Sacrifice Part forensic thriller part medical thriller Sacrifice combines both elements to great effect in this atmospheric and original debut Simon Beckett

  • Title: Sacrifice
  • Author: Sharon J. Bolton
  • ISBN: 9781410410207
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Part forensic thriller, part medical thriller, Sacrifice combines both elements to great effect in this atmospheric and original debut Simon Beckett.

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    • Mary Beth says:

      Both gripping and gruesome, `Sacrifice' is a definite page-turner, that is certain to keep you on your toes. When I first started reading it I wasn't sure that I'd get far with it, the writing was different to those I had read recently. However within a few chapters I was hooked and racing along. Tora Hamilton took me a little while to warm to, perhaps this is why I was unsure at the start but I soon became caught up with her life. The chapters are just the right length to allow you to read a fe [...]

    • Linda says:

      "At the end of the day, if you believe something deeply enough, it becomes a kind of truth."And what exactly is that truth?Tora Hamilton is now residing in a home she never bargained for on the wind-driven Shetland Islands. Her husband, Duncan, has returned to his roots here, but Tora is having a difficult time trying to plant hers. She has taken residency at the local hospital as a practicing obstetrician, but even that has left her at an arm's distance. Just doesn't seem to be the right fit.On [...]

    • Alex is The Romance Fox says:

      Sacrifice is S J Bolton's debut novel.'s a dark, terrifying and an absolutely gripping thriller that will have you hooked from the very first page.The StoryTora Hamilton has moved with her husband, Duncan Guthrie to the Shetland Islands, where he was born with the hope to working out the problems they are experiencing in having a baby. When she makes a gruesome discovery the body of a young woman, with strange rune symbols carved into her flesh and her heart ripped, in the ground surrounded her [...]

    • Morana Mazor says:

      "Krvava žetva" ima baš sve ono što očekujemo od odličnog trilera! Zanimljivu, okrutnu priču koja našu pažnju zaokuplja već od samog početka, protkanu dnevnim legendama i sa malom dozom nadnaravnog; životne likove sa kojima se lako poistovjetiti, a sve to izvrsno je smješteno u, divlje, izolirano područje Šetlandskog otočja na sjevernoj obali Škotske. Surova klima, sivo nebo i uzburkalo more prepuno oštrih stijena savršene su kulise za ovu priču o ritualnim ubojstvima i tajnama [...]

    • Lisa says:

      Very enjoyable murder mystery/drama set in the Shetland Islands. I love the characters Bolton creates - they are complex and real which gives her writing depth.My only complaint is that she went a bit overboard with the details at times but there was only a small amount of shouting 'get on with it'!The plot is pretty OTT but not in a bad way IMO and although the main character Tora is robust, stubborn and outspoken I really liked her!It is worth noting that if you like Bolton's Lacey Flint serie [...]

    • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

      SWEDISH REVIEWSharon Bolton has a underbar förmåga att skriva böcker som håller ens intresse uppe från början till slut. Som med alla andra böcker jag har läst av Sharon Bolton så är offer både fängslande och fascinerande att läsa. Men inte bara berättelsen är bra. Karaktärerna; Tora, Duncan, Kenn, Dana och Andy får liv och i och med att det är en thriller så vet man inte heller vem man ska lita på medan man läser boken. Precis som Tora inte hade en aning om vem hon kunde li [...]

    • Stacey says:

      Reading through some negative reviews (rocks among diamonds There are always a couple) I have to say I believe that some people become utterly drunk with power if they're given only a tiny drop. Such is often the case with online reader reviews. Given a chance to vent and spew they certainly do. Upon reading their remarks, however, one often can't help but notice a decided lack of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (points that show the reader actually read the book and remarked with fairness). Now, If a wo [...]

    • Anna says:

      Rating: 4.5 starsI loved this. It's so creepy and chilling, and packed full of gripping suspense.Something sinister is happening to young women out on the remote Shetland Islands. Ancient island legends appear to be coming true in the most horrifying of ways, leading the reader into a tension filled page turner.As Tora (our heroine) begins to uncover disturbing evidence and folklore, everyone falls under suspicion. Many theories are formed, and with one shocking twist after another, my head was [...]

