The Infinity Concerto

The Infinity Concerto There is a song you dare not sing a melody that you dare not play a concerto that you dare not hear It is called a Song of Power It is a gateway to another world a gate that will lock behind you as y

  • Title: The Infinity Concerto
  • Author: Greg Bear
  • ISBN: 9780712618168
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There is a song you dare not sing a melody that you dare not play, a concerto that you dare not hear It is called a Song of Power It is a gateway to another world a gate that will lock behind you as you pass, barring you from the Earth forever Resist at all cost For it is a world of great danger and great beauty and it is not good to be human in the Realm of theThere is a song you dare not sing a melody that you dare not play, a concerto that you dare not hear It is called a Song of Power It is a gateway to another world a gate that will lock behind you as you pass, barring you from the Earth forever Resist at all cost For it is a world of great danger and great beauty and it is not good to be human in the Realm of the Sidhe.

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    • Allison says:

      I quit at 29%. If this wasn't a book club read, I would have stopped a lot sooner. It's too dark for me. The main character is too isolated, the world too hostile. It's all grayscale in my mind. Faerie shouldn't be ugly and colorless and full of death and despair, even when dangerous to humans. There should at least be an alien beauty to it. But this was all ugliness and hardship.I was forcing myself to continue reading (because - book club), but I was getting depressed even when I wasn't readin [...]

    • Katy says:

      "The Infinity Concerto" - Book One in the Songs of Earth and Power omnibus - is multi-layered and textured. I believe it will likely take me several readings to find all the meanings that are embedded in this story. The basic storyline revolves around Michael Perrin, a thoughtful young man who wants to be a poet. He befriends a composer named Arno Waltiri, who it is said wrote a concerto called The Infinity Concerto that was so unusual that it not only drove its listeners mad but also that many [...]

    • Matthew Brown says:

      Before a lengthy exposition, here is the short and sweet version:Haunting. A dark parallel of growing up, exploded into a unyielding nightmare. A fairly short read that will question your security. Worth it.I will say right away: I had far more fun reading this book than any novel from Mr. Bear I've read before. I admire his writing and ideas, but I sometimes found myself struggling through tedious exposition in Forge of Gods and the Eon series. Here, within the Infinity Concerto's "Realm", I fe [...]

    • Bella Baer says:

      This is a book with a twisty plot. If you are willing to carry your imagination with you into the profound introspective journey lived by the protagonist, then you are in for a great read. I love this book and it is a re-read from my adolescent years.

    • Fastesthamster says:

      An entertaining re-read of a childhood favourite. So I'm probably a little biased.


      review of Greg Bear's The Infinity Concerto by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - June 3, 2017 This is the 18th bk I've read by Bear & I admit that I didn't particularly expect to be surprised by him but, Lo & Behold!, I was. This is not only a Fantasy bk instead of the usual Hard Science Fiction it's a dagnabbit-all-to-heck'n'tarnation excellent one! Fantasy writers often write epics, usually in the form of trilogies. The Infinity Concerto is so epic it's practically a trilogy all by its lone [...]

    • Renee says:

      I'm conflicted. It was definitely worth reading — by the last third.There are a lot of seemingly unrelated threads to hang onto through the story, with no real indications that they will come together to make a complete tapestry until that last third, and even then there are some threads that really didn't get woven in, just tied off, for fringe.But somehow I truly liked it. It's not the typical fantasy tale with good and evil clearly defined, it's a realistic, fatalistic fantasy and the words [...]

    • Johan Duinkerken says:

      This was a re-read for me, even if the previous read must have been something like 30 years ago Reading it in 2014, I still remembered parts of the story from 30 years ago. It was quite an influential read for me :-)Recommended!

    • Gloria says:

      I don't know why I took so long to read this book, but it was fantastic. I love the fact that I didn't know what would happen next. I was unexpected, I think that sums it up for me. Now I have to look for the next one :( Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Kerry says:

      This is a book that I've always remembered with great affection from when I read it on its original release in the 1980s. It's been on my "to reread" list for a long time now and this year is when I finally picked it up and started reading it again.Firstly, there was an awful lot I didn't remember, so it was fun rediscovering that. However, I also struggled with the first half of the book, which was much slower, darker, and more relentless than I thought it was. I think a lot of that is simply t [...]

    • Michael says:

      Great workThe book takes a long time to get going, or so it seems. The thing is that the long almost drudgery is necessary I think to get where it needs to go. It takes a long time because it needs to. But some things could be better. The fact that something is being set up is clear but as the end approaches a great deal seem to come to light that is not as well prepared as I would like. Michael the protagonist was only 16, but his wisdom and insight into other people's character is not sufficie [...]

