Only the Few

Only the Few Corporal Catherine Hyde and the squad she is attached to are sent on a mission to find survivors of bomb attacks that have devastated most of the British Isles Everything starts to go wrong when the

  • Title: Only the Few
  • Author: L.N. Denison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Corporal Catherine Hyde, and the squad she is attached to, are sent on a mission to find survivors of bomb attacks that have devastated most of the British Isles Everything starts to go wrong when the whole squad are captured or killed by cannibalistic Caver s Hyde is the only one to escape death at their hands, and she makes it her mission to carry out the orders her unCorporal Catherine Hyde, and the squad she is attached to, are sent on a mission to find survivors of bomb attacks that have devastated most of the British Isles Everything starts to go wrong when the whole squad are captured or killed by cannibalistic Caver s Hyde is the only one to escape death at their hands, and she makes it her mission to carry out the orders her unit had been given Her task is met with danger wherever she goes, but it won t stop her from completing her objective a handful of survivors back to the main bomb shelter back in London.

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    • C.F. Rabbiosi says:

      This novel was a lot of fun. Right from the beginning I loved the idea of cavers- gruesome misshapen humans that ran from the government to hide in the caves. They live on human flesh and the main character Catherine gets captured by them. She endures some major torture at their hands, watching her colleagues eaten alive and such. She escapes but finds that her unit has been decimated and she is left to the wastelands of London to starve. She is desperate when Marcus and his crew find her and ac [...]

    • Scott Spotson says:

      The pros:The main character, Catherine Hyde, is resolute, strong, and likeable. She does however show some surprising lapses into hatred, like wanting to punish or kill people who have wronged her, long after these perpetrators have been captured and immobilized. I was able to overlook this as understandable given being traumatized by the fall of the world order into savage conditions.The author’s writing flows well, and is easy to understand. She does not go off tangent into unrelated plot li [...]

    • Rachael Thompson says:

      Make sure to read this one all the way throughI was not suspecting the ending. Besides the crazy surprise, this book was entertaining from page one. Between cannibalistic cave people and sadistic, power-hungry humans, the main character, Hyde, cannot catch a break.It starts from the beginning of the apocalypse, with a mass bombing. Survivors are few and far between, and dwindling in numbers as the man-made cavers venture further away from their dwellings in search of food (human flash). There ar [...]

    • Jacqueline Simonds says:

      Looking for a post-apocalyptic soldier’s story, featuring a strong female? ONLY THE FEW is the tale of one woman’s indomitable will to live, secrets (military and personal) upon secrets, a world where no one is sure who the predators are—and everyone is prey. An ending you won’t believe!

    • Stjepan Cobets says:

      My rating is 3.7Writer L.N. Denison leads us to the dystopian world of the future of English after experiencing the bombing of an unknown enemy. Most of the English is destroyed; a few human survivors hide inside the caves, surviving in the desolation. But the survivors are hiding from the worst enemy, and they have fired a failed experiment of humans Cavers. Cavers are cannibals; they feed on human flesh and are a constant threat to the survivors. Major character Corporal Catherine Hyde’s is [...]

    • Carol Devine says:

      Corporal Catherine Hyde is a great character to root for, strong in her courage and moral authority despite the horror of losing everyone and everything she holds dear when bombs rain down on her country, reducing it to a wasteland. The story builds as she encounters allies and adversaries in her journey to find safety and fellow survivors. For a long time, the reasons behind the attack are unclear, as are the motivations behind the most evil of protagonists. But Hyde’s single-minded focus on [...]

    • Tim Walker says:

      Enjoyed this fast-paced and gripping dystopian thriller set in a shattered future Britain. Feisty Corporal Catherine Hyde has her family theater trip blown apart as bombs start dropping on London. She survives the strike and her survival training kicks in. She moves out over the ravaged country with her unit looking for survivors, but who can she trust from the odd characters she meets along the way? Slowly the story of what has happened unravels as she lurches from one adventure after another, [...]

    • Charles McCormack says:

      Book Review of L.N. Denison’s “Only the Few.”By Charles McCormack. I just finished L.N. Denison’s book “Only the Few” in kindle format. I was really looking forward to reading it in that I enjoy post-apocalyptic sagas such as The Road, The Legend, and World War Z. So, I happily hunkered down, hoping to be transported in time and situation. And, in the beginning I thought this would be quite possible. After all, “Only the Few” sets up a good story line and has plenty of action. Th [...]

