The Spy Who Seduced Her

The Spy Who Seduced Her In this spellbinding new Regency series by Christi Caldwell The Heart of a Duke meets the Brethren of the Lords The stakes are high and passions flare hot in Regency England A widow with a past The l

  • Title: The Spy Who Seduced Her
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this spellbinding new Regency series by Christi Caldwell, The Heart of a Duke meets the Brethren of the Lords The stakes are high and passions flare hot in Regency England A widow with a past The last thing Victoria Barrett, the Viscountess Waters, has any interest in is romance When the only man she s ever loved was killed she endured an arranged marriage to a cruelIn this spellbinding new Regency series by Christi Caldwell, The Heart of a Duke meets the Brethren of the Lords The stakes are high and passions flare hot in Regency England A widow with a past The last thing Victoria Barrett, the Viscountess Waters, has any interest in is romance When the only man she s ever loved was killed she endured an arranged marriage to a cruel man in order to survive Now widowed, her only focus is on clearing her son s name from the charge of murder That is until the love of her life returns from the grave.A leader of a once great agency Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter head of the Crown s elite organization, The Brethren, is back on British soil Captured and tortured 20 years ago, he clung to memories of his first love until he could escape Discovering she has married whilst he was captive, Nathaniel sets aside the distractions of loveuntil an unexpected case is thrust upon him to solve the murder of the Viscount Waters There is just one complication the prime suspect s mother is none other than Victoria, the woman he once loved with his very soul.Secrets will be uncovered and passions rekindled Victoria and Nathaniel must trust one another if they hope to start anew in love and life But will duty destroy their last chance

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    • Sissy's Romance Book Review says:

      Book Review For: 'The Spy Who Seduced Her' by Christi Caldwell 'The Spy Who Seduced Her' by Christi Caldwell is the First Book in the New Series called "The Brethren" series. This is the story of Victoria Barrett and Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter . Victoria and Nathaniel who feel in love about 23 years ago but when Nathaniel had to go on assignment as a spy was captured and torched for years before he got away. When he did he heard that Victoria was married with children. So Nathaniel wen [...]

    • Amy ~ Love At 1st Read says:

      It seems like in most romances the couples are very young, yet the average romance reader is in their 40s. As I become more “mature”, it’s refreshing to read a romance with more mature characters. They’re definitely more relatable for me. Those characters have lived long enough to have hopes and fears that younger characters just don’t have. It opens up amazing backstory possibilities. Those life experiences deepen and enrich the characters and the story. Romance becomes more than sex [...]

    • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks says:

      Author Christi Caldwell never fails to immerse this reader in her carefully woven web of tales. This time however, Ms. Caldwell slays me with this book. This book is SUPERB! Be prepared to cry! A wonderful first in an exciting series, I cannot wait for more of The Brethren! Nathaniel Archer has been an essential part of The Brethren for decades. The spy turned leader has lost so much in his 45 years, that the only thing he has is his work and the memories of the one and only love he lost. When a [...]

    • Supriya Saran says:

      When Nathaniel Archer assaulted Adam Markham over his desertion of Georgina, that was the day I fell in love with him. That was the day I knew that I wanted a story for him. If my Kindle could display a well thumbed page, it would certainly be that carriage ride in the end! Little did I know then, that my wish would be granted and we would get not only a backstory on him, but a current story and also a bit of his future story. And what a story!Christi Caldwell has once again excelled with this [...]

    • Heather says:

      Another favorite! Another amazing tale of love lost then found. Tears and laughter. Anger and Joy. so many emotions expressed as well as felt in this story. a breath of fresh air from the every day romance story. Christi Caldwell writes of an older couple who fell in love 23 years ago. He was a spy and she, the daughter of a gambler and reprobate. He was captured, tortured, rescued, and healed. By the time he returned it was too late. She was left alone and felt abandoned. She made a choice to m [...]

    • Showie Ford says:

      Christi Caldwell is hands down at her best in her tales of wounded warriors. Have I said that before? I KNOW I’ve said that before. I intend to keep on saying it. The Brethren of the Lords has long been a group that fascinated me, and I cannot help but be thrilled with this new series. The Brethren have their day at last! Not a moment too soon, I say! I fell in love with Nathaniel Archer forever ago. He was absolutely wonderful in Adam and Georgie’s book, and he was no less wonderful in his [...]

    • Kari Maass says:

      This story is book one in Christi Caldwell's newest series, The Brethren. If you've read any of her Heart of a Duke series or Lady of Deception, then the characters in this story are familiar friends.Nathaniel Archer has spent the last 24 years working as a spy for the Crown, more specifically, the secret group called the Brethren. When he was a young man of 20, he found himself in love with a young lady he vowed to marry. He had a mission to complete first. He was captured and tortured for two [...]

