Appeal Ava Rose spends her days impressing her bosses as a first year associate for a Las Vegas law firm She spends her nights hostessing at the Fever gentleman s club downtown Her two worlds give her very d

  • Title: Appeal
  • Author: Hazel Jacobs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • Ava Rose spends her days impressing her bosses as a first year associate for a Las Vegas law firm.She spends her nights hostessing at the Fever gentleman s club downtown Her two worlds give her very different rushes and she s never had any reason to fear that they may collide.That is, until she battles Christopher Cole in the courtroom Christopher Cole is a shark of a laAva Rose spends her days impressing her bosses as a first year associate for a Las Vegas law firm.She spends her nights hostessing at the Fever gentleman s club downtown Her two worlds give her very different rushes and she s never had any reason to fear that they may collide.That is, until she battles Christopher Cole in the courtroom Christopher Cole is a shark of a lawyer who is used to getting what he wants.Now, he wants Ava The attraction is instant and mutual, and Ava finds herself feeling the kind of lust she d never imagined feeling before A little digging leads Christopher to Ava s moonlight career at Fever and, rather than turn her in to her bosses, he offers her a job at his own firm But is Ava really going to take the easy route to advance her career Is Christopher worth giving up her integrity

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    • Maren Lee says:

      I enjoyed it! Super hot and steamy and whew the motorcycle scene!

    • Michelle says:

      Holy crap Appeal was so freaken hot. Chrisopher cole was out of this world insanely hot and to good to be true. He was not what I was expecting but oh boy so much better. He screamed power. Control and dominance. Amazing job Hazel you shocked us once again with your amazing talent. Your so good at what you do.

    • Kylee says:

      This book should come with a warning; Seriously cold shower will be required on completion of this book. If it is a hot and steamy quick read you are after then this is the book for you. Just like the title this book has appeal and I mean some serious appeal. Christopher is a hot alpha lawyer who has sex appeal oozing from his pores and Ava gives him the impression that she is a little innocent flower but has Christopher met his match in the courtroom. The attraction between these two is instant [...]

    • Dita says:

      "There's nothing like the feeling of a powerful woman draping herself over me."Oh yeah this book is really hot. It's packed with hot passions, either in courtroom and gentleman’s club.I love the power play between Ava and Christopher. They're totally perfect match for each other. None showing weakness, they're so determined to claim each other, to get what they want from each other. I really love their banters.From the beginning, this book got me wondering who will win in the end or will they [...]

    • Reading with 2 book lovers says:

      wow what an amazingly hot read, Hazel Jacobs has written a hot and sexy read, you will not want to put this hot short read down.Ava Rose and Christopher Cole have great chemistry and really make the book.If your a fan of hazel or even new to her I 100% recommend giving this book a read.I voluntary read a copy of this book

    • Karen Sedgman says:

      Appeal is one you won't want to put down!! This was short and sexy!! Two sexy Lawyer's, Christopher and Ava were fever hot and steamy together!! A must read!!

    • Lisa Sylva (The Book Bistro) says:

      I DO NOT OBJECT to Christopher Cole!5 HUGE BISTRO STARS!Ava and Christopher -2 lawyers:1 first year associate1 Co-Partner to his own firmTogether = Off The Charts HOT! They are as wise as they are sensual. The chemistry between this couple begins right away and out of the clear blue when poor Ava is left to defend her client alone against the "Big Bad Christopher Cole", an older charismatic man who has a winning streak in the court room and apparently in the bedroom too.When these two characters [...]

    • Ingridshenie says:

      This was my first book by Hazel Jacobs and I loved it!! The short novella was sweet and sexy. I love Ava's character, she's a strong independent woman. That knows exactly what she wants and does not hesitate to go for it. During the day Ava works at a law firm as an attorney, and at night she enjoys running a gentlemen's club. Both total opposites, but finds satisfaction in both in different ways. When Ava meets Christopher Cole the attorney she would go head to head in a case she was thrown int [...]

    • Amy says:

      Hazel Jacobs continues to impress me with her amazing storytelling. Appeal is a fiery and sexy novella about two lawyers, Ava and Christopher, who have an instant attraction as they battled it out in the courtroom. Although there is a huge age gap, their chemistry is undeniable. Christopher is the total alpha male who stops at nothing to get Ava working for his firm as well as into his bed. And as much as Ava doesn’t seem to have the confidence in the beginning, she becomes quite the match for [...]

    • Tre Talbot says:

      I'm ruling that Appeal deserves more then 5 stars, I loved each and every second. Ava Rose has much more to her then meets the eye and it doesn't take the sexy alpha male Christopher Cole long to figure that out. The chemistry is nothing short of I'll have what she's having please, hot damn they're that good together. You wouldn't have to ask me twice to get on Christopher's bike, I'm adding that to my wish wish of things to try. Great read from the beginning till the very end. It's hot, sexy an [...]

