Honey Moon Scary Little Christmas

Honey Moon Scary Little Christmas Honey Moon has had it with the scary stuff at least for Christmas She wants Sleepy Hollow to celebrate her favorite holiday like normal people Honey and her friends Becky Claire and Isabela have o

  • Title: Honey Moon Scary Little Christmas
  • Author: Sofi Benitez Joyce Magnin Becky Minor
  • ISBN: 9781943785698
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Honey Moon has had it with the scary stuff, at least for Christmas She wants Sleepy Hollow to celebrate her favorite holiday like normal people Honey and her friends, Becky, Claire and Isabela, have one chance to take the holiday back, but it means solving a decade old mystery and ringing some bells YIKES

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    • [Shai] The Bibliophage says:

      The latest book in the Honey Moon Series is about how Honey Moon wants to celebrate normal Christmas in their town of Sleep Hollow, a place where it is Halloween all year round even on Christmas. Honey Moon's school is planning to have a Nativity re-enactment on Christmas Eve, but Mayor Kligore had put up a Haunted Holiday Festival where Halloween theme Christmas is to be celebrated. Because of this, the school play is on verge of cancellation and Honey Moon wants to prevent it from happening.Ho [...]

    • Schizanthus says:

      Honey Moon just wants to be able to celebrate Christmas like they do in normal towns, but nothing seems to be going right this Christmas. First Honey is cast as a shepherd in the annual Christmas pageant when she’s certain she would be perfectly cast in the role of Mary. Then she discovers that the pageant is in jeopardy this year because evil mayor Kligore is organising a Haunted Holiday Festival instead. Honey also stumbles upon a town mystery and is determined to solve it with the help of h [...]

    • Wendi Lee says:

      *3.5 stars*This book continues the adventures of Honey Moon, a ten year old girl who lives in an unusual town. Sleepy Hollow, MA, is not the Sleepy Hollow of Irving Washington's famous short story. That doesn't stop the new mayor from hosting non-stop Halloween events through the year. That's right, even through Christmas. Honey Moon's school's traditional Christmas pageant is cancelled because a Christmas Haunted House is scheduled at exactly the same time. Honey Moon wants to bring Christmas b [...]

    • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room says:

      Review: THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF HONEY MOON: A SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS by Sofi BenitezChristmas is supposed to be joyful and loving, not scary and horrendous. It's not supposed to be another version of Halloween.unless you live in Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts, a small community which is NOT the site of the Headless Horseman, but is run by a mayor who is both evil and greedy. Honey Moon is a force for good, ten years old, and a warrior on the side of the angels. Older brother Harry is a magician--wi [...]

    • Jill Jemmett says:

      Honey’s hometown is called Sleepy Hollow. It isn’t the famous Sleepy Hollow, though the mayor likes to pretend it is. This means that instead of Christmas, he planned a Halloween festival for the town.This story reminded me of A Nightmare Before Christmas. The town only celebrates Halloween, like the town in that movie. Honey wants to celebrate Christmas, just like Jack did in the movie.Honey was a brave and smart character. She’s so smart that she volunteers to help an eighth grader with [...]

    • Sofi Benitez says:

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