Ozark Howler

Ozark Howler Poetry

  • Title: Ozark Howler
  • Author: K.W. Peery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poetry

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    • Paul Goldman says:

      There are poets who tell lies and poets who always tell the truth. In Ozark Howler, K.W. Peery indeed tells the truth. You will find yourself both walking in the shoes and talking the talk of the rambling characters personified in these poems. Some will be like long lost friends and family members you wish you had, others are reminders of those you you have spent time with as you each have dealt with the troubles of life.Find yourself a good glass of bourbon and settle in for a delightful read, [...]

    • Leslie says:

      Kevin Peery strikes again as a brilliant masterful wordsmith. Ozark Howler will have you feeling each word in every poem. The creativity and landscape of each of his writings is genius, and you will be mesmerized and entertained. Bravo!

    • Ŧ Rick says:

      Kevin's 4th publication of poetry continues a run of fantastic work get your copy now and enjoy!!

    • Scott Ford says:

      Kevin Perry exposes the marrow of the soul in his newest book of poems! The depth into the heart of the “The Ozarks”is revealed in every piece. The truth is hidden in the fictional characters as each line will keep you in the edge of your seat with anticipation as to the outcome. I couldn’t put it down until it was complete! Don’t miss out and get your copy today. Kevin Perry has set a new bar of excellence with this release. I can’t wait to see where he takes his writing next!

    • Matt Borczon says:

      Ozrak howler is the kind of book that makes you want to run away from home!! It reminds you that adventure and romance are still out there. These poems grip you hard and don't let go long after you have read them. If you have impressionable sons at home look out! If they read this you will wake up and find they have run off to join the rodeo!! A powerhouse of a book that you will read over and over!!!!!

    • Turner James says:

      Review of advance copy:Ozark Howler is another special collection from K.W. Peery. The rhythmic delivery is precise and cut to the bone. His stories feel firsthand and flow beautifully throughout. Already looking forward to his next release. Five Stars.

    • Lesa Albertson says:

      Yet another masterpiece from author Kevin W Peery!

    • L. says:

      *Note: I read an ARC version of this collection, so it's subject to change* Ben was born into the Worldwith a lovefused with light—That's essential when bravingthis brand of darknessK.W. Peery takes the reader on a ride through true Americana. His poetry is a good mix of light, energetic humor and heavy, emotional self-reflection. Some themes include journeys/travelling, what it means to be a soldier in the American empire, psychological health, history and family, the settings we grow up in a [...]

    • Lick Creek Review says:

      This is K.W. Peery's fourth poetry collection. Ozark Howler is markedly different, in that it delves into his past experiences like never before. At times, he is remarkably vulnerable, leaving you wanting more with every twist and turn. My favorites include - Confiscated, June Afternoon, Rose Tattoo, Chuck and Tin Shed.

    • Evangeline Elston says:

      Every Kevin Peery poem is a complete and expertly written short story in itself. If you're most comfortable in the underbelly of society, on the back roads and in the seedy parts of town. If your mind's soundtrack is a dirty old blues tune and your mind always goes to the flipside of things as mine does, you'll feel at home with the characters and places that populate Peery's poems. Ozark Howler is still at the top of my bedside tower of books and I've already read it through twice.

    • Edward Brown says:

      So Surreal.

    • Bob Coutu says:

      Just an outstanding read Mr. Peery is indeed getting better with age.

    • Bill Triplett says:

      Only on the rarest of occasion do I get goosebumps while readingis collection made it happen!

    • Kevin Martin says:

      Ozark Howler is pure folk Americana, goodness from the heartland! He captures the soul of America in this book, the hidden places, the american dream

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