    • Tracy T. says:

      This was an 8 hour long audible book that seemed like it was 15 hours. The miscommunication between these two seemed to drag out forever. The internal dialogue was becoming annoying. Just freaking talk to each other already! It really seems like Christy Calwell books are all like that. Full of internal dialogue. The story line and plot was decent. I liked that the ages of the main characters Victoria and Malcolm were older, she was 43 he was 45. I liked the murder mystery portion. It did get bet [...]

    • Trish R. says:

      This started off good but then it got so repetitive. Nathaniel told the story of his capture and torture to three different people and when he told Victoria most of what really happened to him, why he didn’t come back to her, and she told him about Phoebe both confessions were just so loooong and depressing. I know the author wanted make them sad and meaningful but it just went on and on and on. I think this would have been better as a novella.Then, the book picked up some as Nathaniel got clo [...]

    • Archana Raghu says:

      A new favourite Caldwell tale! I am a huge fan of Christi Caldwell's works. However even a writer as prolific who lines up frequent releases she wasn't able to top The Heart Of A Scoundrel (at least for me) Until now!!! This tale is a perfect ying to Edmund and Phoebe's yang. While SCOUNDREL was a tale of two broken by life people falling in love SPY is a story of two people in love broken by life. A lifetime of loss. While he endured unimaginable torture at the hand of his captors her memory su [...]

    • Dee Deacon Foster says:

      Can a widow in her forties rekindle a long-lost love or is she destined to a life of living only for her children? Can a man forgive his lover’s ultimate betrayal and put his tortuous past to find love again? Or will years of separation and misunderstandings be too much for them to overcome?A beautifully written story by Christi Caldwell that shows anyone can find love at any age and second chances are sometimes worth taking. As always, Ms. Caldwell has written a tale that will pull at every e [...]

    • Lori Meehan says:

      I love love love this book!!! Christi Caldwell has written a amazing second chance love story that filled me with such happiness at the end. Nathaniel and Victoria were young lovers with such hope for the future. Nathaniel always promised to return from his work with the Brethren until the one day he did not. Unknown to Victoria he's taken captive. Months later and with nowhere else to turn she's married off to save her from scandal. Two years later Nathaniel returned to find his only savor marr [...]

    • Saynab says:

      I loved this bookChristi Caldwell has DONE it againLoved Victoria and Nathaniel This book was just so good,it had all the elements,a strong heroine and a lovable hero and secondary characters that were just amazing.The HOAD world meets the Brethren world and the way it collides just EPICCAN'T FOR MORE FROM THIS SERIES I got an ARC for an honest review of this book

    • Tracy DeNeal says:

      A Brilliant Smile that Hides the PainVictoria Cadence Tremaine Barrett, the Viscountess Waters has kept a SCANDALOUS tantalizing secret from Christi Caldwell's dedicated fan base. That paragon of womanly virtue and long suffering super mom extraordinaire is quite a different woman than we imagined. We've watched her suffer at the hands of a callous, lecherous, lascivious troll of a spouse whilst never allowing her cheerful smile to slip as she supported her children emotionally from the slings a [...]

    • Maggie Whitworth says:

      It feels like a long ,long wait to find out what happened to the Brethren Lords , but Christi has outdone herself in this wonderful , moving and emotional book . The first in a brand new series , with characters from the original Brethren book and HOAD Series , she has excelled in bringing the two together in a harmonious storyline, to give us a fantastic start to a whole new world . Nathaniel was ,and is ,such a charismatic gent , who is still with the Brethren, but now in charge . He takes on [...]

    • Krystal - Jar says:

      Another great story by Christi Caldwell. Nathaniel believing he lost the woman he loved 24 years ago had thrown his Life into his work until one fateful day a case falls. into his lapVictoria believing her love to be dead makes a life changing decision. She marries another man. 24 years later that man is dead and her life in thrown into chaos. with the slip if a cracked window, she encounters the ghost of her past.Together they work to solve a mystery. This book is filled with twists, turns, and [...]

    • Margaret Bailey says:

      Once I started reading this book, at somewhere between midnight and 1am in the morning I couldn't put it down. Just had to finish it. So I pulled an all nighter. It was well worth it. This book takes you through all the emotions. Christi weaves her wonderful magic from her heart and tells a wonderful story of lost loves finding each other again. It is heart breaking, gut wrenching, but full of passion, love, forgiveness but most of all a HAPPY ENDING. I just loved this beautiful story, it is def [...]

    • Glenna says:

      message 1: by Glenna - rated it 5 stars 44 minutes ago This is the start of a new exciting series that is a spin off The Heart of a Duke. It is a story about never giving up for your forever, no matter what age you may be! Two young lovers making future plans & dreams then being forced apart due to unfortunate life events that destroys all that they dreamed. Lady Victoria Barrett, Visountess Waters had thought she had already been thru all she could endure with a loveless, terrible marriage [...]

