Coming Attraction

Coming Attraction When friends become lovers in the hyper masculine world of college football sometimes coming out isn t an option Fun loving Waseem likes his freedom The wide receiver for the Coastal College Pirates

  • Title: Coming Attraction
  • Author: Felix Brooks Andrea Dalling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When friends become lovers in the hyper masculine world of college football, sometimes coming out isn t an option Fun loving Waseem likes his freedom The wide receiver for the Coastal College Pirates has never stayed with one guy for long So why can t he put football teammate Brent out of his mind Brent is straight he s been dating the same girl for years Waseem knowWhen friends become lovers in the hyper masculine world of college football, sometimes coming out isn t an option Fun loving Waseem likes his freedom The wide receiver for the Coastal College Pirates has never stayed with one guy for long So why can t he put football teammate Brent out of his mind Brent is straight he s been dating the same girl for years Waseem knows that the sexy blond with the chiseled pecs and rakish smile can t be than a fantasy Business major Brent has always played by the rules But his vision of the future is shattered when his girlfriend dumps him without warning Even confusing, he s developing feelings for Waseem unlike anything he s ever known Brent isn t gay So why do his friend s dark, smoldering eyes and infectious laugh stir this strange, new desire in him It s an attraction Brent can t deny and a fire quickly blazes between them But Brent s conservative family will never accept his orientation When the truth comes out, Brent s world is thrown into chaos Will he give in to the pressure to forget Waseem Or will he give up everything to be with the man he loves This steamy M M romance is for a mature audience It has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

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    • Bo says:

      I liked this book much more than the first one. It was definitely slow burn, but it was really done well. Sex was important but not a be all end all. Waseem and Brent actually talked about their feelings and the future of their relationship. Wow. What a refreshing change! Two people talking like mature adults!? What! I loved that Brent wasn't afraid to ask for what he wanted. It does seem a little selfish at first, but he's honest. I also liked his level of emotion when it came to the fallout wi [...]

    • Amber says:

      I loved Coming Attraction by Andrea Dalling and Felix Brooks. It's the second book in the Coastal College Football series. This book is about out and proud Waseem and straight Brent. Waseem is on the football team with Emmette (from the first book in the series), and Brent is friends with Emmette, Emmette's boyfriend Jake, and Waseem. Brent is from a very conservative family and gets crap from his family for being friends with his gay friends. I also loved Brent's best friend Paige and how she h [...]

    • BR11 says:

      Better than the first in the series. There is another gay football player at Coastal that didn’t know he was gay until his girlfriend dumps him. I liked Waseem and his family. Brent was clueless at first, but came around embracing way too fast who he was. His family were assholes, except for his little brother. Just ok. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

    • Mateo says:

      pleasant ! too flat for me.

    • Kendra T says:

      I'm voluntarily reviewing a free advance reader copy I received from the author.Waseem was one of the good friends from Up and Coming, and I was glad to see him get his happily ever after. He had a crush on his straight friend, Brent, but never considered acting on it. When Brent and his long time girlfriend break up, it leaves Brent an opportunity to finally discover why he has never felt romantically or sexually interested in anyone expect for (all of a sudden) Waseem.One of the things I reall [...]

    • Kk says:

      Its oklots and lots of emphasis on Brents sexuality & his parents reactiont what I expected

    • VioletMarshall says:

      This is the second book in The Coastal College Football Series. A captivating book with great writing. The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book. I found the story and characters interesting. The characters were well developed and thought out. Waseem and Brent are the MC’s of this book. I loved Waseem he was so caring and understanding as well as supportive. There was humor, football, training, bigotry, families, friends, school, challenges and so much more in this book. [...]

    • Linda says:

      Better than 4 stars, this m/m sports romance was a joy to read and had a lot going for it. It was well-written and, unlike a lot of romances, did not wrap everything up with a "happy bow." I mean, yes, the love story was moving (and steamy) and the principals really did their utmost to make things work, but Brent, the college junior who was just discovering his sexuality, could not please everyone with his decisions. That's very realistic and I give the author kudos for showing that life can be [...]