    • Brenda says:

      Wow! Just…wow! I’m so glad I decided to read S.J. Bolton's debut novel. I have read more recent ones, and been very impressed, so thought I’d give this one a go!The story is centred around Shetland Island in Scotland, where ancient legends abound and terrifying stories of mysterious happenings weave their way into everyday life. Tora Hamilton and her husband Duncan had just moved to remote Shetland, and although Duncan was originally from there, he hadn’t been back for 20 years. Tora got [...]

    • Joanne Sheppard says:

      Like a lot of people, I often aim for an easy read when I'm on holiday. I may not be one for lying on a beach - hence my choice of destination; so far temperatures have peaked at a balmy 13C - but a 'beach read' is still a pleasure now and again even if you're actually reading it in the cabin of an overnight ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick. On this trip, I opted for Shetland-set thriller Sacrifice by SJ Bolton. I'd read another of her horror-tinged page-turners, Blood Harvest (also on holiday) an [...]

    • Hannah says:

      My first reading experience of author S.J. Bolton, but it will not be my last. Bolton writes the kind of books I especially relish; spooky, mysterious and historical mixed with murder and a dash of romance against an appealing setting (in this case, the wild, lonely Shetland Islands off the northern coast of Scotland).Bolton's research into some of the ancient legends of the Shetlands is woven into the story and creates a truely atmospheric tale of sacrificial murder, community secrets, page tur [...]

    • Ms.pegasus says:

      This book gripped me with its first startling sentence:“The corpse I could cope with. It was the context that threw me.”Bolton focuses the reader's attention on her protagonist, Tora Hamilton, the first person narrator of this story. It's a technique that summons the reader's empathy, while instilling a range of emotions: first grief, then morbid curiosity (after all, this is a mystery), and then the compulsion to find answers. The scene opens with Tora struggling with a rented backhoe in he [...]

    • Mary says:

      Dear Reader,Imagine if you found a body of a woman in your back garden and on closer examination realised that not only was she murdered but her heart was removed from her body! Yes,you read that correctly!! To add insult to injury,the authorities inform you that she had recently given birth before she took up permanent residence in your back garden some time ago. Holding the position of resident gynaecologist in the local hospital,you begin your own research into female births and deaths in the [...]

    • Sean Peters says:

      HiI really enjoyed this book and SJ Bolton first book.Throughout this book there were many twists and turns, and I was changing my mind who were the villains.The tension and pace is very good and from about half way you do not want to book this down!I do find it as always hard to give a good full review, because you do not want to leave any spoilers but you do want to recommend it.So enjoygardsSean

    • Carol says:

      Beth could say "I told you so". She's the friend who recommended Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton to me some time ago. Who knows why I didn't pick it up immediately as Beth and I have like tastes in fiction; not just in thrillers but across the board. Beth told me I'd like this one and she was right!Tora Hamilton is having a bad day. Her beloved horse Jamie has died and Tora plans to illegally bury him on her Shetland property. Her husband's away so she'll need to do this alone, no easy task for this in [...]

    • Hans says:

      A mesmerizing story about the adoption of babies. Tora is persevering to solve the case. The personal struggle of Tora is very recognizable.

    • Dave says:

      The mystery and suspense in S.J. Bolton's debut novel aren't its only attractions--although there is plenty of both to please the most devoted fan of the genre. For me it was the unique setting and the carefully-crafted backstory that made the book a good read.Bolton takes us to what seems like the ends of the earth. The setting is actually the Shetland Islands, the wind-racked and wave-torn granite outposts a hundred miles northeast of the Scottish mainland. The damp, violent climate and glower [...]

    • Sandra Duncan says:

      This book is all right as a light read but it has serious flaws.1. It is far too long. It quickly reached the point for me that I lost patience with the unbelievable plot drivers. Too many people doing too many unexplainably daft things to keep the story going.2. A whole series of one-dimensional characters - a medical consultant who left all financial dealings to her husband and was unaware that he received regular payments into his bank account from an unknown source!3. The author has research [...]

    • Renee ( says:

      I hate to say it but this is the first Sharon Bolton book I've read that I just didn't enjoy. The plot seemed very far fetched and odd, I found the main character unlikeable, and the narrative heavy on medical details that I often found myself skimming through. Full review to come

    • Denise says:

      A very chilling debut with great characters and a powerful story. The setting itself, the cold and wind-swept Shetland Islands, a hundred miles from the northeastern tip of Scotland, is very remote and forboding. When Tora finds a young woman's body on the hillside of her new home, she has no idea that the mystery of how it came to be there, in the state in which it is discovered, will have far reaching consequences for her and her husband. I have read more recent books by this author and have a [...]

