Under the Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe BLUEBIRD WINTER by New York Times bestselling author Linda HowardKathleen Fields had to reach the clinic but a Christmas blizzard left her stranded ready to give birth Then Derek Taliferro arrived w

  • Title: Under the Mistletoe
  • Author: Linda Howard Stephanie Bond
  • ISBN: 9780373773442
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • BLUEBIRD WINTER by New York Times bestselling author Linda HowardKathleen Fields had to reach the clinic, but a Christmas blizzard left her stranded, ready to give birth Then Derek Taliferro arrived with his doctor s skill and caring heart Together they brought Kathleen s child into the world and discovered love, the greatest gift of allUGHTY OR NICE by bestselling aBLUEBIRD WINTER by New York Times bestselling author Linda HowardKathleen Fields had to reach the clinic, but a Christmas blizzard left her stranded, ready to give birth Then Derek Taliferro arrived with his doctor s skill and caring heart Together they brought Kathleen s child into the world and discovered love, the greatest gift of allUGHTY OR NICE by bestselling author Stephanie BondEric Quinn Stanton has never let pleasure interfere with business until now His practice is to arrive early and incognito at a job, to see firsthand what s working and what s not But he can t seem to see past Cindy s beautiful green eyes or her other generous assets And he can t stop himself from testing the general manager s skills on the job and in the bedroom But what will she think when she learns his true identity

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    • Tammy says:

      If you are in the mood for a feel-good Christmas romance, then this anthology is the book to read this holiday season BLUEBIRD WINTER: (Linda Howard)Stuck at home alone during a Christmas Day blizzard, pregnant Kathleen Fields goes into labor one month too early. Terrified, she attempts to drive herself to the hospital, but manages to run her old pick-up truck into a ditch. Enter Derek Taliferro - a medical doctor who (conveniently) specializes in neonatal care. Derek nearly misses Kathleen's tr [...]

    • Cheri says:

      The first story by Linda Howard was just plain crazy. I just could not wrap my brain around any of what was taking place in this story. The 2nd story by Stephanie Bond was somewhat better. I did get several chuckles out of it. The h drove me nuts. I know people can be clumsy but good grief! At least this story felt more like Christmas reading it.

    • Patrice says:

      There are two stories in this book-"Bluebird Winter" by Linda Howard and "Naughty or Nice" by Stephanie BondBluebird Winter by Linda Howard Kathleen Fields did not need anyone in her life except her unborn child. She had a rough childhood, raised by her grandparents, feeling unloved and unworthy. When her grandparents died they left their ranch to her and she worked it, as well as other jobs, to keep the bills paid. Her husband left when he learned she was pregnant. She had been a naive young wo [...]

    • Caro says:

      This was a pretty good book. I liked both stories and enjoyed reading them. This is a lighter book a great for the holiday season. Something that would be great for relaxing and just for fun. There were emotions, a little steaminess, great characters and personalities, sweetness, hope, disasters ;), determination, courage, some touching scenes, some tough patches, and great HEAs. I liked both books and am glad they were a little different. The first was more of a softer more emotional kinda read [...]

    • Judy says:

      This book contains two stories. The first is Bluebird Winter by Linda Howard which is the third installment in the Spencer-Nyle Co. trilogy and the second is Naughty or Nice? by Stephanie Bond. Both were light, easy reads. Bluebird Winter features Dr. Derek Taliferro who was a character in both of the other Spencer-Nyle books. Now he has grown up and become a neonatal specialist. It is Christmas and he is on his way home to Dallas in a snowstorm when he comes across Kathleen Fields stranded in a [...]

    • Kathy says:

      bluebell - separate book tooBluebird Winter / Linda HowardKathleen Fields and Derek Taliferro –Kathleen, tolerated by parents who really didn’t want a noisy child around, hard worker on their ranch, married the first guy to show interest – though he wanted the income of the ranch, not her – raping her after filing for divorce, leaving her pregnant.Derek Taliferro – 3rd in the Spencer-Nyle series – with Max and Claire, and Rome and Sarah – he graduated college at 19, excelled at uni [...]

    • Lennine says:

      Stephanie Bond is a humorous writer. Kept me in stitches in her style of writing.

    • Wynn says:

      Two different stories: one creepy and one very funny!1 - Bluebird Winter.My least favorite of the two. When divorced Kathleen goes into early labor during a snow storm she takes a chance and makes an attempt to drive herself to a nearby clinic. She ends up sliding into a ditch. Derek, an obstetrician specializing in critically ill newborns, is driving by and finds Kathleen clenching her stomach in pain. Derek is a total stranger and prepares Kathleen for birth back at her home. I thought Derek h [...]

    • Bonnie says:

      The first story in this book was Bluebird Winter, by Linda Howard. Kathleen Fields is on her own since the divorce. She is pregnant. During a storm she starts having contractions. She still heads out to the hospital since she was by herself. She ends up in the ditch. Obstetrician Derek Taliferro finds her in the ditch. They go back to her house since it was the best decision. No power, just the fireplace. Derek delivers the baby. Low birth rate. Have to get the baby to a hospital. Derek falls fo [...]