    • Eric says:

      Normally I try to avoid post apocalyptic novels as I get enough of that on the evening news. So this was not my normal genre choice.That said, I enjoyed reading it, Catherine is a believable character and you come to relate to her ordeals while experiencing them with her. The world is vivid and we see it through her eyes as we travel around London and the surrounding areas with her. The start reminded me of Day of the Triffids as it starts with someone's normal day turning into disaster and the [...]

    • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews says:

      True rating is 3.5 stars! :DOnly the Few was everything I was hoping for in a post-apocalyptic read. It even has a gore factor that will make you squeamish if you can’t handle the thought of cannibalistic creatures. I will freely admit that it makes me sick at the idea. This story follows the events that happened after a mass bombing, think nuclear holocaust, that manages to destroy most of the British Isles.Corporal Catherine Hyde had been on leave and was spending time with her parents when [...]

    • Will Collins says:

      This review contains minor spoilers.Only the few was a whirlwind of a read and I felt every one of Hyde’s emotions, right from the first chapter. I thought Cavers was quite a bland name and didn’t really give justice to how monstrous and depraved the creatures were, who were conveyed very well by the author. The writing was particularly great in the gory scenes and the moment a desperately thirsty Hyde finally drinks water is an especially beautifully written scene. I thought the entirety of [...]

    • S.K. Wee says:

      The wonderfully creative dystopian story takes place in post-apocalyptic England. We are introduced to the main character, Corporal Catherine Hyde. She and her teammates are soon tasked with scouring the countryside in search of survivors. Hyde takes her mission very seriously and I can immediately feel her strong sense of duty to her country. She will stop at nothing to continue her quest. Along the way, she encounters cavers, who are some sort of genetically engineered failure who subsist on h [...]

    • Christina McMullen says:

      I have to admit, I typically shy away from dystopian novels unless they're of the light hearted, satirical or parody type. I mean, really, we're sort of living with one foot in the dystopian grave and I read fiction to escape my Twitter feed. Well, sometimes I branch out and end up going so far outside my comfort zone I come back around to something akin to enjoyment. That is, if you call staying up too late, reading with my heart racing, wincing in pain every time something horrible happens to [...]

    • Cindy Tomamichel says:

      An action and horror packed story of survival set in a post-apocalyptic world. Readers travel with Hyde as she struggles to fulfil her mission in the UK, now devastated by bombs and populated with some ghastly specimens of humanity, and things that might once have been human. The trials of Hyde, a young female soldier, left alone in a changed and dangerous world are fast paced, as she stumbles from one group of nasties to another. Her mission was to rescue any survivors, but very quickly she fin [...]

    • Leo McBride says:

      The North of England is a devastated wasteland full of strange and deadly creatures. And I used to live there! No, seriously, the real North is not like that. It's a fabulous place, but it's quite the piece of fun watching it recast as a post-apocalyptic wasteland in L.N. Denison's slice of military sci-fi. Corporal Catherine Hyde is the sole survivor of an explosion in London that wipes out the rest of the building she is in at the time, hiding herself away in a blast shelter as she loses famil [...]

    • Nero Seal says:

      Dark. Bloody. Captivating. L.N. Denison did a good job describing post apocalyptic world, where only shreds of humanity survived. Monsters, created in a wrongly went experiment now walking over the lands once belonged to human beings. Surviving is the new rule of this world and everyone does it in his own way. Corporal Catherine Hyde, probably one of the last people on Earth that still keeps her heart full with kindness, fearlessly leaves safe barracks in London to find and bring back last survi [...]

    • Joanne says:

      This suspenseful thriller had me hooked right from the start.Immersed immediately in the world of post-apocalyptic London in 2025 and the life of the main character, Corporal Catherine Hyde, the drama unfolds steadily from the first page. From that point, the tension starts to build and the questions begin to gnaw at both the reader and Corporal Hyde. Hyde's character is brilliantly developed. She is likeable, strong enough to be a hero and weak enough to be believeable. The reader feels as thou [...]

    • Jessica Jesinghaus says:

      Check out this review, and many more, on my blog jessjesinghaus.wordpressAt its heart Only the Few is a tale of courage and fortitude in the face of seemingly insurmountable, horrifying challenges. Set in an England laid waste by bombs and peopled with scattered bands of survivors, ruthless scavengers, as well as nightmarish science-experiment rejects referred to as 'cavers,' this post-apocalyptic dystopian story follows the travails of Corporal Catherine Hyde. After losing her entire family to [...]

    • J.P. Willson says:

      When I read a book of this nature or genre I enter into such for a story, nothing more nothing less. Well, hopefully a good to excellent story, sure. This was a really good story that I did enjoy, not immensely, that would have been an excellent story. Understand? The writing was good, the characters were developed to a point where I hated some of them and truly was rooting for others to succeed in their roles. I was engaged. I was surprised at the ending. Honestly, I was completely caught off g [...]