    • Shaun says:

      Not my favorite to date, but still a worthy read.Bolton has a talent choosing and describing interesting, almost exotic, settings, such that they become an integral part of the story.She also gives her characters believable professions that are intimately tied into the plot and which she portrays with an authority. My biggest gripe was with the somewhat convoluted twists and turns this story takes. I expect a good story to push the boundaries of believability but this one pushed further than mos [...]

    • Bettie☯ says:

      Spotted on pat's profileWithdrawn from Oxfordshire Library Service, this is the large print edition published by Thorndike Press.From the author's note: Sacrifice is a work of imagination, inspired by Shetland legend.Dedication:For Andrew,who makes everything possible;and for Hal,who makes it worthwhile.Opening quote: There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. George Carlin.Great opening: The corpse I could cope with. It was the context that threw me.#19 TBR Busting 201 [...]

    • Gorana Gogach says:

      Very good :)

    • Jane says:

      The setting captured me first: Shetland, subarctic archipelago more than one hundred miles north-east of the Scottish coast. A land of granite and peat bogs, lying under rainy grey skies and battered by wind and waves. It is so vividly captured, so right for the dark, almost gothic, storyline, and its character and legends will become part of that story.The story opens dramatically, on a stormy evening with the light slowly fading. A woman is determined to give her beloved horse a proper burial, [...]

    • Emily Crow says:

      Someday I will learn not to get excited about thrillers based on some sort of ancient gruesome (usually Nordic) pagan rituals being carried out in modern times. The plot summary always sounds so intriguing, and I just love this sort of horror-tinged story, and stillI am usually disappointed. This novel begins with a consulting OB-GYN who has just recently moved to the Shetland Islands, who discovers the mutilated corpse of a young woman buried on her land. The police immediately try to dismiss t [...]

    • Linda says:

      The British Isles are replete with folklore, and in the remoteness of the Shetland Islands, natives still tell tales about the Trows, little grey men who fear iron, love silver, and reside in the rolling hillsides. For their race to continue, the Trows must mate with human females. S. J. Bolton, whose given name is Sharon, builds her debut mystery around these legends to great effect. Tora Hamilton is an OB/Gyn who relocates with her husband, who was born there, to the Shetlands. She enjoys her [...]

    • Anita says:

      I couldn't believe this was a debut novel, the writing is slick, compelling and the main character drew me in from the first page.Tora Guthrie is an obstetrician whose husband, Duncan has brought them back to his home Island of Shetland to live after a twenty year absence, but when he suggests they go 'home', Tora finds a job in the local hospital and Duncan buys an old house.Things begin to go wrong when Tora accidentally digs up the body of a local woman on her land. Wrapped in linen and burie [...]

    • Lance Greenfield says:

      Grim, gripping and gruesomeThere are several intertwined storylines running through this book.The narration in the first person by Tora Hamilton, a consultant surgeon, an outsider in the Shetland Isles, despite her husband's local roots, works very well.The whole saga begins with Tora digging a hole in her field to bury the body of her recently deceased horse. She is shocked to find a well-wrapped human body at the bottom of her pit. Is it an ancient burial? Is it a recent murder victim? Who is [...]

    • Candace Burton says:

      Dear authors of thrillers, please do not construct your narrative so that the protagonist needs to spend several pages creeping around alone, in the dark. You are asking to have pages skipped until quotation marks begin reappearing. Having said this, however, I thought Bolton's first book (I was surprised this was her debut; I read Awakening first and it has such a different and so much less complex construction that I assumed it came first) was pretty clever and a good example of psychological [...]

    • Fred Shaw says:

      Awesome, awesome, awesome fast paced thriller. Did I mention awesome? I gave it 5 stars, yes FIVE. Sharon Bolton, AKA S.J. Bolton is a skilled, creative writer. This is the 4th of her books I've read and I believe this one's the best. "Sacrifice" was Sharon's debut novel, released in 2008. I have a theory that authors put their best foot forward with their fist. They work hard to create a unique story, to keep the reader's attention, they scrub the results, have it reviewed by many and then scru [...]

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