    • Laura says:

      Fast-Paced & SexyNot sure what I was expecting but I'm pleasantly surprised by this engrossing short story. It's a bit insta, probably to save time, but it's still a thoroughly enjoyable read. Christopher Cole is a successful attorney, a bad boy on a motorcycle, and a domineering alpha all the time. Ava Rose is a newly minted attorney with a potentially controversial second job and plenty of starch in her spine. Despite the gap in their ages and careers, they might be the perfect match.

    • Tongan Book Lover (Ofa Tafa) says:

      WowwwOmg please tell me Christopher and Ava get a full novel! I MEAN, IT CANT END THERE! It just can't! Oh my god I seriously couldn't get enough! It's hot, it's sexy and down right panty-dropping, I had to stop reading to calm myself down! I've always been a fan of Hazel Jacobs but she has taken it to a whole other level! I devoured this book and J can't wait to "hopefully" devoured more of these two!

    • Alex F says:

      I enjoyed this short story - It was sexy and fun, and I loved the characters. I wanted a bit more from it, but that’s the sign of a talented author. She gave just enough to make it a great read, but withheld a few points to make your imagination run. The ending felt rushed to me, however, it was meant to be a short story and not a full length novel.Hazel is a talented author who has become a one-click for me. I look forward to reading more from her!

    • C.C. Ann says:

      Hot and dominant! Love this book! It was a sexy and fun read. Even though it was short it didn't leave you unsatisfied except for only wanting more of Ava and Chris. Their chemistry was hot! I love Chris dominant nature and Ava's feistiness. I can't wait to read more of Hazel James stories. This was my first and I was definitely not disappointed.

    • Naomi says:

      oh holy hot balls!!! I think I found me new book boyfriend oh Mr Cole **swoon** but it looks like a little rose got there first I will have to love from afar! I loved the dynamic of this book, and the instant chemistry between Ava and Cole is on fire, and that bike sceneholy molyI give this book 5 deliciously hot stars!!! well done Hazel an awesome bookxx

    • Stina Andersen says:

      I thank the author for providing a copy to voluntarily review.Appeal is a short read. Short but sweet. And very hot. I really liked the scenes where Ava takes the command. Where she tells Christopher what to do! If you want something short and hot to read, then I highly recommend this book!

    • Laurel Nilsen says:

      If you are looking for a quick read that is seriously hot this is the book for you! Once again another great book by Hazel Jacobs. A small snippet in the lives of hard arse lawyer Christopher and softly spoken Ava but don't let her fool you she has him pegged from the start. He may like to be in control but his little rose is no shrinking violet and will make Christopher realise that sometimes compromises have to be made. After reading this you will not be able to look at a motorbike the same wa [...]

    • Christy Daeger says:

      Appeal is a read that you don't want to miss! This was short with a whole lot-ta sexy! Two Lawyer's, Christopher and Ava who in the courtroom are just as hot for each other as they are in club Fever's room. Quick read with tons of dominance and sexy scenes.

    • Stephanie says:

      4 starsThis a great steamy novella about two lawyers, my only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer I feel like there could me a bit more to their story.

    • Andrea Lopez says:

      Hot Hot Hooooot, good story, amazing characters I wish It was longer, I loved everything about this

    • Hillary Rhodes says:

      I loved this book! Hope for more about the Fever crew.

    • Lisa White says:

      Quick, fast and intense insta romance.

    • Cindy says:

      Quick and hot read.

    • CassieJo says:

      I loved this book!!! I want more!!

    • Gypsy Soul Korina says:

      Hazel Jacobs always delivers. Ava Rose and Christopher Cole are sizzling in this novella. Although a quick readYou will not be left wanting. Two lawyers. One prominent and well into his career. One just starting out and working a second job to supplement her income. Her quick wit and brains help her in the courtroom. Her sex appeal and looks help her outside the courtroom against him. Did he ever really have a chance? Another 5 steamy star read!

    • Jenn says:

      3.5 stars

    • Nataly R. Padro says:

      H.O.T.This was so freaking HOT. But extremely short! 😞 I would’ve enjoyed a little bit more of the story for sure!

    • Steph Poe says:

      This was a hot, steamy quick read. I loved the immediate attraction between Christopher and Ava. Two strong, confident characters. Well written. Easy to picture the characters and scenes in my head, especially the HOT motorcycle scene. This was my first read from this author. I was not disappointed and will definitely read more of her work in the future.

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