    • Theo says:

      Re readRead this year's back and decided to read again. Enjoyed every bit enhanced by being older with a different worldview to filter it through.

    • Michele says:

      The title, summary, and about the first third of this book intrigued me very much, which made me all the more disappointed when it all went flat. Bear incorporates some excellent fantasy elements -- Lamia, the Crane Women, humans confined to a sort of ghetto in the realm of the Sidhe, the mystical power of music -- but he never seems to effectively meld the components into a coherent whole.The most obvious example is music: the title has the word "concerto" in it, Michael's translation into the [...]

    • holy_fire says:

      a tale about fairies and magic and the power of the artsort plot description: Michael Perrin, an aspiring young poet, is given a key and instructions by an elderly music composer. Following the instructions he finds himself in a quite different world. The Sidhe are ruling this world by magic and humans (who all somehow are connected to music) are a persecuted minority, only tolerated after a terrible battle which ended in devastation and an uncomfortable truce.Michael gets assigned to the Crane [...]

    • Claudia Piña says:

      Creo que hubiera sido mucho mejor que no leyera este libro tan cerca de Blood Music. Estaba esperando algo diferente y tenía muy fresca la impresión que me dejó Greg Bear con su lado de ciencia ficción.Éste es un libro de fantasía tal y cómo me gustan: donde el mundo fantástico es peligroso y difícil para un humano. De forma lenta e intrincada se presenta una historia con muchas referencias mitológicas, que discute lo que significa ser humano y explora el poder del arte y la música.Es [...]

    • Kathleen Porter says:

      I found the narrative voice of Michael Perrin easy to relate to, which makes me wonder about his credibility as a sixteen-year-old protagonist -- yet he is a bookish teenager of the early 80's, a novice poet, with ambitious tastes in poetry and adventure, so perhaps that says more about my own inner personas than about his.Bear uses some creative devices from Jungian psychology to fuel some of the magical discipline, and although a few of the sections dragged for my taste, he introduced novel po [...]

    • Steve Rippington says:

      Deserves a solid 3 stars for being competently written, fairly entertaining and original (for its time). The whole story felt a bit pre-determined though; like it could only ever end one way.The first half is excellent and creepy in it's own way. The final act is a let down. Not sure if I'll be returning for the sequel anytime soon.

    • Ido Bar-av says:

      I didn't really like this book.Each scene was well written and engaging, but I felt like the overall story was too mangled and uncohesive.It felt like the author took several good songs, and only written one verse from each one in the book - with no real line going through all those verses to make them tell a complete story.

    • equisway says:

      This was the first book i ever read because I wanted to, not because I had to. I was 15 years old. English is my second language, and back then I wasn't very good at it, so iguess i must've missed a lot of things while reading it. But i liked it, i guess it's time to read it again.

    • Lynn says:

      Well, I tried to finish this book, I suppose that counts right? I had a hard time getting into this book, even though fantasy is my favorite genre. It moved too slow for me and I had a hard time actually caring about Michael and what he went through.

    • Champagne says:

      I had taken a long break from fantasy, but I desperately needed something to occupy my mind, and this TOTALLY worked. Bear does a great job of world-building without pages and pages of descriptions, and it is an interesting view of the Sidhe. (NOTE: I am a sucker for anything Fae.)

    • Trish says:

      Read this a long time ago, and remember thinking it was one of the best books I'd read. A fascinating world with interesting characters. I've not read the newer version (Songs of Earth and Power), so I can't make the comparison.

    • Catherine says:

      Could not for the life of me care about the story or protagnist in this prosaic, formulaic "boy gets transported to alternate dimension; becomes hero" story. Don't see why everybody loves it so much.

    • Mickie says:

      I enjoyed the Crane Women

    • Amanda Miller says:

      A little too dark for me. While I liked the complex world the author created, I would have preferred it to be a little more light.

    • Jenny says:

      Read this a few times now and still love it. Highly recommended.

    • Catherine says:

      Great second book to the Serpent Mage.

    • Ayo says:

      Great fantasy read.

    • Mwilli says:

      Really enjoyed it. Last part was not as entrancing as first, but was still good.

    • Clinton says:

      Great fantasy tale. Learned about Fairies. Especially enjoyed the challenge of making a prefab house out of wood alotted to him and having one piece left over.

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