    • Gijs says:

      This book was a really enjoyable and interesting read. The basis of the story may be pretty conventional: a gay boy is hopelessly in love with his “straight” friend and eventually they become lovers, but there is much more to this plot. Waseem is pining for his good friend and football teammate Brent, who is apparently straight because he is in a longtime relationship, though characterized by abstinency, with a girl. When she breaks up with him and suggests that he is asexual, Brent has to c [...]

    • Kristian Erdmann says:

      I truly fell in love with these characters. I think what I love most is their diversity and the amazing way the author told and dealt with that situation. Coming from two completely different backgrounds and beliefs and loving so beautifully was amazing. Brent's struggle broke my heart at time and Waseem is the sweetest person ever. Bio matter what he was always supportive of Brent and his decisions and his pace. His whole heart was in it no matter what he would do what it took to make Brent com [...]

    • Jacey Jeffrey says:

      I really enjoyed this latest book by Felix and Andrea. This is the story of Brent and Waseem. They are the best of friends and play football together. Waseem has the biggest crush on straight guy Brent. He would never cross that line not wanting to ruin their good friendship no matter how strong his feeling was for him. Brent just broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years. While he is upset by thishe knows that he wasn't in love with her. Brent starts to realize that he might feel something other [...]

    • Sheila Schwartz says:

      This story will not just tug on your heart strings it will unravel the whole ball of twine. Falling in love has its inherent risks anyway but to be of the same gender and be exposed to pure bias and hatred should be wished on no onebut when it is your parents slinging the mudunforgivable! The beauty of this story is the true support of friends. Waseem and Brent struggle for a relationship amidst hatred and secrets but Waseem's strength and determination is such a pivotal point of this story that [...]

    • Becky Baldridge says:

      3.5 starsComing Attraction is an engaging story that flows very well. The characters are interesting and it's easy to see that this is a great group of friends that will go the extra mile for each other. My problem lay in the romance in this one. Waseem and Brent are friends and they obviously care about each other, but it felt like that spark was missing. Their story does get steamy, but while I liked the characters, I didn't feel that something that makes a reader root for their happily ever a [...]

    • Miriam says:

      I received an ARC edition of this book from the author.This is book 2 in the series, but I feel it works well as a stand-alone. I have not read the first book in this series, but I didn't feel lost. There were some areas that I think I would have appreciated more had I read the first book, but there was enough explanation to get a good feel for the story from book 1 without it feeling overwhelming.Contemporary college sports is not usually a trope I read, but I found myself really liking the sto [...]

    • Kashunna Fly says:

      This book is the story of a guy trying to make it to the pros while attending college who finds out he is not REALLY in love with his long term girlfriend but his male college friend. It was beautiful reading how they navigated thru Brent's struggle to find himself while coming from a family that has very strong Christian beliefs. Wasseme also being an out of the closet male with the full support of his family was also a much welcome twist. I'm a huge Andrea Dalling fan, she always writes so bea [...]

    • Antoinette says:

      I've been waiting for this book and it didn't disappoint. I fell in love with Waseem in "Up and Coming", he's such an amazing guy, and was really upset he got screwed over in that book. I'm glad he finally got his HEA. I felt for Brent he was a really kind and caring guy whose parents didn't deserve him as a son. I loved that he had a great group of friends to help him when he was struggling. It was also fun catching up with the gang. A heartfelt and touching love story, 4.5 stars. I voluntarily [...]

    • Heather Rawlins says:

      Coming Attraction was very good. I admit I had a hard time getting into it, but once I got through the first few chapters, the story flowed and was very interesting. It had a lot of questioning, learning, feeling their way around. It was definitely a Young Adult book and I loved the MCs and secondary characters enthusiasm. I want to read the first book now and I look forward to reading more in the Coastal College Football series. I would recommend this book.

    • Kelly says:

      I really liked Brent and Waseem. The characters were well written. They made me want to finish reading their story even though I hate football stories. The writer was spot on about the evangelicals. Some of them can be very toxic and the characterizations of that hit the target. I found the story very enjoyable.I received this as an arc.

    • Kim says:

      Omg this book was absolutely amazing. This book was a page turner that I just couldn't stop reading until the end. This book is an m/m sports romance. This book is the story of Waseem and Brent. I would highly recommend this book. I had voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

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