    • Jonetta says:

      I only read Bluebird Winter, the final book in the Spencer-Nyle series by Linda Howard. This was Derek Taliferro's story, having finished college and medical school and practicing at a Dallas hospital. He's a neonatal specialist who, on his way home from visiting his mother for the Christmas holidays, comes upon Kathleen Fields stranded in her car during a blizzard and in the throes of premature labor. Derek delivers the baby at her home and, lovestruck with both Kathleen and the baby, takes the [...]

    • Claudette says:

      OK so I decided to read this book as I thought it was a festive tug at your heart type book. To my surprise it was one of those loves stories not sure if "love stories" are the right words. stories? Anyhow there are two stories in the book. The first one was so unbelievable. I couldn't find it as romantic as the author had intended. The second one was more like the heroine in a Bridget Jones/Shopaholic type book. It was good and so much better than the first. Even if you know that all these thin [...]

    • Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat) says:

      Let me just start by putting it out there that in order to enjoy romance as a genre in general, I need to suspend reality and try to simply enjoy the book. Expecting realism in any way usually leaves me disappointed. This is even more the case with anthologies due to how short each story is.Both stories in this book are cheesy, fast-paced, and fairly unbelievable. That being said, they were quick, easy reads and I enjoyed re-reading them, as I have for the past few years at the start of the Chri [...]

    • Jess says:

      Cute fluffy anthology. It had two stories, both about Christmas. The first was by Linda Howard, and if I had to rate this one, I would give it a 2. I disliked the guy in the story, he was beyond pushy. Just bothered me. The second story was by Stephanie Bond and I would rate her's a 4. Hence my overall 3 star rating :)If you like sappy Christmas themed stories than you might enjoy this book. But I wouldn't suggest spending money on it.

    • Michelle says:

      Lesson learned, I should have listened to the comments made by readers on . The Linda Howard story - Bluebird Winter was ridiculous but I had to find out for myself. The other story in the book by Stephanie bond was kind of like a Three's a Comapny episode. If you can get past the silly things that happen to the main charcter, you can find the book a bit funny - but that's it. A good short read, I had a few chuckles.

    • Judy Goodnight says:

      Read for my "Reading Linda Howard's Backlist" Challenge.After seeing Derek Taliferro as a young man in the first two Spencer-Nyle books, I looked forward to reading his love story, Bluebird Winter. Unfortunately, I think he got the short end of the stick in this novella. It was a short, overly sweet story and pretty unbelievable.The second story in the book, Naughty or Nice, by Stephanie Bond was an absolute hoot. Funny, sexy, and happy endings for all.

    • Lindsey says:

      I LOVED the story Bluebird Winter by Linda Howard. It is such a sweet romantic story! I didn't know until later that Bluebird Winter is actually Book #3 of a series. The book was great as a stand-alone book though! One day I will read the 1st 2 books of the series.Naughty or Nice by Stephanie Bond was slow and boring. I kept reading on and on, hoping to get to the exciting partbut it never happened.

    • Annica says:

      This is a book that I definately judged by the cover! I had no clue that there was 2 books in 1 until I actually started the book (even though it's printed everywhere). I wish that there hadn't been 2 stories because when stories are good I want them to be longer. Since there were 2 books, the stories were way shorter than I like. Also, with the first book of the 2, I thought while the story was really cute and everything, it was HIGHLY unlikely. but oh well. I still loved it!

    • Sue says:

      Two simple, short-story style unrealistic romance tales. The first story was very imaginative. This book was marked as a hot item from the library. It has to have been marked thusly because it is a new book and considered hot by readers who enjoy Linda Howard. I did enjoy the sense of humor both authors employed.Borrowed from library.

    • JoAnne says:

      This was a book that had two Christmas stories - a novella by Howard which I read before, maybe in an anthology? It was a quick read and heartwarming and I couldn't help but root for Kathleen and Derek to realize their love was mutual.The story by Bond was a quirky romance and had a hoped for happily ever after that didn't look possible.

    • Saadia says:

      Very pregnant and out of luck young woman is stranded in a ditch in a snowstorm; arrives the neo-natal specialist doctor to the rescue. He takes one look at the lady in distress and decides she is the one lady he has been waiting for his whole life. Happily ever after, with newborn darling girl embraced into his extended loving family. Miracles do happen

    • Elisabeth says:

      I loved this book both stories were funny and a page turner. Especially I liked Stephanie Bonds book, I have laughed so hard that tears where running down my cheeks. Great sense of humor. If you wanna have a good laugh read the book.

    • Kevin Connery says:


    • Lindsey says:

      This book has 2 stories. Bluebird Winter is a fave of mine! Naughty or Nice? was really cute too though :)

    • Angela says:

      Bluebird Winter was about super cheesy but nice. I did, however, really enjoy Naughty or Nice. It was a great light romance with plenty of humor.

    • Beth (MrsGinTN) says:

      WBC: Read a book with a heart on the cover.

    • Tif says:

      The first story was awful! But the second one (Naughty or Nice?) was cute.

    • Melody says:

      I did not enjoy the first story as much as the second one in this book, the Naughty or Nice story keep you guessing.

    • Amelia Elizabeth says:

      Just read Bluebird Winter by Linda Howard for part of my Linda Howard Reading Challenge

    • Tara says:

      Only read the first story, very predictable and far to sappy for me!

    • Gloria Rohde says:

      Two books in one: Bluebird Winter - Linda Howard Naughty or Nice - Stephanie Bond

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