The Other Side of Darkness

The Other Side of Darkness Once again I have kept the demons at bay As a wife and mother Ruth knows her prayers are crucial to her family s spiritual welfare She stands between her precious children and the evil one doing ba

  • Title: The Other Side of Darkness
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781400070817
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once again, I have kept the demons at bay.As a wife and mother, Ruth knows her prayers are crucial to her family s spiritual welfare She stands between her precious children and the evil one, doing battle in prayer She can t afford to be careless Thankfully, she has powerful allies Pastor Glenn, New Life Christian School where her daughters Mary and Sarah attend, and tOnce again, I have kept the demons at bay.As a wife and mother, Ruth knows her prayers are crucial to her family s spiritual welfare She stands between her precious children and the evil one, doing battle in prayer She can t afford to be careless Thankfully, she has powerful allies Pastor Glenn, New Life Christian School where her daughters Mary and Sarah attend, and the inner circle at Arbor Drive Fellowship They all reinforce her careful nurturance of her children.If only her husband, Rick, understood that He s exasperated about the money Ruth keeps spending for the church and school Doesn t he see that these are their best defenses in shielding their children from the dangers of the world But the forces that threaten Ruth s faith, her family her very life are not the ones she expects Ruth doesn t realize that her heartfelt desire to obey God is mingled with dangerous currents of OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Her own strategies for protecting her family may be the very thing that tears them apart.

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    • Ashli says:

      Melody Carlson is one of my favorite authors. I read most of her books so I was kind of putting off this book because I don't want the experience of reading the book for the first time to end. But I finally had checked out of my church library and now I really wished I had just ordered for myself. (I want to own it!) When I read the summary, I got really excited. I love reading books about issues that really drastic. I have read Finding Alice and I really liked it so I knew I would probably like [...]

    • Laura says:

      I don't know about this one. After reading the first 150 pages or so I'm finding myself feeling out of sorts. The main character is just not healthy. I'm going to keep going, looking for the redemption for the story and this character!Whew. I finished this one, but may have been better off if I had never opened it in the first place. I'm super dissapointed. The vast majority of the book, maybe 340 of the 380 pages was about the woman's slide into a cult church, how she thinks, treats her family, [...]

    • Monica says:

      I really really loved this book. It showed what OCD can really do to someone and how it can take over someone's life, and not even know it. I can soo relate to Ruth because I also suffer from OCD, and in some way it's a spiritual OCD. Although, I know where I stand as a Christian and I would never question my faith, but sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough. I just remind myself that God loves me no matter what. I love how Ruth was able to conquer her fears and in the end was able to realiz [...]

    • Hannah says:

      This book was really nerve racking at some parts. Its written in first person which makes it seem like its real. The character in the book had an extreme condition of OCD and it get to the point where she "sees" demons around a her house and starts throwing everything away to try to get rid of them. The whole time she thinks its what God wants her to do. But at the end of the book she starts therapy and realizes it wasn't Gods plan for any of that.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Excellent - I think you have to understand a little bit about mental illness (in this case, OCD) to appreciate the story Otherwise it might seem slow and pointless for most of the book. But I felt like we traveled along this dangerous path with the main character amazingly - almost frighteningly - well! Love Melody Carlson, she's like a Christian "Jodi Picoult"

    • Jennifer says:

      Sometimes when I visit the library, I choose a genre and search the shelves for interesting books in that genre. This book was one I picked up last week, and I'm glad I did. I grew up in a church that taught believers to live in fear. Perhaps that's why this book resonated so strongly with me. I wept as I realized how many relationships I damaged and joys I missed because I gave into fear instead of love.And because mental health challenges affect several loved ones, I appreciated the author's a [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      It's obvious from the start that the main character is mentally imbalanced. The whole time everyone keeps saying she's crazy regarding her ritual cleanliness habits and obsession over demons and evil, and yet it takes over 300 pages for them to finally intervene and get her help. Her family and friends, even her husband push off all the warning signs. She has to try to commit suicide before they admit she has a serious need for intervention?!? I thought about abandoning the book because it was s [...]

    • Karen Mcnicol says:

      Too Dark!I found this book to not be one for me. I found the storyline a little to dark to enjoy. I usually love Melody Carlson's books. .

