to Alaska with Carl to protect her from a mysterious threat. Despite Carl’s trying to not succomb to her, they fall for each other. But, the threats and her father’s reaction are suspending over their heads.I like the characters, but it’s quite simple : a big bad boy (b [...]

    • Merry Jelks-Emmanuel says:

      Carl and Virginia are thrown together in a whirlwind affair that has been festering since Carl had kissed Virginia on her eighteenth birthday. Carl knew it was wrong to harbor feelings for his best friend's daughter but he could not help himself being more than twenty years her senior is not helping either. Virginia knows what she wants and what she wants is Carl. Racing to keep his daughter safe Mike sends her off with Carl while he takes care of the problem on the home front. It is a matter of [...]

    • Linda says:

      “Daddy's Bossy Friend” is an older man younger woman romance. Virginia is in danger so her dad asks Carl his best friend to be her bodyguard. Carl and Virginia go to Alaska to hide. Virginia has had a crush on Carl since she was a teenager and Carl has tried to stay away from Virginia because of the age difference. The chemistry between the Virginia and Carl is too intense to ignore. “Daddy's Bossy Friend” is a well-written, romantic, sexy, and suspenseful story.I voluntarily reviewed an [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Suspense makes the heart grow fonderVirginia had the kiss of a lifetime on her 18th birthday, but the only problem was the fact that it was with her dad's best friend. Carl has tried to forget that kiss. When Virginia needs to go into hiding, those two are thrown back together. The sparks fly in that intense situation. I quite enjoyed how mature and grown up they both acted in this situation.

    • Janice says:

      A Review of Daddy's Bossy Friend by Charlize StarrVirginia and Carl - 4 StarsI love the cover on this one—although the guy doesn't look like he is anywhere near the age of the character in the story. She grew up around Carl all of her life and has had a crush on him for a long time. Definitely worth taking the time to buy and read. **Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**

    • Christina Luberts says:

      A quick read. Mike and Carl have been friends since they were teenagers. At Mike's daughter Virginia's 18th birthday party Carl gave her a kiss. They have not been able to stop thinking about each other. Mike comes to Carl a few years later to have him protect his daughter until he can figure out who is after her. Carl agrees to protect her. What will happen? Can they keep their hands off each other? Can Carl protect her from himself? I received an arc copy for my honest review.

    • Ann (Fanni Ann) says:

      I loved this, Virginia is in danger and her dad trusts just one man to keep her safe, Carl, only thing is, she has a crush on him and he's her dad's best friend since highschool. Carl has kept away from Virginia since her 18th birthday party and a drunken kiss, he felt guilty, he's two decades and some older than her. The chemistry between the two is smouldering, I couldn't put it down, and I really loved the outcome.I received an advanced copy and voluntarily leave my own opinion

    • Sherry Westendorf says:

      What a fun book to read. She is being threatened and her dad asks his best friend to take her and protect her in Alaska. That way he can figure out what is going on. But his best friend has the hots for her. It gets interesting from there. It is exciting, hot, suspenseful and so much more. I received a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    • Esther Alayeto says:

      A short, quick fast paced read. When Virginia's life is threatened, her dad asks his best friend, Carl, to take care of her. Of course daddy didn't know that they had been fighting their feelings for each other. Now that they're all alone in the middle of nowhere, will they finally stop fighting their feelings and come together?I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    • Mandy Stump says:

      So excitingSexy. Two people fight their attaraction but then her life is in danger and her father asks the one man he shouldn't to take care of her. His best friend that has always been attracted to her since a kiss they shared on her 18th bday. He has fought so hard to avoid her but its not not possible. Magic happens loved the story. Loved the ending. Fantastic book.

    • Jacqueline Ellison says:

      Sexy older man/younger woman romance. Virginia’s life is in danger and her father gets his best friend Carl to protect her. Virginia has had a crush on Carl for years and on her eighteenth birthday they share a kiss. These two can’t help their attraction for each other. I voluntarily received this book to review for my honest opinion.

    • Camille says:

      A super readI love the older man younger woman stories. Kinda partial to them as I've always believed that older men know more about what they're doing and more settled. This one was unique in that dad's best friend is tasked with protecting his daughter. Neither the friend or daughter know the other has been fantasizing about the other person. Loved this book!

    • Hsu Lee says:

      ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!The author does it again.I couldn't put down this wonderful story of sizzling romance.It has all the ingredients that you need for a great book!I loved the storytelling + the characters!

    • Aisha says:

      Needed more I can’t really say that their was anything outstanding about the book. But I will say that it wasn’t horrible. I felt like there was something missing when I finished and that it should have been a little longer all in all I enjoyed the concept of the story.

    • Rochelle says:

      I loved this book. The storyline was intriguing and captivating, and a very entertaining read. Loved the characters. There was something that I don’t think really added up but it was a very small part in this story. Otherwise a very enjoyable read.

    • Pat says:

      This book had me hooked right from the first page with great character and story development! Virginia and Carl kept me totally captivated with their journey as I turned each page!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    • Eva says:

      I love these stories where she falls for her dads best friend no spoilers but the chemistry between the two of them was so hot another amazing story from Charlize Starr loved it I voluntarily reviewed an arc copy of this book.

    • Diane West says:

      Daddy's Bossy FriendI enjoyed reading this book and all the other short stories included in the book each book was not and kept me on the edge of my seat I enjoyed all of them.

    • Katrina says:

      This was a good quick read about an older man/ younger woman. It is a hot and sexy and suspenseful read!

    • Ariel says:

      I like this book and it is good

    • Lee says:

      I volunteered to read this as an arc.Another good one by Charlize. Lots of drama, steam and suspense with a good dose of romance stuck in too.

    • Stephanie says:

      I voluntarily review an Advanced Reader Copy of this book I like this story and the characters. But as i read this story it feels a bit dull. But I'm glad about the ending

    • Lena Claesson says:

      A sweet love story that was quick to read. The interaction between Carl and Virginia was good. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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