Shark Bite

Shark Bite Netto was a Cyborg a protector and a contracted mercenary His specialty was the water shallows salt water and open oceans across the universe He was also a freak forged from the DNA of a bull shar

  • Title: Shark Bite
  • Author: Naomi Lucas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Netto was a Cyborg, a protector, and a contracted mercenary His specialty was the water shallows, salt water, and open oceans across the universe He was also a freak forged from the DNA of a bull shark blue grey skin, a body built with power, and a double set of razor sharp teeth His nomadic lifestyle came to a halt when his old employer, the Earthian Planetary ExploraNetto was a Cyborg, a protector, and a contracted mercenary His specialty was the water shallows, salt water, and open oceans across the universe He was also a freak forged from the DNA of a bull shark blue grey skin, a body built with power, and a double set of razor sharp teeth His nomadic lifestyle came to a halt when his old employer, the Earthian Planetary Exploration Division, offered him his old job back Rylie was born and raised on the planet Kepler, on an agri lot that farmed jewels from the sea But something was happening to her family s lots and people were disappearing When a giant Cyborg showed up at her settlement and struck a deal with her father, she was forced to follow the stranger out onto the water, into the dangers of the alien deep, and far beyond the sight of land She feared the Cyborg She feared his teeth But she feared the monsters in the water Warning mature readers only, explicit sex scenes Book three of Cyborg Shifters, same universe as Stranded in the Stars, every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the others.

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    • Tiffany Roberts says:

      If you haven’t read Naomi Lucas’ Cyborg Shifter series, I recommend you do so if you love science fiction with a (large) dash of sexy, dangerous, cyborgs with the ability to shift. I’m not a huge fan of shifters in urban fantasy, but I absolutely love these. Each cyborg has a certain thing they were made to replicate, and this one happens to be a shark.I loved Netto! He’s the strong, silent, and blue type with an extra bite — literally! Both he and his cyborg partner, Zeph, are on a mi [...]

    • Marina Simcoe says:

      This is one hot cyborg!I have a weak spot for big guys, and Netto is huge. Everywhere. I also found endearing his inexperience with women and slight insecurities about his appearance. They showed a human side of the machine.This was the first book I read in the series, and I didn't feel like anything was missing from the story. I would advise to read other books if you want to learn more about the world created by the author. But if you're like me and tend to read books out of order in the serie [...]

    • Nike says:

      This series just keep getting better and better

    • Lisa books says:

      SharksBook 3 is set in a world of water perfect place for cyborg with shark Dna.When the cyber comes to help they find monsters of the deep and mates for there souls.

    • Shasha says:

      Entertaining but missing a few wordsThis sci-fi romance had monsters galore and unique characters. There was a good setup for a future book as well. This edition was missing a few words to finish sentences.Mature contentRead in KU

    • Regine Abel says:

      My first time reading a cyborg shifter romance but definitely not my last!Sent on a mission on Rylie’s homeworld, Netto has no idea what kind of drama he’s about to step into. She’s reserved, and socially awkward. He’s strong, silent, and even more challenged when it comes to dealing with people. What could possibly go wrong with such a pairing? LOL!Watching these two stumble about through their blossoming romance was both hilarious and endearing (with the funniest cringe-worthy scenes). [...]

    • Osei says:

      Ms. Naomi Lucas is one of my auto-buy author.After finishing Ms. Laurann Dohner’s cyborg series, I was looking for sizzling hot sexyborgs.I was soooooooo happy to found Ms. Lucas and her cyborg shifters series.Virgin Hero: CheckSteamy sex: CheckLikable heroine: CheckGreat Storyline: CheckThis is so far one of my favorite in this series.Netto, the shark shifter cyborg was the best thing in this story. He is strong, badass andg. I mean big all over. Even something I cannot write down on here is [...]

    • Rachel Johnson says:

      Book 3 of the cyborg shifter novels. It felt rushed. More so than the first two books. The characters were all fleshed out, but minor details were off in the story. Those unfamiliar with this series the main character is a cyborg who has animal dna in him. His body is partly made up of movable metal plates, and he can shift into the animal whos dna he carries. This is Netto's story. He is a shark. He's always been a bit of a loner, and he meets the perfect match for himself with Rylie.The story [...]

    • Latoya Wilson says:

      Killing me!!! Series highly recommended!!!Strangely, the storyline and a one-star review for this book piqued my curiosity, plus I'm also learning there are bullies determined to deter others away from other authors. So, I started with book one (and how glad I was) couldn't put the series down until I'd powered through book 3, desperate for book 4. I love it when the underdog finds love and the one star reviews are killing me. Backfire! The negativity draws people like me in, the nosy, wondering [...]

    • book-faery says:

      Another great read by new Sci-fi romance author Naomi Lucas!You can expect lots of action and extra hot love scenes. Warning: Not for the faint of heart, the love scenes are not your typical love scenes. I hate to do spoilers so I'll just say that the love scenes are unusualNo where near vanilla more like salted caramel. There is a HEA with the main characters but there is a bit of a cliff hanger involving the supporting characters to set up the next book. I can't wait to see what happens next. [...]

    • Fatimama says:

      It’s something different a cyborg shifter Hero who can shift into a shark (I don’t know how that works with all the metal parts. They are on an alien planet where the heroine grew up in. It was attraction at first sight but took time to build up the romance.What I liked:- H/h are both virgins and pretty unsure how to proceed at the start of their relationship :)What I did not like:- H is long lived. Dunno if he is immortal but heroine is human. I’m not sure how the story can reconcile the [...]