    • Cynthia says:

      Christi Caldwell know how to captive her readers with mystery, adventure and murder all tied around a love that is as old as time. Victoria said good bye to the only man she ever loved the day he was killed. Many years have come and past with a few mistakes and lots of heartache. Having to marry a man she never love who was cruel and hurtful in so many ways. Now he is dead well murdered she cannot find it in herself to feel sorry, who wouldn’t be happy to see that man take his last breath. She [...]

    • Susan says:

      Find you a cozy reading spot, and prepare to fall in loveThis latest book by Christi Caldwell is beyond amazing! To look at the cover, I just fell in love with these characters, Nathaniel & Victoria. I can immediately see in this couple, a history of love and longing, heartache and hope. And when the first page was turned and I took that first step into their world, I was joyfully lost. I could not put it down, reading long into the morning hours. So many emotions as I read their beautiful s [...]

    • Patricia Wissore says:

      I've never really read a story with an older couple (mind you, I'm older than the couple in the book) and wasn't really sure what I would think of Nathaniel and Victoria's story. All I can say is WOW! I fell in love with Victoria's personality and straight up love for her children. She taught them how to love and hope even in her horrible situation without Nathaniel. Then there's Nathaniel with his own demons to fight where Victoria is concerned. The mistakes they both made are soon brought to l [...]

    • Judy says:

      The Spy Who Seduced Her by Christi CaldwellThe Brethren Series Book OneNathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter and Sovereign of the Brethren has lived a hard life. He had loved and lost that love and so much more. After that loss—he everything he had to the Brethren. Taking dangerous missions, after all, what did he have left to lose? Nothing.Lady Victoria Barrett, Viscountess Waters loved her children and grandchildren. She had once know love but to the man she had married—she only knew hate. [...]

    • Lynne Wilson says:

      Once again Christi Caldwell delivers a brilliant read bringing together two series, Brethren meets Heart of a Duke. Each series she writes gets grittier and better. I loved this one in particular as the heroine & hero are more mature showing this 40 plus year old that love and passion are not solely for the young. First loves who have battled trauma and adversity who meet twenty years later, rediscover their love for one and other. Once I started I couldn't put it down, you can't help but fa [...]

    • Pamela says:

      What happens when the love of your life returns after 20 years to investigate the murder of your husband? This is the scenario that faces Victoria. She thought Nathanial was dead. Twenty years have passedfe has continued; she has 3 children, grandchildren! What does he have?-The Brethren. Wow! How do you find your way back?Once again, Christi Caldwell delivers another wonderful read! But this is different. We are not introduced to a budding ingenue and a dashing rake. These two are adults. They [...]

    • Sharon says:

      Part of a Series: bk1Setting: 1820 London EnglandHero: Nathaniel /Exeter- Never married, only had one true love besides the Brethren Heroine: Victoria/Viscountess Waters-mother of 3 and married (was) to an AWFUL manot/storyline:4.5* He was investigating the murder of her husband. 1st time they saw each other in over 20 years. She thought he was dead and he knew she married.Ending-4.5*- A lovely HEA. Both strong and courageous characters. sad and heartbreaking at the lost of what could of been bu [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Christi Caldwell has a way with words. This book has to be one of my favorites because it was about two people in their forties.Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter has devoted his life to the Brethren of Lords. He is now the leader and that suits him. He fell in love young, was imprisioned and returned to find that she had moved on.Lady Victoria Barrett, Viscountess Waters fell in love young, lost her love and had to marry. She is now a widow after the murder of her husband. She was in a misera [...]

    • Lori Quick says:

      I admire Christi Caldwell for writing about second chances at love, and older heros and heroines. It is such a beautiful story.For 20+ years, Victoria thought her love was dead. She found herself pregnant so her parents married her off to avoid scandal.Nathaniel was not dear at all, but I'm sure he wished that he was at times. He was held captive for 2 years. When he escaped and made it back home, he discovered his love, Victoria had already we'd.Fast forward 20 years later and Victoria's husban [...]

    • Rcltigger says:

      It's truly refreshing to read a romance novel where the heroine is a forty-something grandmother! You get it, grandma! ;-)But in all seriousness, this was thoroughly enjoyable and a nice departure from the typical historical romance trope.

    • Jeri says:

      This promises to be everything you can imagine. The story of second chances later in life for Nathaniel and Victoria was rich with deep emotion. The "later" years of love adds a new dimension that only enhances the struggles this couple had to endure. There were times this story brought tears to my eyes and then music to my heart. It was moving and evocative. I can't wait to read the rest in this series.

    • Molly says:

      I am a big fan of Christi Caldwell books. This story was different from her normal. She is writing about an older couple trying to find love. Victoria Barrett, the Viscountess Waters, loved a man earlier in live but he died or so she thought.Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter head of the Crown’s elite organization and he was captured for 20 years ago and now is back and investing her son. This was an amazing read.

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