    • Nora St Laurent says:

      Hold on to your heart when you read this gut-wrenching real situation in which Melody Carlson describes how someone could easily find themselves in a cult. I think the circumstances of this situation makes it scary and real when you see how the little things that grab the main character Ruth at first. It's the little things - like words said, things prayed about that prick her spirit and weigh heavy on her heart. But she brushes them off as nonsense in the beginning, when she finds herself in th [...]

    • Michelle says:

      About the book:Once again, I have kept the demons at bay.As a wife and mother, Ruth knows her prayers are crucial to her family's spiritual welfare. She stands between her precious children and the evil one, doing battle in prayer. She can't afford to be careless. Thankfully, she has powerful allies: Pastor Glenn, New Life Christian School where her daughters Mary and Sarah attend, and the inner circle at Arbor Drive Fellowship. They all reinforce her careful nurturance of her children. If only [...]

    • Eustacia Tan says:

      Although I started out reading the True Colours series, I'm slowly branching out into the various books that Melody Carlson has written. So far, this is the darkest, and perhaps one of her best.The Other Side of Darkness follows Ruth, a mom who tries to be a prayer warrior for her family. Now, that isn't a bad thing - it is, in fact, really good, but the problem is that she's being manipulated into a small, rather close-minded sect. As the reader, it was pretty obvious that the Pastor and his gr [...]

    • Ky says:

      Phew, I almost feel a sense of relief at finishing this book. Ms. Carlson's writing sweet spot is first person narratives, and "Other Side" is therefore one of her best since she uses this tense. I felt like I was experiencing Ruth's descent into madness first-hand because Carlson is so good at drawing the reader into her characters' thoughts and feelings. This is not a calming book. Interesting read, yes; relaxing read, not so much.By the end of the book, I felt like I knew the characters and t [...]

    • Catherine Jett says:

      Interesting look-see from the eyes of mental illness. I do not know how accurate the protagonist's thoughts are because I am not that familiar with this type of mental illness, but her descriptions are certainly very plausible. I think there are probably people who suffer in very, very similar ways to the main character, and their families suffer as well. It is also interesting to see how a cult-like church can play such a large role in mental illness, and in causing so much harm to its follower [...]

    • Megan [I'm okay, I'm alright] says:

      This book was Interesting. I'm not sure if it deserves 3 stars, 3 and a half stars, or 4 stars. The plot was very interesting. I've never read anything about somebody with OCD or about a cult. So it was different. I think that Melody Carlson did a very good job being inside Ruths head, it gave me a fresh perspective on OCD and how if works, how they might think. This book was also rather creepy at spots. But intruiging. I just had to finish it, so I could see how everything turned out. I wanted [...]

    • Jerry says:

      A Quickie ReviewA literary critic once said that Melody Carlson writes the hardest-hitting novels in all of Christian fiction, and this book proves him/her right. Though very bleak in tone, the narrative is so amazingly written and compelling that I must give The Other Side of Darkness five stars. Ms. Carlson's story of a woman's spiritual struggle that unwittingly wreaks havoc on her family and friends is flat-out amazing. Even those who aren't usually fans of Christian fiction will probably st [...]

    • Diane says:

      This Christian author is very good at giving you a compelling picture of OCD, though I find her character's husband, Rick, seems most long-suffering. I don't know that I would have put up with Ruth's escapades for so long! I would also have liked to see a session or two in therapy; the short shrift she gives to that makes it seem too quick a cure and too easy a finish.She fulfilled the first demand of a writer, however: keep the reader turning pages! Make sure you have a long block of time when [...]

    • Lori says:

      "I want to ask what the backup plan is if it should rain, but I know this would sound like a lack of faith on my part, so I keep my doubts to myself."And keeping things to yourself can cause things to go very wrong, especially when you're deep in the annals of mental illness. Of course it won't rain because certain members of the church and their pastor have said it won't rain!!! I had to pull myself away from this novel because it is so intense. Melody Carlson writes like she has been there or [...]