    • Tina says:

      Shark BiteI loved Netto and Rylie. They were a wonderful couple and they matched each other perfectly. The world building was outstanding and the action was awesome. I didn't particularly like Jack and Janet but they did match. I really love a heroine who knows her own mind is mature enough to express it and strong enough to hold her own with some back up from the hero because he is bigger and the baddest around lol. I would recommend this book and this series. Now onto the next.

    • BJ says:

      Good story, off-world, sea planet, H is shark cyborg, huge and a virgin, h is human, tiny, also virgin. There is a mystery for them to solve, lots of scary sea monsters, with a nice family dynamic, sisters who love and tease each other, good parents. It was refreshing that h wasn't an orphan for a change, and H thinks well of his cyborg mothers! He is so mad for h he eats her underclothes - loved the author played with the characters.

    • Dena says:

      BetterAs the series progresses they get better. The characters are well developed and more well rounded. The environment was cool about the oceans and force field. The sea monsters were not what I was expecting. I wish there would have been more description and fighting especially at the fertilizer plant. I actually really liked Netto he was quiet and a loner. Overall a good read.

    • wanda flanagan says:

      Shark BiteI really enjoyed this book ,so much so I read it in one day . Tons of action and danger keep you turning pages to see what will happen next . The world the author has created is vivid and well written . I loved the characters their depth and emotions made them very relatable and I was roting for Rylie and Netto the whole way . This is a unique story ,very fresh and unlike any other I have read. I highly recommend all of the booms in this series.

    • Crystal says:

      Liked this one better than the lastThe first book in the series was interesting and had spark. The second book was slow and well, I do hate spiders. When we meet Netto in a previous book he was intriguing. So, I liked seeing him in his element and seeing him being accepted by family. The book is decently written. It isn't a book that brings out a lot of feelings. It is one of those let's read a book just to read and veg out for a bit.

    • Bobbie says:

      What?????Now I am so glad for Netto and Riley Loved the action and the monsters but this was a cliff hangert liking that This was really not a happy end ing that I was looking for missing adult .owing she was with zephI expected that,but lily missing come on nowOK I can wait for the next bookI gave it a five because the story was slamming until you got to end and then you broke my heart😢😕😮

    • Jessica says:

      Great book!Really loving these books. I liked this one and the way it was set up- I didn't think I would because they were on a planet the whole time and I like it when they're out in space but this was very interesting and I liked it so much! OMG woman! Write faster please! I can't wait to read what happens to Janet!!!!!

    • Julie says:

      These books are great!I love these stories. I have read all of the cyborg shifters so far and can't wait for the next one. I have liked all of them ,but shark bite is my favorite so far. I bought another of th I writers books of they are anything like these i won't be diappointed.

    • Nicole Timmer says:

      Good readI'm really liking Naomi Lucas' books. They keep you turning the page to find out what happens next. Here, Netto, Zeph, Rylie, and her family need to find out why their crops are going bad. Sea monsters and toxic sludge prove the cyborgs can best them all. Looking forward to future books. I didn't really like Zeph and Janet, so we'll see how that book works out.

    • Rosa Maria Garcia says:

      Fantastic BookLoved it! What a ride of emotions, with enough action, and adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end? The characters are awesome with strong personality and steamy love scenes that leaves you saying ahhh. A must buy and highly recommended series. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

    • Christina Miles says:

      My fave story so far from Naomi Lucas! MUST read!!This book is amazing; my favorite so far in Naomi Lucas's Cyborg Shifter series! Netto and Rylie are so REAL. They both pull you into their feelings in the story. You can't help but want them to succeed in it all! The Shark is AMAZING and a small part of me fell for him too!

    • Cheryl Baum says:

      Really liked itThese books are fresh and don't seem boring like the more traditional alien/space romances. *** Possible spoiler***The only thing I didn't like about this book is the unanswered question about the destroyed sensor in the seawall. The rest was good. I hope Zephs story has this answer.

    • loreen says:

      WetI like the seres but is the author a female? And she writes the sex sense so dry? I mean its OK but put a bit more paition I to them the sex sounds more the way a guy would explain it not a woman.

    • Marji Brim says:

      Cyborg shark biteI love Cyborg book & have read Naomi's 3 books in less than two days. I really had a rough time putting them down. She combines the cyborg story with a love story beautifully. Thank you Ms. Lucas!!

    • Meleeta Morris says:

      Cyborg shark shifter who has always been alone.He comes to her planet on a mission. They come together after a lot of anxiety and misunderstanding. The author though left a loose end that is supposed to be cleared up in a few more books.

    • Michelle A says:

      Definitely worth your time!Brilliant story line. Builds upon previous books but can also stand alone. Author has created a believable world and relatable characters. Looking forward to more of this author's work.

    • أجمل زهرة says:

      I love this series, it is full of action, adventures and love. I read about Cyborgs and shapeshefters but to read a book has these characteristics in one hero is new for me . I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH. Now, I'm curious about the next hero.

    • Megan Russell says:

      I will state upfront: I read these all out of order, and aside from a very instances of flash backs- it read perfectly as a stand alone. I loved the story, the creatures of the deep, the pulls between duty and love, and Netto is just drool worthy.

    • Mary Mattson says:

      Loved it!!Ms. Lucas is turning our to be one of my favorite authors. I'm just going to put all her books on pre order. Because there's not a bad book she has put out. Netto is awesome, but I still love Dommick the best. All her books are a must read.

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