    • Ju Ephraime says:

      L.N. Denison creates a post-apocalyptic world in this story in which humanity as we know it is no more, and only experimental creatures rule the earth. The powers that be, seeing the end result is not what they expects, decides to destroy all, except one, Hyde. They have a plan for Hyde that even she is not aware of until the end. When she found out, it left her questioning her humanity, her memory, and her feelings for her friends and loved ones.The story is well-paced and ends on a cliffhanger [...]

    • K. Fitzgerald says:

      Dystopian horror. Fast paced, suspenseful, and full or gruesome gore!Set in Britain in the not so distant future, a catastrophic occurrence sends Britain into a post-apocalyptical dystopian horrorland where ‘only the few’ strive to survive the charred cannibals, known as the Cavers. The main protagonist, Corporal Catherine Hyde, after the death of her parents in the initial mass destruction that sends Britain into this dystopian future, moves through the story trying to survive in a world wh [...]

    • Catherine Imbeault || The Reading Cat || says:

      I received an review copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you L.N. Denison!I have got to say that this book brings the dark and gory to post-apocalyptic dystopian. It was thrilling and realistic, in the sense that the way it read accurately portrayed the main character's state of mind; which is distrustful, wary, scared. etc. Denison does a great job of making us connect with Catherine Hyde throughout the book. We root for her, and most of the time, back her [...]

    • James Sillwood says:

      London 2025. England has been savaged by a series of bomb attacks. Corporal Catherine Hyde is part of a group sent to the Yorkshire Dales on a mission to find survivors and bring them back to London. Catherine's mission is far from easy. There are many dangers along the way. The group must watch out for the cannibalistic cavers and scavengers; who attack anyone who gets in their way. She meets up with other survivors. But who can she trust? Catherine is brave and tough, and cares about the safet [...]

    • David Tucker says:

      I loved this read! It was a thrill ride, and I felt the dangers of the enemy closing around me, wanting to eat my flesh.L.N. Denison has an interesting style of writing and a solid foundation to write upon. The story takes unexpected turns and keeps you wanting more right to the end. The plot was fresh and felt gritty with believable characters. The reactions and emotions were well drawn and a great mental picture was able to be formed as I read this tale.I feel like I want more as I read the la [...]

    • Angelique Anderson says:

      In this action packed story, L.N Denison sucks you in from page one. The premise of the Cavers is a cool spin, and I could see this book making a great thriller! Corporal Catherine Hyde faces unbelievable circumstances, and really comes into her own! She is really someone I was rooting for. Loved the ending! (No spoilers)

    • Paul Weil says:

      An interesting take on the zombie apocalypse story set in a grim post-destruction Britain. The country is laid to waste by hundreds of bombs that have obliterated most of the UK. The lead character is a tough female warrior and the writer does a good job of bringing the reader deep into her psyche.You will not see the huge twist coming at the end. At least I surely didn't, and it was certainly a surprise that made me question my own powers of observation. This would translate well into a movie o [...]

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      OMG!!! I read the blurb for this, thinking it's not for me, but I'll give it a try. Denison's writing is amazing. It was fast-paced and I was hooked from the get go.

    • X. Culletto says:

      The stakes are high in Only the Few, a post-apocalyptic drama set in England. The story starts off with a bang when a bomb goes off in a theater, killing Catherine Hyde's parents. Corporal Hyde soon finds her military "family" and they set off to find survivors--a mission that leads into a whirlwind of near-death experiences for Hyde and complete death for several of her companions. Very quickly Hyde is without allies in a merciless world filled with enemies of every kind. Hyde is a great charac [...]

    • Melonie Purcell says:

      Gritty to the core!In this post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure, we follow Catherin Hyde and what’s left of her military unit as they attempt to survive in a violent and unforgiving London. The nuclear holocaust has the world to remnants of civilizations overrun by mutants who wreak havoc and destruction without remorse. Early on in the book, Hyde gets separated from her team and must go it alone as she tries to find survivors and save what’s left of humanity.There are no rules in this book. [...]

    • Brin Murray says:

      Well, it’s a tribute to the narrative drive that I powered on to the end of this story, because as a rule it’s not the sort of thing that would appeal to me very much at all. Partly because it’s gruesome, but more because of the prose. It reminds me of what I suspect Chris Ryan’s might be like before he gets in a really hardcore professional editor: kind of basic, all tell not show, slightly repetitive and obvious, and to me clunky and not a pleasure. But obviously tons of people care fa [...]

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