    • Natalie says:

      This was a tough book to read. I struggled reading the majority of this book and only kept going because I was reading it for our book club. The end was this books redeeming factor. The content of this book is important, as mental health illnesses are valid struggles and not always recognized. Still, it is tough to be inside the head of a woman with a mental illness. Melody Carlson is truly a talented author to be able to portray the thoughts and emotions of someone with OCD and reflect those fe [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I've grown to expect the unexpected from Melody Carlson and this time she does disappoint a bit. Her characters, even the "good guys" seem one-dimensional and architypical. Basically people who break away from accepted church denominations are bad. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Christians need to lighten up. There is no need to feel guilty about your Jack O'Lantern on Hallowe'en.You do wonder how far Carlson will go before the madness ends and perhaps it's far enough to shock the [...]

    • Shelly says:

      Even though I only gave this book 3 stars it was hard to put down. I wanted to see what would happen next. It's a fast, easy read. I feel that most of the book concentrated on the "demons" and her struggles. I would have really like to see more on what Ruth recovery was like. It wrapped up so fast in the end I didn't get to see how and what she went through on her path to healing. It's like that process was skipped. I'm sure that would have been the hardest part for Ruthovercoming the fear.

    • Melissa Snow says:

      I love Melody Carlson and this book was even better than I expected. I was a little reluctant to read it because I was scared it would be a drag. It was anything BUT a drag. She did a great job of easing into the story and setting up the downward spiral. Pages turned faster the deeper I got into the book. To me, it seemed a very realistic approach to how this situation could very easily happen when all factors are in place.

    • Renee says:

      This book was pretty different than other books I've read by this author. It really put you inside someone that is dealing with obsessive behaviors and suckered into a church cult. at times I wanted to strangle the character for being so dense as to what is happening to her, and just wanted to get through to the end to see if she finally would wake up and realize all the crap that people were feeding her was what she really understood the guidelines behind it all. overall the book was alright.

    • Heidi says:

      Very good book. It was not a pleasant read as Ruth got sucked into a cult-ish church and her OCD became a real issue, but w/ all thats goin on in the world today I think it was a good book and gave me insight. That said, I do have to agree w/ the other readers who said the book spent too much time on her struggle and not enough on the healing. And I didn't understand how her husband let her go as long as he did. But still this was a good book, one I didn't put down til I was finally done :)

    • Jason Straw says:

      By the end of this book i was starting to get really annoyed with the lead character who was supposedly suffering with ocd.The writer portrayed the characters religious leanings with the condition,is the writer really suggesting all religious people or extreme religious people have this condition.I think perhaps a different mental disorder would have been more appropriate with this book.

    • Elaine says:

      (book, novel)a. about a woman with OCD. Besides her frequent, obsessive hand-washing and shower routine, there is nothing in this story that seems to indicate a real problem with OCD. b. Lots of casting out demons – basically this is the premise of the entire stories – demons on every “doorknob” so to speak. – 1 STAR

    • Joy Gerbode says:

      From an author that I have really loved, this was a total surprise. This is a very adult book about a person with OCD and a church that exploits that, until she is totally crazy. The really scary part is that all of these spiritual TRUTHS are tangled up in all the LIES until it's really hard to know the difference. Very disturbing book

    • Lunelle says:

      True darkness on the mind (of Ruth). Ruth is wrapped up in her own obscured way. Painfull how Ruth's husband and girls survided their mother's OCD behaviour of believing evil spirits around us and believing more in the work of devil than the power of God.Good read and will keep you wondering about some churches of today!!

    • MIllynne Brown says:

      This book was compelling. At some points I was tempted to think "stereo types" and yet as I read more I could see how sometimes there is way more going on than you can explain by just one thing or another. Showed the danger of not knowing things about yourself and about how easy it is to become blinded

    • Nicole says:

      Whew! This was a book a couldn't put down. I was anxiously awaiting the climax because that train was certainly accelerating toward Crazytown! So glad to have the suspense relievednce this was my first encounter with Melody Carlson, I will definitely be picking up her other books. Great read!

    • Teressa Brown says:

      I read 100 or so pages and I wish I had not wasted my time . Although it made me look at the church that I have attending for the past almost 5 years . Maybe it was a good thing that I read what I read ,because I never thought about how some churches can have occult tendencies .

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