The Study Skills Handbook

The Study Skills Handbook This title introduces higher level study skills and allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the learning process itself encouraging a reflective and well informed approach to study

  • Title: The Study Skills Handbook
  • Author: Stella Cottrell
  • ISBN: 9780230573055
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • This title introduces higher level study skills and allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the learning process itself, encouraging a reflective and well informed approach to study.

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    • Ellana Rose Thornton-Wheybrew says:

      Full of useful information, even if it not all of it is useful at all times.I'm going to dip in and out of this throughout my MA, but this was definitely a good starting point.

    • Nima says:

      How can I not like this book?!lots of things i knewry useful and to the point study,learn,teach,delivering lectures,researching techniques i feel that this is a life-time guaranty book which you can have and use it anywhere any time you desire. can be considered as a handy teach-learn-technique-Reference book(exactly as its name)that is a unique one in the same criteria!

    • Omi says:

      I bought this when I was going back into full time education as a mature student and found it really helpful to build a little confidence before I started. I am not sure I would find it useful now I know what I am doing but I would recommend it for those who are starting from scratch.

    • Mubarak says:

      This book is excellent for those who've just started their higher education. It may seem common sense at first, but as you hand in your research paper without any structure or evidence, this will reflect your score. This book helps with that. It enables one to understand the academic research and writing process. Seeing that I have a postgraduate degree these study skills come secondhand to me, and couldn't find anything useful to me, hence explains my 3/5. If you're undertaking an undergraduate [...]

    • D. says:

      The Study Skills Handbook (Palgrave Study Guides) by Stella Cottrell (2003)

    • Abdullah Maani says:

      This 351-page book is listing the learning skills with practical tips to be used during your course of study. I like the most some of the listed skills. First, research skill that is one of the pillars of university study. Second, developing the writing style which is essential for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Third, critical analytical thinking skill; this skill can improve the way we think and the way we deal with different issues. The book is full of examples and activities. [...]

    • Tyra Martin says:

      this book was very useful. i would especially reccomend it to college students

    • Lara says:

      Quite useful. Packed with information, although not all of it is relevant at some points, useful nonetheless.

    • Virginia Rand says:

      Probably useful for the marginal student but it's a little out of date.

    • Beth says:

      I previously received this during summer school at one of the universities I was interested in. I can't really remember what this book was about.I had to reread a chapter for critical and analytical thinking, and I found it really interesting. It really consolidated today's lecture and was hugely helpful.

    • Adam Uraynar says:

      target audience is high school seniors or college freshman; not me: speed read"Each of us learns in an individual way‘types’such as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, or introverted and extroverted--there are lots of ways of dividing people up.The important thing, however, is not to discover which ‘type’ you are but recognise elements to how you yourself learn best. (If you regard yourself as a ‘type’ you may over-identify yourself with that type. You may then getstuck with that imag [...]

    • Elanna says:

      Useful handbook for students at their first year in undergraduate courses. It may spare you some bad marks, if used well. Different readers will use different chapters: a mature student won't make much use of advice about keeping healthy and taking responsibility for themselves, but they may find the section about time management very useful.The seven steps towards the completion of assignments are pure gold. No need to fear the blank page anymore. I don't care if someone sniggers at such a basi [...]

    • Adrian says:

      The mother of all study skills books. This is by far the best study skills book there is.After reading this book for a second time, I will stick to my initial assessment about it being the best study book available. This book contains everything a student would need to succeed at School, Collage or University. A must have for any Student who would like to improve their study skills.

    • Lisa says:

      Excellent, clear and easy to follow, no jargon and actually made studying quite fun. This was an absolute life saver for me at uni - I still refer back to sections of it for projects. Perfect for unorganized people like me who hate wordy academic reading and need something simple and concise. It's the best study guide I've ever used - can't recommend it enough.

    • Phil Syphe says:

      This was a course book that I used on and off during a ten-week study skills course at university in preparation of returning to full-time study later that same year.With it being a textbook I remember little about it now, but it served its purpose well at the time.

    • Ed Teacher says:

      Good all-round study guide. How to study effectively.

    • Nizomiddin says:


    • Phuong says:

      Very useful for high school students!! One of the most essential study skills handbooks. Many detail checklist for you to use and self-evaluate.

    • Carolin says:

      Useful chapters on numbers and projects.

    • Yashaswini Shas says:

      awesome book

    • John says:

      Another one that I use at work not bad but not brilliant.It is quite simplistic and nothing that you wouldn't find out on any basic teaching course.

    • Sha M says:

      Few areas were helpful for my Assignment.

    • Ston Cold says:


    • Ali says:

      good to read

    • Hilli says:

      Book gives good advice very different areas. It helps me lot in university. However, some specific subjects you still need to look other books to give more inside to you.

    • Krista Jeanne says:

      It was a bit helpful (for required reading, anyway) and had a few handy tips. But I knew most of this stuff already.

    • Basharat says:


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