Not Again!The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson.

Not Again The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson This story is based on the real life events of the author s two young daughters Breanna and Allyson They have a special bond but sometimes it s hard to be a big sister Allyson is always getting into

  • Title: Not Again!The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson.
  • Author: Sarah Hays
  • ISBN: 9781544780658
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • This story is based on the real life events of the author s two young daughters Breanna and Allyson They have a special bond, but sometimes it s hard to be a big sister Allyson is always getting into trouble and Breanna has to get her out of sticky situations But, through it all, they re the best of friends

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    • Jessica Adams says:

      My daughters and I really enjoyed this book. It made a great bedtime story for us. My daughters thought it was really neat that the author wrote the book about real life happenings of her own two daughters. My daughters could relate to the two sisters in the book, although my girls are closer in age than the book characters. We really enjoyed this book and think many other children would enjoy this book, especially siblings, and would be a great book for a child awaiting the arrival of a new sib [...]

    • Karen says:

      This book is great for kids of all ages. I have a 12 year old, 4 year old, and a 6 month old. They all enjoyed it and can relate to a lot of the situations. It was really sweet and funny. I highly recommend this to all kids, especially those with siblings.

    • Bob says:

      I have two daughters. One is 3 and the other only 18 months. As young as they are, they are best friends. They do fight often especially over toys, but they both love each other too. As I read Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson by Sarah Hays, I thought of my own children even though Breanna and Allyson are older than my kids. Breanna is the older sister. As the older child, she has more skills and abilities than her younger sister Allyson. Breanna must show lots of patience and und [...]

    • Shannan Williams says:

      This book was an absolute delight to read! My kids are now 14 and 16 but I still truly enjoyed this story. I think that a lot of families will be able to relate to the story of Breanna and Allyson. The fact that the author wrote this about her own two daughters made it all the more real. I could picture my kids when they were little acting like Breanna and Allyson. Breanna is the older sister and even though Allyson can drive her crazy at times, they are the best of friends. The bond they share [...]

    • Rosie says:

      "Not Again!: The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson," written by author Sarah Hays and illustrated by Mike Motz is a book I won in a recent contest.A cute tale with colorful illustrations along with a heartfelt story between two sisters. Read how they face trials and tribulations that all siblings go through. Breanna, the older sister, shows much patience and love as her little sister, Allyson grows.I recommend this book for all readers, especially those with siblings.(Thank you Sarah Hays for th [...]

    • Darlene says:

      I received a free electronic copy of Sarah Hays' Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson in exchange for an honest review. I read it with a little girl I babysat. Though a bit out of her level she seemed to enjoy it. The story is well written and illustrated will vivid colors. I think this is a good book for the 4 or 5 year old age group, esp. for those about to become big siblings for the first time. The story does a good job showing that, even with inevitable difficulties, the friends [...]

    • EG says:

      Perfect book for siblings! Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson is a story about two sisters. Throughout the story, it emphasizes the important role that a big sister plays in helping and teaching her younger sister. I enjoyed the special bond that the sister characters had throughout the story, despite accidents and messes that could be annoying to an older sibling at times. This is a great book for any child who is expecting a younger sibling or even children who already have sibli [...]

    • Lieve Snellings says:

      A nice recognizable book for children'Not Again' or the adventures of Breanna and Allyson is a beautiful written story. Many girls with a sister, or boys with a brother, will recognize themselves in these two girls. 'Not again' how many times have they said that to each other, nevertheless, whatever happens between them, they stay the best friends with their siblings. And it is always nice to read about a character that could be you. I'm sure children enjoy.

    • Lindsay says:

      Wonderful Story!This is such an adorable book for young readers. It teaches children the value and importance of sister/family bonding in an easy to understand way. Children will learn that while it is natural to sometimes become frustrated with their younger sibling(s), the important thing is to learn to be patient, caring, and a good role model for them as well. Kids will surely enjoy reading this book!

    • Kat Kristar says:

      This book is so sweet! This story brings back memories of when my children were younger and would say almost exactly the same thing. (My son's phrase to his baby sister was "There she goes again!" He would roll his eyes and then he and anyone else present would burst out laughing at the baby's "naughtiness".) This book is wonderful in that it fosters understanding, tolerance and love amongst siblings.

    • Ben Jackson says:

      Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson is a fun and beautifully illustrated book that shows that having a little sister or brother can be a fun and exciting adventure. Growing up with both a younger brother and sister, it’s not always how you expect it to be. It doesn’t matter what happens, having a bigger or smaller brother and sister is always a terrific adventure! Such a colorful and well-illustrated book! Terrific!

    • Joe Yang says:

      This is a cute story about a girl and her younger sibling. The younger one does the silly things that kids do, and it's up to big sister to be there for her. This is a nice book for young girls, especially those with siblings! I'm sure many out there will be able to identify with the all the little events that happen in the story.

    • Tony Hunter says:

      A beautiful and touching story about two young girls who explore what being a sister really means.Bright illustrations accompany a very well written story which my child enjoyed and immediately raised the question "when am I getting a sister!"I would recommend to all kids but especially to young girls who have a baby sister on the way.

    • Keith Wheeler says:

      Adorable and touching!This story reminds me of my two girls. They're 4 years apart and although the youngest would get on her sisters nerves from time to time, she was always there to read, play and love her! What a beautifully illustrated and precious story!!!!

    • Lisa Mullan says:

      Loved the illustrations. Great story and a lovely way of seeing how siblings can bond. It would resonate especially with children looking forward to the birth of a sibling after several years of being the only one.

    • Meredith Cole says:

      A sweet story about friendship and the unbreakable bond between two sisters! Cute and fun. A very enjoyable read.

    • Chandra Fry says:

      A Sweet BookThis book was tender and sweet. A great look into the love of siblings.A book I look forward to reading to my children.

    • Sarah Hays says:

      This children's book is based on the adventures of my daughters: Breanna and Allyson! I hope you enjoy it!

    • Sarah Hays says:

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